How To Prepare For The Launch Of Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwart’s Legacy is almost here and

there’s already a lot you can do to

prepare for this magical Adventure

before the game launches we’ll go over

everything you need to know in this

video like how to claim free in-game

items that include house themed ropes

and your own personal want the game’s

file size pre-order bonuses and more if

you’re excited for the game and enjoy

the content here on the channel totally

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before launch good luck so the first

thing I recommend you do before the

launch of the game is link your WB Games

and Harry Potter fan club accounts

they’re both easy enough to set up if

you don’t have them yet I’ll leave a

link to both in the video description so

you can immediately access the page but

by linking both of these accounts you

unlock a ton of free items in it also

allows you to really personalize your

playthrough even before touching the

game because with your Harry Potter fan

club account you can do quizzes to

decide your Hogwarts house receive your

own personal wand and your Patronus and

with the exception of the latter these

results can be transferred over to the

game now don’t worry you won’t be locked

into these choices as the FAQ for

account linking notes that you can

choose to modify your selection before

the end of the ceremony but yeah you do

get your own personalized wand which is

really cool and then on top of that

every player that links their account

also receives the big skull mask and the

house fanatic ropes these items are

accessed via the game’s transmog system

which the FAQ States is unlocked just

after completing the introduction

sequence of Hogwarts Legacy where you

receive your field guide and access to

the Gear screen which is very early on

in the game the big skull mask is the

same for everyone and it looks pretty

cool if you ask me but when it comes to

the house ropes you only get those from

your specific sorted Hogwarts house with

the f8 Q also noting we cannot mix or

equip cloaks and ropes from other

Hogwarts houses which I think just means

we only get the ropes for the house our

character is sorted in but if you choose

to make a new student and sort them in a

different house that character would get

access to a different set of robes and

we already know that this is something

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that’s possible because there will be

four separate character save slots in

the game but yeah it simply wouldn’t

make sense to have a Slytherin walking

around in Hufflepuff ropes or vice versa

so that’s probably what the site means

by mixing cloaks from other houses and

speaking of houses even if you don’t do

the quiz to sort yourself into

Gryffindor Slytherin Ravenclaw or

Hufflepuff it’s still smart to think

about which one you want to join in your

playthrough maybe red is just your color

maybe you want to be sorted in the same

house as your favorite companion or

maybe you just really like the snake

door that leads into the Slytherin

common room because each of the houses

of course has their own place to come

and relax in the castle the Gryffindor

common room should be a very familiar

sight for anyone who’s read the books

and seen in the movies very Regal with

lots of banners and shields on the walls

and if you’d rather spend your free time

on some light reading the amazing

Ravenclaw Tower is filled with bookcases

couches and desks to study to your

heart’s content I already mentioned the

amazing door for the Slytherin common

room but another amazing detail is the

fact that it’s located underwater which

is why the windows have this cool blue

glow to them and my favorite is

definitely the Cozy plant-filled

Hufflepuff common room which I think I’m

going to be spending a lot of time in

but that’s just one of the many tough

choices you’ll make in the game as

Hogwarts Legacy will allow you to make

some key decisions during your

playthrough while there is no morality

system in the game certain choices will

set you on the path to becoming a darker

kind of wizard we’ve seen an example of

this in a trailer covering our Slytherin

companion Sebastian cello where we can

choose to learn the cruciado skirts by

having him Goss It On Us by casting it

on him or we can choose to quit while

we’re ahead and not learn the spell at

all so already smart to think about what

you would do in this situation and while

this is in the context of helping our

fellow student we know will eventually

be able to master all three of the

unforgivable curses even Avada Kedavra

which means we’re accessing some very

dark magic while we don’t know what

choices we have to make to cast that

spell I think it’s already smart to

consider how much you’re willing to

sacrifice for that knowledge as I don’t

imagine it will come cheap although

there is an option to try these spells

out without having to learn them if

you’re still on the fence and that’s the

dark arts battle arena this combat Arena

where you can fight waves of enemies

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including goblins and some pretty strong

trolls is part of the game’s deluxe

edition which also comes with a dark

arts cosmetic pack and a unique thestral

Mount And while we’ve seen footage of us

encountering test rules in the game the

community manager said that you can only

write them as long as you have the

deluxe edition but don’t worry if you

got the base version of the game as you

will still be able to buy the dark arts

pack which includes the aforementioned

battle arena the cosmetics and the dash

separately as confirmed by the official

FAQ to top it off buying the deluxe

edition also gets you 72 hours early

access to the game meaning you can begin

playing on February 7th instead of

February 10th but any player who

pre-orders the game will receive the

Onyx hippogriff Mount which I think is

the same one we saw used during the

second gameplay showcase if you’re

pre-ordering on PlayStation consoles

there’s actually another bonus in it for

you as PlayStation has access to some

pretty exciting exclusive content for

starters if you pre-order on a Sony

console you get access to the potion

recipe for the Felix felices potion this

one reveals gear chests on the minimap

for one in-game day and the recipe is

not something you’ll be able to discover

in the game yourself as the community

manager has confirmed that it is

exclusive to PlayStation so that’s a

pretty big benefit for players on Sony’s

console but on top of that every

PlayStation player regardless of whether

you pre-order or not will have access to

a unique quested system investigating a

haunted store in Hogs meet which will

then reward you with a unique cosmetic

set and your own store where you can

sell items and gear at better rates than

anywhere else and I mean the clothes are

pretty nice but depending on how much

money you get from selling stuff in your

own store it could be a game changer

when it comes to making money good to

know however is that this content will

only be exclusive to PlayStation

consoles for a year so in February 2024

other consoles will get access to it as

well and real quick the PS4 and Xbox One

versions of the game are dropping two

months later on April 4th while the

switch version releases on July 25th and

then the PS5 Xbox series X and S MPC

release is of course on February 10th

with the next gen console versions

offering multiple graphical modes of

play the most common of which are

Fidelity mode which targets 30 FPS and

performance mode which targets 60 FPS

for PC players how the game runs will of

course depend on your rig so we put a

link to the recommended specs in the

video description so you can check them

out yourself thank cities we also

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learned the file size on PC which is 85

gigs so expect similar numbers on

consoles so maybe good to already clear

up some space on your hard drive if you

need it and I’m not sure if this

includes the day 1 patch which was

actually confirmed in the game’s

official FAQ those who purchased a

physical copy of Hogwarts Legacy will be

required to connect to the internet to

install a day one patch those who

purchased the game digitally will

receive the patch with the initial

download so make sure you’re able to

connect to the internet even if you’ve

bought a physical copy and for those

that have pre-ordered digitally with no

official confirmation on pre-load time

shared although the WB support account

stated that preloading for consoles

typically happens 72 hours before launch

so that would be February 7th if you

have the regular digital Edition in

February 4th if you got the digital

deluxe version I also imagine this is

something that will be explained more

clearly closer to launch so keep an eye

on the official channels for the actual

preload times for all the trophy and or

Achievement Hunters out there you can

also do your prep work already as the

trophy list has already been posted

online in its entirety well of course

not talk about any spoilers here but in

order to get Ultra official need to

complete all side quests complete all

collections breed every type of Beast

Brew every potion you get the picture

there’s also one for learning all spells

which means you’ll have to do a dark

playthrough at one point in order to get

all the unforgivable curses and you also

need to reach what I presume is the

level cap of 40 for the a forte for

achievement Trophy and there are

separate trophies for reaching a

location known as the map chamber as a

member of each house so if you want the

Platinum be prepared to do multiple

playthroughs we’ll post all the

non-spoiler trophies in the video

description and leave a link to the full

list as well but again beware of major

story spoilers in there we will of

course have a ton of tips and tricks

here on the channel as well just like

many other spoiler-free videos before

Hogwarts Legacy launches so totally

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