Some unfair game tasks in video games

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[Falcon] Something you would think would be very important about video games is that they’re fair, beatable, winnable, something you can actually complete.

However this is not always the case.

Hi folks, it’s Falcon.

And today on Game Ranks 10, extremely unfair quests in video games.

Starting off with number 10,

Hell on Wheels from
Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

This is the mission

where you get to try out
Leonardo da Vinci’s tank.

And yes, that’s like one of
the funniest things to say.

Is it as funny in the game?

Ah, maybe for a minute, but
it wears off pretty quick

’cause it just plays out
kinda like a tank mission.

And given it’s like the
only tank in existence.

Normally, you just go on a killing spree

with mostly no problems.

But if you really wanna complete

all the additional objectives,

you have to beat the mission

without taking any damage, zero,

while in the tank at all, none.

So half the fun of using a tank

is watching enemies shoot
at you and it doing nothing.

Just not damaging you at all.

But they just had to
tack on this requirement.

So instead of getting to
go on a proper rampage,

you had to play this
mission super cautious,

borderline stealth.

Because any random shot hitting the tank,

even a little tiny little nothing,

you can’t complete the
optional objectives.



The tank part isn’t
even the whole mission.

Like there’s an on-foot
part before the tank part.

It’s short but if you fail it,

the only option is to restart
the entire mission all over.

So you don’t start from the tank part,

you start from the on-foot part

and it’s kind of irritating.

Also, it’s just unfair.

It it’s a tank thing.

Like that’s the point of having the tank.

And number nine is the
Gambler Challenges from RDR2.

Any kind of quest that’s
dependent on randomness

is automatically gonna suck.

So it really shouldn’t come

as a surprise that the Gambler Challenges

from Red Dead 2 are particularly infamous.

These things start out easy enough,

with objectives like
win five hands of poker.

But as you rank up, the
requirements get more annoying

and the chances of you even getting

to do some of the stuff
gets lower and lower.

Possibly the worst rank challenges,

the one for rank eight,
where it wants you to win

three hands of blackjack
with three hits or more.

Now, I don’t know if you are a gambler

but the chances of winning
a game of blackjack

with three hits is astronomically low.

Just one winning hand is a miracle.

Three might as well be impossible.

– Yeah, we have 10.
– Card please.

– [Game Character] A 20.

– [Falcon] So a fellow trying to train-

– [Game Character] No.

– [Falcon] There’s nothing
worse than finally getting

a decent hand after three hits,

only for the dealer to get a 21.

That’s like just the game begging you

to whip out a pistol and
blow the dealer away.

And number eight,

Deliver the Delicate
Flower from Hollow Knight.

Like the souls games that inspired it,

Hollow Knight only has a few side quests

but the ones that are
can be very frustrating.

This one’s one of the hardest

where a secret character
asks you to do something

that sounds pretty simple.

Deliver a flower to their lover’s grave

on the other side of the map.

It’s just a pet quest.

But the problem is a single
hit will damage the flower

and fail the mission.

That means you gotta
trudge all the way back

to the quest giver, get a
new flower and try again.

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And it’s not like this
game’s map is small.

It’s huge and most fast travel
options damage the flower

so you’re forced to walk it.

Any other scenario

shouldn’t be that hard
to avoid taking damage

but the closer you get to the goal,

the more nerveracking the whole thing is.

And it doesn’t help

the final resting place of the flower

is in one of the most
dangerous zones of the game.

Most people would just skip
this one if they could,

but delivering the flower
to a different character

can unlock an entirely new ending.

One that requires you to
finish the ball-busting

difficult Pantheon of Hallownest.

Which, good luck with that.

At number seven is Dodging Lightning

from Final Fantasy X.

A pretty easy RPG for the most part.

It’s the side content where the game

really starts to show its fangs.

Blitzball, Chocobo Racing.

These are pretty difficult mini games

but probably the worst

is to Upgrade Lulu’s Ultimate Weapon.

How ultimate weapons
work in Final Fantasy X

is that you need to find the weapon,

usually in an extremely out
of the way, obscure location.

Then find specific sigils that
can be used to power them up.

To fully unlock the potential
of the Onion Knight,

Lulu’s weapon, you need to
dodge 200 lightning bolts

at the thunder planes.

Now dodging lightning is all about timing.

You see a flash of light,

you press X to get out of the way.

Simple enough to pull
off every once in a while

but having to do it 200
times in a row, brutal.

(playful music)


If you leave the area or try
to save the game, count resets.

Only way to do it off is to
pull it off sequentially.

Which sucks.

Just to make things
even more annoying too,

there’s no in-game counter or notification

for how many strikes you’ve avoided.

So you just have to keep track yourself.

On top of that, there are
still enemy encounters.

That’ll mess up your rhythm.

Removing random encounters
is pretty essential.

And even with everything set up

to work for you, it’s 200 dodges.

That’s an endurance test,
not hard to screw up

and certainly, not
difficult to get fed up.

It’s one of the most infamous challenges

on the list and for good reason.

This all sounds bad

but trying to do it
believe me, actually worse.

And number six is Sinking Ships

in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

One more example to add to the pile

of how luck-based mini games suck.

This one is especially bad

because there’s no skill involved at all.

It’s literally just the
board game Battleship,

but in a Legend of Zelda game.

Winning isn’t that hard

and you get a piece of
heart for your trouble

but things take a turn
for the extremely unfair

if you challenge Salvatore again.

Now, if you want the reward,
which is a treasure chart

leading to another piece of
heart, then you have to beat him

using less than 20 cannons.

And if you want the last
reward, you have to beat

your lowest score, which
depending on how well you did,

can be actually literally impossible.

This one is so annoying in fact

that the Wind Waker Speedrun
community created a tool

to accurately predict where
your targets may be hiding.

(playful music)

When a quest is so annoying that people

are literally creating their
own special web programs

to help people finish it,

then yeah, it might be a little unfair.

At number five is the Nintendo Coin Quest

from Donkey Kong Country 64.

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Pretty much everything
I’ve covered on this list

so far has been optional.

But what makes this quest so
unfair is that it’s something

that feels like it’s kind
of a post-game challenge

but it’s required to beat the game.

On the third level of Donkey
Kong 64 called Frantic Factory,

there’s an arcade game of the
original Donkey Kong Country.

Normally, fun little east drag, right?

But of course the gene is
behind the notoriously tedious

Donkey Kong 64 found a
way to suck all the fun

right outta the Arcade Classic.

That’s because if you wanna gain access

to the final boss of
the game, the last boss,

the thing that you’re
trying to beat the game

through a requirement, you
have to beat every level

in the Donkey Kong Arcade Game

not one time, but two times.

Now, unless you’re already a king of Kong,

trying to beat these four levels

with the few lives in the
game, it’s almost impossible.

I’ve seen more than a few people take it

took them literal years
to beat this challenge,

which is just nuts.

(playful music)

At number four is the
President’s Run in A Driver.

You want unfair?

You come to the right place.

The original Driver on the
PlayStation, zero mercy.

This is a game that is so difficult

a huge chunk of people never
get through the tutorial.

Now counterintuitively, the
game actually gets easier

after the tutorial, but if you
really want an unfair quest

from this game, look no further
than The President’s Run.

It’s actually the final
mission of the game

but it’s so difficult.

And so few people have
actually bothered with it

or even the campaign mode as a whole,

it might as well be optional.

For the final mission, your job
is to protect the president.

The car you’re driving is slow.

The roads might as well be covered in ice

’cause it’s really slippery.

And the police and the mob,
everybody, is out for blood.

The President’s blood specifically.

Getting through the mission alive

takes a lot of skill and just as much luck

because if your pursuers
manage to get a good hit or two

on you, you might as well restart

’cause you’re not gonna win.

There’s no way to accurately explain

just how infuriating this mission can be.

You just start off getting
battered by everything in sight.

And getting something as harmless
as a little rear end bump

can send you spiraling out of control.

This is the one mission
where I’m gonna say cheating

isn’t just possible, it’s
a recommended thing to do.

(car engine roaring)

At number three, Extreme
Cosplay from The Witcher 3.

A relatively easy to miss quest

from the Blood and Wine expansion.

And while it has a kind
of humorous premise,

for whatever reason, the enemies you fight

are incredibly powerful
and very dangerous.

They are so bad that if you’re playing

on the hardest difficulty
level, Death March

then the mission goes
from nearly impossible

to actually literally impossible.

Because the wizards you take on

do so much damage that they kill you

before you actually can do anything.

Even on normal, these enemies hit hard,

but they’re basically unavoidable at first

and can be a challenge even for people

who are much, much higher
level than they are.

But seriously, it is a mission

where you literally cannot win

if you’re playing on
the hardest difficulty.

If that is not unfair,
I do not know what is.

(in game upbeat music)

And number two is the Extreme Behemoth,

AKA Visitor from Eorzea

from Monster Hunter World
generally considered

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the hardest fight in all
of Monster Hunter World.

This famous Final Fantasy
monster is totally optional.

It has added to the game

as a bit across promotion
with Final Fantasy XIV.

And while it’s not exactly
a cannon part of the game,

it’s no less dangerous.

This thing is incredibly tough.

It cast these devastating magic spells,

it’s surprisingly fast,
just an all around pain.

It spells are by far the
worst thing about it.

It does have an instant kill
attack that can only be avoided

if you manage to stun it.

And that’ll only work if you
got the best possible weapons.

Otherwise, it’s just gonna
resist everything a throw at it.

That seems bad enough

but it’s also got this incredibly annoying

tornado spell attack where
it just basically summons

a vortex on top of you, which does damage

and makes it hard as hell
to even see what’s going on.

Compared to the more relatively
down-to-earth monsters

of Monster Hunter World,

the spells the Behemoth can sling at you

are just really unfair

and make an already incredibly
hard fight, even worse.

(dramatic music)


And at number one is Riovanes Roof

from Final Fancy Tactics.

There is nothing more unfair in a game

than when a quest can be failed

through no fault of your own.

Or you lose just because the
game decides to screw you.

Riovanes Roof from Final Fantasy Tactics

is just a straight up unfair, awful quest.

For one simple reason,
it’s an escort mission

and the person you are
escorting is worthless.

Most of the time, the
first thing your escort

will try to do is run
straight into the enemy army,

which you know, is idiotic

but is a precursor to how
stupid they can actually be

because they just stand there.

They get ganged up on
immediately and mission failed.

Totally your fault.

What, you didn’t actually
get to do anything?

Nope, still, it’s your fault.

You’re the problem here.

What’s even worse

is that this is the third
mission in a row at this castle.

And there’s no way to
leave once it started.

So unless you made a
backup save, you’re stuck

with no way to quit or grind
experience or anything.

It’s a map where your game goes to die.

And it’s not early in
the game or anything.

It is deep in.

It’s like 20 to 30 hours into the game.

And if you get stuck here, that’s it.

That time was all just completely wasted.

And it’s because this game sticks you

with a dumb escort at the last minute.

Now with the right classes,
this mission can be a cakewalk

but you have to be prepared
for this mission specifically.

Otherwise, it’s very difficult,
even literally impossible

depending on what happens.

And that’s all for today.

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