The giant chicken horror game

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Hey, I’m Grump! I’m not so Grump!

And we’re the Game Grumps!



D-Hello, welcome back to Game Grumps.

Arin’s currently laughing because he thought it would be great to come up with a band based off Steely Dan’s music, called…

What was it?

A-Give it all back, you Dan.

Arin and Dan both laughing.

D-Welcome to Chicken Feet.


D-What is this?

A-I don’t know man!

D-I don’t know, I don’t know either.

A-It’s year 10 of Game Grumps.

D-There’s so many games.

A-It was here, it looked funny.


A-Dylan Bassett made it.

It’s a Dylan Bassett production. It’s a Dylan Bassett joint. Yep cool with me

Oh God

Wow what happened?

Is that an- chicken feet

Are you in an elevator going down? I think so. Okay.

I’d like to welcome you to the most sophisticated beautiful and intricate science facilities in the entire world

It sounds a little like him


Those are their feet

Chicken lots of death

Yeah, it’s a it’s a pretty bad problem

Yeah, he’s right behind me isn’t he?

We’re gonna make a great team

I’m tracking your location, so I’ll always know where you are. I’m here to help

Okay, now enjoy the glamour while you still can.

Mm-hmm. You’ll be heading deep into this facility, and I promise you this is the best that it’ll look.

Goober! It looks good. Oh the Goober Research Visitor Center.

Look at that

All right our first destination is actually below us. So why didn’t we take the elevator down there?

Yeah, what the fuck?

Maybe through a vent

Good luck. Are you fucking serious right now?

All right, and we’re playing. We’re playing the chicken feet. Why does it do like the fucking like

What’s the game with the?

Wipeout XL. Why does it do the wipeout XL camera when you run? It’s like

Oh, yeah, I don’t know exactly. Oh, this tearing is so bad. Hold on, I gotta turn v-sync on.


Oh wait, do I have to apply it? Yeah

Sorry, I just I got sick of all the tearing. At my heart

Where’s the fucking vent?

Boy, you bailed on that song real fast. Well, it was just like that was like

Bottom of the barrel kind of shit for me, you know, perfect. I was like word association go. Oh

I can open doors. Okay, excellent. Oh great. That makes it a little easier for me

Intestines. Oh, there’s a vent.

Requires a screwdriver. Oh jeez. One of these. We just went through this with a

Oh god. Lazerit. I don’t even know what the combination is. Which you referred to as C-man.

Yes, that C-man was coming all over me. Yeah, like oh my god the C-man is I’m covered in C-man

That C-man’s really got me

All right


Go right in. This looks like a real vent dude. Yeah, look at this fucking ambient occlusion. That’s not what that is

Hey, I just want to tell you you got to be very careful here. Okay, you really shouldn’t underestimate this thing

If you do see the chicken just run

Try to hide somewhere. Run and get some dipping sauce?

Get some Chipotle aioli available now at KFC not Kentucky Fried Chicken anymore


Looks like I’m down

one floor

Kentucky Fried couldn’t tell you

Kentucky Fried concoction. Oh

That’s a chicken look at the movements

well, I

Scared him. I love this. You saw it

Be very careful. You saw it. I’m gonna catch you

obviously and Justin Long is really I guess after

Was that movie barbarian dodgeball?

Listen, I know this might seem annoying, but Alan Tudyk is a pirate guy. Yeah, Steve the pirate

He was excellent. He’s gonna let you proceed

Now, I understand how redundant that may seem

It’s all in the name of security. Oh, it was great. All right. Good luck. I’ll talk to you soon

Be careful down there. I wasn’t paying attention to what he said

Whole three levers. We just moved Sebastian into the red cell while work continues downstairs. Okay?

I know he isn’t really a human but

The things they do to him

They’re horrible. Is he a chicken? It’s like growing up in prison

I don’t care anymore. I don’t want to know the lore behind the chicken


You dad

Okay, okay, that’s fucking funny

Yeah, I think I love this. I think I really have been to this game. Okay, pull the lever number one. Got it easy

So he travels yeah, yeah, just gotta keep an eye out

Maybe I’ll go towards where he came that seems like a smart idea seems like a great idea

You saw him was he delicious but oh shit

I’m sure he’s coming

Can’t get in here. Is that right? How do you know that cuz he’s huge? Okay. He’s

He’s still over here does he just like change position

What was his name? There he is


What’d they call him? I don’t know. They said they were moving a Steve into another location, but the Steve

I don’t know. I don’t know if that means Steve’s the chicken



Can’t catch me. Are you super sure he can’t get in there? Why wouldn’t it? Why are you able to get in there?

It’s so tiny

Look at how slowly. Oh, yeah, he doesn’t oh my god. I love this

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You know, I gotta tell you if chickens were much bigger than humans they’d be the worst

Yeah, I would not feel comfortable at all. That’s like that quandary. Would you rather fight a hundred?

Duck sized horses or one horse sized duck

Neither but you have to choose

Of course you wouldn’t want to fight either

Right, it’s tough. Yeah, it’s not easy

I mean a hundred is a lot. Yeah of anything. It’s a lot

Okay, okay, there’s the button

Can’t open the store it requires a key so I have to go that way

There’s some kind of crank or something

I got a press the third crank. Oh, he’s gone. Okay. Oh


Oh my god, I can’t believe this is my life right now. Oh shit he sees me. Oh fuck. Vent vent vent. Jeez man

Did I lose him? Well hide because if he finds you in here you’re effed. There’s no fucking vent dude

Okay, okay

Is there like a peek button?

Peek around the corner button. Okay

Seems like you’re good

It’s hilarious and oh god, so this is a dead end dude. He’s got me. You’re effed. He’s fucking got me. He just fucking wiggles his hand and shit.

My goodness gracious dude chicken feet is my favorite this game. Yeah

Chicken feet has accomplished exactly what it set out to do

Okay, there’s one crank

Oops, I have to put my sandwich in the fridge. I forgot. You can do whatever you want

You’re not beholden to anyone. Oh shit

There’s the fucking key

Oh LFG dude you see how fucking scary that shit was

Let’s clucking go

Okay, okay, there’s one one switch I switched the one switch

There’s a second switch over here, but this key is door is key locked key

Banana? Boy we just finished playing

Patrick’s Parabox and this could not be a more different vibe. Yeah

Okay, chicken can’t come in here

Or can he? objective, exit the area

Do I like bail is he just gonna stay in here your objective is to exit the area

I think is he just patrolling this room. I

Don’t know don’t be a patient

Chicken butt. What’s up? Guess what?

You gonna turn around

Come on chicken. Oh

Sorry, it’s okay. It’s okay. I’m safe. I’m safe. Oh my god. He’s right there. Hey

Where the fuck did he go?

Chickens are fucking hilarious. Mm-hmm. I’m in pack

Do you remember in space quest 3 when you’re playing astro chicken and

The thing you win at the end is called the pullet surprise

No, okay, well never mind is it the one we played it’s one of the well, oh

I actually asked your chickens in space quest 3 & 4. I can’t remember

But it isn’t neither one is the one we played. So what is pullet? Is that a chicken thing? Yeah

Don’t worry about I’m safe behind the blue


When you’re trapped in the blue

Chicken can’t see you

Trapped behind the red chicken makes you dead

Chicken loves to peck bread

All right chicken there’s nothing in here dude

rise chick

Rise from your pain chicken arise

Arin is there some item that you missed outside of the no, no, we’re good


This is open now, which is kind of cool

Just another safe room. Maybe chicken don’t like red room. Maybe you’re right. Maybe that makes you dead. I

Have to go around now because it won’t let me go through the van and cheat it

Yes, a pullet is a young hen a

Hen of the domestic chicken less than a year old area pullet surprises genius

Cooper oh my god. Is it a different chicken now? All right, you made it nice job

Nice job. We’re getting closer. Just keep going closer to what?

To God no, thank you Trent Reiser no that

Trent Cooper

Going down to the chicken room



Scary chicken movement. Did you see?

Let’s go up

Together we go. Is this right? Is this where we want to be?

Chicken boss fight now. This feels very I just entered the new realm

I guess chicken can’t walk through this

Your brains stop functioning. Well, I’m just trying to understand the rules of the world here

So if I’m to understand this correctly chicken can’t walk through this

Maybe chickens smaller now

According to my map the exit to this area is locked and it can’t be open from your current location

But if you walk five feet over there where then it can be opened from your current location

Be an elevator system that can help but can chicken make open

Chicken no can squeeze through all

Chicken confused

All right, this is just a safe area I have a feeling I’m gonna be chased by a chicken pretty zero

You’re a prescient man, Arin, I’ve got a sneaky feeling he has the second sight

Where does this go platform platform platform? Oh

Oh, that wasn’t the platform. Oh is that one? Oh

That’s just like save me from from chicken. Yeah sure. Oh that just shaped me save me just shave save save

Oh, I can cut chicken off. Mm-hmm. That’s fun

Find a pipe and use it to fix

Oh chicken no can’t find me. Oh my god

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Oh, man, oh I need pipe to create

Yes, that’s what I’ve been saying shit. I wasn’t paying attention

It was it said on the screen like a bunch of time. I was trying to notice all my exits

And then I repeated it with my mouth. I know

No one’s in here

But us boxes nobody in here but us boxes nice

How close can I get to him without him like I

Should say her chickens are gross. I’ll be back

I’ll be buck. Oh shit. Oh

My god, it’s a rooster anyway, isn’t it? No, it’s a chicken chicken. Yeah, I

I guess you’re right. I don’t know where the pipes are

Roosters have more colorful plumage. Is that what it is? I thought I guess like greens and shit

Chickens can be like brown and stuff, but the roosters they got the oh shit

They got that fucking sexy plumage you gotta attract that female


Mean, yeah, I gotta do shit females. Just like I’ll fucking lay in there. I’ll give her shit

But males gotta be like

I know there’s so many times when you’re running from this chicken fucking rules. I know it’s really funny


Like I enjoyed Lazar it too, it’s just that

That’s such a slow burn

This threw you right into the shit. It’s like fucking all killer. No filler

Right from the start this is like fucking three-minute minimum. Oh shit see

You order that chicken is in your fucking mouth in three minutes or less, yeah

Please go away. He what she walks so slow. Yeah. Well. Yeah, you just got to give her time to clear out

You keep being like I hope it’s here for three milliseconds time to go


My god, how do you fucking see you just let her go man it takes too long

Yeah, but you know what it takes way longer this? Kisses sweet chicken kisses from a band

Who is she hate to see her go but love to watch her leave chicken bloomers

Chicken over there fucking god, dude

Trying to make some damn progress

you just

Count to 60 in your head after the chicken goes out of sight. Oh, can I oh maybe though sneaky sneaky?

No, I can’t


God you’re so impatient. Well, whatever it was gone

Wait longer wait longer for what it was gone to be more gone. What do you mean more gone?

I couldn’t see her Arin. That was the fourth time

Fuck just get me just fucking oh her pathfinding sucks. I can exploit this

Oh, you fucking asshole

That was such like out of a horror movie

Fuck it like grows some new tentacle head

Where are these fucking pipes dude open the door get in the floor

I’m not gonna lie. It is quite upsetting. I know it’s fucking wheels its head like it’s nuts

All right. Why are the fuck are these pipes? I gotta find these but they’re probably where the chicken comes from

Right probably I feel like that’s appropriate placement

for an important item

Use your stealthy use your stealthy

Okay, I gotta find some pipes but excuse me I have to return some video tips

I would like to kiss you, please

Would that be

appropriate pipe


Got it. Okay fix the elevator system

Now chicken is going to be more aggressive

Where is the elevator system? It’s the platform that goes up into the top part of the barn the pulley. Yeah. Oh boy. I hear a chicken. I hear a chicken coming. There’s a chicken. Just sneak around the chicken.

Chicken don’t see me. There it is.

Kisses and hugs. Anytime now. Anytime now. Please. Okay.

All right safe from chicken. Until the next level. Oh no rafter chicken. Chicken behind me. Definitely chicken behind you.

Oh fucking shit. You fucking got me. I crawled too slow. Damn it. Oh bad. Would that have happened no matter what when you went through the blue thing you think? Oh if chicken chase you? Oh hell yeah. Okay. Oh trombones.

Oh it sounded like an evil laugh. Chicken coming. Yeah. There you go. Well done.

Well what now? Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep. Oh oh oh. Wait turn this up.


Are you the chicken?

They sound like Boy George lyrics

Do you really want to make me cry?

Who’s talking to who? I don’t know

Oh it is a chicken

None of you humans were strong enough to stop me

Even the chickens are girls

Others weren’t so lucky

They weren’t strong enough

I saved them

And I killed everyone that got in my way

And I won’t stop at you

I’ll walk right past and we’ll be cool

I’ll give you a chance

Just open that door

Open that door

And I’ll give you your freedom


Now promise me that you’ll leave

Got that?

Is that the chicken talking to you?

What the hell?

Hey what are you doing?

Don’t kill yourself yet

I mean uh


Wait a minute

How did you get here?

Shut up

From where you were it should be impossible to

Duh duh duh

This is really strange

You shouldn’t be down here

We can work with this

Just hang tight


And if you find any sort of tape recorder

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Please do not play it

Oh man

There’s a lot of confidential information down here

I’m definitely not going to

Is there an intricate web of intrigue and


Is there more to this chicken story than we were led to believe?

If you see a tape recorder definitely don’t listen to it


It’s filled with very interesting and confidential stuff that’ll explain things for you


This is Eric’s audio journal day 561

Today marks the 20th anniversary

Oh whoops

It’s birth

I guess I would have to stay with it

Product of project rebirth

The world’s first genetically modified human

Uh oh

Is that Sebastian?


That’s a horse

And even speak

It’s incredible

Of course

Of course of course

The pinnacle of our discoveries

Of course of course

We still haven’t revealed it to the public

We have to wait

The more tests we can do the better chances we have of improving it


We just need more testing

But it isn’t perfect

The more testing we can do the more tests we’ll have

It isn’t

The more improving we’ll have

The more improvement the more tests

Within the next five years

I don’t care what the executives say

I don’t care what the doctors say

I don’t care what the mother says


We will get this right

I don’t care what the president says


Yeah I’m seeing shadows

Chicken shadows

I don’t know if they’re chicken shadows but they’re definitely a little spooky like he

I hope I got it


All right

Press the button

Oh oh that platform

Oh fuck

Okay so I gotta run over there

Got it

Easy peasy

Come on back down will ya

I gotta press the button to make the platform go up


Is this a full game or is this a demo as well

Uh I think you can complete it pretty quickly


All right

I don’t know

Oh I can’t remember

I wrote a little note for myself and then I read it and then I forgot it



That’s just how the cookie crumb


Oh no

I don’t mean to scare you

You and I we are not different

My name is Sebastian

That’s what they’ve always called me



I’ve been following you

I’ve been listening

Uh huh

I know that you don’t work here

You are oblivious to what’s really going on

Or the chicken

I’ve heard you

All right you too now

Yeah I guess you got to just do it

He’s not who you think he is

I think that’s a gun behind you do you want to address that


Yeah he told me his name was Eric


No he said his name was Corey

It said his name was Eric on the journal thing


Eric is evil

He is a monster

Not like me

Cute and godly

And he wants to cause more pain

You and I

We can stop him

I wish there was like a hinge sound every time his jaw

Both of us

Eric’s using you

And he’ll kill you

You’re a loose end

You’ve seen too much

Can we talk about the chicken?

All right

You want the chicken

That’s why he sent you



The chicken’s name is Cooper

I know

I might have told you that

You’re really not giving me a whole lot

Cooper broke out he saved me

And now

Eric wants to capture him again


He wants to cause more

Just like do another set like

Uh huh

Like shuffling papers

Do you want to hear my plan?

I need to lure him down here

Just follow his instructions


I’ll save you

Sure I trust you

Trust you



Oh thanks

I have door powers

Great talk

Did I tell you that?

I’m a doorman

They used to call me doorman

And now I’m a guy in his cage


So I figured it out

This place has gas pipes

Running behind the walls

If we pump sleeping gas

Into the pipes

We can put the chicken to sleep

Without damaging it

And of course

You would also fall asleep

But I’d just wake you up

Plain and simple

Trust me


At this point

That seems to be our only option

Does it?

So you’ll need to let the gas

Into the pipes first

Then you’ll need to release the gas

Oh Arin can release the gas

Dude I’m really good at it

This is the last time we speak

Before I wake you up of course

Just say

It’s been a pleasure


Find a way to let the sleeping gas

Into the pipes


I don’t know if I want to do that


Maybe we should do it next time on Game Grumps?

You know what?

Let’s do one more of these

I’m fucking into chicken feet

I’m feeling it

Don’t take that out of context

I’m feeling chicken feet

I’m feeling it real good

Alright bye