Video game Elden Ring players do crazy things

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So Elden Ring has been around a little while and that’s given some people some time to establish themselves as accomplishers of insane feats.

Hi folks, it’s Falcon at today on gameranx

10 crazy things that Elden
Ring players have done.

Starting off at number 10.

This fan imagined DLC.

This is pretty amazing.

Artist Eugenia Lysa took one
really obscure piece of lore

and managed to spin it into
an entire proposal for a DLC.

For most people that like
amounts to theory crafting

but she went way beyond that creating

arts, environments, NPCs.

Did this stuff

in Unreal Engine 5 to
illustrate the ideas.

The whole thing’s based off
the Chanting Winged Dame

enemies, who sing a
song in Latin that fans

have actually taken the time
to translate in English.

The song’s about as vague as you’d expect

but the creator here uses it

as a starting point to propose it

to potential DLC where you
explore the past, interact

with new NPC, fighting new monsters.

These are all new designs
that are really well rendered.

The artwork alone is impressive.

The whole thing’s a total flight of fancy

but with so many lingering
mysteries left to

explore in Elden Ring fans
kind of wanna imagine what

the DLC could possibly be.

The whole video’s basically
Elden Ring fan fiction

but it’s just really impressive,

what fan fiction can be at this point.

Moving on to number nine.

Some really cool Elden Ring demakes.

The growing trend of demakes

or remaking games as if
they were on older consoles

with less powerful hardware,
it’s still going pretty strong.

And we’ve got two really
impressive ones to show you here.

The first is the SNES demake

by 64 bits that shows
multiple bosses rendered

into like a 32 bit style.

Looks a lot like the
Quintet trilogy of games

definitely a positive in my book.

Another really cool one is a PS1

demake created by Hoolopee,
which interprets various scenes

from the trailer as his
in-game PS1 graphics similar

to like Vagrant story. But obviously

at a scale that PS1 games
couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Like these aren’t actual games

like the Bloodborne PS1 demake that came

out earlier this year.

They’re just YouTube videos meant

as a sort of proof of concept,
but still really impressive.

Good works of art.

And number eight beating
Margit using a harp

as a controller.

Now people beating games
using unconventional

controllers is kind of a big thing now.

Elden Ring is obviously no stranger

to it at this point.
With people beating it

using stuff like Rock Band
controllers that like baby toys

and people have actually
beaten it with bananas.

I think we’ve covered other
dark souls games being beaten

by a potato if I remember right.

Somehow Anna Ellsworth

a harpist, a person who
plays a harp managed to

beat the first major boss
of the game, using a harp

as a controller with a
level one character really

really just to test themselves.

As you’re all probably aware

at this point, beating
Margit is no easy feat.

The guy’s incredibly challenging
using a regular controller

and controllers are designed
to actually beat games with

you know, so beating them using
a harp’s pretty impressive.

Just trying to understand how exactly they

manage to register notes

as button commands is making my head spin.

In an interview with Kotaku,

they explained everything
they had to do to get this set

up to work.

And (blows raspberry) it’s
complicated to say the least.

So they had to convert the audio

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from the harp into key strokes.

Each one, performing a specific action.

It’s really unintuitive.

So the fact they’re able to
do it to beat even one boss

or I don’t know, walk from point
A to point B is impressive.

And Anna intends to beat
the entire game this way.

And as of this video, they
managed to get to Rennala.

So it’s definitely slow going

but with a controller
like that, I, I, I get it.

You know, I’m not like, oh man,
you should be going faster.

No, I get it.

And number seven, beating
the entire game overloaded.

Probably one of the
more important mechanics

of Elden Ring is the encumbrance system

depending on how heavy the weapons

and armor you’re wearing
are can effect dodge, speed

and stamina, regeneration, et cetera.

Worst of all is overloaded.

When you got equipment that
exceeds your maximum stamina.

In that state, you can’t
run, you can’t jump,

you can’t dodge.

Whether that be wrenches or
balls, neither is an option.

So you’d think

that the game is basically
impossible to finish.

Some people see the impossible
and view it as a challenge

Iron Pineapple, being one person.

In this 35 minute video

they go through everything
they had to do to play

through the entire game overloaded.

To make it so they were overloaded

for literally the entire game.

They moded in weapons to add
weight to their character.

And from there, they went

through the entire game with
the challenge to never jump,

never run and never dodge


They didn’t even use the spirit stead

unless it was required
just to make things harder.

They did cheat a little
bit using the quick step

skill occasionally

and jumping so they could get
the fingerprint stone shield

which is a little disappointing

cuz that shield isn’t necessary.

It just kind of made
the run a little easier.

I’ll say when you’re doing
something as crazy as this

I kind of give Iron
Pineapple a little slack.

So I don’t consider it that big of a deal.

So there are a few things
that could make someone

pick this run apart, but
it’s still, in my opinion

a pretty amazing achievement and crazy.

And number six, climbed
the giant rotted tree

in the swamp of Aeonia.

You know that gigantic rotted tree

and Caelid the one that’s
so twisted and gnarled

it seems like it wouldn’t
be possible to climb.

Yeah. Most people see that and go, wow

well you can’t climb that.

But if there’s even a
1% chance that you can

then somebody out there is gonna try

and people love Elden Ring.

They love trying to do the
impossible crap in Elden Ring.

So this video posted
by Fire Bear on Reddit

shows them climbing all the
way to the top of the tree.

Like there’s obviously
nothing to find up there

but the achievement alone is crazy enough.

It takes pixel perfect
precision to nail a lot

of these jumps.

And if you’ve played enough of this game

you know how awkward the jumping is when

it’s really requiring the accuracy.

So the fact they managed
to climb this thing

is a minor miracle.

I know there’s nothing at the top.

There’s no achievement
or anything, but I think

that there should probably be some kind

of like retroactive thing given

to this guy cuz it’s, it’s insane.

And number five created
the ultimate Battle

Royal of animals.

Now people have used mods to get bosses

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to fight each other and, in truth

that mostly makes sense.

They wanna see some of
the main bosses throw

down with each other and see who wins.


A battle for the ages, right?

That’s expected.

This is a little more unusual
titled The Ultimate Battle

Royal of Animals, BjornTheBear summoned 21

different field animals
to fight each other.

Now there’s understandable stuff here.

Like the giant land octopus

the malformed star, the
basilisk, the farum azula dragon

but there’s some pretty
crazy stuff like Miriel

pastor of vows, AKA the
turtle Pope in there.

So it’s a crazy concept.

That’s actually pretty fun to watch.

Probably the most amazing moment happens

at the end of the second round where three

of the four final remaining
monsters managed to

kill themselves at the
same time, leaving Miriel

the only one standing.

The turtle won by literally doing nothing.

And number four fighting
the bosses blindfolded

like I’ve already mentioned a
few different challenge runs

of Elden Ring on this list

but this one’s completely crazy.

A speedrunner by the name of star0chris

challenged themselves to beat every boss

in the game while blindfolded.

And considering how
tough they are normally,

it’s pretty impressive.

To make it more impressive

they somehow manage to beat these guys

with no summons and no range attacks.

It’s basically like zero
crutches and they have no choice

but to get in close
and fight them normally

with a blindfold on.

They pretty much work entirely

on sound cues and intuition
and the results are amazing.

Watching some of these videos

it’s hard to tell they’re
actually even playing blindfolded.

It’s kind of nuts.

As this writing star0chris
hasn’t beaten every boss

but they’ve gotten up to Hoarah
Loux and that’s impressive.

I, I have no doubt star0chris
is gonna eventually

pull it out.

And number three

somebody built a wandering
mausoleum out of Lego bricks.

So this is maybe less crazy done

in game and more, just crazy in general.

But the work that Redditor HoboSapient put

in this giant walking
mausoleum is incredible.

Like it’s a shockingly
accurate representation of

I guess one of those things,

I, I don’t know what else to call them,


It’s about 5,000 to 6,000
pieces weighs 30 pounds.

And that’s absolutely
nuts for a Lego build.

Many of the comments
under this one have people

asking the original poster to
post the thing on Lego ideas

which is a place where you can vote

on Fan made projects to turn
into actual Lego products.

According to a Reddit comment, djc6535

“If you did that, it would be

like a 500 to $600 set,” which is nuts.

So the actual piece count
would have to be shaved

down just a little bit
to make it something fans

could actually buy, but it’s
still an amazing achievement.

And number two, somebody
actually beat this game

at level one without taking any damage.

There’s an entire movement
of people out there

trying to beat Elden Ring
without getting hit or dying.

One of the most famous though is Happy Hob

someone who is well known for playing

the entire dark soul series

without getting hit at all.

They manage that feat
in Elden Ring as well.

And it’s just as crazy

as in any of those games,
if not more, but get this

like this article from
Kotaku highlighted one

runner named Ainrun who managed
to do the impressive feat

of beating the game at level
one while taking no damage

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also killing the first
boss, the grafted scion

like a lot of speed runs
opt to skip that fight

because it’s one that
players are meant to lose

but it’s technically possible to beat it.

So the fact Ainrun managed
a complete boss run instead

of dying in that boss arena should be seen

as more impressive depending
on what no hit means to you

but like doing it at level one

without taking any hits
is just totally insane.

And finally beating the game
in less than five minutes.

Like first off beat the game

skillfully is one thing, but
beating it fast is another.

This is a game

with a standard play time
of around a hundred hours.

But with the right application
of glitches, exploits

and pure skill players have
managed to finish it in

under five minutes.

And they keep bringing that number lower.

The article we’re referencing
is from July 19th.

In August at the time of
this video’s recording

the lowest time we were able to find was

a shocking three minutes and
56 seconds by Hyp3rsomniac.

It’s only been about a month
and they manage to shave

over a minute off of the five minute time.

Which the five minute times totally nuts

who knows how fast they’re gonna beat it

in a few more months.

I don’t know.

And a quick bonus, we
can’t mention crazy things

Elden Ring players have done

without bringing up this absolute hero.

Let Me Solo Her was created
by player with a single goal

helping finish the toughest
boss fights ever created

by from software naked, with only a pot

on their heads and to overpower weapons.

This is a player dedicated
to helping people out.

According to an article

from Kotaku they’ve killed
Malenia, like thousands of times.

They’re so famous in the community that

Elden Ring’s publisher Bandai Namco

has actually sent them a gift

as a reward for their service,
including an actual sword.

Let Me Solo Her is really just a legend

among souls game fans.

Both for their generous spirit

and incredibly weird appearance.

And there’s a duelist out there

you can summon at the big elevator

at the academy entrance simply
called the Lift Inspector.

If you manage to summon ’em, they run

over to the lift and get to work

inspecting chains with the spyglass,

hammering out any imperfections

and then even employing a
drill to really fix things up.

Of course they’re not
actually doing anything.

It’s just some random person
role playing the character

of a lift mechanic.

Most people want to be
the heroes of legend

but not this guy.

He just wants to be a
humble lift inspector.

And that’s all for today.

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