Soloing a Destiny 1 Nightfall in 2023

20.01.2023 0 By admin

Over the weekend I went back to Destiny 1.
At first it was to capture footage for my previous video, but the next day I figured, hey why not just sit back and relax and boot up D1 again.

So I did.

And the first thing I did was check the weekly nightfall modifiers. Solar Burn,  Small Arms, Ironclad, EXPOSURE. Alright so not impossible. Exposure really sucks, but Solar Burn  and Small Arms will make it doable at least. So for this Solo setup we’re going in with the Hung Jury Scout rifle, a solar Thousand Yard Stare with triple tap, and of course, the Gjallarhorn.

Now in retrospective here, I probably should’ve gone with the exotic version of Vision of Confluence because it does solar damage, which paired with these modifiers would’ve made it do an insane amount of damage, but I just completely spaced that idea.
So now that we’ve got our loadout set,

I think we’re ready to get into the Nightfall.
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Alright lets get right into the Nightfall.
So the Nightfall is the Summoning Pits, one of
my favorite strikes in the game because its super

fast and replayable. Now this first room can
be a make or break depending on the modifiers,

like if there’s Arc burn or lightswitch, then
you’re probably not gonna have a good time.

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It’s pretty claustrophobic feeling.
And things started out pretty good,

maintaining near full health and shields so far,
but I got a bit careless and things became pretty

dicey right away. And with Exposure on, I was
pretty much capped at this much health almost

the whole Nightfall. But despite the few close
calls, I was able to clear this section first try,

though I nearly got wrecked by this
boomer night at the last second.
And because of exposure, it means
peaking things like this ogre is

instantly a lot more risky because their
burst damage is actually pretty insane.
But no sweat, on to the next section.
This room has an insane amount of ads

to clear and we gotta get them all to
progress, so I took things pretty slow.

this plan

ended up working great, because as I was taking
my time with it and avoiding damage at all costs,

it allowed for my shields to regenerate
back up to at least a decent level.
And after just a few minutes I’d cleared out the
room. Only 10 minutes in so far, so not bad.
I didn’t wanna get caught in the full
auto wizard spam here so I again took

my time after spawning them in.
And after the discount King’s Fall

Jumping Puzzle I made it to Phogoth. Now I
was not prepared in the slightest on how to

tackle this room, so my first thought
was to just clear out as many ads as

possible before targeting Phogoth. Got a
few shots off, and popped a heavy synth.
Then, a shrieker showed up which I completely
forgot about and pushed me to the far corner of

the map where I proceeded to get blasted by some
hive boomers and just simply got destroyed.
First attempt on Phogoth did not go so
well. Just need to panic less this time.
I decided to ensure I clear out all the
knights in the arena right away this time

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so that once that shrieker spawns in again and
likely pushes me to the corners of the map,

I won’t get shredded by boomers.
But after clearing the knights,

I just decided to post up at the top and see if
this could be a decent option to take on Phogoth.

But these freakin traps started to become
an issue, so I knew I’d need to move soon.
After clearing a surprise wave of Thrall,
I decided to move to the edge and take

a few shots at him, but another wave of
Knights spawned and the rest is history.
Alright round 3, Clear the Knights,
take it slow, Destroy the shriekers.
After almost getting demolished by the shrieker’s
Liam Neesons, things were going okay for a minute,

but then it all turned bad pretty fast again.
I picked up this Knight Sword for some reason

which gave me more problems than it did help
me, and sure enough after panic running for

another 2 minutes, and thinking I had finally
found a moment to breathe, I just choked.
After a few more failed attempts, and losing the
possibility of the Time Bonus, I finally found a

strategy that just might work.
Step one, clear the Knights
Step two, find a cheeky spot.
Step three, profit.
Look I know this spot is cheesy as hell,
but it feels especially fitting to bring

Phogoth down with a strategy like this. I
mean in year 1 of D1, there were all kinds

of cheese strategies to beat this dude on
Nightfalls. Like getting under the map and

hitting him with Armor Piercing round weapons.
And while this spot isn’t a glitch or anything,

it did bring me back to the good old days
of year 1 when we would set up in some

advantageous position to take down Nightfall
Bosses. I just thought it was pretty fitting.
Phogoth is

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probably the most intimidating boss in
the game the way he shakes your screen,

and the amount of damage his eye blast does. It’s
pretty intense man. But we got the solo down,

let’s see what we get.
Of course. An awful sidearm,

but we did pull the Strike Chest, and it went
to the post master. Lets see what we got.
Unfortunately we didn’t get the Glove drop like
I was hoping, but we did get the Devil’s Dawn

which is a great Sniper rifle, but I’ve already
got one, and definitely wanted to bag a good

roll on the gloves. But that’s alright.
I’ve got some treasure of Ages to open,

as well as a few exotic and legendary
engrams so lets get to opening those.
First up is rahool, who gives me mostly
average loot drops for the legendary armor,

not any stand out high rolls or
anything. The Exotic boots were decent,

but Frostees aren’t my go to since Bones of
Eao exists. The weapons were also pretty mid,

Conspiracy Theory being yet again another
weapon to add to my Exhumed collection.

But this Teacup Tempest is alright, I guess.
As for the Treasure of Ages, we got an ornament

for Icebreaker, and the Jazz Hands emote
so better than most for these loot boxes.
But that’s gonna be it for the video guys hope
you enjoyed this one! If you did, be sure to

leave a like, and subscribe for more Destiny
content. I’ll see you all in the next one!