It’s Falcon,on Gameranx,10 over the top boss moves

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[Falcon] Bosses are meant to have exaggerated move sets,things that you would never see a regular enemy do,but some of them are so over the top that it’s worth putting them togetherand having a look at ’em.

It’s Falcon,and today on Gameranx,10 over the top boss moves.

Starting off with number 10,

when Cronos tries to crush
you in “God of War 3.”

Now, of course, everything
about “God of War 3”

is over the top, the
set pieces, the combat,

the level of violence, and
scale of the boss fights.

It’s all about as crazy
as an action game can get.

Picking just one boss, let
alone one attack for this list,

was a tall order because there
are a lot of options here.

The move where Hades
tries to steal your soul

almost made this list,
but we decided to start

with something more suitably bombastic.

The fight with Cronos goes
to 100 right from the start,

with this gigantic Titan
trying to crush Kratos

between his thumb and index finger

while the camera zooms out

to really give you a sense
of scale, just telling you,

hey, this guy is that
much bigger than you.

You’re not even an ant
compared to this guy.

He’s basically messing with
you at that point, though.

When he gets really serious,

that’s when he just straight
up tries to crush you flat

with the palm of his hand,

which is obviously not
good enough to stop Kratos,

of course, but pretty impressive.

And at number nine, the
throw-a-planet attack

from “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

I don’t know about you,

but I did not expect the
“Guardians of the Galaxy” game

to escalate as fast as it
did, or as far as it did.

The final boss is the
closest thing we’ve seen

to a JRPG boss in a Western action game

based on a comic book
that we’ve ever seen.

It’s totally nuts.

After the fake-out ending,

it’s revealed the true
enemy of the game, Magus,

again, perhaps a funny coincidence in that

it’s kind of the inverse
of “Chrono Trigger,”

where Magus wasn’t the actual bad guy,

but Vegas took control of Adam Warlock,

which basically means
he has infinite power.

And if none of that
makes any sense to you,

just remember it’s comic books.

You kinda have to roll with it.

But you battle this guy
floating on a platform in space

where he summons shadow
enemies to fight you

while trying to pelt you with projectiles.

For most of the fight,
it’s nothing too wild,

but get far enough,

and he suddenly whips out an entire planet

that he sends crashing towards you.

The only way to survive
is to reach the shield

that Nikki generates.

Otherwise, you’re just dead.

It doesn’t get much more over the top

than using a planet like a snowball,

but believe me, it’s
the tip of the iceberg

when it comes to the top
attacks in video games.

At number eight, “Asura’s
Wrath’s” time-stop ass-kicking,

for lack of a better word.

The true final boss in “Asura’s Wrath,”

the one that we’re contractually
obligated to remind you

that you had to pay money to actually see,

is one of the most
over-the-top final encounters

in video game history.

If we’re just talking about scale,

this would probably be the
number one out of all of them.

Like the leading up to the fight,

this guy doesn’t just
throw planets at you.

He throws entire solar systems at you.

You blow up suns while trying to kill him.

The scale is insane.

It’s also over the top that
regular gigantic things

getting thrown at you,
they almost feel mundane.

I mean it doesn’t, but when
your main guy is suddenly as big

as a planet, and the final
boss is bigger than the galaxy,

these kind of attacks
stop being as impressive.

So instead of just
talking about big things

getting thrown at you,

I want talk about one of the
crazier boss attacks out there.

This guy pulls this
time-stop ability on you,

and he generates his orb
that if you’re in it,

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it gets frozen solid, and
he takes advantage of that

by giving you this insane beatdown.

Even if you manage to
avoid some of his attacks,

he still taunts the hell out of you

by teleporting in your way

and just looking at you
like you’re nothing.

It’s probably one of the
most “Dragon Ball Z”-style

teleport spam beatdowns,
but taken to the next level,

and you basically have to be
on the receiving end of it.

And at number seven is
the Psychic Meteor attack

from “Kirby and the Forgotten Land.”

Looking at the little cute puffball,

you would assume that a Kirby game

would probably be one of
the last types of games

that you’d see insane,
over-the-top bosses,

but you would be wrong.

For whatever reason, some of
the most wild stuff of all time

goes down in the Kirby series,

but then again, the game is
about a little fluff ball

that can absorb basically
anything and steal its powers,

kind of like a cute vacuum or something.

I don’t know.

It’s weird enough to expect
some weird stuff in, but still,

you don’t really expect
“Devil May Cry” level bosses.

But then you get to the final boss,

and this goes for
basically any Kirby game,

but in this case, the most
over-the-top attack in the game

happens at the end of the True Arena,

the final challenge of the game.

You get to the end.

You take on the Chaos Elfilis,

the ultimate form of
the regular final boss,

with an entirely new second form.

He’s basically already
a “Devil May Cry” boss

with some pretty impressive attacks,

but in the ultimate
form, it goes next level.

When you get to the
second part of the fight,

that’s also when the stops
really get pulled out.

It catches on fire. The skies turn red.

It starts causing explosive
debris to rain down

from the sky.

Some of it falls down in piles,

and the only way to avoid the next attack,

the massive deadly shockwave,

is to platform up the debris to avoid it.

It doesn’t sound that
crazy, but in action,

it’s actually pretty
tough and insane looking.

“Kirby and the Forgotten Lands”

actually has some pretty
wild bosses other than this,

but obviously, Chaos
Elfilis tops all of them.

At number six is the
Elden Beast grab attack

from “Elden Ring.”

We had to mention at least
one Souls game boss here,

and while most of the bosses
in these kinds of games

are more down to earth
with less flashy attacks,

this guy is anything but.

The Elden Beast is the
final boss of the game,

with the fight taking place in
a suitably epic environment.

A lot of its attacks are over the top.

It’s got a massive sword that
generates holy explosions,

it fires homing projectiles that shoot out

dozens of additional homing projectiles,

it flies through the air
shooting stuff at you,

and it’s an all around weird fight

that’s a little more abstract

than what you’re used to
seeing in these kinds of games,

where the standard boss is
usually just a guy with a sword.

Of course, its most over-the-top attack

has got to be its grab.

If you’ve seen it,

you know exactly what we’re talking about.

If you’re unlucky enough to
get caught by this thing,

it literally crucifies
you on the Elden Ring

just like Marika,

then impales you with
multiple magic spears

before blowing you up
in a massive explosion.

It’s an attack that does a ton of damage,

and you’re unlikely to survive it.

And the very idea of surviving the attack

is actually ridiculous itself.

I mean, it impales you
about a dozen times.

If you got hit with that,
you should probably be dead.

Arguing the logistics of this thing

is kind of pointless, though.

It’s an over-the-top attack

meant to show you how
powerful the boss is,

and it serves that purpose very well.

And at number five,

the Data Zemnas from
“Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind.”

All the Data bosses you take on

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in the “Kingdom Hearts
III DLC” are pretty nuts.

Every last one of ’em seems to pull out

some totally nutso attack.

It’s very dangerous.

So while you might not
agree with this one,

it’s probably my personal favorite

as far as over-the-top attacks go.

I’m talking about the laser orb
attack from the Data Xemnas,

where he literally surrounds the arena

with hundreds of dots of lasers

and then fires them all in sequence.

This all happens while he’s attacking you

with a ton of other attacks as well,

so the visual alone is
really over the top.

At first, you can’t even really tell

it’s supposed to be an attack.

It looks like a background change

to some new abstract visual,

but then the little lights start to glow

and you find yourself pinned down

by an endless rain of lasers.

It’s kind of one of those
attacks that’s so over the top,

it’s practically abstract.

And at number four, when a
boss throws a building at you

in “Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.”

Now, not every boss with
larger-than-life attacks

is automatically good, as this
entry makes abundantly clear.

“Sonic the Hedgehog”
on the PS3 and Xbox 360

is a miserable game,

with some of the worst bosses out there,

and I don’t just mean in the Sonic series.

I mean any game ever.

They’re really, really god awful.

Iblis is no exception.

Most of this fight, you’re sitting around

waiting for things to
happen, only to suddenly die

and be forced to play the
whole thing over again.

Most of its attacks aren’t
anything to write home about

at all, until just out of the blue,

it suddenly picks up a whole building

and tries to flatten you.

If you attack it, you
can interrupt the attack,

but good luck actually hitting it

with these terrible aiming controls.

The fact that a gigantic
enemy tries to kill you

with an entire building should be awesome,

but in practice, it’s pretty laughable.

Half the time, the building
just kind of jutters around

and then disappears when it hits you.

It’s really not impressive.

It is over the top, though.

In a better game, having a psychic battle

with a Godzilla-sized
monster would be great,

but we are also talking about “Sonic ’06,”

so it is not great.

It is the opposite of great.

(dramatic music)

And at number three is an Anima’s Oblivion

from “Final Fantasy X.”

Some of the most over-the-top
attacks in gaming, period,

come from the summons in “Final Fantasy.”

These are the most wild
moves in the series,

and the series is insane
in so many respects.

But it’s important to note that
while these moves are wild,

you’re for the most part
using them on enemies,

not the other way around.

This changes when you
face off against Seymour

for the first time in “Final Fantasy X.”

On his own, he’s not that dangerous,

but what really makes him
threatening is his aeon, Anima.

When this thing gets
summoned into the fight,

that’s when you get a
taste to your own medicine,

and it pulls out this Oblivion attack,

where this weird mummy thing

pulls your party into the
netherworld or something,

where Anima’s bottom half is revealed

to be an upside-down demon

that punches the hell out of your party.

If you’re not prepared,

this attack can and will end right there.

It is a brutal one.

It’s also another one where
it’s not necessarily the scale

that makes it over the
top but the presentation.

Few boss attacks really
give you that feeling

you’re totally screwed than this one.

It’s just got the perfect
level of intimidation

and weirdness, and also,
again, if you’re not prepared,

you’re not going survive it.

At number two is Sans’ first
attack from “Undertale.”

Usually, bosses have
their over-the-top stuff

later in the fight.

They save it,

just to make it really
hard to survive with low HP

after a long battle.

This guy, though, not messing around.

He pulls out all the
stops right from turn one,

attacking with an absolutely
overwhelming barrage

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of deadly attacks that few
actually manage to survive

the first time, or the
second or third time.

Generally considered the
hardest boss in the game,

the Genocide route Sans
boss can only be fought

if you killed literally
everything else in the game.

You’d think that would prepare you,

but it’s not even close.

Even if you do manage to
survive the initial onslaught,

it’s not like the fight’s
just over after that.

You still need to beat him.

And this is a fight

where it could be considered challenging

even without that initial attack.

Visually, it looks like

a suspiciously smooth-playing NES game,

so while it’s not that
over the top in detail,

it’s incredibly over the top in challenge.

Everyone always jokes about why a boss

just doesn’t use the
ultimate attack at the start,

but this guy did it.

(upbeat music)

At number one is Safer
Sephiroth’s Super Nova

from “Final Fantasy VII.”

So there’s nothing really
that can compare with this.

Safer Sephiroth is the final
boss of “Final Fantasy VII,”

and there was nothing
more epic back in 1997

when this game first came out.

The choir, the strange
heavenly background,

it’s all about as perfect
as a final boss can get.

(choir chanting)

Just look at this madness.

He somehow causes Pluto
to come crashing down

through the solar system,

destroying everything in its path

before crashing into the sun

and causing a literal supernova.

The entire solar system is destroyed,

and the attack ends with
an expanding ball of fire

hitting the party.

Of course, it doesn’t even kill you.

He literally whipped out an attack

that destroyed every planet in our system,

but that’s not enough to stop you.

Also, logistically,

these games don’t take
place in our solar system,

so did he kill all of us?

Is that what happened?

Did he transport the party there

or use the energy from the
destruction of our sun?

I don’t know.

All you can do is really
imagine some kind of illusion

because I’m not really sure
what the alternative even is.

It’s so over the top that it’s
not even canon what it is.

In every way, it’s one of the
most ridiculous single attacks

in video game history,

and I’m not sure if
anyone’s managed to top it.

A couple of smaller bonus ones for you.

The Great Attractor from
“Final Fantasy VIII.”

I mean, they tried to top the
Sephiroth attack, but I mean,

while they didn’t do it,
this is a really crazy attack

where the final boss
pulls out a similar move

in that they tether a bunch
of planets to your party

and slam them all into you at once.

It’s bizarre and really over the top,

but still not quite as crazy
as that Sephiroth attack.

I don’t know.

You definitely get points for
trying, “Final Fantasy VIII.”

There’s also a really crazy one

from “Super Robot Wars
OG: The Moon Dwellers.”

It just goes beyond the impossible,

not that none of these did,

but the final boss in this edition

of the long running
strategy-RPG crossover series

laughs at destroying just a solar system.

This guy’s attack called
the Degenerative Cannon

seems to destroy the entire
galaxy with a single blast.

If you thought Super Nova was ridiculous,

you haven’t seen anything yet.

As epic? I don’t know.

Definitely more ridiculous, though.

And that’s all for today.

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