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Video games are a sprawling
overload of information,

both visual, mental,

and sometimes, the small
stuff is easy to miss.

Hi folks, it’s Falcon,
and today, on Gameranx,

10 mind-blowing little details in games.

Starting off with number 10,

“Red Dead Redemption
2’s” crazy detailed NPCs.

Now, at this point,
you’d think we’ve covered

basically every possible
detail in “Red Dead 2,”

but we keep finding new
stuff to talk about,

like this little discovery.

If you go to the Central Union
Railroad Camp in New Hanover,

you’ll find a place where
these workers are toiling away

to build some train tracks.

Now, of course, this area is filled

with period-appropriate details,

but one of the most
surprising things about it

is the rail workers aren’t faking it.

Like, if you zoom in on them,

they’re not acting like
just background actors

in a video game that
they’ve done some work on

to fill up some space and make
it look like stuff is moving.

No, these guys are actually
hammering in railroad spikes.

Each worker is actually
genuinely hammering them in

and, when they are done,
they move on to the next one.

They aren’t just
repeatedly doing the action

in one spot over and over,
they’re building the railroad.

It’s just one of the many examples

of the incredible attention
to detail in this game.

In terms of size, scope, and ambition,

there’s really just nothing

on the level of “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

At number nine is “God of War Ragnarok’s”

Spartan Rage stuff.

Now, this one’s kinda wild

’cause I’ve played a lot of this game now,

like, a lot of this game now,

and I have not noticed this stuff.

Most of the little things
in the new “God of War”

kind of stand out on their own.

But I, like I said, have just not noticed,

up until we were looking for
things to talk about here,

just how much detail the developers

put into Krato’s transformation

when you activate Spartan Rage.

Like, I assumed, like I’m sure many have,

that the red glow was, like,
the primary thing going on.

I assume there really wasn’t
a lot else if anything.

But if you take a closer look

you can actually see
that when Rage is active,

Krato’s muscles are flexing
and his veins are bulging.

Like, look at the vein in his forehead,

it looks basically like there’s
gonna be too much pressure

and he may actually blow
a gasket or something.

It’s such a subtle detail,
it’s impossible to notice

unless you really stop and look at it.

It’s kind of mind-blowing

you can spend that much time in a game

and not even notice something like this

until you’re, like, specifically looking

for stuff like this.

And number eight is “Modern Warfare 2,”

and it’s all about the ammo.

Like, in the first “Modern Warfare” reboot

they really went wild
with all of the details,

and the sequel seems like

it’s continuing the same tradition.

And there’s really just dozens

of things we could highlight here,

but this detail’s probably my favorite.

For whatever reason,

the developers put a ton of
these little subtle details

into how ammo’s displayed in a gun.

For starters, every gun has a
unique inspection animation.

Everyone already knows about that,

we’ve talked about that
before on the channel.

But when you look at each gun,

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you can actually see how
much ammo remains in the clip

when you inspect them.

It’s especially obvious
when the clip’s near empty.

Like, look at the difference
with a few of these guns.

Another cool thing is that if
you have different ammo types

then those will show
up in your clip instead

with unique models.

Like, it’s almost just a flex.

Like they’re just bragging,

“Hey, look what we can do,” you know?

And you’re probably aware of how guns

have different reload
animations when a gun is empty

versus if it’s got some
ammo left in the clip,

but they took things a step further.

Like the revolver has five
unique reload animations,

depending on how many
bullets you still have

left in the clip.

And still, there’s one
more mind-blowing thing

about inspecting guns.

If the clip is totally empty,

the inspection animation’s
gonna be different,

sometimes completely different.

It’s kind of ridiculous
the level of detail

they put into this.

At number seven is “The
Last of Us Part I,”

an alternative use for human shields.

Now, the recent remake of “Last of Us”

has a ton of new little
environmental interactions

and details.

Some of them are new,

some of them are
backported from the sequel.

But there’s one little thing
I did not know was possible.

Like, most of the time,
you’re only grabbing infected

to break their necks,

’cause holding these
guys is basically useless

against other infected.

Getting ahold of them is pretty rare

and to take them on up
close is kind of dangerous,

and that goes, like,
double for the first game.

So it’s not, like, super likely

you’ll see this interaction normally.

Now, Clickers are an instant kill.

You’re just screwed

unless you’ve got a
shiv to defend yourself.

But there’s actually another
way to stop a Clicker.

At this point, you probably see

what we’re starting to get at.

It’s actually possible to
take an infected hostage,

and if you get attacked by a Clicker

they’ll bite your human
shield instead of you.

There’s even an entirely unique animation

for what is a really rare scenario.

And it’s pretty amazing to find

this new strategy in the game now,

but I definitely didn’t
know about it before.

At number six is this
funny little car thing

in “Sleeping Dogs.”

This is a game that’s starting to look

kind of old these days,

but it holds up just ’cause of what it is.

And a big reason why

is because all the weird
little things you can do.

Vehicles, in particular, let
you do some pretty crazy stuff.

Like how you can pretty much

abduct a person whenever you want

by throwing them into
the trunk of your car.

But there’s another fun
little detail about them.

In most open-world games,

when you park your car
close to another car,

then your guy’s gonna get outta your car

through the other door.

It’s like that in this game too,

but there’s something else that’ll happen

if both doors are blocked.

Instead of just forcing your way out,

if both car doors are blocked,

your guy will just smash
through the front windshield

and climb out of the car that way.

It’s a little extreme, but
hey, if it works, it works.

At number five is the “Ghost of Tsushima.”

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It’s probably one of
the most beautiful games

to come out in the last few years.

We’ve covered a lot of little details

in “Tsushima” in a previous video,

but there are still some
interesting things to find.

Let’s talk about how this game

manages to combine two of
its most serene elements,

falling leaves and water.

Like, alone, these things
both look incredible.

They’re just a testament
to both the art style

and just the detail.

But when you combine them,
they look even better.

When leaves fall into a body of water

instead of disappearing,

they actually settle
on the surface of water

and start floating away,
like, you know, leaves do.

And it’s one of these
amazing little visual details

that sounds so insignificant

but really sells the
realness of the world.

It’s just such a visual
showcase, this game.

And number four is “Red
Dead Redemption 2,”

ring the Rhodes bell.

Unbelievable how many little
things there are in this game.

There’s just really nothing
else out there like it.

And another amusing detail

can be found in the town of Rhodes,

where this big bell is sitting
at the entrance of town.

You can shoot it with a gun at
any time, and that rings it,

and it annoys everyone, just
like you might expect it to.

But if you wait until night,

oh, boy, does it really annoy people.

Like, and I got it.

Let’s say you’re about to get to sleep,

or maybe you’ve even been
asleep for a few minutes

after having trouble getting to sleep.

All of a sudden, gunshot! Ding!

Yeah, I got it.

And that’s how much detail
there is in this game.

Like, it’s worth going
through the mental processes

of people responding to your actions.

That is pretty wild.

It’s just not that you can ring the bell

and people react to it, it’s
that you can ring the bell

at different times of day,
and they’ll react differently.

Like, they’ll complain
they’re trying to sleep,

and you’re just making a huge
racket, and it’s very funny.

– Stop it! Stop it! (sobbing)

– At number three is
“Horizon Forbidden West’s”

Shell-Walk container.

Everyone knows you can knock

parts off machines in “Horizon,”

it’s a central part of combat.

But one little detail you might not know

involves the Shell-Walkers.

Normally, you can knock the
big containers off these guys,

and that’s a loot thing,
you get some loot from it.

But if you’re in combat,
nothing too unusual happens,

they just fight you.

If you’re careful,

you manage to knock off the container

without setting them off,

you can also see how they react
to losing their container.

Like, after it gets knocked off,

the Shell-Walker’s gonna look
really confused for a moment.

They’ll walk over, they’ll
grab the container,

and put it back on their backs.

But because the attachments are broken,

because you broke them,

they’ll hold it in place
with one of their hands,

which is just an impressive little detail

for something that
nobody’s really gonna see.

That’s not really a common
thing, at least for most players.

And number two, “Gran Turismo 7.”

This game accurately
models the sky at night,

and this one’s pretty crazy.

The level of detail in this
game, it’s second to none.

There’s just an obsession that
went into making this game

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and it doesn’t end with cars.

These tracks are so meticulously recreated

down to the smallest detail,

including, and I’m dead
serious about this,

all of the stars in the sky,

like the star formations, the planets,

it’s all accounted for,
and their position changes

depending on the location of the track.

It’s an incredibly small
detail that 99% of people

are not even gonna notice,
much less care about.

But this is the kind of
detail we love to see.

It’s the sort of thing
that takes a ton of work

and it makes the game feel more realistic,

even if most people never notice it.

And finally, at number
one, the “HITMAN Trilogy”

using rakes as weapons.

Now, the “HITMAN” games

are all about that sandbox, you know?

The most random things you can pick up,

they don’t serve a lot of a purpose

other than bludgeoning people,

and some tools can double as traps.

In the level Whittleton Creek,

it’s pretty easy to find the humble rake,

which is mostly just a
tool for blending in,

but it also serves a really
funny secondary function.

Like, just leave it on the ground

in front of somebody who’s walking around

and when they step on the rake,

it’ll pop up and hit them in the face

and stun them for a
second, ala Sideshow Bob.

It’s this ridiculous little detail

that most players didn’t even
know about until recently.

And I don’t know

that it’s a “Simpson’s”
reference or anything,

but I do know that every
time I make it happen,

that’s all I can think about.

I mean, this is just
another really fantastic

and interesting way
developers really went all-out

to create as many interesting
interactions as is possible.

(rake thuds)
(bystanders chattering)

– Oh!

– Also, a quick bonus for you,

the unusual rain in “Ghostwire: Tokyo.”

Like, it’s really odd, but
if you’ve played “Ghostwire”

you might have noticed how
strange the rain looks.

Like, there’s a reason for that.

For some reason, the raindrops fall

in the shape of the rain
kanji, rather than raindrops.

Like, if you’re unfamiliar,

kanji is a system of Japanese writing

using Chinese characters,

so the rain is little Chinese
characters that mean rain.

It might just be to do with
the ghostly nature of the world

or it just might be a quirky detail

the developers came up with
and did to make it unique.

I don’t know.

But it’s actually mind-blowing
when you realize it

’cause it’s pretty easy to miss.

And that’s all for today.

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