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Hey, I’m Grump! I’m not so Grump! And we’re the Game Grumps! Hello and welcome back to Katamari! Arin’s laughing.

Why? Do you remember- Do you remember when that song in like, I want to say like the early 2000s.


Remember when that song Bow wow wow yippee oh yippee yay, bow wow yippee oh yippee yay.

Yeah, I believe it was Snoop Dogg.


This shit was everywhere.

Yes, it was.

It was in like every movie trailer.


Wow, just wasn’t expecting you to laugh that hard about it.

I just for some reason it just came popped into my head right when we started the episode.

It’s a-okay.

The mouse is on the- yeah.

There you go.

What the shit? No, I understand.

We’re refreshed.

We- I had half a sandwich.

You’re drinking whiskey.

I Went made tanky and now it’s time to play Katamari.

Dude, I took the cleanest shit.

All right.

You know.

I was trying to keep it cute and light by calling pee tanky.

It was pretty light.

And you just dropped the eggs.

It was it was it was a ghost.

It was a ghost wipe, you know.

You go in and you’re like.

And there’s just nothing there.

It was clean.

Like the kind like You’re like did I even- what the hell is that? Did I even take a shit? Is that the fan? Oh, yes, it is the sh- it is the fan.

It’s like ringing.

What the hell? Oh, yeah, it sounds like there’s a cricket stuck in the fan.

You like turn that off or down? Yeah.

No, let’s go off.

Off is fine.

Oh, yeah, it is the fan.

It was the fan.

No, no, that’s that’s really high.

That’s too much.

It’s too much.

Thank you.

All right.

Okay, that was just like straight ringing.

It’s still ringing even a little bit.

Is there something stuck in there? Like a bell? It’s okay.

It’s good.

It’s not it’s not quite ringing at the five level.

Supposedly with the Dyson fans, four is where it starts becoming silent mode.

Really? Yeah.


It was at five.


This is this is a lot of information.

I didn’t even see what’s happening in Katamari.

I’m in a level.

It’s the same fucking level.

I’ve done this like three times now.

But this is the best song in the game.

This is great.

But anyway.

That is a very pleasing keyboard sample.

Right? Man.

It’s very old-school video game.

It’s just.

There’s something about this era of video games.

It’s like PS2, very Japanese.

Like just it was just full of creativity and fun and whimsy.


And I and I I’m very endeared to it.

I love whimsy.

I miss these days.

I feel like indie games are trying to replicate it and half succeeding.

The mainstream games don’t do this kind of thing anymore.

Hell nah, bro.

Really? Yeah, man.

Triple-A games, man.

They’re all fucking Call of Duty Shoot-A-Man.

Call of Duty Zombie Man.

They’re, are you saying they’re too like movie-like and realistic? Yeah, they’re just trying to go all out and fucking do all this garbage.

It’s like this was a fucking I guess it’s like 30 bucks when it came out, but still.

This is made by Namco.

Namco! A huge company creator of Pac-Man? Is that right? Oh, yeah, I guess so.

Like, fuck.

Wow, that’s cool.

Now Namco doesn’t give a shit.

What do they do now? I don’t know, man.

They probably make No, they made fucking Dark Souls.

Did they really? What am I talking about? Yeah.

The company that made Dark Souls also made Pac-Man? Yeah.


I mean, it was quite a time difference.

Oh, man.

So my Rolf-er.

For those of you who don’t know, Rolfing is like a It’s like a very deep massage.

The whole, the whole meme about Rolfing is that like they get into your butthole and shit.

I don’t remember that happening.

No, no, I mean, I don’t do it.

That’s a real thing? Yeah, yeah, they’ll go in like your mouth and your butthole and they’ll like work those muscles.

That’s a little too much for them.

Yeah, but anyway, I don’t, I don’t do that.

It’s fine.

If I did, I’d tell you.

It’s okay, man.

I didn’t ask.

But I don’t.


Anyway, my Rolf- Man, I cannot stress how much I don’t do that.

My Rolf-er, he’s a bit of a jokester, and he loves- Sometimes he’ll do butt play.

Just as a joke, though.

It is a funny joke.

It doesn’t count.

Okay, yeah.

And I laugh.

Mostly because of the sphincter tickling.

You can’t help it.

It’s a natural response.

The sphincter tingled.

And I would know.

Yeah, it’s one of those laughs.

I see a Rolf-er.

Oh! Oh! Ah! Woo! Hoole! Oh, man! Oh, man! But anyway, he’s been, he’s really been obsessed with the word poo-nan lately.

What does that mean? You know like, poo nanny.



Obsessed in what way? He just likes to say it.


Let’s just be like yeah, man.

How does it come up? Getting some, getting some Poonan lately.

Hahahaha This just always kills me.

That is funny.

It’s just stupid.

It’s, it’s a, it’s, it’s an, it’s one of those things that no matter when someone says it, it’s always out of left field.


You’re not expecting to hear it.

Hahaha Dang, am I getting a lot of Poonan? Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Oh my god.

It’s funny, like, there’s gotta be somebody out there that uses it in earnest.

Are you kidding? There’s people that use every word you can think of in earnest.


What were you gonna say? I can’t remember.

You derailed me with that Poonan commentary.

I’m sorry.

Talk about Poonan over here.

What’s the problem, man? Just talk about Poonan! Hahahaha.

What do you think it’s a Poonan over here? What’s the issue? That’s a tiny cat.

Uh, maybe these are just big spiders.

Hadn’t thought of that.

It’s 24 centimeters, so yeah, it was a tiny cat, you’re right.

My bad.

This song’s great.

Right? It’s Lonely Rolling Star, is what it’s called.

You can look it up.

It’s usually on, I think it’s on Spotify.

Really? Yeah.

Who’s it by? I don’t know, some artist.

But I mean, is it by an in-house kind of thing, or was it a song that was contracted? Oh, like a pop star? Yeah, yeah.

Um, I don’t know.

You know? I don’t know.

Man, those dandelions really have strong roots.


And leaves.

Um, but, but, but.

What I was gonna say.



Oh, I literally don’t remember at all what I said.

Wow, Arin.

You know that’s a sipping whiskey, right? You’re not supposed to just fuckin’ down it.

Yeah, I put a little water in it.

Just gotta open it up.

You can’t fuckin’ tell me this.

I don’t know, what were we talking about, though? We were talking about Poonan, and then you said that’s a small cat.

And then, you said people used words in earnest.

And then we were talking about was this, who made this song.

Right! Okay.

Forget it, then.

Because that was, it was relevant to what we were talking about, and now it’s just gonna sound like it’s coming out of left field.

Are you sure? Yeah.

We just gave a full recap of what we were talking about.

Okay, I was gonna say, yes, this song is probably on Spotify if you want the artist to get three cents.

Oh, yeah.


For your listen.

It’s not really a joke more than it is, like, anger.

No, sometimes I’ll say, I’ll try to, like, help out an artist that I feel should be getting more attention.


And, inevitably, some, like, I’ll say, you know, check them out on Spotify, because they, that’s usually, like, the one platform they’re on.


And, um, and inevitably, a few people will always say, you know, you really shouldn’t promote Spotify.

They don’t pay their artists very much.

And I’m like, I know! I’m one of them! I don’t know if you know this, but musical artists, that’s artists that make music.

No one knows more than me! They, uh, yeah, they don’t really make a whole lot of money on Spotify.

Like, it’s okay, I appreciate you fighting for artists to make more money, but I don’t know any other platform that they’re on.

And I’m on Spotify! Yeah, man, I usually, I think the best, what is it, like, Apple Music or something? No, no, no, the best one’s Bandcamp.

Bandcamp is good, but it just doesn’t have the same reach.

Right, right, right.

But, yeah, if you have an iPhone.

Yeah, but if an artist is on Bandcamp, then, and it’s all the same to you, then for sure listen to them on that.

Yeah, Suzy and I will do that.

Suzy doesn’t really use Spotify, because she still thinks it’s dumb.


I use Spotify because I’m an asshole.

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And I, if I find an artist I really like on Spotify, because that’s, it’s really good about that.

Look at your daily playlists.

Oh, there are amazing things about Spotify.



But if I find an artist I really like, then I will buy their album on Apple Music.

And then I can have it on a plane, if I want to sleep real good.

I can listen to it in a house, I can listen to it with a mouse.


I forgot the way you said, on a plane, just sounded very Seuss-like.


I could listen to it on a train.

I named my penis Lois Vane.

Which you did.

I can’t believe you don’t remember that.

No, I still don’t.

You gotta, you gotta let me listen to this clip, man.

I can’t remember the, the specifics of it, but I’m sure if we say it, someone in the comments will remind us of it.

Somebody will find it.

I believe it was a ten minute power hour where someone asked us to name a come up with a term for a dick that was like Superman related or, or superhero related in some way.

And you, you suggested Lois Vane, which I thought was just brilliant.

Thanks, man.

Some of your finest work.

There’s, you know, there’s something in there.

There’s some kind of latent thing in there that’s, that, that, he sleeps a lot.

What are we talking about? He’s like my, my like joke center in my brain.


He’s in there and he’s, and he’s, he’s, he can be really good, but he sleeps a lot.

I understand.

He takes nights off.


So there’s a lot of moments where I’m like, Hey man, I could really use your help right now.

And he’s like, sorry.

I got nothing.

I got nothing for you.

I was just skimming a couple hours.


Don’t you love like when you’re performing in front of an audience, some sort of comedic thing and like someone tosses you a ball that you’re supposed to knock out of the park and your brain’s just like, I don’t know.


I got nothing.

That’s why, um, I was taught not to, uh, ask questions in improv scenes because you’re, you know, you’re, you’re challenging the part of someone’s brains.

I mean like plenty of improv people can do it really well, but, or answer it really well, but it kind of puts them on the spot instead of like building something together.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

That, that was one of the first lessons I learned when I did that brief class.


Um, and it’s true, man.

It is.

It’s like when you, you can see it happen to like less experienced people and he was like, ask them a question and they’re like, um, um, uh, okay.

This? Now’s my chance.


Improv is tough, man.


When you see people do it really well, like when we saw, uh, Middle Ditch and Ben Schwartz.




Amazing at what they do.

Some of the most incredible improvisers.

And, uh, that’s something that I’m envious of too, cause like, you know, we cut out our little niche and I think you have a lot more experience like with general improv.

I mean, I studied it for like 10 years.


But like, you know, I did it briefly and I’ve just kind of been doing it my whole life naturally in certain circumstances.

Yeah, I mean, this show, this show is improvised.


So it’s like in the context of stuff like this, I can, I can do pretty well.


It’s like if I’m on stage and I have to do a fucking scene or whatever, I’m like, uh.

I remember in the early days when people would question all the time if the show was scripted and I, I just remember thinking to myself like, when would we have the time to write hour long scripts? I think it was the power hour.

The power hour too.

When the power hour first came out, people thought it was scripted.

Oh, definitely not.

I wish though.

If it was scripted, don’t you think it would be gooder? I think this is the swan one.

Oh, I like the swan one.

I have to gather up swans.

What is it? There’s something missing.

Is it our royal present? No, something more.

Eureka! We have it.

It’s not graceful.

The sky is utterly lacking in grace.

It does not float like a butterfly or sachet like the king.


It’s just not there at all.

Oh no.

What’s graceful on earth? Swans, that’s what.

What’s graceful on earth, swans? Yep.

All right, good.

Well, that’s the end of that conversation.

Sending things to earth.

God, this game is so bizarre.

If you roll these up, they’ll start tweeting and hatching.

All right, I’m getting swans.


Seven minutes.

Oh, this is the second best song on the soundtrack.

The stars, they don’t have enough grace.

Roll up some swans.

Absolutely just demolish some swans.

Okay, you kind of went from A to C there, but it’s fine.

I’ll do it.

It’s like that meme.

You know that meme of the guy knocking down dominoes that get bigger and bigger? The small domino is like the space has no grace.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

And the big domino is like, make up big ball of swans.

Yeah, yeah.

I get it.


This song fucking rules.

Is there a way to get those eggs without launching the trap? Just kind of gently.

Okay, well, it’s fine.

I think you’re just supposed to go back and forth.

Yeah, that’s fine.

You went right by a very important egg.

Got it.

Aw, I don’t think people at home can hear it, but Arin and Allie are both singing the lyrics to this song perfectly.

It’s so good.


It’s one of those, it’s like, is the lyricist, is he the singer? I don’t know why I said lyricist, it’s somebody who writes lyrics.

Is the singer, is he Japanese? I don’t know.

I don’t know either.

Because he’s just so, it sounds like he’s a native English speaker.

But I love music like this.

Like hearing those vibraphones and like very 60s sounding.

Yeah, like kind of pseudo crooner.

Oh my god, you know who I’ve gotten way into? I absolutely love his music.

Have you ever heard of Cal? I believe it’s pronounced Chader or Jader.

It’s a weird spelling.

C-A-L is his first name and then his last name is T-J-A-D-E-R.

Nah, dude.

He was a vibraphone player in the 60s, 70s, I think he died in the early 80s.

Oh no.

But like his shit is so smooth to listen to.

If anyone wants to check out a song of his, I really like the song Aquarius from 1968.

He’s got a tribe called Quest, which is my favorite rap group.

They used a ton of his songs and samples.

Oh shit.

And that’s how I got into him.

But it’s just like this super smooth, you lost an egg, super smooth vibraphone playing stuff and I love it.

The album is called The Prophet that it’s on.


I know, I know man.

I hope he made a lot of profit off of his music, you know what I’m saying? Like, I believe it’s the prophet as in like one who prophesizes.


But that’s fine.

The whole nest, a whole nest of babies to exploit.

These are ducklings? Fuck.


That’s fine.

There’s eggs on the ground.

Gotta pick up the egg on the ground.

Boy, when was that? A grape off the ground? Yeah, that was like the prophesized.

That was from the Calend April.

Yeah, it had to be like 2014 maybe, 2015.

Oh shit.

Remember the Calend April? I do.

Great idea.

You were like, let’s do a calendar that doesn’t function as a calendar.

People are gonna love it.

It’s not, we wanted to make a calendar but we were too late in the printing process.

So we just decided.

To do it anyway? To start it in April.

It was really dumb.

It was dumb, but fun.

Well, I mean it didn’t function anyway.

There was an entire month, I think March, April.

No, there was one month where.

You just wrote the number four a bunch of times? Yeah, and then every day was four.

I do remember that.

It was a helpful thing.

Which is really funny.

It was great as a comedy thing.

Yeah, exactly.

Terrible as a calendar.

I just feel like, you know, you only live once, yolo as they say.


And you might as well, yas, yas, go on, yas.

And I just feel like, you know, fucking do it up.

Like do the things you want to do.

Make the art that you want to make.

And my art was the Game Grumps Calend April.

Yeah, it sure was, Arin.

We had a lot of good jokes in that fucking thing.

We had Tom Hanksgiving.

Tom Hanksgiving! Oh man, I forgot about that.


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I remember there was a quote at the top of every month.

And one of the months was, well, well, well.

And then the person who said it was the well inspector inspecting his wells.

Oh yeah.

Love it.

Great stuff.

So fucking dumb.

I know you approach the mousetraps very cautiously even though you will absolutely get rocketed no matter what.

Yeah, I don’t know.

Well, yeah.

I guess in my mind it’s like, maybe.

Yeah, this could be the one.

There’s a chance.

I love that those little chicks are born with durags on their heads or whatever it is.

Yeah, they’re little baby ducklings.

It’s very cute.

Cause they gotta go out and do the walk.

Oh, is that what it is? Yeah, you know.

Bandanas? I don’t know what you call those.

Yeah, they’re just little head bandanas.

You gotta go out and put the clothes on the clothesline.

Make an egg.


Is this guy golfing with eggs? Oh, to the left.

To the left.

Oh, fuck.

Why do you want me to go to the left all of a sudden? Not that you turned around completely.

Because those eggs are there.

Oh, but I can’t get under there.

Really? Yeah, I’m too big now.

Well, how about up here? I could do that.

God, eggs are just flying off the eggs.

Yeah, I’m not being super graceful, which is ironic.

Yeah, that’s what you’re supposed to do.

This is the worst I’ve done this entire game.

This is a fucking disgrace.

Just kidding.

Cool, well, happy holidays.

I’ll take that present I got you back.

We see.

Hina doll, we suspect.

Hina doll? I don’t know.

I don’t know what a Hina doll is.

I don’t know what a Hina doll is.

Eggy wigs? Oh, fuck yeah, baby.

Good job.

Did you know if you start a ball on a spinning platform and you start it out and let it roll, it’ll just stay on the platform and roll forever? That’s like that video of that hamster we saw, where it’s just running along the wheel with its little hamster legs, making it look like a little rotisserie chicken.

I don’t know.

I think mine’s cooler.

Look at all those eggs you missed.

Oh, I’m such a fucking molar.

Very graceful.

Tweet, tweet, tweet.

Noisy things.

We’ll take the graceful rainbow back.


I really fucked up on that one.

I don’t know.

It could be good.

That was lazy.

Could be good enough.

Look at that.

Oh, 62%.

Common place.

Fucking terrible.

Fake grace.

Grace light.

Grace theft.

It’s like valor theft, but all right.

I’m making stars with stolen valor over here.

Stolen valor.

Oh my lord.

Oh, I can feel it.

I can feel the cosmos.



Oh, she’s like me for real.

That’s my favorite.

Like when it’s like five stars and it makes like this little pipe cleaner cross and then they just draw a perfectly formed goose around it like this constellation.

It’s an asterism, Dan.

I don’t know what that means.

Oh my god.

Listen to me right now.


A constellation is a section of the night sky that is named after the major asterism in it.

The asterism being the star formation.


So when you say the constellation Lyra, the star formation that makes the whatever the fuck Lyra is, a girl I think, is the asterism.


And then the section of the sky that it commands is the constellation.

Really? God, I’m so fucking cool.


You started smiling before you were even done telling me that fact because you started thinking about how cool you are.

Never seen that before.

It was floating around in my head.

Oh man.

Remember that.

It is exciting to do a show like this and like suddenly in the flow of conversation.

You just learn.

There’s a fact that like you feel very sure of is correct.

And sometimes it even is.

And that’s when the real good stuff happens.

I cherish those moments because they don’t oft come.


I get one a year.

I’ve been on the show for almost 10 years, so I’ve had about nine thus far.


I’m due.

It’s okay, man.

There are very few things that I would say I command authority over in terms of knowledge.

I don’t even know what those are, but I’m sure I’ll find them at some point.


Cause it’s like even, cause I think about it, right? And I’m like, cause there’s this show that College Humor does, right? All the um, actually.

College Humor is still around? Yeah.


Good for them.

They had downsized, rebranded and went like format heavy.

What did they rebrand us? Just College Humor.


That was a bold choice, but I mean, we’re going to go in a different direction.

We’re going to call it College Humor.

Well, I mean just like the, you know, the type of content they make.


Got it.

So it’s all format driven, right? So they do a lot of great shows like game changer and make some noise.


They have a show called um, actually.

So the idea is, uh, the, the, it’s a game show and the host will say a fact about a thing that’s like kind of right.

And then the contestants have to chime in and be like, um, actually it’s this.

Got it.

And it’s hilarious.


It’s usually about like Dungeons and Dragons shit, stuff like that.

But I was thinking like, Oh, what would I be able to do that over? And like nothing.

Really? Yeah.

It’s like, there’s a lot of stuff that I’m a really big fan of, like Mega Man and Magic the Gathering or whatever, but I’m not like, I’m not crazy in the know about any of that shit.

I just like it.

I feel like that would be a good show to illustrate to me how little I know about so many things.


Cause I don’t, I don’t consume media that way.

I just enjoy it and I’m like, yo, that really made me feel things.

And then I like talk about it with my friends and then like I go on with the rest of my life.


I, you know, you know what show I’ve been watching a little bit recently? What? Um, to tell the truth.

Game bro? Oh, no, I mean they’re old episodes, I guess they’re a couple of years old, but they have it on Hulu.

I’ve been watching some of the episodes and I got to tell you, man, you know the format of that show, right? I’ve never even heard of it.

It’s a remake of an old game show where they have a panel of celebrities, like four celebrities and they have three people come in and only one of the three people are what they say they are.

So they’ll like, um, the one I saw yesterday, uh, which featured our boy Weird Al as a matter of fact, was, um, these, it’s three pairs of two guys and they, the curtain raises and the first pair is like, uh, we are Serena and Venus Williams, uh, practice partners.

And then the second, uh, group of guys will be like, we are Venus and Serena Williams tennis partners.

And then the third one says the same thing and the celebrity guests have to ask them questions and see, try to figure out who’s telling the truth.

And uh, cause two of them are lying or two groups of them are lying.

And um, it helps if you know the field, it helps if you know the field.

The thing that really, uh, strikes me the most about it is that people are really fucking good at lying.

Oh yeah.

And I have no idea who’s lying.

I think I get it right maybe like 20% of the time at best.

And I’m just like, no.

And a lot of times I’m like, no way.

It’s that guy.

That’s definitely a lie.

And it turns out to be that guy.

It’s just the shit people will say with a straight face.

I’m like, man, I got to stop believing people so like blindly and online it must be even worse because then you’re just reading the words.

You know, you don’t even have to like try to look at their faces for line cues.

Well the thing about that is we don’t, we’re humans are really bad at detecting lies like naturally.

Is that right? Yeah.

Because if we, if we were really good at detecting lies, we wouldn’t fucking trust anybody.

Right? Like we’re, we’re like wired to trust people because otherwise how would we procreate? Do you want to like, I don’t fully understand that statement.

But listen, if you, if we, is there, if you meet like a nice girl, right? And then you’re like, Oh, but I’m constantly suspicious.

I don’t believe her.

I don’t trust her.

You know, like it’s, the trust is like a thing that you, Oh, like you’re saying it’s important for society to function.

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For people to automatically trust each other to a certain degree.


So we’re, the results of that is that we’re bad at lying, right? Or we’re bad at detecting lies.


So people are good at lying.

I think it’s, it’s, I mean, scientifically, and there’s, there’s been studies on this as far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong, everybody who wants to do that.

But people who are like, I can detect lying because I look at face shit and stuff and I could say, well, I could tell when you look up, you’re recalling instead of micro expressions and stuff like that, nobody can pass a test better than 50%.

Really? Yeah.

Like it’s, you’re always guessing basically.

I’ll be damned.

I mean, it’s slightly more cause some people are really bad at lying, but in terms of detecting lies, like it’s just, it’s impossible.

That show, it’s just like one more nail in the coffin of me realizing how naive I’ve been my entire life, you know, or most of my life, I should say.

But like that’s fine though.


I mean, I guess it’s, it’s just very eyeopening cause you’re like, fuck, I really have no idea.


I mean, I get you all the time.

Is that right? Yeah.

Like when I say we’re friends and well, you know, sometimes I’ll just start saying shit and you’re like, oh neat.

And I’m like, that’s all I didn’t know.

That is true.

That is true.

I thought that was a me thing, not like a humanity thing.

Oh no, dude.

It’s a totally humanity thing.

I mean, this isn’t like, there are people who are constantly suspicious.

Oh, sure.

But that’s like a, that’s like a personality thing.

That’s not like a.





There’s, there’s no statement that applies to like all human beings, but yeah, so that’s a fascinating show to watch.

Pretty funny too.


Somebody was like, I’m a cartoonist, I’d be like, I’m going to ask him the hard questions about tweening and shit.

Oh yeah.


Is that when like you, uh, the, the cell between two movements, uh, you could use that term to mean that.

Oh, okay.

But tweening usually refers to, uh, a computer filling in the gap for you.

Oh, I see.

Got it.

So you’d like, you have like an object and then you move that object digitally to another place and you basically tell the computer, like draw the frames in between, because it’s just one object.

So it’s just like moving it across the screen.

But before computers were used in animation, it was called in between to draw the, uh, the in between frame and it still is interesting.

But if you say tweening, people usually know that you’re referring to a computer doing it.


That’s like the shorthand.



Speaking of animation, um, Disney apparently bought the rights to Anastasia, which is, which is ironic because it was Fox, right? Well, it was a Don Bluth movie, but the production company that owns it.

Oh yeah.

Yes, Fox, but it’s just funny because Don Bluth left Disney to make his own animated movies.

And 30 years later, Disney owns everything to the point where they just bought it back.

Um, and I was like, I wonder if they’ll just bury this, you know, um, out of like spite or whatever.

I don’t know.

It was quite the opposite.

They immediately started selling merch for it.

Yeah, of course.


They don’t care.

Anybody who would be spiteful about it doesn’t fucking work there anymore.

I guess you’re right.

Although I, I just wish like, I wish there’d be more Black Cauldron stuff.

I feel like that’s like an old kind of hatred, you know, because Black Cauldron almost bankrupted Disney’s animation department because it was so over budget and didn’t do well, but it’s my favorite one, man.

I don’t think there’s hatred.

I think there’s just acknowledgement that nobody saw it.

Just make a pin.

Just make one Black Cauldron pin.

Look, all you gotta do, listen, this is what you gotta do.

You gotta start up a fucking like H bomber guy style, like YouTube essay, uh, um, channel.

And then you got to make like why Black Cauldron is the best, most underrated Disney movie of all time.

Call it that and then make that video, make it like three hours long.

So most people don’t watch it all the way through.

Add in some really funny jokes.

Like the first 10 minutes.


Put all the good stuff right up top.


And then release it.

And, and then people will be like, yeah, and then it’ll start this whole movement where people will be like, I always liked Black Cauldron because it’s so good.

It’s not cause I watched the Dan bomber guy video.

Wow, sounds good to me, man.

So do that and then you’ll, and then you’ll get your merge.

Oh man.

You have the power to change things, Dan, that’d be amazing.

Your influence is, is, is existent.


I truly never think about that.

Like changing the world with your power.

Please don’t, please don’t call it that makes me feel so awkward.

Hey man.

Sometimes I feel like there’s a couple of things that I’ve, I’ve done over time that I didn’t realize until later.

There is still people, and I don’t believe in this, but there are people that think that I influenced Zelda Breath of the Wild with sequelitis.

Really? Yeah.

Cause you know, there’s that, there’s that part where I talk about like, Oh, what if you had a Goron and he follows you around and he eats rocks.

And you got to like, and he helps you, but he’s kind of dying.

And then they put like a Goron escort mission in, in Breath of the Wild.

I think that was a pure coincidence, but there are a lot of people, I’ve gotten a lot of emails and a lot of comments of people being like, it may not have been direct, but you might’ve put the idea in someone’s head who told someone else, who told someone else, you know, I, I, it’s very flattering, but I really, I just, I think it’s neat that they went and did it, you know? Yeah.

And it wasn’t exactly what I was saying in the video, so I’m not going to, I’m not going to be like, yeah, well that was my idea first.

Oh, a really simple idea that many video games have done before.

I also don’t know how much you’d get from approaching Nintendo and saying like, you stole my Zelda idea.

Give it back! Yeah.

Anyway, I’ve made money off of your video games for a decade.



Full decade.

I can’t believe you didn’t try to stop this a long time ago.

Well they did, didn’t they? Uh, they, they did that thing where they like tried to become an MCN.

It didn’t work.


Because they didn’t, you know, they don’t know anything about that shit.

I can understand.

They probably watched a couple Let’s Plays using their games and they were like, this is stolen valor.

And then they were like, we have a right to this.

Look at this little guy, this is stolen valor, that’s what they were thinking.

I don’t know why that phrase makes me laugh so much.

It’s so insane.

I think it’s because like it sounds so dramatic and honestly I have no fucking clue what it means.

It means pretending that you were in the military when you weren’t.

Oh, I see.


I think.

Isn’t that just a lie? Is that stolen valor? Sure.

You don’t lie about anything.

I know, but I think it’s like so personal to the people who are, uh, making the statement that they, you know, had to create their own phrase for it.

Yeah, I guess so.

Cause like I could just say, like I sucked David Bowie’s dick once and it’s like, is that stolen valor? No, it’s just a lie.

I mean, is it a lie though? It’s not stolen valor either by the definition.

There’s nothing valorous about sucking David Bowie’s dick, Arin.

In fact, most of the time you were alive, he was married, so that would probably make you a harlot who’s trying to break up someone’s marriage.

Hold on, I’m looking at the definition of valor.

Great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.

Okay, maybe it does apply to David Bowie’s dick.

Next time on Game Grumps! Bye.


I’m going to piss my own pants.