10 legendary side quests in video games.

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– Lots of side quests in video games

can be boring filler

but some are the most
legendary, memorable,

or just plain good quests

in some of the best games of all time.and today on “Gameranx”,

10 legendary side quests in video games.

So before we get going, every
single entry on this list

is from an optional quest,
sometimes easy to miss,

sometimes pretty obvious

but you can avoid every
single one of them.

But why would you?

They’re fantastic, that’s the point.

Starting off with number 10,

A House Divided from “Mass Effect 2”.

Easily one of the best characters

you can recruit in this game is Legion,

a unique Geth that functions independently

from the hive mind.

They were the primary
enemy in “Mass Effect 2”

so getting one in your party
was a pretty cool twist.

The mission where you first
meet Legion is required

but the second major Legion
mission, his loyalty mission,

is one of the best in the entire game

if not the entire series and
you can skip it if you want.

Legion as a character adds a ton of depth

to the previously fairly
one dimensional Geth

which basically functioned as space undead

in the first game.

They were kind of creepy and
mechanical zombie things.

And with Legion you could
find out a lot more about them

and the unique way of experiencing
the world that they had.

How Geth isn’t really a single unit

and each Geth robot is actually

a collection of multiple programs.

For this mission, Legion
asks for your help

to destroy a virus created
by the Geth heretics

who worship the universe
consuming Reachers,

and if it was deployed it would
infect the rest of the Geth,

force them to join the heretics,

who by the way, were in a genocidal war

against all of organic life
which wouldn’t be nice,

that would be bad, right?

Unless you’re a psycho, I don’t know.

Shepard travels to the heretic station

which houses thousands
of sleeping Geth robots.

It has this cool and sterile
machine precision to it,

there’s no windows, there’s
no air, minimal gravity.

(gunfire blasting)

– Target acquired.

– And the reason for it

is that Geth don’t need
any of that, obviously.

What makes the mission so great
is the oppressive atmosphere

and the way that it adds to the Geth lore.

They’re one of the most
interesting factions

in the entire “Mass Effect” series,

almost exclusively ’cause of
Legion and this single mission.

At number nine is Iron
Fist Alexander’s quest

from “Elden Ring”.

Most of the quests in “Elden
Ring” are pretty grim,

obviously pretty tragic things

pretty constantly in this game,

sometimes the characters
are nuts but not here.

Yeah, Alexander’s a little weird looking

being a, you know, jar man.

But the first time you manage

to get him unstuck from a hole,

he proves himself to be a real bro.

Like a lot of the quests in this game

just finding where he is next
is probably the hardest part.

He shows up intermittently

throughout the entire 100 hour game

and if you miss him once, you
have to go back to get him

for him to show up anywhere else.

And the thing about this guy

is that he actually does help you,

at Redmane Castle he
helps you fight the boss

and in this case the
assistance is actually helpful.

Of course, for such a cheerful dude,

the quest does end in tragedy

like pretty much everyone else.

(dramatic orchestral music)

Near the end of the game he challenges you

to a warrior’s duel,
which of course you win

because he’s a big jar,

and all you get for it as a reward

is just his disgusting innards

and a shard that increases
the power of jar weapons.

It’s not really the treasure at the end

that makes the quest so legendary,

it’s just Alexander himself.

His bizarre appearance, jovial personality

and all around hopefulness makes him

one of the best NPC quests
not just in “Elden Ring”

but just from the entire
From Software catalog.

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At number eight is

Where The Cat And The Wolf
Play from “Witcher 3”.

For a series of games all about Witchers,

you never really hear a lot
about more than just Geralt.

There’s a few recurring characters

but not really more than a handful.

That’s what makes this quest
so shocking and memorable,

you actually run into another
Witcher kind of randomly.

It’s not even a quest you
come by normally either.

Instead it starts after taking

a pretty generic sounding contract

called The Beast Of Honorton.

When you get to the town,

instead of getting this
standard contract negotiation

and mission objectives,
Geralt finds the town empty.

(monsters roaring)
(swords slicing)

You explore round enough, you
find the head of a Leshen,

which causes Geralt to realize

someone beat him to the contract.

Eventually you find a little girl

that explains that a Witcher
massacred the entire village

because of a disagreement over payment.

You can find him and
actually learn a bit more.

He was at least a little justified

because the villagers tried
to ambush and kill him

after he demanded the villagers pay

the original, you know, agreed upon sum.

And you are given the option

to either kill this guy or spare him.

In a fight he actually
uses signs against Geralt

and some dirty tricks that, I don’t know,

he tries to get the upper hand with.

For a random side quest,
to have a full-blown

Witcher boss fight’s kind of surprising

and it just goes to show
how many of the side quests

are incredible in “The Witcher 3”.

At number seven is Miracle
on Tenkaichi Street

from “Yakuza 0”.

The side content from the “Yakuza” games,

kind of all over the place.

Sometimes legit interesting,
other times total farce.

You can never really tell
exactly what you’re gonna get.

One of the most all-time ridiculous

and most memorable side
quests comes from “Yakuza 0”

where Kiryu somehow gets involved

in helping an American production

that’s filming in
Kamurocho for some reason.

At the start of the mission,

Kiryu is kind of just like, oh,

there’s some celebrity here, whatever.

He doesn’t care at all

but then immediately runs
over to where they are

and starts fixing their problems.

The Americans in question are

of course director Stephen Spining

and the pop star prince Miracle Johnson.

The game is set in the ’80s

so you can probably guess
who they’re supposed to be.

Whole situation, totally absurd.

– Ooh!
(lively dance music)

– But the actual mission
is somehow crazier.

Try to follow me here on this one.

Your job is to protect Miracle Johnson

from attacking zombies.

It’s all related to the music video

they’re apparently making,
but it’s kind of real.

I don’t know, I’ve never really known

exactly what to make of this but I guess

Stephen Spining’s just
really into method acting,

I don’t know.

At number six is the Superhuman
Gambit from “Fallout 3”,

a fairly memorable and goofy side quest.

If you’ve ever played “Fallout 3”

you know exactly the
one we’re talking about.

The town of Canterbury
Commons is a battleground

between a supervillain and a superhero

and it’s up to you to
get things sorted out

because the whole situation

is driving the townsfolk totally crazy.

There’s the AntAgonizer, the supervillain

who commands an army of giant ants

and the Mechanist who is apparently a hero

but also has their own army of robots.

You’re given a lot of different
ways to solve the situation.

You can either get one
of ’em to back down,

you can use one to fight the other,

or not side with either, kill ’em both.

I mean, there’s a lot of ways
to resolve the situation.

– You and your pathetic tin cans

are no match for my
army. (laughs deviously)

– The citizens of this
town have nothing to fear.

– It’s ridiculous though,

and as one of the starting
missions of “Fallout 3”

it does a great job of illustrating

how “Fallout” is pretty different

from other super serious
post-apocalyptic games.

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Things can get pretty goofy sometimes

and this mission is easily

one of the more memorable
examples of that.

At number five, “Borderlands
2″‘s quest, Kill Yourself.

A little worried about
what the YouTube algorithm

is gonna think about saying that.

It’s a quest in “Borderlands”.

I can’t change the name
of it, you algorithm, you.

Most quests in “Borderlands”
games are about,

you know, killing everyone but yourself

but this one is different
in that primary respect.

Given to you by the game’s
main villain Handsome Jack,

the objective is simple,
either do it or don’t do it.

Jack wants you to jump off a cliff

and if you do it you get a reward

but if you don’t do it,
you don’t get anything.

Of course killing yourself isn’t
gonna actually end the game

’cause you’ll just respawn after you die

but Jack literally says that
if you do it, you’re a sellout.

It’s a simple mission

but it definitely gave some players pause

’cause you either get nothing but don’t do

what the bad guy wants you
to do no matter how petty

or you do it and he makes fun
of you but you get a reward.

It shouldn’t matter ’cause
it’s just a video game anyway,

none of it matters in real life,

but if you do it like I did

then you somehow feel a little dirty.

Just a little.

At number four is Gone Fishin’

from “Vampire: The
Masquerade – Bloodlines”,

the only quest in the game

where Big the Cat makes an appearance.

Just kidding, not true.

Not sure how well Big the Cat would fare

in the world of “Vampire:
The Masquerade – Bloodlines”.

But some of the best quests out there

are the ones that can surprise you

with something legitimately new.

It’s pretty rare when
quests like that show up

and when they do they stand
out, and Gone Fishin’,

a memorable example of what
I’m talking about here.

So in the Chinatown area

you can talk to this
unique-looking character

named Ming-Xiao who wants your help

hunting down this Red Dragon guy.

She mentions that he’s possibly
a demon known as Hengeyokai

but you know how these games normally go,

they just give him
glowing eyes or something

and call it a day.

That’s what makes his actual
appearance such a surprise,

you encounter the guy in the fish market,

he transforms into a
hammerhead shark-man hybrid

and all you can do is kill him.

It’s the only time you ever
see a monster like that

in the whole game and it’s
not even part of a main quest.

You almost never really see
games throw in new enemies

or bosses in random side
quests, like this kind anyways,

that’s something you see in more offbeat

and weird games like “Control”.

Also, it’s a hammerhead shark-man,

it’s kind of silly too.

(monster growling)

At number three is The Forsworn
Conspiracy from “Skyrim”.

Considered by many to be
one of the best quests

in this game, starts off with a murder.

When you first enter Markarth,

you see somebody getting attacked.

You can actually stop the
person from getting killed

but either way the investigation is on

to see, you know, what was
supposed to be going on here.

What follows is actually
a really interesting

and involved investigation
that ends in a twist

where the guy you’re helping out is killed

and you get thrown in jail.

From there you can either meet up

with the leader of the Forsworn

and either help him escape from prison

or work against him.

It’s even possible to help him

then turn on him at the last minute.

Most quests in “Skyrim”
have a really set outcome,

can’t really do a lot to
change what eventually happens

but these quests give you
a lot of different ways

to resolve things.

Throw in some interesting
one-off characters

and an interesting mystery

and that makes this one of
the best quests in the game.

– I think we can overlook

your crimes for now.
– We warned you.

But you had to just go and cause trouble.

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Now we have to pin all
these recent murders on you,

silence witnesses, work, work, work.

– At number two is Fiona’s Forest Quest

from “Chrono Trigger”.

Now, one of the best things
about “Chrono Trigger”

is the endgame.

At a certain point you’re free

to just take on the final
boss Lavos whenever,

but there’s still tons
of things left to be done

and they’re just as good as
the rest of the game’s content.

Some of the most memorable stuff to do

is at the end of the game,

but a common favorite
is this surprising quest

which involves using some time travel

to turn a barren desert
into a lush forest.

To start this one, you gotta
talk to a woman named Fiona

in her house in the middle
of a desert in 600 AD.

They wanna start planting trees

but they need your help to
clear out an area of monsters

called The Sunken Desert.

If you do that and then leave
Robo to help plant the seeds

then when you return
to the spot in 1000 AD,

you’ll find a lush forward and
the rusted remains of Robo.

After fixing him up and
camping in the forest

a random time portal opens up

and you control Luca now
where you get the ability

to change the past and save her mother

from getting injured on
this mechanical contraption.

It definitely takes a
turn at the end there

but it’s an interesting quest

with a lot of memorable moments.

Like the part where you
have to input a password

to save Luca’s mother is especially tense

and it’s especially impressive

considering this is a side
quest for a game from 1995.

The fact that there’s an
endgame area in a JRPG

from 1995 alone is actually pretty cool,

but this is all really
interesting story stuff.

At number 10 is Emil’s
Determination from “NieR:Automata”.

Most of the side quests in “NieR:Automata”

are pretty forgettable

but there are a few diamonds in the rough

like the most memorable, at least to me,

is this one which is both the
craziest quest in the game

and the hardest to actually unlock.

The only way to see this one is to upgrade

every single weapon in
the game to level four,

which on its own is quite a challenge.

If you manage to unlock all those weapons

and get ’em upgraded, then
this secret quest pops up

in the Desert Zone where
you can meet up with Emil,

the grotesque skull-face kid thing

that shows up from time to time.

He’s a pivotal character from
“NieR”, the original game

but he’s a little more
than a cameo in this game,

at least up to now.

When you arrive you find a giant Emil head

in the desert that suddenly attacks

and this is the most dangerous
enemy in the game by far.

It even has a special attack

where it attempts to self destruct

which doesn’t just kill
you, it destroys the world

and you get a unique ending.

The fight is just bizarre

but if you’re a fan of the series,

getting some clues about
Emil’s bizarre history

is pretty great and the
fight itself is so weird

and worth it just to see this.

(tense orchestral music)

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