Top 10 Best Games like Hades

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Hi, my name is ColdBeer and let’s start

Dandy Ace

Internet is filled with lists of games like
Hades, but most of them are copied from each

other and contain games like Darkest Dungeon
and Slay the Spire.


I know, right?

So Dandy Ace is a fast-paced roguelike experience
hugely inspired by Hades, but not blindly

copying it.

Here you will become a fabulous magician seeking
to combine and use your magical cards while

fighting and looting your way to defeat the
Green-Eyed Illusionist, who has imprisoned

you in a cursed mirror.


While battling your way through this ever
changing palace, combine different cards with

more than a thousand possibilities, each with
their own playstyles and powers.

People on Steam are saying that the game is
quite difficult, but has great visuals and

the gameplay itself is very entertaining.

Dandy Ace has a very positive review score
on Steam, so it may be the game you are looking



This is a beautiful action roguelite game.

At first the gameplay is very easy – At least
it was when I played the game, I felt no bigger

challenge and all the creatures died from
my mighty swings without any problems.

I was like “hey, I’m really good at this

The challenge began when I finally met the
first boss.

And the fight was great!

Like 10 out of 10 great.

And also it was the strongest aspect of this

But I was kinda surprised that the more I
played – the more souls-like the game got.

Easy peasy beginning was a trap.

Actually Dreamscaper is very unforgiving and

I wouldn’t mind, but most of the weapons
here are slow.

You know, like your sister.

It felt like I was swinging them through the
water or something, and you have to make perfectly

timed attacks for critical hits.

That is a hard thing to do with slow poke

But if this isn’t a problem for you, then
it may be the game for you.

It has great art design, visuals, puzzles
and the gameplay is really fun.

People on Steam are saying that it scratches
the itch for Hades and that exactly is what

you are looking for.

Dead Cells

A participant from the platformer genre.

It works and plays basically like Hades, just
in a flat 2D setting.

And overwhelmingly positive reviews should
lock your attention even if you don’t like

pixel art graphics.

This game can stand strong behind the name
of the style – it is true art, the game is

really beautiful, just like you my friend,
but graphics are just one side of a coin.

People on Steam are talking that this roguelite
metroidvania is probably the best game of

all similar platformers: along with the graphics,
you will get great music and a gameplay more

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addictive than beer.

If you wake up in the morning, your hands
are trembling and you want to play Dead Cells

– you are DeadCelloholic.

Please don’t seek help, gaming is good for

Although keep in mind that the game is hard
and it actually is souls-like.Meaning that

you will die here again and again.

And then again.

This way the game justifies its name.

Because of that some cells may actually die
in your brain.

Wizard of Legend

This is a fast paced dungeon crawler with
rogue-like elements that emphasizes dynamic

magical combat.

Quick movement and even quicker use of spells
will allow you to chain spells together to

unleash devastating combos against your puny
pathetic enemies!

You will collect valuable spells and relics
and build up your magical arsenal to fit your


Which, as we all know, is to die again and
again and again.

Here you will find over a hundred unique spells
and discover various spell combinations and


People on Steam are saying that this is a
fun game, although it has some annoying stuff,

like getting stunlocked by some basic enemy
and losing half of your health.

It feels like you are getting robbed by a
grandma with a fork or something.

Despite that, the game is very well received
by players – about 90% of reviews are positive.

Children of Morta

This is an action RPG with a rogue-lite approach
to character development, where you don’t

play a single character – but a whole family
of heroes.

You will hack and slash through hordes of
enemies in procedurally generated dungeons,

caves and lands and lead the family with all
their flaws and virtues, against the forthcoming


The game is not for everyone.

For example I don’t like stories about cute
cozy families, about love and similar drama

– I want good action or if it lacks action
it has to be really good drama, you know like

movies Lost in Translation, American Beauty,
Seven Pounds, Parasite or Arrival, but this

game wants to be both hack and slash Hades
Diablo and a drama about family.

I don’t know who the target audience is.

Well, you might like it after all, 90% of
reviews are positive, so it may be your spoon

of potato salad after all.

Curse of the Dead Gods

This game is obviously oriented for the fans
of Hades, or as one commentator on Steam said

– Curse of the Dead Gods plays as Hades and
looks like Darkest Dungeon.

Honestly it’s a fair comparison.

So in this game you will seek untold riches,
eternal life and divine powers – it will lead

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you to this accursed temple, a seemingly-infinite
labyrinth of bottomless pits, deadly traps,

and monsters.

Well, the rest is self explanatory.

The game also introduces a cool mechanic of
unique curses – they influence each attempt,

putting a twist on every action.

Although keep one thing in mind: you will
have to parry a lot and that souls-like mechanic

sometimes is very annoying.

Otherwise it’s a great game, 86% of reviews
on Steam are positive.


This is an action-adventure roguelike that
blends combat and dungeon crawling with rpg-like


Mine gold, die, upgrade yourself, and then
try again!

Discover hundreds of items including relics,
potions, blessings, and curses that all stack

for a new experience every run.

Challenge dangerous bosses and rescue helpful
characters that provide new upgrades for your


Also decipher the cryptic messages of the
Undermine’s residents and unfold the mystery

at the heart of the dungeon.

People on Steam are saying that the game reminds
them of one thing.

Like someone took the mines from Stardew Valley,
upgraded them heavily and made them into a


Undermine has about 90% of positive reviews,
but some people complain that it is unbalanced

and can infuriate you.

But hey, you play these games and hope to
die just to be reborn stronger again.

Unexplored & Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s

First part has better gameplay and has 90%
of positive reviews, but the second has way

cooler visuals, although as a game it is slightly
worse, with the review score being just a

little below 80%.

So Unexplored is the roguelite that feels
like a roguelike.

That’s what developers are saying.

An accessible yet challenging action rpg,
praised for its great level generator, real-time

combat and a surprising amount of content
and depth.

Plus: here you will find free dlc which adds
even more variety!

You will explore dangerous dungeons, solve
mysterious puzzles and engage terrifying foes,

big and small, in intense melee combat.

Second part, called the Wayfarer’s Legacy
is similar, although with more impressive

visuals, but compared with the first part
it is a bit clunkier, has a fair amount of

glitches and bugs and also an insufferably
long tutorial.

Despite that, I think that it is a fun underappreciated
game – you can play the demo version absolutely

free and check it out by yourself.

It is also an amazingly light game, it will
take only 2 Gigabytes of your storage cosmos.

Or storage space if you prefer to call it
like that.

The Binding of Isaac

97% of positive reviews is something that
must be exhibited in the museum of Awesome.

And those 97% are left not by some bunch of
200 people, oh no, you have to add three zeros

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to that.

So more than 200,000 people are saying that
this game is awesome.

It’s an automatic must-play and you have
no arguments against that.

So the story begins when Isaac’s mother
starts hearing the voice of God in her head

demanding a sacrifice be made to prove her

Isaac escapes into the basement facing droves
of deranged enemies and lost brothers and

sisters, you know – those who were sacrificed
before to prove the faith, also his fears

and deepest terrors, and eventually his loving

Here you will find over 500 hours of gameplay,
challenge runs, more than 450 items, controller

support and 2-player local co-op.

Game supports 60 frames per second refresh
rate and, listen to that – 637 Steam achievements.

So I guess it’s your time to collect them


Here you are a shopkeeper who wants to keep
your customers happy by providing them with

various goods.

You can put items on sale, set their price
carefully, manage gold reserves, recruit assistants

and upgrade the shop.

Be careful though – some shady individuals
may want to steal your precious wares!

The trickiest part is getting the goods.

You have to swim over river Nemunas to Kaliningrad,
get contraband and then swim back to the European

Union to get rich.

No, of course I’m kidding.

You have to go to ancient passages to different
realms and dimensions, fight various enemies

and collect items from their dead cold maimed

So romantic.

Anyway here the part where you hack, slash
and die begins.

People on Steam are saying that the game is
fun, aesthetically pleasing and relaxing.

Yeah, relaxing.

So forget about big challenges, it’s an easier
game in general.

But hey, it’s nice to have something not souls-like
hardcore from time to time after all.

And as a bonus title I present you

Risk of Rain 2

A bit different roguelike made in 3D setting
and also this is a shooter, that’s why it

is here as a bonus title.

Nevertheless fans of Hades are saying that
the game has similar principles and is very

recommended for you if you like the genre
in general.

And if you liked this video, check out my
brand new list about games like Darkest Dungeon.

It contains 10 great games and will help you
to slay encroaching boredom with style.

Thank you for watching, have a nice day and
I’ll see you next time, bye!