Nine game mysteries we still can’t figure out

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[Falcon] Video games are kind of like puzzles to be solved,but sometimes nobody solves ’em.

Sometimes stuff just remains weird and completely impossible to understand.

Hi folks, it’s Falcon,and today on Gameranx,nine game mysteries we still can’t figure out.

Now, we’ve done a video
(soft, mysterious music)

like this before,

so if you’re interested
in talking about like,

the final secret in The Witness,

the Mega Man Nine secret,
the G-Man in Half-Life,

the Chiliad Mystery, the
Mario Galaxy Sky Trees,

this is a lot we’ve actually covered.

Go back to other game
mysteries videos we’ve done.

I wanna get started
(upbeat music)

with today’s.

We’ve actually got an
interesting one at number nine.

The Magenta Mystery from Cyberpunk 2077.

Now, this is probably the most
recent mystery on this list

and it’s also one of the biggest.

So there is an entire community formed

around trying to solve just
this Cyberpunk mystery,

which revolves around this weird code

that you can find on a bunch
of statues around Night City.

The code is FF:06:B5,

which is a hexadecimal color
code for a shade of magenta,

which is where the nickname
for the mystery comes from.

Now, we don’t know what
the number’s purpose is.

We don’t definitely know

they’re referring to the color magenta.

It might have something to do with that,

but I think it’s more interesting to ask

why it’s on these four-armed statues.

Some are speculating that the
numbers are also coordinates,

or half of a Mac address,

or some other form of hexadecimal code

meant to say, you know, something else.

But even with an entire Reddit
community of secret hunters

and an entire wiki dedicated

to plumbing this game’s secrets,

not a lot of evidence has been found

about what these numbers mean to represent

if they’re meant to represent anything.

Seriously, some of the work

people have put into finding this stuff,

it’s mind boggling.

Like, people have data mined
the game from top to bottom.

They’ve found nothing.

They’ve examined every
statue, compared every code.

They’ve looked at every other
number string in the game,

tried to connect the dots
with Japanese Buddhism

or triadic colors.

Like, seriously, look at this mind map

the community put together.

My head is spinning just looking at it.

And the thing is, it could mean nothing.

Who knows, right?

It is a wild mystery to look into.

I do hope it amounts to something someday

’cause it’d be pretty wild secret.

But even if it doesn’t,

like, look at how much
people have put into it.

And number eight,
(dramatic music)

from Red Dawn Redemption Two,

where is Gavin?

This one is a little
bit more of a concrete,

but equally unsolvable
mystery from RDR Two.

Like, one of the many, many NPCs you meet

through the course of the
game is this guy named Nigel.

An Englishman, surprise,
surprise with that name,

who’s wandering around
looking for a guy named Gavin.

Unlike most of the characters
you encounter in this game,

he’s not connected to
any quests or anything.

He’s just a guy that can
be found wandering around

asking about his friend.

He has a surprisingly large
number of lines about it though,

leaving players to think

there must be a Gavin out
there somewhere in the world

just waiting to be found,

but nobody’s managed to find him so far.

Sure, a few people have claimed to,

but there’s no definitive
proof out there where he is,

or what he is doing.

It’s possible he changes identity,

or he’s some random corpse

having died after leaving Nigel alone.

On top of that, the game kind of hints

there’s something not
entirely right with Nigel.

It’s actually possible to find
him again playing as Arthur

where he looks a little more disheveled,

but he has some new lines

talking about how he’s
still searching for Gavin

after all these years.

You can even rob him for a note

that vaguely implies there’s
something off about him.

Like, did he imagine Gavin?

I don’t know.

All in all, it’s a pretty small encounter

that most players may not even notice,

but it’s an awful lot of back
story for some random NPC

that’s looking for a
guy who may not exist.

Someday, somebody might find Gavin.

But until then, he’s
gonna remain a mystery.

At number seven
(mysterious music)

is the Noki Bay book from
Super Mario Sunshine,

an old school mystery
from Super Mario Sunshine.

Back in those days,
anything could be a mystery.

And while most Mario related oddities

have some kind of official answer,

this actually remains

one of those weird little inconsistencies

that seems to not have an explanation.

Now, what makes this
random book interesting

is where it’s found.

The only way to see it is to
play Red Coins in a Bottle,

a mission on Noki Bay,

and then get the camera to
clip through a random rock

at the bottom of the inside of the bottle

hidden behind a door that can’t be opened.

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Now, there’s plenty of theories

about what purpose this book serves.

Many assume it’s part of a
mission that was abandoned.

It seems like it’s something
Mario’s supposed to get,

but according to The Cutting Room Floor,

the book is actually part
of the level geometry

and isn’t a separate model.

So that theory pretty much
just goes right out the window.

This one’s probably just
an unused level asset

for a section of the level

that was reused in the underwater section.

But with no official answers forthcoming,

all anyone can ever
really do is speculate.

It’s probably not some
kind of amazing secret.

But back in the day,
gamers weren’t as savvy

about what could and
couldn’t happen in games.

Back then, it just made sense

that some random book
dummied out in an area.

Could be like, a portal
to an entirely new world

instead of what it is,

which is probably just a
random asset they left in.

We’re never gonna know for sure though,

unless they say something.

And number six
(upbeat music)

is the Borealis from
Half-Life Two, episode two.

We’ve talked about the
many mysteries of the G-Man

from the Half-Life franchise before,

but there’s another huge
unanswered question mark

in Valve’s beloved FPS games,

and it’s called the Borealis.

Introduced in Half-Life two, episode two,

which, duh, I don’t really
know whether to call that

a sequel or a DLC or whatever.

Half-Life is weird.

But the icebreaker, Borealis,

apparently contains wealth technology

that the resistance wants to
use to combat the combine.

You never actually get
to the ship in the game.

It’s simply position is
something that’s important

that needs to be dealt with.

And at the end of episode two,

it seems like your next set

is to take a helicopter to the ship.

Now if you know Half-Life,
you know what happens next.


Half-Life two, episode three is still MIA.

The Half-Life Three, Half-Life
Two Minus One Plus Two.

I don’t know what the
hell they would call it,

but at this point, eh.

Still, they have actually
a pretty good idea

of what Valve was planning to do

even if it’s kind of speculation.

See, thing is,

Half-Life and Portal

take place in the same universe/world,

and in Portal Two,

there’s actually a reference to Borealis

that gives players a
pretty tantalizing clue

about its true nature.

So deep in the old sections

of the Aperture Research Facility,

you can actually find
the Borealis’ dry dock,

which either implies

that the ship contains
aperture technology,

or it was something found by them.

Now, it could be just a reference

but that’s generally not how

stuff that’s shared
between these two games is.

Some of the blueprints of the ship

in Half-Life Two, episode two

contain references to Aperture Science,

so there probably is
actually a connection.

– [Game Character 1] Black
Mesa can eat my bankrupt–

– [Game Character 2] Sir, the testing.

– [Game Character 1] Right.

– [Falcon] But what
purpose the ship serves

and its importance in the
story is still unknown.

With release of Half-Life: Alyx,

there’s like, a glimmer of hope

Valve might eventually
release episode three

or Half-Life Three or whatever.

But right now, we still just don’t know

what the Borealis is or is doing

nearly 15 years later.

And number five is the lost Atari console.

So this one’s a little bit different

than some of these other ones.

Back in 1996, when the Atari
Corporation first shut down,

there was a mysterious shell
of a console called the Mirai

that was revealed,

which left gaming
historians pretty baffled.

Like, even now 20 years later,

there’s really no concrete
answers on what this thing is.

Like, there’s only a shell,

and we never saw any internals

or really had any indication
that there were any internals.

There’s no way of really knowing

what the console was capable
of doing just by looking at it.

For years it was speculated,

it was gonna be an Atari
version of the Neo Geo

’cause it had a unique cartridge slot,

but it’s just as possible

Atari was trying to create a home system

of its Atari ST, which
was a computer system.

This would maybe be the
gaming version of that.

What makes it so difficult

to find information about this thing

at this point, is that all
the people involved in it

are either dead, not in the
video game industry at all,

or just don’t wanna talk about it.

Which is weird because
usually that’s like,

not how people are about stuff like that.

Like, it sounds more
like former CIA people

than it sounds like former
Atari people, but yeah.

The writer of a book,

Atari Corporation Business Is Fun,

said in an interview,

they knew exactly what the system was,

and it would be revealed in their book,

their next book specifically.

But there hasn’t been a next book.

So I guess unless someone
manages to contact this guy

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and ask him point blank,

I don’t know if we’re gonna know

what this console ever actually was.

Also, why are people
so secretive about it?

I think that’s more interesting to me

than the console itself.

Is it nuclear?

That’s what I wanna know.

Does it power itself on
some form of nuclear fusion,

which we supposedly haven’t achieved yet?

Is this thing alien tech or not?

At number four, back to
virtual worlds though.

So no one really knows what happened

between the classic Mega
Man series and Mega Man X.

And it’s kind of tormented
Mega Man fans for decades.

Like, the original games,

Mega Man with the help of Dr. Light,

battles the robot forces of Dr. Wiley.

Happens 11 or so times.

But in 1993,

Capcom introduced a new
continuity with Mega Man X,

which is a sequel series
set 100 years in the future,

which you’re now playing as X.

Dr. Light only appears as a hologram,

and Dr. Wiley, I mean
there’s not even like,

historical reference to him.

Most of the original series
characters are never mentioned.

Nobody has any idea what
happened to Roll or Bass

or anything like that.

Like, are Mega Man and X
even the same character?

X seems a little naive in the first game,

and it’s implied that Mega Man
and X are not the same thing.

So if that’s the case,

what happened to the original Mega Man?

Now, it’s implied that
the Ken to X is Ryu.

A robot named Zero was
actually built by Wiley

a few games later.

Zero actually has some memories of Wiley

that are seen in cut scenes,

I think in Mega Man X Four
if I remembered right.

And apparently he was contained

because he was too powerful to control,

but what happened?

A lot of fans speculate

that Zero was responsible
for killing everyone

in the original cast.

But the longtime project
leader of the Mega Man series,

Keiji Inafune,

has refuted that theory.

On the other hand,

there have been Mega Man games
that came out since he left,

so it doesn’t completely rule it out.

There’s lots of clues
and hints in these games

that imply something happened

between Mega Man and Mega Man X,

but until Capcom finally
decides to spill the beans,

all fans can really do is make theories.

But I will say this,

if they want to make like, basically,

the ultimate Mega Man story,

let’s see the end of that timeline.

Let’s see why there’s a Mega Man X.

Let’s see why for 100
years things were quiet,

and then Mega Man X happened.

At number three, and this one,

we’re gonna go back to
hardware for a second.

I’m talking about the mystery port

on the PlaySation Vita.

One of the most common questions asked

by anyone who owned the PCH 1000 model

of the Sony PlayStation Vita

is why didn’t they wait seven
years and then release this?

(Falcon laughs)

Seriously, it really,

it probably could’ve been a
decent competitor to Switch

if it had just a little bit
more powerful hardware in it.

Little bit bigger screen.

No, that’s not actually
the question though.

The question I was referring to is

what is the point of this port?

Nothing ever seemed to fit in it,

and the official response

was that it was meant
to be an accessory port,

but there were never any
accessories that used it.

So there’s this huge port on a console

that seemingly serves no purpose,

which has left a lot
of people to speculate

really what it was supposed to be.

For a long time, the prevailing theory

was that the port was
meant to be an HDMI out

that Sony just abandoned mid-development.

Hackers did eventually prove
that this wasn’t the case,

and found out that instead of
being a port for video output,

it was likely meant to
be a port for USB input.

That means it’s possible
they actually intended to

support the UMD Drive accessory

that was never actually released.

But that would’ve made the
Vita backwards compatible

with the PSP.

However, that seems to just
be speculation at this point.

Now, we know for sure the port was meant

for some kind of USB transfer,

but the exact purpose is still a mystery.

Unless someone at Sony just tells us,

we’re probably not gonna know.

And number two,

the mysterious Perfect
Code from Chameleon Twist,

probably one of the most forgotten

Nintendo 64 mascot platformers.

See, I mean it’s for a reason.

It didn’t really distinguish
itself back in 1997,

but the game has managed
to remain infamous.

Despite that, just for one
reason and one reason only.

It’s the Perfect Code.

After you beat the game once,

you’re given the option to
play through the game again.

Only this time, there’s
a little white star

in the corner of the screen.

You get hit once, the star disappears.

But if you manage to beat the entire game

for a second time without getting hit,

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you’ll get a new message
on the title screen.

That’s the Perfect Code,

literally a code you get
for playing perfectly.

The problem is, nobody actually
knows what this code does.

The Cutting Room Floor has no idea.

And the only speculation
I managed to find online

seems to suggest that maybe
it was a promotional tie-in

for something that was never implemented.

But that’s about it.

When a game’s big enough,

it’s usually not so hard to find

enough bodies able to
try to solve a mystery.

But we’re talking about
Chameleon Twist (laughs),

a game people don’t really remember

because not a lot of people cared about it

when it first came out.

Like, maybe we’ll be able to
get more eyes on this one,

and maybe someone will
manage to figure it out

just because it’s a really intriguing code

even if the game itself isn’t massive.

So Gameranx audience people, assemble!

And finally,
(soft music)

and this is a big one,

Marathon’s Story and its
connection to the Halo universe.

So, let’s get started with this.

We kept this one for
the last for a reason.

There is no rabbit hole deeper than this.

Before Halo, Bungie made
the iconic Marathon series.

Now, they look really primitive,

but in many ways,

these games were ahead of
their time in terms of story.

And to this day, there’s a
pretty hardcore group of fans

who obsessively try to decipher

what exactly was supposed to
be going on in these games.

You could dedicate an entire entry

just trying to figure out
Marathon Infinity alone.

But I think the real mystery

lies in just how much the
Marathon and Halo series

are actually connected.

Like, there’s a bunch of superficial

connections between the series,

like the Marathon symbol
appearing in various areas

in the Halo games,

and the fact that there are

Mjolnir Mark IV cyborgs in Marathon,

while the Spartans have
Mjolnir Mark V battle armor.

But there’s a lot more than that.

In the first Marathon game,
you can find a terminal

where the AI, Durandal, makes
references to a fourth AI

that was never named in the games.

The three AIs in Marathon were
Durandal, Leela, and Tycho,

but certain messages
talk about another one

who was sword related, was a she,

and had translucent blue flames.

Sound familiar?

Sounds a lot like Cortana,

which is also the name of the sword

used by the legendary night, Tristan.

And this is stuff that was being teased

in the first Marathon game.

That’s not all.

In a series of emails sent by
Bungie to a Marathon fan site

to tease the first Halo game,

multiple clues are dropped

in relation to Cortana and Durandal.

Hell, in an interview

after the release of the first Halo game,

Jason Jones, the co-founder of Bungie,

implied that there was something else

that helped the Pillar of Autumn survive.

Before the first Halo game,

basically every human ship was
useless against the Covenant,

but in Halo One,

you actually manage to
disable four capital ships.

Now, Jones is very strongly
implying that the AI, Durandal,

was the one responsible
for their survival.

So is Halo secretly a sequel
to the Marathon games?

Now, it’s not impossible.

They had already pulled
this trick once before

by revealing Pathways to Darkness

is actually connected to Marathon.

And before that reveal,

there were only a few
vague clues implying it

just like with Halo.

Now at this point, the serie’s
no longer in Bungie’s hands,

so the longer the games went
on, the less likely it seemed

they were going to pull the trigger

on this big Marathon twist,

but it’s still interesting to talk about.

The connections don’t end there either.

It’s also possible to
see elements of Destiny

in the more esoteric texts
hidden in the Marathon games.

Like, some of the stuff
implied in those games,

like this passage about the
gardener and the flower,

is really similar to some
of the bigger reveals

about the nature of light dark

that we’re only just now
seeing in Destiny Two.

The whole thing keeps going deeper,

and I’m really only just
scratching the surface here.

But that’s all for today.

Leave us a comment. Let
us know what to think.

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