Some of the most beautiful video game pictures shocked us

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lately here at game ranks we’ve been

looking back and replaying some games

from a few years ago that just still

blow us away visually now Graphics

aren’t everything sure but today in this

video they are games that still surprise

us today with just how good they look so

let’s get started off with number 10 and

talk about Batman Arkham Knight now I

regret to inform you guys that Batman

Arkham Knight released in 2015. yes it’s

kind of starting to age it feels like

that game just released right like is

that just freaking me out is it just me

I don’t know anyway visually Batman

Arkham Knight stands the test of time it

is still incredibly richly detailed in a

way that just makes it stack up pretty

well really against modern stuff they

really went over a kill on the detail

it’s definitely more of their style you

know every character is super muscly

everything is covered in rain or Grime

every single suit every single costume

has tons of stitching and detail and

belt buckles and stuff and usually that

type of design is a little bit harsh but

here I think it really works in the

Arkham games’s favor specifically with

Arkham Knight with how everything is

firing on all cylinders and everything

is just so shiny and reflective and it’s

always raining and the draw distance is

incredible on this city the neon lights

everything is working to really really

impress the player and while yes of

course to this day it might not be

bristling like eye-watering 8K

resolution with Ray tracing or anything

insane like that it still looks damn

good I mean look at it you see it on

screen here I replayed this recently and

I replay it pretty often and bounce

around between platforms and it looks

pretty damn good everywhere

next over at number nine we have

Battlefield one now Battlefield 1 may

not be your favorite Battlefield game

sure but it looks damn good specifically

the way the game opens the way it

introduces you to that No Man’s Land

Battle singing It’s really really

Dreadful and the game’s really dark

oppressive visuals really help sell that

everything is covered in mud everything

is destroyed the sky is filled with

ominous clouds Flames burned down

buildings as tanks trawl across the mud

you would think that a game where

everything is basically dark brown and

gross the game would just not look that

great but man is it a stunner and it’s

not just the first level it’s all the

single player stuff which I thought was

actually pretty underrated but also the

multiplayer maps from the detail on the

buildings uh to the actual attention

paid to the architecture to some really

impressive lighting and Reflections to

just how bombed out buildings really

look exploded you can actually see

detailed debris shards of glass

everywhere it’s all really really

convincing the color palette of the game

still manages to be beautiful the level

design to Me Maybe not from like a

multiplayer standpoint for gameplay but

just design wise visually is absolutely

incredible and I still go back to

Battlefield 1 way more than I’d expect

partially for the visuals yeah but also

for the fact that Battlefield 2042 isn’t

really doing it for us thankfully

Battlefield 1 ain’t going anywhere

despite releasing in 2016 it’s looking

damn good

next over at number eight we have rise

of the Tomb Raider the middle in this

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kind of Trilogy of Tomb Raider games is

really underrated in the looks

Department I know we could have went for

the easy stuff and talk about the more

recent shadow of the Tomb Raider but

rise of the Tomb Raider has a lot of

good moments from all those incredibly

convincing snow effects to really the

opening of the game where Lara finds

herself in a mountainous region of Syria

with the sun coming down with the desert

heat and the dryness really feeling

impressive to the rays of sunlight

reflecting across everything the visual

effect it does with the camera it’s

really insane especially if you’re

playing this thing on PC at like ultra

realistic 4k on a decent graphics card

this thing can really cook the

environment and the lighting effects are

great but it also goes with the fact

that this Lara is beautifully animated

and detailed from the cuts on her arm to

the dirt on her pants to the way her

hair blows in the wind all of it is just

so convincing say what you will about

these modern Tomb Raider games they are

definitely showcases

it’s amazing next over at number seven

we have God of War which released on PS4

April 2018. this thing is worth

highlighting specifically because you

know it’s at the end of the PS4 life

cycle and it really squeezes the power

out of the PS4 or PS4 Pro wherever you

were playing this thing was put in your

console to work the level of detail here

the world sizes the way everything is

seamlessly working together at least to

us the viewer the player the camera

never cuts from cutscenes to character

movement to everything happening to the

point where even when you pause the game

it’s not really a camera cut it does a

lot of really impressive real-time stuff

coupled with just a ton of detail to of

course like with atreus running around

beside you with beautiful animation to

of course the insane amount of detail on

Kratos himself down to like pores on his

skin the scraggliness of his beard the

gore everything is working overtime and

if you’ve fired this up on PC more

recently maybe even with some goofy mods

you definitely know what’s up but when

you take that impressive level of detail

and you scale it down to the original

ps4 version it’s still impressive no

matter what on our journey we will be

attacked by all manner of creature

close your heart to their desperation

next over at number six we have Red Dead

Redemption 2. now I know this one is a

bit more recent the console version

released fall of 2018 but God damn look

at this game from the detailed City area

to just the absolute Wilderness that is

completely dense and filled with life

and movement every inch of this game is

super impressive the characters look and

move in a realistic manner granular

small detail on the ground on the

streets on the horses in the shops

everything is there and it still just

holds up interestingly enough because

this game hasn’t been updated for the

newer consoles while this release right

at the tail end of the previous

generation this game has no official

full update to take advantage of PS5 or

Xbox series X and it still looks

incredible it’s almost like it doesn’t

need it now that being said it does

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definitely need it we could use a frame

rate boost for sure but still from a

game still technically if you’re just

looking at it on PS4 or Xbox it’s

amazing not to mention of course it goes

without saying PC version they really

put the work in and it looks impressive


next over at number five we have Far Cry

5 which released in 2018. now the Far

Cry games have always looked very nice I

mean it’s called far cry because it runs

off of crytek’s crying agent right so

duh it’s gonna be a looker but even with

Far Cry 5 running on the Dunya or Dunya

engine which is a Ubisoft modded version

of the cryengine it still looks really

great Far Cry 5 on a gameplay or story

sense you know that’s up for debate but

it’s a looker think about it I mean it

manages to have you in this like crazy

detailed open world it throws waves of

enemies at you sometimes creatures like

Bears stuff is always blowing up and all

the while the game is remaining stable

it also handled early mornings really

well like the sun coming up in this game

is really really impressive Montana was

a great setting to show off this engine

I think and you know it might not be a

tropical setting like previous games but

there is a ton of Beauty in the United

States and it was cool to see them show

it off so well especially if you had it

running on a great PC like we are here

like it looks downright realistic


next over at number four we have

Assassin’s Creed Origins from 2017. this

in my personal opinion is the best of

this like newer Trilogy of big open RPG

Assassin’s Creed games graphically it’s

intense but something about the visual

design just also is really appealing I

think it’s a toss-up between Assassin’s

Creed unity and Assassin’s Creed Origins

for just really really great visuals

just tons of cool details with

Assassin’s Creed Origins it really wins

out for some intense draw distances and

tons of detail over sand dunes River

fronts with bustling NPCs boats in the

river animals nearby all of it accessed

from a bird’s eye view with a touch of a

fingertip that’s really really

impressive to see running now we know

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has kind of

pushed this design even further but

Assassin’s Creed origins in the desert

setting with like the sunlight beaming

down and the Beautiful Blue of the river

the green of the Reeds everything about

it just really pops it’s super crisp and

holds up today

next up at number three we have until

dawn released in 2015. this PlayStation

4 game still looks damn good

specifically thanks to its great use of

light and Shadow the darks in this game

are truly dark and Incredibly spooky and

it really just leads to a good visual

design but thankfully with the graphics

to back it up while the Quarry their

newest game has definitely really amped

it up in terms of facial animation for

the time and and still really if you’re

looking at it the characters look pretty

damn convincing the way they talk the

way they emote the fact that some of

them are played by real world actors and

it actually looks like them is

impressive as hell it’s also just a

great game and it’s fun to revisit we

replay it all the time and that’s how we

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kind of notice that the graphics are

still working for us now

next down at number two we’re gonna go

back a little further with Rise Son Of

Rome now another cry Tech game this is

gonna of course have some pedigree a

visual kick-assery behind it and yeah

for real despite this thing releasing in

2013 as a launch window game for the

original Xbox One this game looks damn

good and then they released it on PC a

little while later and it is stunning

for this game they definitely kept it

kind of simple gameplay wise they almost

kind of maybe prioritized visuals over

actual gameplay but I mean now looking

at it in 2022 it seems like that aspect

of it at least paid off because like the

character details the crispness of

everything the close-up camera angles

all of it is pretty impressive and I

think properly aged like it does not

look like a 2013 game by any means if

you ask me maybe I’m going crazy maybe

it’s just me but I know there’s some

people out there I I’ve seen you online

some people that really really vouch for

this weird game and count me as one of

them now down to number one we have

Uncharted 4. yeah yeah I mean like what

more can we say about Uncharted 4 this

game looks damn incredible it released

in 2016 and there’s another game that

really really pushed the hell out of the

PS4 obviously it comes with tons of

detail specifically with Nate Drake

himself his clothing the way it moves

the way he moves the way dirt gets on

him water mud anything previous games

had really mastered that kind of stuff

but here I think it’s just the amount of

scenery change UPS the amount of

completely different environments you

are in different countries different

weather types all of it looks absolutely

mind-blowing still to this day couple

that with the fact that the game has so

much destruction going on buildings

falling down debris flying everywhere

super fast car chases firing all

cylinders with particle effects details

physics all of it looks nuts this is

another one worth replaying like for the

graphics alone you know sometimes the

story feels a little overly long but

visually man it holds the hell up and

we’re looking forward to seeing what PC

modders do with this one but that’s

really it guys we just wanted to talk

about 10 games that still blow us away

visually obviously we clearly stuck to a

specific time period we could have went

back further but we wanted to talk about

a brief window in time from a few years

ago so there are other games that came

out in that time so we want to hear from

you in the comments what you think if

you got your own top five definitely hit

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