How to buy game members with less money

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[Narrator] Black Friday 2022 is here,

and we’re here to maybe

make your life a little easier

with this roundup of good deals

for some of our favorite gaming stuff.

Now keep in mind,

most of these deals are focused solely

on North America and is a mix

of different retailers.

We’re sponsored by none
of this, none of them,

but clicking some links
does help out the channel.

Now, deals are subject to change here

and stuff is generally
going to be changing

quite a bit from now Black Friday

through to Cyber Monday
and maybe even further.

So we’ll link what we can

in the description below and try

and keep it updated.

But hey, let’s kick it off.

First, let’s talk controllers.

If you’ve gotten your hands on a PS5,

the DualSense controller

does finally this year seem to have a bit

of a discount if you’re
looking for an extra one.

As you probably know,

the standard price of
this controller is higher

than your average one.

So any money saved will help.

In the US, at major retailers

like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart,

the DualSense has dropped
from about 70 bucks

down to 50 bucks.

Don’t know how long that’ll last,

but on the Xbox Series
X and S side right now,

those standard controllers are available

pretty much everywhere right now for $40

as opposed to the usual 60.

Also worth noting a little smaller,

Newegg is also dropping a couple

of bucks off of the top

of the newer Elite series
2 Core controller in white.

And just worth pointing out a couple

of Logitech Racing Wheels.

I know they’re not
technically controllers,

but you control a game with them, I guess.

There are some decent ones

that are a hundred
dollars off at Best Buy.

So now might be time to
finally pull the trigger

on one of these.

We have the G920 and the G29.

And on the controller side for Nintendo,

we haven’t seen much worthwhile,

but keep an eye on Target

because they are doing
some accessories discounts,

so something might pop up.

Now let’s talk games.

Most retailers are running deals on games

for every platform and there is a lot.

It might be time to stock up now,

so we’re going to mention
the very best deals

and some significant games.

And if a game is sold out,

chances are another retailer

will be offering it for
a very similar price.

Let’s start off more

with the platform exclusive type games.

Starting with Nintendo.

The company notorious

for not discounting their games too much,

so get in on this.

Amazon has a ton of switch games on sale,

but the awesome “Super Mario 3D World”

and “Bowsers Fury” is about 40 bucks.

“Mario Party Superstars” is 50% off,

as is “WarioWare: Get it together”.

Walmart specifically seems

to have some good discounts too,

like a “Breath of the Wild” for 30,

the new “Sonic Frontiers” for $30,

the very good “Fire Emblem
Warriors: Three Hopes” at $35.

It’s a hell of a lot game for that price

and just a bunch more.

So just head to their pages.

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We’ll link all of that, like I said.

On the PlayStation side,

Sony themselves are offering

some pretty good deals

like the new “Last of Us Part
One” remake for 50 bucks,

“Horizon Forbidden West”
PlayStation 5 for $40,

“Ratchet and Clank” for 30,

“Miles Morales” at a whopping 60% off

and the pretty recent “Grand Turismo 7”

for 40 bucks.

And on the Xbox side for games,

they published that we’ve got

some pretty good discounts

for “As Dusk Falls” for 15 bucks,

“Halo Infinite”, if you never jumped

into that full game with
the campaign is going

for like 20 bucks everywhere

and hookups on “Sea of Thieves”

and “Grounded”, too.

But let’s move on to more
multi-platform games.

If you’re looking to get a lot of bang

for your buck, some games you may

not have noticed or even some indies,

Humble Bundle is actually
running Black Friday

and Cyber Monday deals
on their store as well.

Some pretty aggressive discounts

all around as they have
a Black Friday sale

and Autumn sale that
runs a few days longer

into December and a discount
on their membership.

And then Amazon has the new
“Plague Tale Requiem” for $40.

And the new “Saints Row”,

if you’re interested in that for $35,

“Sonic” was discounted the most on switch,

like I mentioned, but it
still got steep price drops

on the other consoles at all those stores.

“Gotham Knights” we’ve seen

for 35 to $40 as well.

Oh, and a big thing to note at this point,

“Eldon Ring” is $35 at
Walmart for all platforms.

So, you’re welcome.

Now on over to Next
Generation Hardware stuff.

This category is gonna be pretty short.

On the graphics card sides,

nothing crazy on the newest stuff,

but say if you’re looking

for a previous year Radeon

or an RTX 30 series card,

there are a few discounts looking

like a range of 20 bucks
off to 50 bucks off

on Newegg and Amazon,

but you’re still gonna
be paying quite a bit.

PlayStation 5s are finally
getting a little easier

to get your hands on at least.

So if you miss one and you’re shopping,

keep trying and checking every day

at retail sites, but
your best bet right now

still seems to be Sony’s official site.

In terms of discounts on either end,

nothing too exciting for
PlayStation and Xbox.

Maybe a few bucks off
the occasional bundle.

But the one thing is

that it is worth noting the Xbox Series S,

you know the Xbox Series
X’s non 4K little brother

is on sale for $250

and we’ve also seen it for $240 at Amazon.

If you want entry level NextGen

or something to play game pass on

or a couple Xbox games,

that’s the cheapest it has been.

That’s pretty significant.

So maybe consider that.

Now moving on over to TVs.

This is always a tricky one

because regardless of sales,

TVs are all over the place.

I mean everybody has a completely

different budget they’re working with.

Some people are down to spend a lot on TVs

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like aggressively, other people don’t.

They want the cheapest TV.

Everybody needs a different size.

It goes on and on.

So we’re just gonna give you a couple

of deals we found,

but more importantly, some advice first.

Don’t be fooled by like a cheap TV

that ends up having zero features.

Like you’ll see the doorbuster price

on some TV and you think
you’re getting a steal.

Make sure you look into it

because they will give you a cheap TV

that has practically no features.

Just take a couple minutes
to do your research.

Don’t get like click bait or anything.

Prioritize finding a TV with HDR

and then go up from there.

After that, pay attention to

how many ports it has and refresh rates.

If you can spring for one

with good features and 120 hertz, hit it.

That’s important and it
does make a difference.

But just do your research.

There’s a lot of good
TV YouTubers out there.

Now on the higher end, if you wanna spend,

the LG OLED G2 is down on Amazon 27% off.

I mean, it’s still $2,200.

But if you were holding off

and you do have money
to burn, there you go.

Sony’s OLEDs are also
getting some discounts.

The insanely big 77 inch OLED Bravia

is $500 cheaper, but on
the more reasonable end,

the good quality 55 inch Bravia XR is 13%

off at around 1300 bucks.

And it’s a good TV.

Samsung is all about
the QLED, as you know,

and there’s a 65 inch
that is like the headline

on for 40% Off.

But it’s worth pointing out,

the 55 inch also is dropped by about $150.

Straight up though it seems

like this year Amazon is just pretty good

for TVs, more reasonably
priced, normal ones

from all the major brands

under a thousand dollars pretty commonly

have deals floating around
from a hundred dollars

to $200 off and a bit more.

So we will link a big list of TVs.

And jumping over from TVs,

we gotta talk about
monitors for you PC gamers.

First we have the Asus TUF VG 247 QR1A

for 130 bucks.

This is a 24 inch 1080p IPS
165 hertz free sync monitor.

This is actually down 43%

from how much it was last month,

and it’s got some good features.

We’ve also linked an
AOC 27 inch VA monitor.

It’s 1080p, 240 hertz with AMD free sync,

and that’s 17% cheaper.

But if you’re looking

for that golden middle ground,

we can definitely recommend the MSI Optics

that has a pretty good
price on Amazon right now.

This is a 1440p IPS display at 165 hertz.

There’s also a VA panel version

if you wanna save 20 bucks,

but it’s only 20 bucks.

Stick with this one.

And if we start ramping things up,

getting a little crazier,

the Samsung Odyssey Neo
G7 4K monitor is $800.

This is a 32 inch 4K IPS, 165 hertz

with a bunch of features.

This is probably one
of the best 4K monitors

for work or gaming.

Apparently it works great
with the new RX cards.

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It has some of the best
HDR implementations,

but if you’re more of an LG person,

maybe looking for something
a little bit bigger

for 900 bucks at Best Buy,

you can get the LG C2 OLED Evo.

This thing has G sync and free sync,

so you have tons of options.

And again, 42 inches is big for a monitor,

but it is the smallest OLED TV technically

and still fits on most regular size desks.

And if you’re looking
for something smaller,

even maybe travel size,

we linked two as well in a description

that are directly from Amazon,

easy to pick up and use,

have a decent amount of features

and don’t break the bank.

And last but certainly
not least, headsets.

Gaming headsets, everybody wants one

and there’s some good
stuff out there this year.

First on Amazon,

we have the Razor Kraken
Ultimate Gaming headset.

This is the one with RGB.

This has gotten a pretty big price drop.

It was $130 and as of right now,

at the time of this video, it’s $60.

It’s a solid, dependable headset

that a lot of people use.

And if you’re a PlayStation gamer,

the PlayStation Pulse 3D wireless headset,

that cool PS5 one,

that was a hundred dollars,

that is now down to $70.

And if we’re talking
sweet third party brands,

we gotta mention the SteelSeries Arctis 3.

This thing has dropped by 50%.

You can get this thing for $35

and it’s good stuff.

The SteelSeries brand specifically

for Mice and for headphones for us,

really have stuck around

for a while for a reason.

And if you’re looking

to get something a little bit beefier,

you can get the pro version

with more features and stuff.

And that’s almost 40% off at Amazon.

A good quality, good featured pro headset

for 110 bucks.

Not bad.

It’s also worth noting,

we’re gonna link Best Buy here

because they have a bunch

of headset deals for lower end headsets,

mid tier headsets,

and a couple of high end headsets.

Too many to rattle off now,

but they have a pretty big amount on sale,

so that’ll be linked down there.

But those were just some
fun things we wanted

to link and share for Black Friday.

Some stuff we’ve seen
online floating around

that seems like some good deals.

Just genuine good, useful stuff.

The biggest thing about
doing these videos,

honestly, is the community.

It’s you guys.

So if you got some cool deals,

definitely let other people
know in the comments.

Thank you guys for watching.

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But as always, happy deal hunting.

We’ll see you guys next time.