Interpreting sentence games

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We’re gonna take some words, like these and we’re going to try to create the sentence that the crew was hoping Yes.

that we would create.

And last time we did this, these were a lot smaller.

Yep, everybody said make it bigger.

We can’t see it.

You know what we did? We made it bigger so you can see it.

We’ve heard your call.

We listen.

We take appropriate feedback and we ignore the inappropriate feedback.

That’s right, uh huh.

So we’re gonna do that.

You were really good at this last time.

Hey, don’t put the pressure on me.

I had a lot of fun.

Don’t put the pressure on me.

So let’s, let’s do it again.

But first, hey, new wheel spot.

Oh, for real? We call this “You Gotta Check Out.



” There’s instructions on the back ’cause I’m not real sure what’s happening here.

I think this is, all right, okay.

We’ll give you the title of a made up TV show, movie, podcast, YouTube channel, et cetera.

And you must go back and forth telling us why we gotta check it out.

You gotta check out “Skating With My Sister.

” You gotta check out “Skating With My Sister.

” Oh, it’s so good.

It’s this guy who’s got this older sister and he keeps thinking that she needs to be in a relationship.

Right, right, and the way that she’s thinking about it is by skating.

Yeah because Right.

that’s basically how she works her stuff out.

Like, she’s got so much Right.

going on in her head.

And then she’s like, “I really gotta get out there.

When I get out there and I skate, that’s when I start freeing my mind and I start working out my stuff.

” And so basically what they do is they put a GoPro, like on a thing.

And it’s facing her.


Right, right.

It’s basically her face the whole time.

And occasionally, Right.

you’ll see the brother in the background.


And then like, He’s like, “I’m the brother.

” And then like, people will come in the frame and then she’ll speed skate date ’em.


Well, no, no.

Maybe I haven’t gotten that far.


Because in the ones that I saw, she was just thinking about dating the whole time.

No, she starts speed skate dating Oh, it’s episode four? some guys.

And it’s just like, let me tell you, it’s hard to make out while skating.

Okay, so in the first three episodes, she skates and thinks.

And in episode four, apparently she starts dating.

That sounds exciting.

Maybe I’ll keep watching.


You should check it out.

A lot of kissing and falling.

Pretty cool.

It’s called “Skating With My Sister.

” Yep.

It’s produced by the brother.

So episode four on, just to clarify, the brother is still in the background when she is.

Oh, yeah, he’s, I mean Okay, okay.

I mean, I haven’t seen episode four but I’m figuring if they keep up with this.

He’s producing.

He’s a producer.

He has a clipboard in a headset and a microphone like this.

What do you wanna do with this? He’s on a Boosted Board.

It’s cool.

Speaking of board, bring in our boosted board.

Boost it.

Stevie, you wanna watch it? You sold me.

And the cinematography sounds excellent.

Anytime a GoPro in motion can be involved, oh boy.

Well, you know, me and Christie, we met skating.

Oh, yes you did.

Yeah, we did, yeah, we did.

Never looked back.

Yeah, and she’s not your sister.

No, she’s not.

So even better.

Even better.


Okay, so who’s going first? If I’m going first, ’cause I haven’t looked at this yet, I’ve glanced, but I can’t even tell you a word.

Why don’t you just put all the words up there and then I start moving ’em? Isn’t it easier to do that than to take ’em off of this? I mean, ’cause if I just did this, some of ’em are sideways.

I’m not gonna look.

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How did we do it last time? Well, they were, weren’t they already on? They were already on the thing.

So why don’t you put them kind of as they were presented.

So, but like, not in an order.

If that makes sense.

I’m not gonna look anywhere.

I’m gonna, I’m just gonna think about skating with my sister.

Yeah, I’m doing, they just shoved them all on this board.

So I’m doing this and now we’ll get a chance.


Help, the.

That’s my favorite part.

Help the barn is, no, this is just how you.

Forming, warning, the.


Ready? Yeah man, go for it.

Warning! The barn alarm is warm.

No, no.

Is forming corn that is the warm, help! Uh, uh.

Warning, the corn is warm.

The corn is warm? I think I, do you want my input or No? Because you would usually get it on one try.

And ’cause you looked at it for a second.

Do you think Do you think that The thing you didn’t do this time is you didn’t look at all the words and then do your answer.


I forgot you.

You didn’t do your your patented technique.

But warning is first, right? Warning.

The, what is this? The corn barn Help! The, The, the barn alarm.

Gosh dang it.

Help me out here.

They’re bigger.

The barn alarm.

These need to be smaller.

The barn alarm is, is, is? Is warning.

The barn alarm is warming, warning that the The corn is warm.

What’s in your hand? Forming.


The barn alarm is warming that the Is warning or warming? The warm.

Pick that up for me? The warm corn is forming.

Come on, Rhett.

Help! The barn alarm is warning that the warm corn is forming.

Link Neal! You have done it! Yeah .

I’m impressed.

I’ve got it from you.

Now I’m in charge.

That’s True? Yes.


That is what the writers wanted you to make and read.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I did it.

I knew I was doing it.

But what does it mean? I don’t know that part.

It’s just provocative.

It’s just provocative, she says.

The barn alarm is warning that the warm corn is forming.


Kalyn, you are.


You’re winning the Will It Tournament.

What are you gonna do if you keep this up? You’re gonna be sporting that jacket.

Yeah, for sure.

I love letterman jackets.

So don’t look at these yet.

I mean, how much dough are we dropping on the, on a letterman jacket for this? Oh, they’re expensive.

Thousands? They’re expensive.

Is it gonna be bedazzled? Don’t look yet.

I can’t look yet? You were looking.

No, I wasn’t looking.

You were looking.

No, I wasn’t.


Forest, left, right.

The a of the middle in ewe, sheep, hairy, haunted woods.

Hairy ewe.

Forest and woods, that’s a problem.

They’re the same thing.


I’m definitely gonna go with haunted forest, but I’m not gonna move anything.

Left Right of the middle.

Haunted hairy.

Hmm, mm, hmm, mm hmm.

There’s only one verb.





Haunted is a past tense verb.

Left is a verb.

Well, left is also a noun, but maybe.

But middle and right are also a nouns.

A hairy ewe.

Haunted forest.

A hairy ewe left, left, right in the middle of the haunted Woods forest.

Woods forest.

A hairy forest ewe So it’s not a sentence? What are we dealing with here? We’re dealing with You a hairy forest ewe left right in the middle of the haunted woods.

You have like certain phrases intact.

But you’re missing a key thing about one of the words that has a double meaning, to start.

I’ll say that much.


Left has a double meaning.

But It’s not left.

I don’t know.

Rhett, do you know what she’s saying? You’re saying left is not a verb.

It’s a noun in this situation.

Well, I’m just saying you already identified that left is a verb and a noun, but there’s another word up there that can also be two things.

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I think, can you hairy something? Can hairy be a verb? A hairy forest ewe left right in the middle of Well, and right from the top you identified, “this is a problem,” is what you said.


A hairy forest ewe haunted.


Left in the middle, haunted, the middle of the woods.


Haunted the woods.

A hairy forest ewe Left right in the middle of, is something that they thought was cute and that I wouldn’t get, but I did get that.

So let’s leave that together.

Left right in the middle.

But haunted, you’re saying haunted should be a verb.


I think the very first problem that you identified Right when the magnets found the board.

Forest and woods.

I said there’s one verb.


What? Forest and woods, you said is a problem.

Forest and woods.

A hairy woods In the middle of the haunted woods.

Okay, I said one of the, the word in your hand could mean, could be purpose for two things.

The one that Link just put down.

Forest? Uh huh.



What do you mean, a forest could mean something else.



Think about a famous movie with that word in it.

Yeah, but it’s spelled with two R’s.


Forest is not, if it’s a name, it’s got two R’s in it.

This is the proper noun? No, Kalyn is saying, you can spell it that way.

Forest haunted.

Forest is a person? A hairy ewe left ewe left right in the middle of the woods.

right in the middle of the woods.

Right in the middle of, Oh, right in the middle of, the woods! Forest haunted a hairy ewe left right in the middle, in the middle of the woods! No.

But almost.

There’s certain Oh, a hairy ewe left haunted forest.

Because forest is not gonna do the thing.

A hairy ewe haunted forest, like you had it.

Right in the middle of the left woods.

Because it’s not the right woods.

Is right in the middle of the woods correct? Right in the middle of the, Forest.

Right in the middle of the, is correct.


Right in the middle of the forest.

Haunted woods left right in the middle of the forest.

A hairy woods.

How about this? A haunted woods.

Woods comma a hairy ewe, because it’s his name, haunted Okay, you have two phrases correct.

Right in the middle of the, is correct.

Right in the middle of the but not forest.

And then a hairy ewe, is also correct.

Right in the middle of the haunted forest? Oh! A hairy ewe left Wood.


Left wood.

Left right in the middle of the haunted woods.

I do like that.

A hairy ewe left woods.

No, wait, wait.

Now, you have right in the middle of the haunted woods is correct.

Forest left a hairy ewe right in the middle of the haunted woods.

There we go.

Oh God.


It took all of the strength we could muster.

Y’all Crazy.

But we did it.

I feel like the only reason I was good at it the last time is because like, the first two that they gave us made sense and then they got cute.


And once they started getting cute, it started getting too hard.

Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep.

So you lay something up there for me.

I’ll try on my own for a little bit until I need help.

All right.

Let’s actually, Why don’t you because this is taking a minute, and I see some ones that I wanna see.


So can we go to round five please? Oh, crap.

While link is assembling the board for round five, which has now become round three, I’m gonna tell you a little bit about a podcast that we do, if you enjoy our voices.

This is how we talk at our podcast.

It’s called “Ear Biscuits” because we were told that this is how you’re supposed to sound on radio.

So we started talking like this many years ago and it’s how we do and it’s sort of our thing.

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And we talk about life and we talk back and forth and we release that as an audio thing on Monday.

And then we will show you a video of that on Wednesday.

And one of the things that we like to do every single year is we like to talk about our ongoing spiritual deconstruction.


We introduced this in 2020 and we revisit every single year.

Okay, and I’m done.


Less and less people care every year, but we are still going to do that this year.

And it gets even weirder this year.

So you should tune in and listen.

My daddy don’t enthusiastically hero be me decapitate.



Enthusiastically, decapitate me.

Be Be a hero.

I think it’s, I think that guy has to go up here.

Daddy, be a hero.

Don’t enthusiastically decapitate me.


Don’t you think? I think it’s Daddy, don’t be a hero.

Enthusiastically decapitate me.

But there’s no period.

Don’t enthusiastic.

Okay, I want you to think a little like Gen Z on this one.



Daddy’s last? Mm, hm.

Daddy’s last.

Decapitate me enthusiastically, daddy.

Be a, don’t be a hero.

You’re so close.

Be a hero.

Don’t decapitate me enthusiastically.

No, decapitate me enthusiastically.

Just, yeah.

But but instead of that, just a quick, If you Enthusiastically decapitate me, daddy.


Don’t be a hero.

Enthusiastically decapitate me, daddy.

All right? And then, Worked pretty quick on that one.

Less words though, you know? So you’re taking that down.

I’m putting this up.

Woo, this is a workout! Here we go.

The chicken likes dirty the old magician princess to pound whoa.


The chicken.

The princess likes to watch the dirty old chicken pound the magician.

The princess likes to watch the dirty old magician pound the chicken.

Because you don’t wanna pound the, Right? Yeah.

It needs to be the dirty princess, Who likes to watch who pound who? Is really the question.

Well, the dirty princess likes to watch, yeah.

The old magician pound the chicken.

Saying it before it’s up there, kind of like steals its thunder.

Okay, I won’t say it again.

The dirty princess likes to watch the, is it the chicken? No.

The old magician.

Is it better for the chicken to be old or the magician to be old? Pound the chicken is a euphemism.

This is a dirty princess we’re talking about.

Watch the old magician pound the chicken.

Pound chicken.

Yeah, just pound chicken.

You are very close.

But the wrong person is old.

The old dirty princess.

The old dirty princess likes to watch the magician pound chicken.

Yeah, I mean, the two words are swapped, but yes.

Watch the chicken pound magician.


The magician likes to watch the princess? No, no.

The old dirty magician likes to watch the chicken? Okay, the only note I gave you before was the wrong person was old.

Then you moved old.

But think about the descriptors that you could swap right there.

The dirty old Yeah, there you go.

The dirty old princess likes to watch the magician pound chicken.

It’s not pound the chicken.

Yeah, we need a the.

But that makes it dirtier, if you say the chicken.

But this way it’s just, he’s just getting ready to make some mole.

Or he’s actually eating the chicken.

Yeah, he’s pounding that chicken back.


Make sure to check out “Ear Biscuits.

” We’re revisiting our spiritual deconstructions, three years later.

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