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What’s up, Los Angelinos? This is your boy, Arin from Game Grumps, and I’m here to tell you about Scribble After Dark!

This Saturday, at the Ace Theatre in Los Angeles, that’s January 28th, we’re having a new Scribble Showdown!

This is a different show, we got new games, and it’s 18 plus!

What does that mean? It means we’re gonna say the F word, and draw things that we wouldn’t usually draw at the non-18 plus show.

You know what I’m talking about.

We got Jane animations, Odd1sOut, Domics, and of course, Ross O’Donovan from Game Grumps.

Come on, it’s gonna be a good show, and I’m gonna host. I mean, I feel like I should mention that, I’m the host of the show.

If you saw the first Scribble Showdown, forget it! It’s gone! This is the new show! New games galore!

So check it out, Ace Theatre, Los Angeles, January 28th, get your tickets now,, or link in the description below, hopefully.

Kisses and hugs! Hope to see you there!

It’s Game Grumps! Come on Grumps! And you’re the Grumps! Let’s go! It’s Game Grumps! Let’s go!

Welcome! Welcome back to Game Grumps!

Arin and I, we’ve been recording for many, many, many, many hours.

And we’re physically and emotionally exhausted, and now we’re gonna play some sports.

Let’s play some sport- well, not just any sport, Dan.

Oh! We’re gonna be playing golf!

This is the delightful- oh, I love this game.

Yeah, this was an expansion that was released recently.


Uh, which, when this episode airs, probably not gonna be that recently anymore.


But this is the golf expansion!

So we can play golf!

This is when we whacked each other at Chambara.


Let’s do some eighteen holes, baby!


I’m ready for the remix.

This is when we whacked each other at- whacked each o- wha- whacked- this is when we whacked each other.

You gotta hit the L or R, dude.

Ah, so I do. I’m looking, this is how tired I am, I’m looking right at it.

Oh, like this, like this.

Oh, oh, yeah

Tired boy, I’m a sleepy bear man sleepy boy. Yeah, I guess I’m nut boy. Oh

No, I user

Nice add a fucking user. I’m gonna create a new user. It’s gonna be fucking

pink ass squirty jizz monster

Whoops, not one



Arena nice nice fucking noise

Later later

We did all this though, well, this was this is on this isn’t my switch. Oh

But this is adorable. I’m gonna keep this. Okay. My god. What a fucking what a hottie. Okay?


Select my appearance and nickname

Just done that shit. I had to add a whole fucking user we

the week the switch

How do I oh, it’s called the weed portable or something? I don’t know

the weave we machine

This is called the we we do

Just good stuff and the weenie cuz it’s so tiny

Come on

That’s not bad

The we lad

We boy


Just want a new hairstyle. Okay. Hit me with that. Good. Good. Do you do food?

Well, they do not have a lot of options


That’s slicked back one looks like a fucking bike helmet, that’s whoa. Whoa. Oh

God oh stop, please. Please. I guess I go for a wavy Bob nice. That’s what I got cool

We’re gonna look so cool, dude. We’re gonna look so cute

All right

I’m gonna make yourself all ripped. I’ll fucking Jack. I’m sure late. Okay. We’re adorable. I’m right-handed

Oh, it’s like motion shit, okay, sure

Okay, first point down

All right


Stance, okay

Swing the golf as if hitting the controller with the side of the joy con. Oh, okay

All right nice oh

Easy love it, okay

Swing while pressing ZR and try hitting the ball you fucking idiot. You just try


Yeah, dude do great, I’m a goddamn golf man. Yeah natural try modulating your swing strength

All right, you can check your string swing strength of the shot meter on the left, okay, okay

Point the controller down. Yeah



Light blue bars the shots power got it. Got it. Got it. Got it. Got it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah

Try hitting the balls to the shot of the yellow area

I’m not a dummy, dude

All right

And then

Whoops, it looks like I’m a dummy. Oh, that was too much your shoes


interesting I

Didn’t know I could go too far


Thanks, really

Voted confidence try hitting with less power cool of them to give you

So much of a huge tutorial. I know right

Because they just don’t want you to fuck it up, you know, yeah

No, but I mean like when it’s my turn, they’ll just pick. All right do it

The game has started turn your wrist during the real swing all end up curving Wow, okay


Twisting your wrists, okay

That wasn’t so great your shot seems to have curved okay. All right. Yeah. Yeah get it dude fucking calm down

All right, great got it awesome super wiggly wiggly we know please just let us play we’re doing show

Yeah, yeah, yeah not to twist your wrists get into the habit of pressing that before practice swings, all right, yeah

Before you go. Here’s 43 more helpful tips. Well, you gotta learn how to go God. Let’s learn some golf basics

Okay, have you ever played golf before? Yep


Think I’m actually gonna stand up for this one. Yeah, I think we have to

Standing up

Okay, got it

Maybe we should

Maybe we shouldn’t

Have this in the episode. You shouldn’t have you in the episode

Wow, that was quite a harsh burn Arin. I might have to go to the burn Ward

Well, just delete your track

Okay, well, this is great it actually won’t let me it’s kind of fun ask this

Just standing up doing game grumps. I should do this more often. I feel so like energized point control it down

Swing that fucker wide. I know I know it is

You know, you don’t want to let go at all, oh deal

Okay, good you need a weaker swing it was less parry




I have to actually swing it slowly. Yeah. No, no, you just have to start there

Please God just let me let me fail on my own

Okay, good enough for me. Let’s end it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, okay

All right, let’s begin the episode. I’m gonna fuck nine minutes in nah, man. We started there was an intro and everything

All right

Hurry, Irena first is dying die. Yeah

Look at that one already

She’s so fucking cute good luck

Thank you dog

Playa. All right, here we go

Okay, that was good it’s real good

Nicely done I got a slight curve. It’s pretty sweet little power curve a little power curve never hurt anyone not gonna hurt me none. Okay


That’s too much power oh you just said

Yeah, hey little curve never hurt anybody right that hurt me. Okay. I’m in the rough



Okay, that tree is right in your way, I’m just gonna wail on it no

No practice it’s fucking right in your way. No, it’s gonna hit the tree fuck

Also, I don’t know how to

Do without the without the curve you just got to go straight I guess I’m gonna do this move

Imagine you’re hitting the ball with the side of your controller


If you rotate the controller, it’ll add a little swing. I

Guess it was just the angle. I’m looking at the TV. Hey, that wasn’t too bad

Was it the angle of the dangle directly proportional to the heat of my knee?

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All right, clap clap clap. Nice. Nice 23. It’s my favorite number

All right

So we got a little wind so I’m gonna maybe do a little rotata

Mm-hmm, and then that’s probably at the end a little bit. So I’m just gonna go ahead and press the controller down

Okay. Yeah, you know what? I’ll take a little practice swing. Why not?


Okay, so if I go what there okay great and then I don’t wanna here we go do it up hey say

You’re a queen Anakin

All right

If she breathes she’s a fart

No, that was a meme Anakin’s statement not mine, but I can’t stress that enough

Swing that fucking clam

Oh, yeah, that was fucking tasty. Thanks Arin. Have you considered eating my fuck?


Don’t know how to I never really considered eating your fuck. Well, you’re missing out. Well, you can swing without the

without holding our


To do a practice swing or you could just go for it. Nay. No

That was wildly by accident double booger, dude

Chance for birdie chance it if you had a chance to birdie, would you? Yeah. Yeah. Great small swing. Yep

Don’t fuck it up. You fucked it up. Oh shit. I did. That was exactly within range though

Don’t fuck it. Oh my looks like you’ll have to settle for power

Piece of shit fuck you do this better than a double bogey piece of garbage next hole double bogeys are cool

Oh, everybody knows it. Oh, they’re not they’re epic

All right now that we got the fucking hang of this check this shit out you ready for this goddamn fucking ass ass

You ready for ass ass

Right in the fucking hole

It was too far shit

There’s no other game besides golf that makes you go hell yeah, no

Okay, maybe peggle sure

Fucking legs I

Sort of just want somebody they saw a massage artist just punch them. Just fucking just put on some steel brass knuckles


Do it to me do it to me

Put a little metal in it put a little metal a bottle a bottle

A bottle of water. A bottle of water. All right Arin. Hey. I need a little drink. I got a bottle of water. All right Arin.

This is the stupidest shit in the world.

Here we go I get the fucking mini-map stop tutorialing me I get it. Yeah, they are they’re tutorializing us to death here

Okay, so I want

Yeah, that’s about where I want to be

Which nice real nice

These motion sensors in this controller fucking there’s a very powerful

I remember when the Wii came out and it was like this is the kind of janky this shit’s like spot-on

Might as well be my hand

This might as well be a putter

Burp was disgusting

Nice birdie, bro

I’m just gonna go for it. Don’t fuck it up. Don’t fuck up

Good job

Shit, dude, you did better than me. Fuck you’re gaining

This is this were a race. You’d be like right on my butthole

Arin that doesn’t sound like any race I’ve ever been a part of

Because you playing

I always catch up to that ass

See that concentration in your eyes now, well, I just don’t want to fuck it up I know


That was fucking clean. Thank you

Like when you when you fuck it up on the first hit like you’re just so screwed

What’s that the way you described it we were playing another game

It’s like you’re landing haymakers, and I’m just like stumbling around ten minutes

That’s what it feels like to screw up the first golf shot shit. That’s probably gonna hit land in the fucking rough


shit shit

All right

Like it’s like this is my club this one

It’s my Wiggly club everybody’s seeing this oh

I don’t want to hit that tree. Okay. All right. I want to


Just need to go hard wait. I

I can only go three oh shit that sucks

All right, well, I think it’s cuz of the well. Oh yeah, cuz the rough you’re in the rough


No, why did it curve so much that went shwanky-granky, but it was

The rough fucking oh damn it my dad’s gonna be so mad oh come on Arin you know he has no son after this

Boy right through the tree you know it’s not gonna hit that tree not not not a chance yeah

Such a shit talker, okay?

Tried to swing like a real swing, but it just didn’t


That was fucking perfect, thanks, baby. What the hell dude all right? I’m kind of getting the hang of this a little bit

It was like a laser sight

You’re like some crap fucking golf god

Okay spoon

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it I fucking get it all right

Okay, that’s too much hey, okay


Okay a wedge

All right, I have to okay

Uh-huh uh-huh yep mm-hmm check the mini-map

Don’t forget. I can’t see it

He don’t forget how to play the game. Yeah, we’ve been doing it for like

Like about to swing it’s like


Oh getting a little wiggly over there

Okay, oh nice on had enough flavor nice

Green oh the crowd was really weirdly intense there, and where are they?

Okay perfect

Shit shit shit


Guess this would be a chance for birdie for me too. Hey no no cuz you’re a swing yeah

Then done done done done done done done

No, yeah, I didn’t mean to hit it oh

Hi, yeah, I was thought I was just bringing that club down. That’s fine

This isn’t a chance for birdie cuz I’m a fucking idiot

Nobody nobody wants to hang out with me anymore

But he loves you. Oh fuck that was way too hard. Oh

Said nobody ever oh, oh, I don’t get it

And a tiny little tap fuck you really need that tiny little time my god

Dude, you saw how tiny that tap was a tiny tap

That tap was tiny

All right you need the tiniest of taps yeah like pretend you’re punching a baby

I commit I go hard yeah fucking punch the baby. No you don’t have to the head is soft

Okay, we’re close

Force to like rumble the whole liquid

You gotta create waves okay, dude are you winning now for by one stroke? Oh fuck take it easy

We’re just it’s I can’t lose it’s still early. It’s still early goodness gracious


That’s going in the beach do they make you hit it from there now, that’s out of bounds, okay?

That would be so fucked up all right, and that’s how you blow a lead in one second

That actually worked to your advantage

Motherfucking titty sucker fucking tutorials man

Don’t mess up. Here’s what you got myself. That was better, okay?

Did you mess up cuz we told you I’d not mess up

feels like I messed up

The little guy looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing something about the way he was standing right there. It’s just like um

That’s perfect, thank you, and now yeah get ready for a much different outcome


Too far that’s fucking savage dude

Yeah, suspicious lack of clapping oh

Did he shoot got real fucking quiet on the on the green

Whoops, no, that’s good. That’s real good shit shit shit shit shit not perfect. Oh fringe


What are those little ads in the background? I don’t know.

Wow, it’s it’s it’s tough man. You really need the gentleman’s touch for this game. Yeah, dude

Stroke three

Yeah, oh my god that was so intense I know

That’s it

That’s seven feet away, that seemed way closer

But it’s right it’s hard


If you press the down this button you can see the terrain. Oh cool. Topography

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It’s a little late for that I’m seven strokes down on this one

Thank the Lord nice dude plus four love to see it. That’s great. That’s like bonus points. I wish it was more

Yeah, now you’re getting it boogie. Yeah

My terrible shot put me in the lead

Is it nine holes or 18 I put 18 because I figured they go fast, but they’re not going fast

No, no, that’s this is gonna be an hour and a half long. So we can just call it a nine. Okay cool

All right

Smooth tight. Oh, no

Sick awesome bunker. Oh no


I’m gonna go home. Maybe kill myself

Gonna kill yourself

Gonna kill yourself

Yeah, this is like go hard now

Go hard or go home, bro. Ooh

That wasn’t hard. No, it really wasn’t

Wow, we did two very different types of terrible shots

I like to think that my terrible shot was better. Um, right

Through the tree man, that that’s that’ll totally work out for you. I bet just don’t know how to I

Would go for that bump

That bump dog. I would go for that bump doe

This here. Yeah on the left. Yeah

Okay, kind of like hover across the grass too, it’s kind of funny


This I’m on the fairway. Yeah. Hey, that’s probably gonna be better than I do. I got so many trees in my way

I got to go all the way fucking back over there shit. This sucks. Yeah. Yeah


That was a lot harder than I intended it to be

This is gonna be rough for me it is rough

Stop pointing me to that. I don’t want that. I don’t want this


No too far too far too far too far

Too much power. Oh

You almost went off the cliff. Yeah. Well, but you didn’t

And isn’t that what really matters? What do you know what that feels like?

Lot of trees over there a lot of trees and vacuum trees backseat golfing

All right

Swing that golf club you go hard


Look at him. So heard. Wow, that’s perfect

That is a little bit better. Whoo

Yeah, I

Mean I did have a seven-stroke penalty in

So got a little a little making up time to do in the words of me

Shit. Well, you’re gonna hit every bunker on the way to this all shit, man. No, you’re good. Oh, thank you good. Whoa

in the rock

Rock was it Irish Arin bro, Arin go rock

Come on


This is awful, we are not good at this it

Really is difficult to get the proper sweat. I wonder if like a good golfer would just like nail it, you know

Oops, it’s a little off. I don’t know man. We’re hanging in there. Well, the wind helped me a bit

Pretty decent pretty nice. Thank you. Pretty decent nuts, dude. Oh shit

What yeah, dude, I don’t know. I don’t know if I fucking went there. I set up a rental property

From charging rent like way over asking

Okay, I would look at the topography yeah

It’s a cute little setup for the kid it’s actually better the other way high-low

Okay, well I still want to be dead on I just have to know my

It’s gonna curve to the right man

Is that what it’s saying?

Well, yeah, cuz you’re you’re putting uphill and then there’s like a it’s like a diagonal curve. I

Can’t I don’t know how to read this map because the it’s the brighter is high and then the darker is low, right?

So that’s like height

Well that much I got so it’s like it’s a kind of crooked. So if you putt up it’s gonna veer. Oh

I’ll try this see what happens

What’s the worst that can happen I lose a friend

Could be the case who knows

Well, I didn’t say it

It’s a little too hard man, it’s crazy it did exactly what I said it would

Why not losing that friend anyway?

It looks like I’m losing the fire friend, but not the way I thought I would

Lose a friend

Rule nice



Just we

Nintendo switch fuck man. I’ve really got to just lay off completely

Spit out a fucking console stone. Yeah. Yeah, it’s gross

The fucking French accent really like vibrated it out of my throat

gross, oh

Get real throaty with that

This game is really humbling

I’m always mumbling cuz I’m feeling home. Okay, man

2.7 feet to go that dude mine was 1.9 and it’s a 2.7 for you and you’re closer

The fuck is up with this

Nice plus nine. Oh, seriously. Oh

Just just brutal just brutal stuff

Nice yeah

Triple bug Wow, you hit a bunker in three roughs and still


Goodness gracious. It’s all on the green. Well to be fair. That was a pretty fucking like wonky ass green. Yeah, it was weird

All right, motherfucker

Are you ready to suck these nuts not sucking time?

Not nuts did not sit it goes way farther than it says it’s gonna

That’s so far that is far. Maybe there’s maybe there’s wind pushing it forward. Is that possible?

I don’t know. It just feels like it goes too far every time

Mm-hmm, cuz look at that. It doesn’t even fucking meet up with the front and then suddenly it’s like going all the way to the end

Maybe it’s cuz I hit it too hard. I don’t know. Maybe it’s cuz I hit it too hard

We hear you future comments

Could be some kind of weird fucking reason like maybe I hit it too hard

Oh get over the tree. Look at that. Look at that. You didn’t even get all the way to the top and it’s fucking

I’m right beyond where it said it was gonna be right next to you in the rough. Okay?

We’re okay

Fuck I have to go again. Hate it

Hate my luck now hate my fucking luck

Come on penis licker well looking penis over here looking iced penis

I put it in the freezer for three weeks ice penis

That’s not gonna get it done

but the ice penis will

Feel it melt

Come on come on penis penis

Feel the melted penis, it’s just a

melted penis


Got that wedge


Got a little red wiggly over there. No, it worked. Oh, yeah, that’s not bad




Try not to lick any


Well done you have to so undershoot it. Yeah. Yeah, it really is very very like sensitive. I

Don’t it’s like it’s it’s almost like this fucking it doesn’t help to see the yeah bar, you know, I agree

It’s just giving you like the wrong information


Monkey shines

My grandma called it monkey shot

Nice I think we’re getting a little better. We’re at least powering

Shouldn’t it shouldn’t have said that as you’re about to go as I’m about to bogey

All right, god they really got that pathetic sound down really well the

Tink-tink-tink-tink-tink-tink-tink. All right, how many holes left three three holes? Okay

Easy peasy. That’s just a Saturday night for me. All right


there a way to

Is there a way to like follow the path or I

Can’t really see what’s going on over there. That’s a big chunk of trees. All right, you know what?

I’m just gonna fucking go for it. Do it

Fortune favors the bold kind of a disadvantage to go first. Oh, yeah, it definitely is

All right, not bad totally worked


That was way fair

Do we have like fans you see that?

Well, sometimes sometimes they get real quiet when we blow it

I’ll be in the lodge

Traveled all the way out to this remote island to watch this shit

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Whoa, well then just fucking went for it. I didn’t go for that

Although, you know jeez, okay, right fucking there

It’s got a mind of its own

Okay, okay

Okay, uh-huh. Yep. This is where you got to be real specific about what’s going on here

Oh fuck no, what dog?


It’s penalty area. Yeah, you got a one-stroke penalty

It’s not out of bounds. I

Mean the same thing I think

What’s that out of bounds when you got out of bounds Oh?

God, there’s 29 mile an hour winds. No wonder. Oh shit. What’s fucking?

Golfing in a hurricane. Yeah

It’s must be a Florida course. Yeah, um

Good lord

Damn I was gonna say I don’t think you need that much oomph, but yeah

Look at that like futuristic golf cart over there. I know this is a pretty beautiful game. Well, how about this nice?

Oh, I guess cuz you drop it like near yeah, that’s better than out-of-bounds then definitely don’t have to start over now

Okay, too far too far too far too far too far nice nice

Fringe I think this still lets me put

It’s right there putt. I’m about to putt

Nicely done

Sprink oh

Geez oh yeah, no problem. God. It’s so fucking intense chance

Oh god. Yeah, you want a fucking like cereal bowl that shit toilet bowl that shit

Too much dude your head is like rock-solid. Thank you

You’re welcome


All right that was clean yeah

That’s pretty clean could have been cleaner. I know it could have been cleaner, but it was pretty clean

That was like when you when you’re like you’re like 80% done

And you run out of Lysol wipes, and you’re like all right

I guess let’s finish it with paper towels. It was like that kind of clean



This game is hard

Golf is hard five

Here we go

Mamma Mia, dude double booger


Rule I think you’re gonna tie with me if you hit this no, what are you talking about? I got the penalty area oh

No, no no that they already added that on


Got I got one back got one back, baby, okay?

All right


Something beautiful day again

13 miles per hour

We’re in the eye right now. Yeah, exactly. Oh god. This is awkward. Yeah, I don’t like this

Really you really know the fucking style

And your daddy don’t mind

Kind of like how you’re going first oh


Oh, yeah, well I could blow one on purpose. Yeah, you know what I’d be great. Okay. Thanks Arin

Yeah, no problem. You saw what happened there. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s bullshit

Well let me just uh here

Wait wait I mean you could just

Point it to the right and wail it in yeah, yeah, that’s just trying to get it right

Okay, you’re all right Hanson

What a lovely vacation goes down his throat. Oh, oh man



Come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on

Come on come on come on come on come on

Okay, come on. Come on. Isn’t there a deaf punk song? Yeah

At least I made it on is it apparently my god comported a computer lady

All right, yeah


No, don’t do that sup

Who she was she my god incredible


Just fucking touch me so I can absorb some of your skills reverse rogue me

Now we’re going away I keep thinking it’s gonna roll more down the hill but it does kind of just stop there

There’s still a lot of friction from the grass, right? Yeah, like a smooth surface

This is gonna be a very light gentle it too is gonna be tiny tap right you are

Oh, yeah

I’m starting to under it understand this hill system

Well done sir double booger double a bit bogey. All right

All right, just needs you have to plus four and you get a birdie. We are good to go

Hey, you know what stranger things have happened. Yeah, I think we can do this. I think you can do this. Thanks Arin

I think you’ve got this in the bay. Oh

Here we fucking

Okay, okay, we got 31 mile an hour winds

Oh my god, the wind really got a hold of that one. Oh good. I’m nestled behind a tree. Oh

No, that’s not good for you not good at all

Okay, all right, you know do it baby



Were you using a putter what no

Shut up, that’s you again. Okay. Hmm. Oh, let’s go. Um, I’m thinking let’s go. I

Have a great idea

Let’s go

Jeez, there’s something I think

That we should do

You’re gonna love it, but maybe I should allow us to do oh

Goodness me

Boy a lot of good options

You know, just wail it and see what happens maybe that’s gonna sail right on no


What a fucking what a wonky shot that worked out

Can you get there I gotta undershoot it too way too far wind is crazy

All right

That might work

Oh fuck

Do it Rockefeller

That was awesome, oh no, come on. Oh my god, please please please please

Bro it made it and then it bounced backwards

Backwards good lord. That was cruel. Very cruel. All right

Geez Louise

Initiative brutal. Okay. Well, you know, there’s a chance getting there. There’s a chance

Actually have to

They program these reflections a little strange it kind of looks like iridescent instead of reflective I know

Whoa, nope

Spunker I

Mean to spunker it’s a very satisfying sound the split splat

It’s like when you like drop out like a hacky sack on the ground, come on motherfudger

I wussed out at the last second

That one I nailed into the other bunker, please just trading bunkers over here

What do I got the wedge

You’ve been drinking


Thank you, let me drink of your essence from the tube in your crotch We’re at least learning to recover from our horrible mistakes a little better. Oh



Hang on oh boy. Oh my god, it could happen. I know

Shit holy crap Arin

I’m not doing this on purpose. I

Don’t think I want to drink of your essence

Oh tastes like it’s fucking sour milk isn’t it? Oh

Shit. Oh my god. Are we gonna tie? I think we’re gonna die. Yeah, I don’t think you’re I think you’re over par already. Oh

my god the top the world’s tiniest at I

Think this I think it is a tie I think it is a tie

I love it. I love honestly let’s play another round of this when now that we’ve

We’re getting the feel for it a little bit. I got the we got the rhythm boy. This game is fun

Yeah, I know it’s wonderful. It’s not about the standing aspect to it too. It’s kind of fun. Yeah, it changes up the energy. Yeah

Well, I love you. I love you I

Had that realization

Because you know I grew up saying I love you to my family all the time. Yeah, it comes like very naturally so


Realized without thinking somehow I got into the habit of like whenever I talked to Brian on the phone

After like a band business meeting. I’m like see you later, man. Love you

He’s like I love you, and we hang up, and I’m like how many bands do that?

It can’t be many

a man

All right, we’ll see you later. Goodbye everyone oh

Oh, man, that’s fun