10 Games to Make your Weekend Awesome

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Hi, my name is ColdBeer and let’s start with Steelrising Basically if you like dark fantasy and hate France – it’s a game for you.

Nah, I’m obviously kidding, I love France,but here the country is in ruins and only you can save French people and beat the oil and screws out of the bodies of bloodthirsty robots.

So what happened here?

Why are there so many automatons running in Paris and killing everyone left and right?

Well, of course because of the evil king Louis XVI.

He made an army of robots and started to terrorize citizens just because he can.

And because the king doesn’t want history
to unfold just like it unfolded in our reality.

He was so unpopular that he was executed by
guillotine and after his death France became

a Republic.

By the way, fun fact – after his head was
cut off, the cheering crowd rushed towards

his dead body with the hopes to soak his blood
into the napkins.

You know, as a souvenir.

Such a napkin nowadays would be worth a fortune,
no doubt.

Imagine, you could probably even clone the
king from it and claim the throne of France

once again.

That is one dangerous napkin.

Anyway, people on Steam are saying that Steelrising
is a fun steampunk-themed souls-like game

in which you can tweak combat difficulty – so
it is more friendly for casual players.

But the game lacks optimisation – some gamers
say it stutters even on modern PCs, but that

is not an issue for everyone.

Although it’s often enough for it to drop
the game’s score to only Mostly positive.

Rain World

Here you are a slugcat.

The world around you is full of danger, and
you must face it alone.

Separated from your family in a devastating
flood, you must hunt for food and shelter

between terrifying torrential flows that threaten
to drown all life.

So you dream about being not a slugcat but
a fishcat instead, but here your dreams, just

like in real life, never become a reality.

You will climb through the ruins of an ancient
civilization, evade the jaws of vicious predators,

and discover lands teeming with strange creatures
and buried mysteries.

And of course, find your family before death
finds you!

And it would be all nice and all, but I can
see a “souls-like” among the tags of the game.

So be assured, be absolutely one hundred percent
warranted that death will find you.

Not once, not twice, not three times, not…

Well, you know what I mean.

People on Steam are talking that Rain World
has a very steep learning curve, but once

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you’ve mastered it, you start to feel unstoppable.

Also about 90% of positive review score is
not a joke.

Scarlet Nexus

I usually avoid anime games on my channel,
because I’m not a fan of this genre and

I have little knowledge in general, but I
have an open mind and Scarlet Nexus has an

open opportunity for you to try it for free
the whole weekend.

So here in the far distant anime future, a
psionic hormone was discovered in the human

brain, granting people extra-sensory powers
and that changed the world as we knew it.

As humanity entered this new era, deranged
mutants known as Others began to descend from

the sky with a hunger for human brains.

Highly resistant to conventional attack methods,
extreme measures needed to be taken to battle

the overwhelming threat and preserve humanity.

Those with acute extra-sensory abilities,
known as psionics, were our only chance to

fight the danger from above.

So I guess that is you and your anime heroes
named Yuito and Kasane.

You will have to complete both of their anime
stories to unlock all the anime mysteries

of a Brain Punk future caught between technology
and psychic abilities.

Reviews are very positive, although people
are saying that the game is quite generic

and may not inspire you in any way.

Songs of Conquest

It’s a nice pixel art Heroes of Might and
Magic clone.

If you are a fan of the series, you may have
only one question – is it good?

And yeah, I can absolutely assure you that
you may treat it as a graphic spin-off of

the series – it has almost everything you
may want from a game like that.

When I played it I had the feeling that if
you gave the same task of “pls make me Heroes

3” to a two different teams, then Songs of
Conquest could be the alternative pixel-art

Heroes 3 we never had.

Until now.


Is it a modern game filled with novelties
and originality?


Is it a nostalgic, really beautiful alternative
Heroes 3 game we actually want?

Yes it is.

Although if you are allergic to pixels – it’s
not for you.


Also Songs of Conquest have no town screens
– I think it’s the biggest flaw and the

reason I don’t play it anymore.

I want my town screens, I can’t do anything
about that.

It Takes Two

As you can probably imagine, this is a co-op
game for two people.

Here you can invite a friend to join for free
with Friend’s Pass and together master unique

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and connected character abilities, help each
other with the obstacles and have a great

time in general.

For example my friend, who’s 40+ years old
and usually plays games like Detroit Become

Human, Observer, The Last of Us and similar
gloomy stuff played this with his wife and

he said that this was the best game he tried
in half a year.

So it’s obvious that the game has no age
or genre restrictions, it’s just pure fun.

So grab your mother-in-law and have fun together.

It Takes Two has Overwhelmingly positive reviews,
but that’s probably obvious as well.

Star Renegades

This is a tactical RPG strategy game in which
you command members of a rebellion fighting

an evil empire.

The game focuses on missions, which usually
consist of battles with intelligent and constantly

evolving opponents.

Quests are randomly generated, which, in combination
with the constantly evolving enemies, makes

the game a little different each time you
play, it gets more challenging, and death

is something inevitable.

The members of your team form friendships
and even deeper relations which can result

in a child – he or she will join your ranks
as another unique character.

So you can literally breed more heroes here.


Yeah that’s the right word.

Dome Keeper

The discount is not very high, but the game
is very affordable anyway – people behind

the project are not greedy.

Dome Keeper has about 90% of positive reviews,
so it is obviously a hidden gem you may want

to try.

Well, a nice polished rock at least.

This is a roguelike survival miner where you
will defend your dome from wave after wave

of monsters.

You will use the time between each attack
to dig beneath the surface in search of valuable

resources and artifacts.

And use them carefully to choose powerful
upgrades and bonuses.

People on Steam are talking that the game
is very polished, rich and imaginative.

It’s all you need for your free time.

Well, this and potato salad.

Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

This is a slightly better version of classic
Age of Empires 2, but in general it’s the

same old game.

If you played Age of Empires a long time ago,
you’ll probably notice nothing new except

the graphics.

And those are really nice, you can even zoom
in a little.

Actually a lot of stuff is updated, like farms
reseeding automatically, more aggressive AI,

slightly better pathfinding and a bit of rebalanced
technologies and units.

Also 4 new civilizations are included: Bulgarians,
Cumans, Tatars and finally Lithuanians, who

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were one of the most powerful nations in Europe
in the Middle ages.

Also keep in mind that if you make a game
with 4 other AI opponents with a population

of 200, you better borrow that supercomputer
from NASA, because otherwise you will learn

what an astronomical lag means.

Anyway, if you are feeling nostalgic – the
price is great, just do it.

Prey Digital Deluxe

The game has a really cool story that has
you playing as a scientist exploring a place

infested by an alien life form.

Yeah I bet you heard that somewhere.

A few dozen hundred million times.

Despite that, aliens are really nice here.

Well by saying nice I mean that they are the
opposite of nice, you wouldn’t want to chat

with them about video games or best beer kinds
in the universe or, you know, the best recipe

for potato salad, no, they are terrifying

Although, as I always say, not as terrifying
as people who put pineapple in potato salad.

Those are the worst.

Imagine this space station filled with them.

Prey is a thriller, but that tiny change would
make it one of the scariest horror games ever.

So anyway, Prey gives you a variety of weapons
to use, along with superpowers like telepathy

or the ability to trick enemies by turning
yourself into everyday items.

Yeah, It may sound like nonsense, but it’s

You can truly acquire alien abilities and
use them by stopping time or turning yourself

into a bottle of beer and then you can roll
around like crazy.

Not suspicious at all.

Well, this ability of turning yourself into
a stuff could probably spice up the love life

of you and your wife or imaginary girlfriend,
i don’t judge, but first you have to defeat

the space evil and escape from the space station

And with all the parts intact needed for,
you know… spiciness.

And now, as always, don’t forget that gog
weekly sales are happening as well.

They have a special juicy sale for adult games
still online.

So you can click on my affiliate link in the
description below and explore it on your own

– maybe you will find something that at least
for a while can replace that imaginary girlfriend

of yours.

Thank you for watching, have a nice day and
I’ll see you next time, bye!