This ISN’T five nights at freddy’s…

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Last time on Game Grumps!


It’s like purple blood, like grimace got shot in the vestibule.

Oh no, b-b-b-bronum. Help me.

Hey I’m Grump! I’m not so Grump!

And we’re the Game Grumps!

Dan, tell me about something.


Tell me what your favorite color flavor is.

My favorite color flavor?

Okay, favorite color flavor person in the world.

Who’s your favorite person color in the world?

My favorite color is sky blue.

Sky blue.

But my favorite color flavor is probably purple because I like grape stuff.

Yeah, right?

Yeah, it changes everything, doesn’t it?

That’s so true.

And my favorite color flavor person, well I don’t even know what you’re asking me there.

So, let’s play spectator.



We’re gonna make a viral video today, Dan.

We’re gonna play-

Oh my god.

I’m gonna put it on hard mode and we’re gonna go to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria.

Pizzeria, alright.

This should be fun.

We were doing- oh god.

Look, it’s-

Boy, I feel like I’m watching a remix of like three different games.

Arin, click through so we can see what the normal rooms look like.


You always do this, you silly bear.

We got robot, we got hats, lots of hats.

Uh huh.

We got, uh, heads.

Okay, okay.

We got this thing.


Utility closets.

We got a fridge with an open door.

And cups.

Oh, shit!

Oh, something has happened.

Blood, blood, blood.


In the pot.

Oh, well, maybe it’s cooking.

Heh, heh.

We got a flashlight and a picture and a doop-a-doop-a-doop-a-doop-a-doop-doop-doop.

Okay, we got seven pictures.

It’s like an anomaly now.

Oh, shit.

I don’t remember that drink.

Uh, uh, head.

What the fuck is the sound?

Oh, oh.


Oh, no.

Is that blood on the floor?

No, probably not, it’s just dirt near the plank.

That picture wasn’t there.

That picture was not there.

That’s an extra object.

Love that.

Oh, I guess it’s a pizza box?

Is there blood on the pizza dripping?

No, in the painting?

No, I guess not.

You would be wrong, Dan.


Well, there’s still an anomaly.

Was the freezer always open?

The freezer?

Yes, it was.


Um, I don’t remember this plank being there.

Or do I?

An extra object.


I’m gonna kiss your…



I’m gonna kiss your…



I’m gonna kiss your…

Were the…

Oh, man.


The eyes…

Are they all…

Is one missing eyes that had eyes before?


Oh, there’s blood.


So that’s different.

Looking at the blood.

Let’s do a little blood action.

Is this picture…

Is that new?

I don’t know.

I don’t think so.

Talk Reiki?

I can’t read that.

I don’t know.


Another mystery solved.


Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Planks of wood.

Guy in desk.

Celebrate the fun.

Does this feel different?


Oh, camera.

Seems chill.

I feel like one of them had eyes before.

I feel like one’s missing or something.

Could that be other?

Disappear other?

Or missing object maybe?

We tried missing.

Oh, yeah, missing object.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I was gonna try that next.

No, we tried that.

We did?


Yeah, right?

Didn’t we?

There’s no missing object.


I feel like two of them had eyes.

But, I mean, you know.

Maybe you feel like that.

But, according to the game.

Oh, many anomalies.


No, the heart rate went up.

Picture changed.

I think this picture changed.



I think so.

Oh, god.

Oh, fard.







The door’s closed.

The door’s closed.

Oh, no.

Pizza gone!

No one.

Yeah, and what do you mean no one anomaly?



That door was definitely.

You thought it was open?

I thought so.

Maybe I’m confusing it.

Yeah, maybe I am confusing it.

It was never open.


It was never open.

Alright, Arin.

Extra object.

Was the floor blue and black like that?

Blue and black.

Oh, yeah, floor different.


Yeah, you’re right.

Oh, you’re right though.


I guess it’s other.

The light on the left.

The light?


That used to be on in the room.

No, not here.

In the guy room.

Yeah, there was a light in the window.

Wait, what the fuck?

Was it always blue?

Yeah, it was always blue.

Alright, I guess so.

Oh, what the hell?

I thought you were right, dude.

Yeah, I didn’t.

My brain hadn’t registered it.





I don’t know what’s different about this room or this room.


Yeah, we’re gonna fail this one so fast.

Yeah, hard as it turns out is difficult.

I think there’s an extra.

I think this is.

That does feel different.

I don’t think there was something in there.


Oh dear.

Oh god.

Oh god.

Oh there’s blood.

There is blood.


It’s out

Also go back to the room with the blood were those plates there what the fuck this was always there try extra object

God I think there was a present there, too. Oh

Man part is way harder. Yeah

Okay, let’s see you nuts hand to us. Oh that picture is different which one in the in the room with the man


It’s so is it’s so very is

Yo when you write you write though, thank you

Think that’s a camera malfunction. No. No, it’s it does that whenever a new anomaly in the room or just in general

No, it’s only when you’re in the room. Oh, really? Yeah

But what was it?

extra hats

Show me extra hats

White red white red white white present present. Did the picture in the hallway in the far back change?

I don’t maybe think so, but you shot give it up do it do it to it

Um extra beer no only one

Wow, was that it the picture in the back?

Yeah, it was a slightly different god dang

This shit that’s something changed here man, really, I don’t know like I just got to be right

All I know oh, oh that’s new

Let’s go ahead and do that something changed are these wood planks different

Yeah is that an extra wood plank?

I think it might be

I think it might be blood blood blood. Are you sure that’s not yak? Maybe he just spilled his slurpee

Can’t believe this wasn’t I didn’t see this. Oh god, it’s getting bad again


Dude all I know he’s got a hat now was that there? Yeah, I think so. He’s a monkey with a hat fuck

All I can tell you is that we were crushing it. Oh big big big. Oh, yeah big cup

And now it’s only 243 and we’re getting straight jacked

Dude, honestly, I’m pissed. I don’t know if I can take this man

It’s a lot of pressure right now

Lot of pressure on my boner

That could be the sign of a swollen prostate

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You’re going to have to go open. You’re gonna have to go to the doctor’s

So he can put his finger or another preferred digit

Inside of you preferred digit. Yeah, I actually prefer I tell my doctor to mix it up

Yeah, let’s play it by ear. I like the big toe. Oh god. I feel like that gets the most data

Put my foot in your ass

Is there like did this change is that maybe we’re looking at my monitor, let’s try it

Why not?

Everything’s getting crazy and we’re almost effed. We’re so effed

Yeah, I was thinking that too, I think maybe the speaker moved or something

Oh boy, oh boy. Oh picture. Wow, that’s a very upsetting one. Oh, oh, oh crapity

He loves it, dude. Yeah, he’s having a good time

Are you still alive, I don’t know reboot generally doesn’t mean it’s over no also we’ve never lost

Hey, we’re still alive. Hey

Girl kisses and hugs. I think that was a fail. I think that might have been a fail state

No, I don’t think so back down to normal again, we’re still playing it’s still 309 I know but it was like it was this

Oh, all right, and then we rebooted and it wasn’t that

I’m gonna say object

Cuz I’m just randomly door door door door door

The door is open door is open door is open quick

Probably die. Yeah, if I had to yes, was it like a shadow like that before in here? No, no, let’s try it out

Oh, let a memory

This is upsetting, oh man, I hate being like right on the line all the time maybe

Picture different no

Picture different no


So tables gone right evil’s gone. We are we’re like we’re like fucking

Twiddling the dick of it, dude. I don’t know what that means in this

Contact, you know, sure. I think maybe the pizza box big is that no, no, it’s just it’s a drag. It’s a real drag


Maybe you get three reboots. Is that possible? I don’t know because it wasn’t at its peak when that happened

Was it I don’t know

Okay, wait is the door you can see through the hallway and the I

Just tried that yeah, okay

Oh, it’s not no

That is rang

Very so is the ketchup behind the pizza box? Yeah

Yeah, heart is too hard Aaron. It’s a little difficult. It’s a little difficult

Just gonna say right now, ah

Hi, I think that’s the end of the game. I think so. I’m rebooting. I’m rebooting.

This is a nightmare, I wish it would just let us end the night

Yeah, it’s like I don’t know I

Almost like want to restart just to see like the normal

States of everything, you know. Mm-hmm. I’m so used to what it is now, but I’m probably used to things that are wrong

That’s why those those first 15 seconds are so important I know but it’s like I can’t take in enough

So you kind of have to like choose one

And the things are coming to laugh at us every fucking five minutes until 6 a.m.

I don’t even know what the fuck is wrong, dude. I have no idea. No, I’m stumped. Oh,

Things are missing from that shelf. It’s missing


I’m gonna kiss your dad tomorrow. Please don’t but if I don’t then don’t be mad I

Keep my promises

I’m gonna keep my promises. I’m gonna keep the other in here cuz like why the fuck not right? Yeah, it’s like

You gotta be bumping me

That’s a different pizza, yeah. Yeah. Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s a Gieger pizza

Hr. Gizza

Oh, hello camera now funky

Camera malfunction key. Oh

God oh god

Please don’t tease me


Please don’t tease me. Oh

Oh, no, oh the picture on the side, that’s I don’t want that pizza either

I’m partial to it

Was this always open yes

Oh, he he he he try picture on that room with seven pictures

I’ve been doing that the whole oh really like just give it a shot every now and then hair just doesn’t care


Shit, I know big big what’s big can’t beer big can’t can is big can is big


Pizza is this a light anomaly probably not but whatever give it a shot

It’s like I’m not losing anything. No no and there’s so much to gain

Presence open open

Does that count as an opening I think so I mean it is open or movement if not that

We should win a streamy for most smartest oh, we’re about to lose

YouTube help us out Oh pictures different pictures. Yeah, finally

That should be seven poorly drawn heads of ugly children

You’re so right Dan of course oh


Don’t know disappearance. Why not let’s just start fucking going crazy this one something changed as I move to it hmm. Oh

Oh, that’s big. That’s big. That is big. That is big

Big hat hat is big

So smart, thank you, that’s why you won that streamy I did yeah, you won the streamy for most smartest YouTube

Well I’d like to thank the Academy

Lots of performance

I’m gonna kiss everybody in the room

Everybody except or where what door door closed in the room

Thank you. Good job. Don’t know what?

It’s like skirting on the edge, it’s like dangling your wiener over a cup of salsa

Um you don’t know when it’s gonna happen, but you know when you do. It’s gonna be spicy

Swinging too fast on I’m sorry. I’m just I’m sorry, but I’m sorry I understand I understand

It’s like what I can’t I?

Look at things and I see them and I look at them

And I can’t see them

And I don’t know what they are and I look at them just strange, and I’m confused and scared and I want to pee

maybe picture

It’s not blood yes, yes, I was like something’s different something’s different

Bled I but

Shovels tiny shovels tiny tiny shovel. God you’re amazing


Okay, all right. Oh god. Just please let us get down to a relaxed heart rate just once oh

We’re all the way there again

Did you don’t like make daddy scared

Go back to the room full heads room full of heads fuck nevermind

Okay, something seems off though. This is rotated a little bit. Okay. Yeah movement

No, maybe I’m wrong. He’s God

Skew PTP

Shit, oh god. We’re going to failed and we’re so close and we’re going to know

What’s her door here? Yes? Oh was there no maybe oh god?

No, oh

Hurry up a pen pen pen pen fuck pen late

Pen damn you

God we were so close

30 anomalies we did really well actually oh god. We were like five minutes away

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Should we go again? Fuck yeah?

All right, yeah skim through quick and all right


And the fan move quickly quickly, okay, okay?

Uh-huh everything looks the same hurry

Okay fine, okay


The wood was just bigger. Yes. Oh, it was a resize. Yeah, okay, all right

Oh farge, okay, okay extra. Yeah, he’d fuck him for eating

This bastard

What is the order post made to this place god, that’s why we could never get it down below

Uh whatever because the dude’s cup was going crazy overfloweth something’s amiss

Go back is that a note on the floor is that it has always been there. That’s always oh wow really

Yeah, hmm. I learned something

Nothing strange just

Can we is that light in the background in the through the door could we always see that this yeah the party room well

That was the last time yeah. Well. There’s a Sun in that thing what in the back. Oh

Yeah, I don’t even know what that is drawing

Wow, that was good on you. Oh, that’s speaker. Oh, yeah speaker big

Okay, it didn’t give us credit for the Sun thing, but that’s definitely new it’s lighting then right yeah, probably yeah, let’s try that

Late anomaly not this trick again

Not this trick again were those plates always there yes our come on man

What is it with the light with the Sun in the room? Are you sure that’s new? I never saw it before with extra object

door door

Hodor door is gone door gone

And then door

Oh, it was not the Sun has that always been there I

Mean I try feel like I’m taking crazy pills

It fixed something there was some extra object there. It was all right

Wait oh his chair was small that’s why

Oh, okay, that’s weird so it was a resize sure was we got lucky

We got lucky like twice monkey blood monkey blood from the monkey head


Something new I

Will say this game doesn’t jump scare you quite as much as I’m on observation duty true dat dawg. I mean oh

Extra plank under the planks no those that’s always been there. Yeah, you mean to tell me

With a straight goddamn face. I’ll report it all right

It’s always been there, bro. Oh God my stomach is churning

My urethra is yearning for what exactly for P


was the

Second was the first beer can always turned away like that. Yeah, I think so, okay?

Yeah, I feel like with hard mode they’re like doing a little subtler with the changes yeah for sure blood on the painting

That is so subtle. That’s what I thought, but I don’t I think that’s part of the painting is it really yeah, yeah

Shit, I mean I at least said that before

Oh, yeah, oh

Hello hello there other

Don’t want to look at your scary face number

maybe maybe when that

Laughing bear shows up, and you have to reboot it. Just like wastes your time. Oh, yeah, maybe

I feel like I never really paid attention to the left side of this

Wasn’t there something on the ground next to the shovel?

Try missing object mmm. Do it for daddy


Rowing and rowing and rowing and rowing row that goddamn boat I


Don’t know that there’s anything

I mean there’s very little wrong like the heart rates at a good spot

It’s just one thing that we’re missing well geese while

Did the

Go back to the headroom

Do you always have an open mouth the purple one this one? Yeah? Yeah? I think so. Okay great. What would that be opening? Yeah?

Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is by dream shit

Following oh

That’s the camera malfunction. I think one of the seven pictures is a little different. No, maybe not try it anyway

This one the one below it felt different, but that one I always remember, okay

Oopy-doopy Oh planks gone yeah

That whole that whole bench is there is gone rather that sticks out of the wall yeah

Well, it was just a plank

I stick it out of the wall. Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh it moved. I say I say

Big hat hat is big Oh hat is big

Funny big hat big hat funny big hat fun having fun at Freddy’s big hat make me smile

Smiling cause a big hat


big hat

Just like you pretty cool

big cat

big hat

That’s good big plank big plank plank is big

You’re just like going home, how was your day big plank plank is big

Sleep time bed normal size

Click light anomaly

Yeah does that

Something feels weird about what I would just do it. Yeah pictures. I don’t know good enough for me

Okay, something feels weird

Fuck what nothing okay? I’m not there’s no way. Oh planks. We’re gone. Don’t play planks planks are gone place gone under beer yes

Plank on gone is plank plank plank on we’re plank oh

Is that fridge freezer door closed now it is

Brodeo my god, you’re so servant. Oh, we’re doing well. This is going much better this time

Yeah, dude. We’re killing it now. Now. We have a feel for the rooms, dude. I’m so happy

I could kiss you. I will kiss you don’t ask me to not kiss you. I will kiss you

great a

lot of good options

picture is different

different picture

See this is why I always want to kiss you

Thank this exact thing he his pay. It’s the picture from the other room

What see that picture in the background through the door that was what was over his thing. They moved around look at that. That’s cute

It’s okay. Oh, oh

I’m gonna diarrhea, okay

There’s there’s still time oh dear other I guess other what for the Chuck E. Cheese guy he didn’t he’s

Little wiggle I’ll file that under miscellaneous. I mean that’s movement, dude

In the logic of the game, okay, it didn’t follow the rules



There’s always been to buy has been to why to pipe is though

There’s only one type of water to carry away all the pizza shits that people

Thank you. You’re a pizza. She’s nice. Oh

Clicky clicky clicky um

Don’t be so picky start with a clicky

Clicky clicky piggy

story Randall’s

Coming soon to a thing

Missing objects was this always just two beers. Yeah, just try it

Does the door mean it’s like a clock time or does it yeah, I mean, okay a new hour

Very relaxing very lovely just like the power hour

Oh, yeah YouTube show you should go and subscribe to the grumps freshest borf

Cleanest dumpster door open open his door and speaking of which

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Going to the grumps you should go to cameo comm slash hello

I’m Aaron get a cameo from your boy Aaron Aaron, please don’t pimp your stuff right now

It’s not the right time especially when people could also go to cameo comm slash Dan Avedon

You’re so right

No no extra it’s an extra chair what it’s an extra chair, what do you mean?

It’s an extra chair in the bloodstain they moved well move didn’t work. No. It did it is like it worked

It worked

There’s the eyes don’t love those eyes, I don’t love those

Who are these puppets look at them looking through my soul?


Got a pee and it opened up my weenie gotta pee

When I pee while stand

Well done

Was this like this rate this I think like a barcode yeah, I think so is weird Do you kiss your dad with those laps?

Wait go back was the plank big no planks normal normal

Don’t try to convince me plank was big. I’m sorry. I’m sorry

Was was there always a door behind the planks?

Yeah, okay

Door door door behind the planks door door door door door

Behind the blue

And there’s two of them about three in the room the what missing oh, yeah, yeah, it’s something nothing on the top shelf

There’s a lot. There’s like one here and here. Yeah

Let’s see what it looks like when it comes back. They were creaks

Yes, yes, right you are all of the cranes were gone and I didn’t know what to do. The fridge is too well lit. I can see the pizzas.

I think something else happened in here. Yeah our next room over next room over. Oh, yeah

Flashlight is on

When I can see the pizza

Wait wait wait the light is on in this room too through the doors

What this all right? It’s always like that. Oh those big white strips are always there these yeah, yeah, oh my god

All right, well, I’m gonna call a hospital

Something’s changed

Paul blood Oh

Stinky smelly warm blood

Mm-hmm slurp it up

Paul is you in this place?

Where is Paul Blart mole cap, it’s a war wolf

Have you ever seen the werewolf episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000? Big Cup is big

Big Cup. I don’t I probably have that is one of the funniest I’ve ever seen

I think I’ve seen like every episode of Mystery Science Theater

They’re wonderful. It’s been a while. The last time I watched it was when we were signing the first Starbomb CDs

I mean there were the people we patterned our careers after yeah, that’s true. I


literally just showed a

Showed someone the the stream that we did where we did game grumps with oh yeah

We met Joel a pizza exit extra pizza pizza is here. Yeah

And we did game graphs with crow with the like the little silhouette. That was really fun so fun

Yeah, we did that shit. That was seven years ago. I gotta like write that shit down

I just like forget it, and I’m like man. How could I forget that if it weren’t for Instagram?

I would have forgotten the last eight years of my life. What the fuck?

Well, what’s that because there’s like a sound is that a thing what just like sound I

Don’t think I can’t be right. No. I don’t believe that to be true one bit

Things you know what things have been much calmer this round well. We’ve been like really on top

Yeah, I think we just know I were less freaked out to every time doll plates

Plates have moved or they’re new they’re new yeah, they’re new okay, so those were new last time, huh?



To the pictures good all right all right all right other other

Christmas that wasn’t very Christmassy at all

Have a holly jolly monkey

He’s laughing in your face

Skip scops Gabby Dibby doop dab dabby doom be dim damn

my ass


We do was there movement in the hats that are closest to us

Like we’re weren’t they more evenly distributed. I might be losing my mind what these yeah, Oh present open

Why thank you

You I know you’re trying to give me a present


What’s inside it’s existential horror

Maybe something missing here

Let’s just try some willy-nilly shit because this is baseline for us and that means there’s something wrong that we’re getting acclimated to that

We didn’t realize was wrong


Holy jelly Christmas you

I’m nervous. Oh pizza large pizza man in on right poster is pizza. Oh

Pizza large pizza man on right poster is pizza Dan evident. Yeah, 22 put it on my tombstone


Plate move plate move move movie plate

This Chuck E. Cheese is under control was that Sun always there. I don’t know

what if we beat this let’s come back and

Restart it just to see if that’s how the Sun just is wait

Go back. Oh was that present always there the this one. Yeah. Yes, okay


Well, I got half an hour to go man. What is like shine always here that now we’re getting very

Nitty picky man. I don’t know. I mean it’s on hard. Oh pizza demon pizza in poster


Pizza demon pizza in poster. Mm-hmm indeed, Dan

Yeah, I think if there’s one thing we can all relate to has his fan moved at all

No, is it further left than it was? I don’t think ever so slightly I can try it

But I don’t think it’s gonna be


Blood there’s blood in the pot

Just like La Cucaracha

Is that bear in space different bear in space with the balloons with yeah has he always been there

Ah, let’s try a shot. Let’s give it a shot. You know, I think he was but you know, who knows nobody can ever know feels new

to me

Shit, wait, did we get one for the moving one? I?

Don’t know. What’s that? What just happened? No. No, we got one for something else. We did like an obvious thing Oh

New head who dis

Oh, it says hey it says hat

They misspelled hat it’s stupid

We did really well that time

Good job everyone. Thank you

Thank you me and you do you want to do one more of these do one? I’m really enjoying this. What the fuck?

Hey, all right. Next time on Game Grumps. Let’s get out of here