10 gameplay moments that blew us away

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Today, we’re gonna talk about 10 gameplay moments that blew us away.

Now, keep in mind,this isn’t a definitive list, by any means.

We just wanted to highlight some stuff in gameplay moments,both big and small, more than we can even fit in this video.

So let’s get started off with number 10.

Do you remember Levolution?

Yes, the term coined by
the “Battlefield” games

in “Battlefield 3.”

This stuff was actually pretty awesome.

We wanted to specifically highlight

“Battlefield 4’s” Levolution

because some of it really,
really blew us away,

like our title says.

First, the Paracel Storm boat.

On that map, it can be triggered

to have a massive battleship
crash land onto shore.

And you see it coming very slowly,

until, suddenly, it’s
bam, hitting the shore,

grinding against the sand.

Fire, smoke, explosions everywhere.

The sound of metal twisting and groaning.

(metal scraping)

It really is stunning to just
watch play out in real-time.

And have it affect the multiplayer match,

just makes it that much more incredible.

Along with that, the Siege of Shanghai,

that big massive city map,
the skyscraper falling down,

when players trigger that

by shooting out these
little support beams.

Man, I mean, just look at
it. It’s absolutely nuts.

The amount of physics going
on. The debris everywhere.

It’s something else.

(building crumbling)

Now, it can be argued
which “Battlefield” game

handles the destruction the best,

but we just wanted to
highlight “Battlefield 4” today

because people often forget that one.

Next, over at number nine,
another stunning in-game moment

that is super underrated
is jumping the helicopter

in “Tony Hawk’s Underground.”

Remember this?

On the Hawaii map,

there is a moment where
you and Eric Sparrow,

that jerk, climb up to the
roof of a famous hotel.

And then, after skating, the police come

and a police helicopter shows up,

and you, the player character,
your created character,

decides to jump it.

And not only jump it
but pull off a McTwist.

Going for this and pulling it
off is absolutely memorable

because it just feels like
the game had been building up

to such an incredible experience.

But also, the fact that the game

triggers perfectly into slow motion,

mid-gameplay, while you pull it off.

It just makes it that
much more satisfying.

And it’s honestly one of
the most memorable moments

from a Tony Hawk game.

Specifically, because
“THUG” focused around story.

But still, it was just absolutely awesome.

Next, over at number eight,
we wanted to highlight

certain “Red Dead Redemption 2” ambushes,

because they managed
to really surprise us.

Even after sinking tons
of hours into the game,

we’re still surprised by crazy moments.

Specifically, somewhere
like you’re walking

in a sort of canyon-style area

or a shallow area where there
are high walls on both sides.

When suddenly, you’ll hear a
whistle, and guys will pop up

on both edges of the canyons,
pointing guns at you.

And it’s like an iconic movie standoff,

and then, of course, you blow them away.

Stuff like that still popping up

after putting hours into
the game is so impressive.

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From smaller, more creepy encounters,

there’s just tons of stuff
that really surprised us

and blew us away.

That’s it, man.

(guns blasting)

Next, over at number seven,

look, you know we’re not
always the biggest fans

of “Call of Duty.”

We’re starting to get
a little tired of it.

But it is worth pointing
out that in “Warzone,”

with “Vanguard” going on,
the Battle of Verdansk,

that live event with the
airplanes taking over the sky,

absolutely stunning stuff.

We’ve seen this replicated
in games before,

this iconic imagery from the World Wars,

with the skies seemingly completely filled

with an endless stream of
perfect formation airplanes

ready to attack.

Ready to riddle the land with bombs

and just do completely
terrible World War II stuff.

And seeing it in this game in real-time,

they just really sold it.

The sound, the low hum of
these planes flying overhead.

It was really cool!

And we were just thinking of something

more memorable to highlight.

And like, yeah, we could
talk about “Fortnite” stuff.

But here, they just really
pulled off that feeling.

That stuff you see in
the old war photographs,

the old reels, even movies.

It’s just incredibly iconic and scary.

Next, over at number six, to be honest,

we’ve talked about “Uncharted”

a ton in these types of videos.

So we wanted to talk about

“Uncharted’s” weird sort
of cousin, “Tomb Raider.”

The “Tomb Raider” reboot,
specifically, from like 2013.

This game really amped up the action

and big scripted
cinematic setpiece moment,

specifically, that “Uncharted”
was really known for.

And one always comes to mind
for us here at Gameranx.

It’s specifically fairly early in the game

where on this shipwreck
island you see in the sky

a massive airplane get taken down

by a random strike of a lightning bolt.

Which, of course, goes into
the story a little more

that I won’t spoil.

And suddenly, Lara is facing down

a massive four-engine
airplane hurtling towards her

until it crash lands.

Until, suddenly, she’s
sliding down a mountain,

“Downhill Jam”-style,

as this airplane just flips
and crumbles and explodes

and bursts into a million pieces

right behind her as she
narrowly escapes death.

(explosion blasting)

(Lara screaming)

(airplane crashing)

And the whole time, it’s not a cut scene.

You’re controlling it.

As Lara tumbles down the
hill in one direction,

then another perspective as
shit is just flying everywhere.

It really is stunning,

and you’re holding your
breath while it happens.

It’s like a perfect movie moment

but playable, real-time gameplay.

It’s amazing.

Say what you want about the sequels,

I think “2013” just had some
really crazy action moments.

Next, over at number five,

we said we were gonna talk
about big stuff and small stuff.

And one small thing worth highlighting,

we already talked about Levolution

and cool stuff in multiplayer,

“Hell Let Loose,” specifically,

has some really good-looking explosions.

From larger-scale explosions
to just throwing a grenade,

the developers really did a good job here

handling those explosion effects.

The puff of smoke, the debris,

the dirt that flies in the
air to the actual flame

that pops from the explosion,

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all of it is not really like
you’d see it in other games

and it’s really convincing.

And we couldn’t help,
but stop and go, “Wow!”

(explosions blasting)

when we see them.

And it’s a challenging game.

And most of the time
we just get distracted

and killed when we see this stuff.

But from this, to more
recent “Battlefield” games,

snow effects with snow
sliding off the roof.

Like there are just little details

in cool war multiplayer games
that are worth highlighting,

and today, we wanted to
talk about “Hell Let Loose.”

‘Cause, I mean, look at these.

You might think it’s small,

but it’s really fascinating how it’s done.

Next, over at number four,

let’s talk about a bigger moment

from “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.”

Brief spoiler warning,

we are going to talk
about the end of the game.

So if you’re hearing this,
now is your chance to run.

And speaking of running,

it’s the end sequence
when Darth Vader shows up.

They manage to once again,
make Darth Vader really scary,

almost like a slasher movie villain.

As you run from him,

he is tearing up the
environment behind you.

And it almost kind of feels like

he’s playing with you a little bit.

Playing with his prey.

And it is nothing short

of just an absolutely stunning scene.

Nothing is better than
when they actually make

Darth Vader scary in modern
adaptations of “Star Wars.”

But specifically, in a video game,

where you actually get to play
as the victim of Darth Vader?

That’s something else, man.

And they really nailed it here.

(dramatic music)

(Jedi Knight groaning)

Next, down at number three,
we have “God of War 2018,”

and the Baldur fight.

Man, this thing comes out of nowhere

and it is absolutely unexpected.

And all of it is just a really
incredible, fun, playable

gameplay sequence.

Baldur shows up at your door

and you quickly realize
he is superpowered.

So it’s basically two
superpowered crazy beings

fighting against one another,

throwing each other through trees,

punching themselves through mountains.

It’s like a combination of “Asura’s Wrath”

and something from “Dragon Ball Z,”

and is absolutely incredible.

Parrying and punching Boulder

through a bunch of trees is stunning.

Having him slam you down
and crack the ground

is absolutely wild.

And all of it happens
crisply and beautifully.

This is a fight in a
game where it is simple

and it’s not the most challenging

because it is pretty close
to the start of the game.

It’s something that we
just play over and over.

This is a sequence you
just wanna load it up

because it is just
absolutely mind-blowing.

(dramatic music)
(blows thudding)

(gods grunting)

(ground slamming)

Now, down at number two,
let’s take a brief moment

to highlight a special game
that’s very underrated,

“Ryse: Son of Rome.”

Is it the best game ever? No.

Is it totally serviceable
and pretty fun? Yeah.

And does it have some really
cool moments? Absolutely.

Specifically, because it is a Crytek game,

so the graphics are absolutely gorgeous.

The game starts off

with a pretty brief little intro adventure

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and then it kicks off into
a massive beach siege,

with you and your Roman
soldiers storming a beach.

Attacking these enemies.
Using your shields.

Just engaging in all of those tactics.

And it’s bloody, it’s wet, it’s gritty,

and it is absolutely stunning.

It’s a hell of a way to kick
off an early game sequence.

And the game continues to deliver.

Later on, you’re engaged in another

pretty intense battle
siege type of sequence

and it really does make it go, “Wow!”

For an older game,

a game that is technically
an Xbox One launch game,

it’s really got some
mind-blowing gameplay moments.

And again, we could have
covered so many other things

but we wanted to highlight something

that we don’t talk about enough here.

We’ve mentioned “Ryse: Son of
Rome” once or twice recently,

but that’s really it.

And if what you’re seeing on screen here

is indeed blowing you away too,

you should consider checking it out.

It’s pretty good on PC

(dramatic music)
(soldiers groaning)

Now, down to number one,

a gameplay moment that really blew us away

was the ending sort of sequence
of “Metal Gear Solid 3.”

The last couple of hours
of “Metal Gear Solid 3”

just feel like one crazy fever dream

of endless, playable action sequence.

We wanted to highlight,
specifically, the Shagohod chase.

You and Eva are on a motorcycle,

tearing ass down an airstrip,

trying to get away from Volgin

who is pursuing you in the Shagohod,

this massive nuclear tank

that is just absolutely laying waste

to everything behind you

as you’re trying to fire shots at it.

To see all this unfold in
real-time, in gameplay,

on a PlayStation 2 was absolutely nuts.

This thing was really pushing the PS2

to its limits at the time.

And it’s still pretty
impressive to this day.

Along with that,

this is when the “Metal
Gear Solid 3” theme

really kicks into high gear,
really finds its footing,

and just makes a sequence so memorable.

The whole end of this game,

there’s so much more to talk about

that we can’t even fit into this video.

All of it is nuts.

But unfortunately, that’s about all

we’ve got time to talk about today.

There’s so much more, so like I said,

we wanna hear from you
guys in the comments,

your mind-blowing gameplay moments.

Is it big, crazy sequences
like something in “Uncharted?”

Or is something small?

A little detail that you noticed,

in maybe something like
“Ghost of Tsushima” or “Halo?”

Anything at all, we
definitely wanna hear from you

down in the comments.

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