10 upcoming multiplayer games that are trying something new or have a bit of a different angle to them

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[Narrator] Multiplayer games are a dime a dozen.

They’re everywhere.

But today, we wanted to take a look at 10 upcoming multiplayer games that are trying something new or have a bit of a different angle to them.

We got some potentially cool
games to talk about here,

so let’s get started off with number 10.

“HYENAS” is a pretty interesting spin

on the cooperative multiplayer
shooter heist thing,

mostly because of the setting.

It’s in space.

So basically, in this future,

the rich billionaires all move to Mars,

leaving the rest of the population

floating around in space on slums.

What the Hyenas do is essentially deal all

of their valuable priceless
artifacts, and the artifacts

in particular are pop
culture memorabilia items,

stuff like that from
the current-day period.

So essentially, you’re
busting into these places,

shooting security drones and clones,

and causing all kinds of chaos
with weird, strange weapons

and sections where there’s zero gravity

so you’re floating around
and blasting dudes,

all to just steal random trinkets,

random pop culture items
to bring back and sell.

You’re raiding these plunder
ships with all this stuff

that’s floating through space,
facing off against danger,

but thankfully, all of
the Hyena characters

you can choose have
different personalities,

different character traits,
different use cases,

and from the art style and
vibe that we’ve seen so far,

it looks like it could be pretty cool.

We know it’s coming in 2023,

and it’s being developed
by Creative Assembly,

people behind stuff like
“Total War: Warhammer III,”

“Alien: Isolation,” so I think
the idea is in good hands.

Next, over at number nine,

we have the “Texas
Chainsaw Massacre” game.

Now, at first glance, this
seems like yet another

asymmetrical multiplayer,
even horror-style game,

but specifically, this one is from Gun,

the people behind the “Friday
the 13th” multiplayer game,

which was super underrated.

It really cracked the
code on this whole thing

and just did a really good job
of celebrating the franchise.

So with “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,”

it looks like they’re doing it again,

but they’re going even harder.

You play as either a group of survivors

or some of the family members,

including of course, Leatherface.

Now, as the family members,

you’re wandering around the
house, basically preparing it,

locking doors, setting
traps, figuring things out,

even feeding Grandpa, yes, I’m serious,

all to keep the kids
locked in the basement.

Now, if you’re the survivors,
that’s where you start,

and you have to slowly make
your way to the main floor

of the house, picking
locks, creeping around,

avoiding danger, only to
eventually get outside

and run through the farm.

It looks really lovingly recreated,

and according to previews,

it definitely has a good
fresh new spin on things.

Curious to see what else they throw

in there to shake things up.

Like, who knows if this is
going to be really worthy

of your attention after, you know,

playing the same round over
and over and over again?

But it definitely has the
potential to kick ass.

Now, next over at number eight,
we have “DEAD CIDE CLUB,”

which, the pitch is absolutely perfect.

Essentially, it’s a battle
royale, yes, another one,

but this is, like, on a
2D side-scrolling plane,

so it’s you and a bunch of
characters from a side view

running and jumping around on platforms,

trying to blast each other.

Along with that, it is
highly customizable.

From what we’ve seen, you
build your own character

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with a full character creator

and then take advantage
of all different types

of weapons and tricks and
playstyles to possibly make

for some really fast-paced
and anxiety-inducing matches.

The art style is really cool

and the customization
does seem pretty in depth,

but I’m just curious to see
how smooth this thing plays,

because we’ve all been
exposed to so many 2D games

that play like absolute butter,
and this thing really has

to nail that in order for the
whole thing to be satisfying.

Regardless, on paper, it does
sound like a really good spin

on the battle royale thing
because we’ve seen so,

so many at this point,
so we’ll take anything

that shakes it up.

Next, over at number seven,
we have “Dune: Awakening.”

This newly announced Funcom
open-world survival game

is pretty light on the details,
to be honest, and the fact

that it’s, like, a survival
MMO open-world thing,

you know, we’ve seen that a lot.

Funcom did more recently
do “Conan Exiles.”

But the difference here and why we think

it might be special is the fact

that it’s set in the “Dune” universe.

There’s so, so much you can do there.

It’s rich with history,
mysticism, cool sci-fi elements.

So I’d say it’s safe to bet

on not doing your typical
survival game stuff here.

I doubt you’re going fishing

or chopping down trees to build a hut.

Arrakis is a strange planet

filled with mystery, cultures, creatures,

and we think that they
can do a lot with it.

This could really blow
people away if they nail it.

I really wish we had more to go on

other than the developers themselves

and a cinematic trailer, but
we just really like “Dune.”

We’re curious to see how the Spice,

how everything’s gonna work here.

So we’re definitely keeping an eye on it.

Next, over at number six,
we have “ARC Raiders.”

This is a third-person
co-op action shooter

set in a sci-fi universe where you

and your group hunkers down to defend

against these robots coming from space.

First of all, the action
being in third person

just really, really
works for me personally,

but also, the style here
is just really unique.

Look at the look of the player characters.

Look at their weapons, their armor.

It seems like something
a little bit different

from your average sci-fi

while still keeping things
kinda real and gritty,

yet, on the flip side, still
also being kinda colorful.

Apparently the game is really
going to emphasize creativity

with working with players
and with the weapon types.

We don’t really know how much

that’s gonna really amount to yet,

but you’re going to explore
this pretty cool world,

and it’s also free to play, which,

I saved that for last,
because looking at this game,

it doesn’t look like it would
be a free-to-play shooter,

at least at first glance, so we’re curious

to see how that plays
into things, of course.

There’s some good and
there’s some bad with that.

But at the very least, “ARC
Raiders” is slated for 2023.

Next, over at number
five, we have “HypeSquad.”

This is a third-person
competitive multiplayer thing

with 60-player matchmaking,
squads of three.

At first glance, it might look

like something you’ve seen before,

but I just really like
the way it’s all laid out.

So you have melee weapons
and ranged weapons,

and you can only pick two to bring

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into battle and swap between.

So along with this,
you’re also working with,

like, a huge cast of characters

and a bunch of different
weapons to choose from,

so there’s a lot of emphasis
on individuality and playstyle.

Just watching gameplay of this

and seeing a bunch of players
square off with one another,

to me, it kinda basically looks

like a third-person “Overwatch”

but more of a battle royale objective

where everybody has
crazy different abilities

and they’re using them constantly.

Along with that, with third person

and, like, the big,
bright colorful levels,

you’re ziplining around,
you’re using jump pads,

it seems like pretty
high-flying crazy stuff.

It’s still got some ways to go

and we don’t have a
release date for it yet,

but we’re definitely
keeping our eye on it,

because despite the name
sounding a little generic,

the game does look really cool.

Next, over at number four,

we have “Killer Klowns from
Outer Space: The Game.”

Now, uh, in a video of
unique multiplayer games,

yes, it is yet another
asymmetrical multiplayer game

based on a horror franchise, but this one,

I just gotta say, the fact
that they’re making a game

based on “Killer Klowns from Outer Space,”

never expected that in my life.

The 1988 film is, like,
an absolute cult classic.

It’s weird. It’s strange.

It’s creepy. It’s gross.

And to get a game on that, I just,

I didn’t have that on my bingo card, dude.

It’s three against seven with three clowns

against seven survivors of Crescent Grove,

and as the survivors, you’re
running around the town

collecting stuff to
fight against the clowns,

who have a pretty impressive arsenal.

If you’ve seen the movies, you get it.

The maps are randomly generated

to keep things interesting
to keep you playing,

and the developers have stated

that more challenges, more
maps, and more characters

and different modes are
coming down the line.

“Killer Klowns from Outer Space”

doesn’t have a release date yet,

but we know it’s coming
sometime early 2023.

Next, down at number
three, we have “Marauders.”

This is a tactical first-person
multiplayer looter shooter

set in a world where it’s the ’90s

and the Great War never ended
and everybody’s in space

essentially hunting
and fighting over scrap

and loot because Earth sucks,

and it’s in this really
cool diesel punk style

where although you’re in
space and you’re landing

in crafts and trying to
find loot and salvage

from old ships, there’s
realistic shooting mechanics

and realistic bullet dynamics,
so things are very tense

and a little more realistic,

despite the actual concept of
this world being fictional.

It’s kinda giving us, like,
“Escape from Tarkov” vibes,

but, like, if it was a looter shooter

and a little bit more round based.

Regardless, however
derivative you wanna get,

just the style, the loot, the equipment

that the characters use, the aesthetic,

just seems incredibly unique.

Next, over at number two,
we have “THE FINALS.”

This is another game from
Embark Studios, the people

behind “ARC Raiders,” the
game we mentioned earlier.

This thing is totally unique, though.

I mean, look at it.

What you see here is probably, like,

a pretty flashy gameplay trailer,

but it seems like it
actually plays like that.

The characters can do
some pretty wild stuff

in this competitive
first-person shooter arena world

where the whole setup is that it’s, like,

a game show tournament TV thing.

So the way the progression seems to work

is that you’re trying to
get more and more famous,

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but the best part about
this game, from, like,

just the crazy jumping
around and the cool weapons,

is really the destructible environments.

It seems like there’s a lot
of destructibility here,

and you can use it to your advantage

and really get a leg up on an opponent.

Destructible environments
and stuff is something

that players really fricking
love in multiplayer games

and we don’t get it enough,

so for “THE FINALS” to nail that,

that can make it really, really special.

The early word of mouth on this one,

the buzz with some people
getting their hands

on early versions of the
game, is pretty positive,

so we’re definitely looking forward

to seeing what the deal is with this one.

“THE FINALS” doesn’t
have a date right now,

but we’re hoping we get more
information about it soon,

because it was kinda just revealed.

Next, over at number one,

we have a game called “Everywhere.”

This game has been shrouded in
mystery for a very long time,

but it’s significant
because it’s being led

by Leslie Benzies, one of the lead guys

behind the “Grand Theft Auto”
franchise, who left Rockstar

to start his own studio and
work on this ambitious new game.

They’ve thrown around a lot
of buzzwords with this one,

like “community based,”
“ever evolving,” “changing,”

just, like, buzzword corporate crap

you hear from every game.

We’re hoping it’s not an NFT game.

They said it isn’t anything like that.

But the thing that has
us the most intrigued,

other than that it is going to be, like,

this whole weird shared
multiplayer world, is the fact

that the game has, like,
two art styles going on.

There’s, like, a “Fortnite”
crazy, zany animated style

and a more real-world stories
cinematic style going on,

so what does that really mean,

and how is this going to work
from a multiplayer standpoint?

We really don’t know for sure,

but we got a lot of questions,

and we’re just really excited

to see what the whole
story is behind this one.

How much of this is going to be solo

and how much of this is going to be

with other players, randoms, or friends?

We don’t know yet, but “Everywhere”

from the start has just
sounded incredibly weird

and ambitious, and honestly,
we’re always itching

for something new and
fresh, so we’re waiting

to see what the deal is with this one,

and we’re probably gonna
be talking about it

more on the channel pretty soon.

But for now, those are
10 multiplayer games

that seem like they’re
trying something new.

These are all upcoming, though,

so we haven’t gotten
our hands on them yet,

but we wanted to keep you
guys posted on what’s coming.

So if you enjoyed this video,

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piques your interest.

If you have another game
that’s similar to this

but not on this list,
hit us up with that too.

That always helps someone.

But as always, thank
you guys for watching,

and we’ll see you next time.