How This Streamer Turned A Whole Community Against Her

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hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome

to the right opinion the home of a [ __ ]

were too much free time now though we

cover some drama that’s a bit more

recent because oh my do we adore the

drama now I’ve covered twitch streamers

before and I’ll cover twitch streamers

again because they are an interesting

set of people and in spite of fact that

many of them are collectivized into a

category by commentators they are all at

least somewhat distinguished in what

they do in a video last year I carve

it’s a burger someone whose rise to

meteoric stardom was paired with an

equally catastrophic fall she was an

absolute magnet of drama and while the

more sexually suggestive characters out

of that legion at the same time she was

her own individual she was banned off

twitch I mainly gained infamy for antics

on YouTube and the subsequent drama that

yield it on the other hand we have

female streamers who may well be

considered attractive by their audience

I mean who doesn’t want to look their

best on camera but at the same time

doesn’t necessarily seek to exploit that

and this is where we reach pokeyman

pokeyman is someone who is established

on both YouTube and twitch with over 2

and a half million subscribers /

followers on each platform that’s

something which obviously cannot be

ignored he does some gaming she does

some reaction based videos but o rule as

people go she’s not an individual who

has received exceptional controversy

this is fairly typical for most John

Roos with a fairly undemanding audience

much less demanding than the ones who

watch critical commentators like myself

most commentators also tend to have a

list of people who are controversial and

easy to make videos on this is a

rotating list of people including Bryce

gums the pools morgues ksi edgy so maybe

some of the beauty community now maybe

throwing Emma Chamberlin – maybe you

like making thought pieces on who the

next Content cop is gonna be on or even

if there will be a new content copper

tool what this means is that although

people will be doing shady or at least

debatable actions if people aren’t

focusing on them then it’ll probably

pass under the radar and a lot of

craters including the person we’re going

to discuss today have been sheltered

from that sort of environment until now

however as spoken in the past the

alienation of drama can often mean that

when it eventually does confront one of

these people it means they

way out of their depth with no idea of

how to actually handle it generally this

is meant that in the history of dreamers

versus commentators the twitch streamers

tend to lose looking back to pyrocynical

versus Zooey burger PewDiePie versus a

Lindsay and yes in both of those

situations for example it’s fairly

reasonable to argue that you could side

with pyrocynical and PewDiePie in those

situations regardless of outcome but as

much as the circumstance does comprise

the drama the handling and the

presentation are equally important

another real problem is how a load this

drama can often be perceived expose

videos have been monopolized recently by

the commentary genre and so attempting

to make any sort of response to them is

the equivalent of going to play in a way

match your entering someone else’s

stadium and you’ll be attracting their

audience even if you’re responding on

your own channel why are the problems

with a lot of drama is that it always

feels like an ass versus them situation

you really are expected to side with one

of the people involved but sometimes

there is a clear moral high-ground when

it comes to these claims but often when

there isn’t we have to look a bit more

closer than many people choose to the

thing about drama is that whatever it

yields it can be assumed and some sort

of moral standard even though we often

forget about the conclusions we make and

just contradict ourselves in the future

I’m a man who does enjoy some

consistency some because whatever

disputes occur do have reputational

legacies and it’s important that we’re

holding people to account but not

unfairly singling them out because of

some subconscious bias so let’s talk

about today’s situation on the 28th of

December a very small youtuber by the

name of fainted released a video called

the dark side pokey main in which he

alleged that while the public’s back was

turned pokey main had done some pretty

shady stuff I’ll be breaking down the

details in a moment but like some of the

most infamous streamers in the past some

of the main claims were on the notion of

copyright striking or as many people now

like to call it copy striking firstly in

the incident of a series of uploaded

Twitter clips on a few between her and

keemstar and secondly on a child that

reuploaded stream clips of her known as

dam set these are both fairly separate

situations but fell under the umbrella

of criticism that pokey main was facing


when he uploaded a video fainted had a

few hundred subscribers but the video

blew up and he’s in a quite different

position it’s safe to say everyone lumps

a good old success story on top of his

paints his video contain multiple

allegations of hypocrisy particularly

imply through the situation in which

pokeyman criticized keemstar for

allegedly bullying a fan promoting a

principle that many claims was

contradicted by her behavior towards the

subjects of faint his video then a

couple weeks later on the 11th of

January PewDiePie uploaded a video with

the classic title stop doing this in

which you requested a host of youtubers

to well stop doing this

this being the unwarranted copyright

striking of other videos that seemingly

didn’t deserve them in this list was the

lady herself pokey main and the fact

that she had allegedly struck down the

Twitter feud which as pointed out by

PewDiePie had been picked up by the

algorithms and were being publicized and

pokey men probably wanted to keep it out

of the public eye

however this caused a classic Streisand

effect and now has the platform’s

largest youtuber covering it well we’ll

see how he’s doing it’s T series by the

time this video comes out so clearly

with a lot of allegations staring

herself down pokey main decide to make

her response video in which she

addressed some of the claims made

against her she admits some of her

transgressions but also decides to hold

her ground on some points particularly

this situation regarding damn sev which

is an interesting one

she also responds directly to both

PewDiePie and feted including clips of

their videos which of course provokes an

additional response from fainted which

was mainly rebutting pokey mayor’s

response and some of the points that she

made kind of concluding the pokemons

response was insufficient in the scope

of actually responding and more just a

way to dodge and reframe a lot of what’s

going on but is that the case because

honestly watching through fainted

initial video I wasn’t really won over I

thought it was a bit weak by cos II want

other people who were won over equally I

don’t think that any of the conclusions

necessarily that I’ve observed make

pokey main a bad person per se but I

still think she’s made a huge mistake

and when your ratings are going badly

there’s always a reason so today I don’t

want this to be an exposed video it’s

not but more a guide on why people might

turn against you in the face of

ramaa and how someone who has probably

never dealt with it before can take it

on in the future because you know that’s

what we do here on the right opinion


one of the most contentious issues on

the platform is that of fair use we have

some sort of vague Marga about the do’s

and don’ts when a situation that blurs

the lines comes about it often throws

the community into Kayle with no clear

argument on what is actually right on

top of this it is a really passionate

topic people care a hell of a lot and if

you’re doing it unjustly you are gonna

have an uphill battle defending yourself

this is the first situation that comes

about with pokey main because what

happened as both testified by her and

fainted is basically keemstar was on

Twitter had an argument with some fans

of another crater the colorful character

SS knife wall before pokey main stepped

into the fray to go toe-to-toe with Kim

in a Twitter video battle but then a

load of people contributed as well and

the load of memes and a load of people

who I’m not familiar with because I

don’t use this damn sight enough right

there this [ __ ] organization is

actually kind of awfully the shadows

even you could tell you stacked up even

of the angle [ __ ] sucks

this [ __ ] wires is in place now after

a discussion it was assumed to be over

and many people continued with their

lives however a compilation of this

discussion was downloaded and re

uploaded onto YouTube and it clearly

caught people’s attention and because it

caught people’s attention YouTube

decided that it was going to blow the

video up so suddenly this drama that

pokey MAME probably regretted involving

herself in the first place was blowing

up all over YouTube and there was

nothing she could do about it all so

people thought because pokey main

decided to have her company omnia media

removed the video and deal acclaim on to

the youtuber known as beau blacks now

most people believe he received a strike

straight away but actually this was a

miscommunication and sowing that has

been clarified recently through

additional research however even with

that said it did eventually turn into a

strike due to the appeals and for anyone

who doesn’t know a copyright strike has

a significant effect on the mobility of

a channel even if it’s only one it

causes a fair bit of stress and takes a

few months to expire so on one hand you

are fainted and PewDiePie who caught up

for doing this of course it’s annoying

when something like this blows out of

proportion but such a response is rather

uncalled for so in a way I can

understand why you want to take down

this video because this selected thing

blows up and becomes even bigger thanks

to YouTube system being kind of stupid

at least I can somewhat understand the

motivation of trying to take down that

video but the problem here and the same

problem that goes with every single

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example that I brought up in this video

is that you’re just drawing more

attention to it

it’s the Streisand effect every single

time pokeyman responds them saying that

although she felt perfectly within legal

right to remove the video she

understands that it was a morally

problematic decision to take although I

was legally within my right to take down

the video morally and as a content

creator it wasn’t something that I

should have done because I mean at the

end of the day those were tweets that me

and keen made publicly and videos that

we made publicly fainted then disputes

this using his commentary credentials by

citing at keemstar tweets you know I’m

not even gonna bother giving my opinions

on this we’ll just leave that to the man

himself keemstar poke you mean I think

you’re confused on what transformative

means the video where they played both

our Twitter vids was transformative

because it’s a college of multiple Clips

there’s case law on this it’s not a

direct upload like you stated you could

get sued for false flagging this gave me

the impression that he seemed to think

that the video was fair use because it

was in a compilation format and so I

want to put this on hold for a moment

because I noticed a problem in the

reasoning firstly I think contrary to my

friend’s belief here that actually poke

humane was completely in her quote legal

rights to remove the video even though

there is some sort of claim that this

has been put to test in the courts I

cannot find it and I highly doubt a

compilation of clips would be considered

fair use considering some of the other

cases even if they’re done in a way that

shows a chronologically arranged

discussion which could be considered

part of the transformation dealing with

values is incredibly complicated we know

where the extremes lie we know that

Chris stuntman’s film reviews are almost

certainly fair use and we know that

reuploads of Coldplay songs are most

likely not fair use but a lot of the

content falls in between and therefore

the only way to resolve this is through

the courts either way fair use or not I

find this whole debacle to be a bit of a

non argument and if pokeyman was taken

to court over this I think

she’d win but here’s the thing just

because something is legally accepted

doesn’t mean we should accept it

laws are typically based off some sort

of moral foundations and therefore when

pokeyman accepted the regardless of

legality her move was morally dubious it

should have technically invalidated her

argument because generally we perceive

ourselves on the basis of paralysis and

therefore if she actively did something

that she’s aware was immoral then

legality only exists as a technical

defence to avoid being sued just because

something’s legal does not make it moral

and therefore means we shouldn’t

necessarily accept it laws themselves

exist for that reason for the betterment

of society what we build the laws on we

build those laws on principles laws are

partly built tomorrow and we’re always

debating what should and should not be

changed if you can’t morally justify

your actions than the fact that it’s

legal does not serve as a defense other

than of course in courts but audiences

are not jurors they’re just people who

have opinions thing is that although I’m

generally against re-uploaded content I

feel that these circumstances make the

situation much more of an archiving of a

conversation that occurred trying to

meet what unfortunately happened and

could have been archived any other way

is where the issue lies and I don’t

think that was a reasonable action on

her part and I think me and her can

agree there now and this is one of the

thing she uses this term in a way that I

would call a passive defense basically

she doesn’t run the point as if it’s

counter to her position on the situation

all the point she’s trying to make she

still concedes apologizes and admits she

was wrong and fair play for that

although I was legally within my right

to take down the video morally and as a

content creator it wasn’t something that

I should have done because I mean at the

end of the day those were tweets that

mean kiemce made publicly and videos

that we made publicly so I totally

apologize for that and I spoke to the

guy who made those videos like a few

weeks back and we had resolved all of

this in diem however because she made

the point fainted can extract it and run

against it and as a passive defense her

video really could have done without it

a passive defense is only really

utilized as they were

torkoal device to demonstrate

reasonability and I think that’s what

pokey was trying to do here the problem

is when you’re defending yourself a

passive defense has to explain your

mindset rather than necessarily

justifying your ability to commit the

action for example I say I’m sorry for

shouting at our lady I was drunk and

depressed but it was completely wrong

with me rather than I’m sorry for

shouting of that lady I was well within

my rights to do it but it was completely

wrong nonetheless because it’s a moral

issue the way of word the second


sounds like a scapegoat because it

sounds like I’ve shifted part

responsibility onto the legal system for

allowing me to do it and that’s where

you have to be very careful on how it

comes across I find pokey mains responds

genuinely interesting because I think is

one of the first ones that clearly have

the correct base formula down

corresponding something that you know is

wrong it’s important to admit your

mistakes but at the same time try to

make sure the audience can empathize

with the mindset you’re in and she does

appear to attempt that and lay that

structure down but she just pause the

wrong points in there is a right way and

a wrong way to justify yourself and this

tends to Lee in the wrong way this is a

problem particularly evident throughout

pokey mains response the emphasis of our

points do not reflect the points that

are of interest to the audience

everything that might be relevant seems

rather brushed over I don’t think it’s

her intent but it can come across as

rather dismissive equally I don’t think

it’s her intent to necessarily miss Rome

the claims being made against her but

some people were saying that I pulled up

his like personal Instagram and made fun

of him or something what she does is

honestly pretty evil he finds stuff

saves personal Instagram page and then

just laughing at pictures of him he had

his Instagram linked in the description

of the videos that he was posting so it

was not like a personal or private

Instagram I didn’t attack the way that

he looked and obviously he was watching

my stream while he was on the call with

me and he saw that I was looking at his

Instagram he said do you like what you

see showing off like yeah I don’t like

people trying to make it seem like I

would go to someone’s Instagram with

fail intent just to like bash on them

hell in a minute what kind of cutting

was that bro she just completely cut up

my point

though he finds stuff Sam’s personal


age and then just laughing at pictures

of it let me show you what it actually

looked like and then you can probably

guess what pokey paintin include that in

her video but he finds stuff sells

personal Instagram page and literally

starts looking for a laughing at it in

front of thousands of viewers premier is

that she’s gone into it like a lot of

public figures they come from a genre

where optics and wording don’t seem like

a big deal and suddenly making vague

statements is fairly easy for a

commentator like fainted who I don’t

even rate as an argumentation experts

you have to be specific you have to be

clear with what you mean and you cannot

miss rain the situation to be

disproportionately sympathetic to your

case or disproportionately harsh against

another person because there is nobody

who will pick that up like the

commentators I think this is a really

important learning experience that we

should definitely take forward going

into the second situation

thing about the damn safe situation is

that if pokey main had approached it

correctly then she could have been in

the clip this is the real pivotal

situation that galvanized a lordly drama

and to completely apprehend how to

respond she kind of had to understand

exactly what people’s objections were to

the original scenario and once again

fainted on one hand had a much harder

sell DAF Seb was clearly an annoying

[ __ ] and frankly people are not inclined

to side with someone they may perceive

as an annoying [ __ ] and we do so much

here do you make youtube videos or do

you reapply other people’s content I

still contact and they’re like its own

[ __ ] and like put credits and I’m like

oh my god dude please subscribe the

thing fainted very smartly did was not

side with Daffy so by not necessarily

defending to have self he knew that if

pokey main decided to try and couple him

to have sev in any sort of way then he

could object and point out the floor in

her argument because pokey main didn’t

pay close enough attention to respond

meticulously she makes some very vague

claims and thus suffers because of them

even though with better wording she

could have really put it to bed but this

point in the discussion I think

everybody can agree that pokey meters in

the right hip because of course if this

guy’s proud of the fact that he’s

uploading clickbait videos it kind of

tells us a lot about his character so if

the video he’s uploaded consists of

literally just a stream clip nabbed from

her live stream than in that case I

think she 100% as the right to take that

on the video but because once again she

focuses on one issue which she doesn’t

really respond to properly she first

cants faintest clip up in a way that

changes the message now whether she want

to do that if proficiency or not is

beside the point it came across as

twisting information equally it’s really

important to not be distracted by the

general representation of the points

painted maybe a smaller youtuber but

right now he is the one with the moment

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some and therefore if you want to

respond to him you have to make sure his

arguments are being communicated

properly and that equally you make sure

there’s no confusion

for example this earlier clip and people

have been using clips from that live

stream to try to make it look like I

randomly take down videos whenever I

want or I do that commonly when it’s

definitely not the case right so now

daddy faint it’s getting cool down I’m

pretty sure in my video never mentioned

anything about her frequently taking

down videos my video is focused on your


now as noted fainted lays claim that

this clip is about him but pokey never

actively says it is and there’s fair

evidence to assume that from other

youtubers this narrative isn’t rare so

it’s very possible that pokey caught

other videos or comments from people but

because she put it in a title that she’s

responding to the dark side of pokey

main it implies that this is a narrative

that is local to his video even though

it’s not it is actually a general

narrative that is somewhat existent in

other youtubers who have made videos and

got decent views pokeyman recently still

be going around doing a lot of scummy

things pretty much she’s striking out a

bunch of smaller creators she’s making

people cried if I to 20,000 people right

on stream and she’s honestly just you

know I thought I want to put it out

there that I never knowingly take down a

video that is transformative content I

would not take down videos that people

have spent time like reading commentary

for and editing


videos that I’m in that are positive or

negative that I don’t take down now I

say this because she uses the phrase

people faint it is not people fainted as

a person as far as I know and I think we

can deduce here that once again she’s

trying to address a different narrative

being pushed by certain youtubers the

problem is when you put someone’s video

title in your title it sounds like

you’re addressing them fainted had no

real right to lay claim to that comment

other than that fact it would have been

narcissistic to assume that his video

was the only one that promoted a

narrative like that equally by dressing

some narratives and overlooking others

it just seems like she’s dancing around

certain points and honestly she didn’t

really need to address fainted at all

especially when she only brings up the

situation about how it’s being framed

and one of the biggest problems is when

you bring up the question of optics and

not just the direct situation it becomes

very very sketchy the only thing that

she actively goes out of her way to

address fainted on is the Instagram

situation and once again if you can

explain why you did this barely enough

easy picking you pissed off that someone

is taking your content being an

irritating bastard and so to elicit your

perception of justice against this Dave

sev Trant you think that he deserves to

get the piss taken a swim and so you go

hang all your dirty laundry on the

stream and you admit that you went a bit

too far and you know what that’s pretty

much what she said and probably why

fainted doesn’t bother addressing that

part because a majority of it is fairly

agreeable the point of this is just the

same that was an entirely different

scenario in situation where I was well

within my right to take down his content

but also in that moment and on that live

stream like I shouldn’t have had that

conversation on stream and it definitely

was a moment of frustration that

shouldn’t have been like publicized in

that way for sure but then she ends up

at this point he had his Instagram

linked in the description of the videos

that he was posting so it was not like a

personal or private Instagram I didn’t

attack the way that he looked and

obviously he was watching my stream

while he was on the call with me and he

saw that I was looking at his Instagram

he said do you like what you see and

once again we end up in a situation over


song was allowed to do something the

notion that she found his personal

Instagram page because it was linked in

the description and honestly once again

her point is not wrong she can do what

she wants the fact that Dave sev is a

youtuber and adult putting content on a

public platform and therefore any links

he posts as public may be picked up by

anyone but it sounds like pokey Maine

interpreted the point against her as if

she was daxing someone rather than

actually necessary the point that

fainted was trying to make okay so this

is the one part of the video that does

kind of trigger me a little bit so in

Pookie means logic just because Dave sev

had his Instagram linked on one of his

twitch compilations that gives her the

right to display his Instagram in front

of thousands of people on her twitch

stream someone who she openly dislikes

and Ashley states earlier on in the

stream is what is wrong with this world

so you know clearly giving off some

great vibes towards this guy and

encouraging her fans to send them lots

of positive comments right if people who

don’t like him want to take the piss out

of him they can go for it I mean hell

that’s what people like leave he did for

a career and they went after much more

vulnerable targets the point that

fainted was making was that it was

rather distasteful to go out of your way

to make fun of someone and exposed them

to that heat especially when you have

that power to really cause some

potential harassment against them once

again something that you’ve already

admitted with a fairly heated gala

moment you’re then arguing on the

technicality the one that really wasn’t

being argued in the first place honestly

if po he had just turned around said yet

P got way deserved

she may have come out looking better and

the only reason she can’t really say

that is because the argument she had

with keemstar where she took that moral

position against bullying and yes you

can see the parallels between the

situation’s and if she really wanted to

work out how to make a proper response

in that instance she would have had to

worked out how to correctly express the

distinction between that situation and

this one and that is the only way you

can respond to something like hypocrisy

I think pokey genuinely wanted to try

and have an open discussion but the main

point that she continually made was that

I shouldn’t have done that but it was in

my rights too which is not a good

argument you have to just say honestly I

was pissed off because it’s okay to be

pissed off we’re all human we get

annoyed if some was me upload

my uploads I’d be annoyed too because in

many ways that’s what you seem to

express pokey I’m making somewhat

relevant points the meant to serve as a

defense actually tend to serve as a

distraction from what could have been a

genuinely decent response video



this whole situation is a classic

example of why commentators even if

their arguments aren’t the most

watertight at first seem to keep winning

these confrontations with youtubers from

other genres I actually don’t think many

of faint his arguments were on closer

inspection that’s strong and if we

wanted to pull up one example we can put

up the clickbait one I’m not sure you

guys are gonna like this what do I say

to make him realize that it’s an [ __ ]

thing to falsely clickbait someone else

okay so basically pokeyman just cannot

stand on her two feet and say that she

is against clickbait content on youtube

she essentially collapsed with a

youtuber who goes by the name of shotgun

plays but realistically he should be

called I sound like a meeting a chicken

legend every time I speak and the reason

this is a problem is because by playing

with this dude she essentially was

supporting his content and 90% of the

stuff that he uploads is straight-up

misleading clickbait so I don’t really

know what pokies doing playing with this

dude honestly by supporting this guy’s

videos it just means that she can’t go

off her weights suggest someone else

making clickbait content isn’t cool

because girl I’m sorry but you’ve

supported probably the biggest fortnight

clickbait youtuber firstly pokey main in

her original situation says it’s an

[ __ ] thing to do to clickbait quote

someone else check what do I say to make

him realize that it’s an [ __ ] thing

to falsely clickbait someone else

click mating fortnight is not

necessarily comparable and even if pokey

made didn’t express that point in the

best way we can see why she takes issue

with someone using another person’s Arts

in the thumbnail and not necessarily

taking issue with people click baiting

fortnight oh my god you put somebody

else’s bite on a thingy of meat like

there is a clear difference there a

clear moral dissonance now that’s just

one argument and the point of this video

is not to go through every single point

of paint its videos and I agree with

some when disagree with others I’m going

to leave the direct wants to my good

friend BWC check his video outs there

are points that could have been made on

pokémons behalf but they slipped through

the cracks because she clearly lacked

the expertise to deal with the drama


because once again pokey main honestly

wasn’t specific enough with the point

she was making an optimum way but or

what she was trying to say on one hand

she must have cared enough to think

about what points she was trying to

respond to but didn’t seem to care

enough to specify or provide further

evidence which is a standard that a lot

of commentary audiences are ravenous for

when I make my videos I’m consistently

returning to drunks of my videos and

telling myself to use more clips use

more evidence it’s a demand as onra you

have to pay attention to the surrounding

culture audiences on concept tend to

have a bit of a bad taste regarding to

extremists due to previous instance and

then you have this commentator fainted

who is the underdog and therefore many

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neutral viewers will like someone

punching up and so if you make any

comments that seem misrepresentative

people will take that idea that this is

the larger youtuber trying to shut down

the smaller one because they’re the ones

with that perceived power one of the

most common criticisms levied against

larger youtubers is hypocrisy and the

reason people do it because it’s easy

craters like pokey main will make

statements day in and day out will

forget in the day after comments will be

made on whimsical sentiments so it’s

easy to find one or two situations that

contradict themselves if you want to be

a moral advocate in the community you

need nuanced the prom with lack of

nuance is that as said you end up

creating stands that you yourself will

inevitably fail to live up to especially

if you use vague arguments to justify it

if you fail to distinguish the morality

of situations that may seem similar on

the surface you will inevitably look

like a hypocrite and people will point

that out I do not think

pokey Maine is a malicious person matter

of fact I quite like her but it’s clear

through this situation

she has revealed herself to be extremely

naive even dangerously naive I mean when

she admits she doesn’t understand the

copyright system on YouTube before I

took it before was – you know I was

suggesting : for what I was just

thinking like maybe with the whole

strike system I don’t know if you’re

aware on YouTube it’s pretty bad for a

channel for them to get a proper

copyright strike you can only get free

and your channels deletes it so I was

just thinking if you weren’t happy with

the Treaty and not a copy straight it

can’t be a copy strike you a huge huge

influencer you have to look into the

consequences for your actions might have

after saying that you don’t know what

someone’s going through on top of this

as mentioned pokey main didn’t actually

strike but had omnia deliver a claim

which turned into a strike when beau

blacks appealed it once again this

information makes pokey main seem much

less malicious but if she’d have more

investment in the situation she would

have been able to find this out and then

put this case forward for herself rather

than necessarily having other people

bring it forward so this is once again

revealing of that naivety and

consequences are a two-way street and

with the dam safe situation he came into

your stream span the chat with a load of

[ __ ] scam links directly uploaded

content the wasn’t his had all his links

public he must have had some awareness

that his actions have consequences – he

must have anticipated this as a 17 year

old and frankly I find it extremely hard

to sympathize with him it may not be the

route that I would have taken in dealing

with it but the framing of him as some

kind of victim is one that has really

made applicable due to pokey main

significant clout and the fact that she

doesn’t know what he’s going through

words come back to haunt you and that’s

why the problems that seem apparent

we’ve walked down this spiraling road of

drama and pokey main is still stuck at

square one

and it seemed that with every live

stream every discussion every time she

made a point she just seemed to lose

more and more credibility because she

wants to accept some of the criticism

but at the same time she still feels she

has a case and I feel she doesn’t away

but unfortunately she would be

constantly undone by some of the

legitimate hypocrisy displayed due to

lack of justification pokey MAME wants

to play both teams but ends up playing

neither because she wants to both submit

to the points and yet counter them when

she does try to justify herself they can

feel like they’re unnecessary one of the

very weird techniques that I observed

pokeyman partaken throughout the drama

was this sort of response where she

appeared to agree with the point being

made against her for the same time she

words in a way that makes it sound like

she’s rebutting it’s a

right example of this is here he sends a

copyright strike right yes my suggestion

was like I person think would have been

a better idea how’d she dmg on Twitter

and said yo Bo blacks would you mind

taking down this video so then it means

she can get what she wants obviously the

video taking down and then you don’t get

a copyright strike to your channel just

like some form of contact before

initiate I totally get your point um I

would like to say I think if I’m

remembering correctly I mentioned this

to Bo Black’s Indians way later that I

wasn’t fully aware about the situation

and how copy strikes affected someone’s

channel I was under the assumption that

full-on strikes are what take down a

channel once you get three and I thought

that it was different to copy striking

video than just strike an entire channel

what we see here is basically pokey

saying she was ignorant but wording it

in a way as if that is a defense against

the point that feinted made rather than

just saying that as a multi million

subscriber channels she probably

shouldn’t have been that ignorant in the

first place which is the point that a

lot of people were making and I’m not

sure she’s entirely aware she’s doing it

a lot of processes in our reasoning are

rather subconscious but this sort of

technique will always rub people the

wrong way because of how it appears we

see the point I’m making here on one

hand you are fainted who in spite of the

possible flaws of argumentation has

presented points in an articulate

systematic and firm way and on the other

you have pokey Maine who whether there

are points there or not fall through

because she can’t seem to

compartmentalize criticism into

specifics and ends up just spray firing

her defenses and honestly the stream

highlights that difference when you put

these two people against each other the

contrast is so vast and this is the

power of critical commentary when you’ve

done this for a while it just puts you

in a different league a majority the

reason the pokey man was called out on

top of the copyright strike was her

hypocrisy and to bring it back to my

first point of the video I’m sure many

of you guys won’t be surprised to find

out that it’s fairly easy to point out

hypocrisy it may have the twist dreamers

pretty much anyone who doesn’t spin

an hour a day evaluating their morality

it doesn’t mean they’re bad people it

just means they’re not always thinking

about it and it’s just a case of when

they’re put into that rotation many

people from other genres just don’t

think about it and we commentators do

and I don’t think that’s a bad thing

there’s nothing wrong with pushing for

consistency but it is a difference and

one that has to be accepted I don’t

dislike Pokemon because maybe we’re like

Jay Paul and rice gum have done terrible

stuff and they’ve barely addresses at

all and pokeyman tried to come forward

and try to hit it and she was just out

of a depth in trying to retrospectively

explain a morality that she knows she

probably didn’t think too much about at

the time but at the same time in her

head she feels that she’s a good person

and I understand that but unfortunately

that’s just the way the cookie crumbles

you see you can’t justify what you

already daemon just a fireball and you

can’t defend what you’ve already deemed

to be indefensible and you can’t

rationalize what you’ve deemed to be

irrational so to finish responding to

commentators is risky business the

reason I don’t do these videos on people

like Bryce camp is because they don’t

care about their reputation when they

respond pokey main clearly does so I’ll

leave these points make sure your

responses are tight make sure people

know exactly what points you’re

addressing make sure you use evidence

very clearly make sure you work out the

concessions that they make and points

that you might agree on such as the

point that damn serve is annoying [ __ ]

and then work out how you can use those

agreements of premises to bring that

person around to you’re in the moment

perspective even if complete agreement

is not quite possible that is the

summary of wisdom that I can leave you

with today and I hope you can take

something away from it if you are indeed

watching so yeah that was the video once

again very very impressive thank you

guys for the support reason I would love

to hear your comments on the situation

below because it was quite an

interesting one definitely wanted more

split situations where a lot of it just

came down to how you speak and I love

those situations because it’s really

interesting how people’s perspectives

are actually much more shaped sometimes

by house one presents their points

rather than what points they

and so I love investigating these I want

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