On Gameranx,10 big new State of Play announcements

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[Falcon] Sony just dropped another State of Play on us,and wow, we got a lot of good stuff.

It’s Falcon,and today, on Gameranx,10 big new State of Play announcements.

Now, I’m not gonna
dilly-dally at the start here.

Let’s just get right into it.

Starting off at number 10, “Tekken 8.”

Now, “Tekken 7” was a long time ago.

It came out in 2015.

Like, the last “Tekken”
came out two presidents ago.

That’s how long.

And wow!

We have got to say this
trailer was real-time,

rendered game footage
running on a PlayStation 5,

and holy crap, it looks phenomenal.

Like, to call the graphics impressive

would be just a huge understatement.

Ridiculous understatement.

Honestly, if you put
this real-time footage

out in the late ’90s,

people would not understand
what planet you were from.

CG films did not look
this good for a while.

Now, we don’t know exactly if this is what

the gameplay is going to look like.

Like, if these camera
movements are actually in-game

that’s pretty badass.

But we know for sure,

given the fact this is
real-time rendered on a PS5,

that these weather effects
are entirely possible in-game.

And wow!

I mean, “Tekken’s” always been

a phenomenal fighting game series,

but it’s just been such a long time.

And this isn’t a game that’s
gone overboard with side games.

The only three they’ve done are
two “Tekken Tag Tournaments”

and “Dark Resurrection.”

“Dark Resurrection” never came
out on a mainline platform,

it was a PSP game.

So, with some fighting game series,

there’s like a million versions of it

and they’re on like number four or five,

“Street Fighter” comes to mind.

But “Tekken” isn’t like that.

And also, “Tekken’s”
kind of an ongoing story.

So there’s just something interesting

and special about a new “Tekken,”

and this just looks like the best-looking

fighting ever game ever,
depending on your taste.

I mean, you might like the

more anime-looking fighting games more.

I don’t know.

But this is really impressive
and I cannot wait to see more.

We don’t have any release date information

but rest assured, we will
have our eyes peeled.

At number nine is “Like a Dragon: Ishin.”

So this comes to us from the
“Yakuza” studio, RGG Studio.

It takes place at the end of
the samurai period of Japan

and bears the name “Like a Dragon,”

which, as you know, is the name

of the turn-based “Yakuza” game,

which, to me, caused a
little bit of confusion,

because I figured, “Okay,
they’re doing a game

“set in samurai times and it’s
gonna be a turn-based RPG,

like “Yakuza: Like a Dragon.”


While the time period is correct,

it is actually probably
the most violent-looking

action-adventure game
of the “Yakuza” series,

and I’m not 100% sure it’s
part of the “Yakuza” series.

Now, it might be

because they took a bunch of characters

from the “Yakuza” series

and cast them as historical figures

to tell the story of the
end of the samurai era,

in the same way many spaghetti westerns

tell the end of the Wild
West era of America.

Now, when I say this is easily
the most violent looking,

you have a sword, there is so much blood,

and you also have a gun.

And you can hold the sword
in the gun at the same time

and slice people and shoot them.

You could dual wield a sword and a gun

in a “Yakuza”-style
game, set in the 1860s.

This looks fantastic.

I cannot wait to play this.

This is going to be insane.

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I’m very excited for this.

The “Yakuza” team has really put together

a lot of interesting stuff
over the last few years,

and this is just another
in a series of bold moves.

And if they continue to pay off,

really, that’s a hell of a studio.

“Like a Dragon: Ishin”
is slated for release

in February 2023.

And number eight, a VR experience

that was previously only
available on the Oculus,

“Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge,”

which is pretty
well-received VR experience,

like I said, on Oculus, is
being enhanced for the PS VR2.

Now, this game is actually inspired

by the “Star Wars” theme park
at Disneyland in California.

But don’t let its origin fool
you, it’s a much more serious

“Star Wars” title than you might expect,

and you get to experience a
bunch of different stories

from across the “Star Wars” timeline,

which are all centrally anchored

around the Black Spire Outpost,

which is the Disneyland Resort area.

Don’t bother thinking
about this aspect of it,

’cause then it starts to feel like

an advertisement for a theme park,

and it’s much better than that.

I don’t actually keep
an Oculus in my home,

so I’ve only gotten to play this

through other people’s equipment,

and I’m not 100% sold on
getting the PlayStation VR2,

but this’ll probably be my first purchase,

if, indeed, I do that.

This is a game with really
good shooting mechanics

that I think more first-person shooting

VR games need to model off of.

And number seven is a new survival game

called “Pacific Drive.”

So I’m gonna say this is probably the most

original-looking survival
game I’ve seen in a long time.

The point of this one

is that you’re in the Pacific Northwest,

you have a car, and everything is surreal.

In the trailer, the protagonist
is working on the car.

The radio comes through saying
there’s an instability front

and then everything goes totally haywire.

You basically have to escape
the area as this front rolls in

and everything turns into
alternate dimension freakiness.

Now, I’m sure you’ll also see most

of the standard survival
stuff in this game,

but the ideas that they’ve
layered on top of it

make it look like it’s actually
something new and unique.

I am really interested in this one.

There’s apparently a mystery to solve,

and you’re supposed to try to get yourself

into the heart of what they’re calling

the Olympic Exclusion Zone.

I don’t know what any of that means,

I just know that during
the course of this trailer

a lot of cool stuff happens.

It’s gonna be a survival game

that I definitely want to play.

Now, they don’t give any specific date,

but they say it is coming in 2023,

so we will keep you updated on news.

I mean, this is a sweet-looking game.

At number six, a PlayStation-exclusive

“Hogwarts Legacy” quest was revealed.

So it’s called “The
Haunted Hogsmeade Shop.”

It includes a shop, the
shopkeeper’s cosmetic set,

and an additional dungeon for the game.

It’s interesting because
the shop’s actually for sale

and the owner wants to
offload it really badly,

probably ’cause it’s haunted,

and the point is, basically,
for you to acquire it,

as well as solve the haunting problem.

I don’t know how many additional
hours of content that is,

but an extra dungeon is pretty good

for PlayStation players
of “Hogwarts Legacy.”

And that apparently, just comes with all

of the “Hogwarts Legacy”
versions for the PS4 and 5.

“Hogwarts Legacy” is launching
on February 10th, 2023.

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At number five, and this
one’s kind of interesting.

Sony announced a PlayStation
Stars loyalty program

back on July 14th, where you’ll log in,

complete various campaigns.

For instance, they’ll have
a monthly check-in campaign

where you just have to play
any game and you get a reward.

But they’ll have campaigns

that require you to
earn specific trophies,

win tournaments,

or be the first player
to platinum something

in your time zone.

Anyway, they introduced some
of their digital collectibles

that they’re going to be giving out.

Here they’re showing off collectibles

of like a PlayStation 3, a
scene from “Ape Escape 2,”

two Toro and Kuro celebrating
a birthday with a cake,

the pocket station, and the Polygon Man.

These are things you
get for various reasons.

Like, the ones that I
detailed are some examples

from when they announced it.

There’s also achievements that will unlock

various collectibles or points.

It seems like just a thing

that encourages you to play games more.

Or reward you if you
already play them a lot.

At number four is “Syn Duality,”

a game that the premise is gonna sound

a little bit familiar.

Basically, a poisonous rain
killed off a lot of humanity

and sent it underground.

But you are not going to
be delivering packages.

No, actually, when you went underground,

you built a cyberpunk city,
met an AI, and built mecha,

which you’re going to go out in the world

and take on monsters with.

So bit of a twist on that idea, right?

It is a different-looking game too.

The environments on
display are otherworldly.

Clearly, this rain really
transformed the world.

It’s not just a wide-open,
grassy mountainous America

that you’re wandering around in.

It’s almost an alien-looking planet.

You take on the role of a Drifter,

who is somebody who goes up to the surface

and collects AO Crystals.

And obviously, you get
wrapped up in some intrigue.

We don’t have a release day for this one,

but it’s slated for 2023.

It’s a different-looking title,

and I think the more information
we get about it the better.

It’s got a lot of potential though.

At number three,

“God of War Ragnarok”
got a new story trailer.

And I mean, you just have to give it

to the “God of War” team.

They have made something
that looks absolutely epic.

It’s about, I mean, a story

that we’ve probably heard a million times.

Resisting fate, making your own destiny,

et cetera, et cetera.

But it’s the way that this story is told

that really matters,

and it looks like “God of War
Ragnarok” just has it aced.

I can’t wait to get into this,

’cause the first game set
up so much interesting stuff

that I’ve wanted to see play out,

and they really made it look
like it’s going to build

to a massive crescendo in this trailer.

They also announced a special
edition PS5 controller.

It’s a blue-on-white controller,

with a bear and wold insignia

which represents the two
main characters of the game.

It’s a cool-looking controller

but I’ll say it’s, honestly,
a little bit anti-climatic

after the trailer.

Still, it’s a limited edition controller,

it’ll be available November 9th,

the same day that “God of War Ragnarok”

is landing on PS4 and 5.

At number two, “Project EVE”

is now known as “Stellar Blade.”

This was a game that we saw
back in September of 2021.

It’s a very stylish and
interesting-looking game

that looks like it’s
somewhere between “Bayonetta”

and “Dark Souls.”

The idea of the game is that Eve,

the wielder of the Stellar Blade,

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is on a mission to save Earth,

travels to the last surviving city,

which is also not in great
shape and works to rebuild it,

as it is clearly not in
great shape and under siege.

This is a game that has a
very specific style to it.

Something that I don’t know that I can say

I’ve seen exactly
something like it before.

Like, we’ve got some androids
that look like old men.

Or maybe old men that are now androids?

I don’t know.

We’ve got some pretty gross-looking
monsters, to be frank.

And it takes place on the
backdrop of this ruined city.

Things look really bleak,

but then when you activate certain things

they get really colorful.

And potentially, this is
a very interesting game.

I definitely like what it looks like now

versus what it looked like a year ago

because I don’t really remember it

leaving a huge impact on me.

Whereas, here it kind of did.

It looks really cool.

We didn’t get a release date,

but “Stellar Blade” is
coming sometime in 2023.

And finally, at number
one, and this is a big one,

a new action RPG from Team Ninja
called “Rise of the Ronin.”

Now, as we all know, Team
Ninja is pretty well-known

for a large number of very interesting

and varied franchises, from
“Ninja Gaiden” to “Dead or Alive

to “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance” to “Nioh,”

to even co-developing “Hyrule
Warriors” with Omega Force.

“Rise of the Ronin” looks like

it takes on the mantle of “Nioh,”

however, brings it into an open world.

So if “Nioh” is Team Ninja’s
in just “Dark Souls,”

“Rise of the Ronin”
appears, at this moment,

to be their “Elden Ring.”

Now, “Like a Dragon: Ishin”
introduced wielding a sword

and a gun at the same time for this list,

and this is another thing
that we’ve seen here.

However, this looks like
a much more deliberate,

slow-paced game than that.

It is set in a similar time period,

the late 1800s in Japan,
the end of the Edo period.

Like I said, just as
the Old West was ending,

so did the samurai period.

And this is a completely
different take on that

from “Like a Dragon: Ishin.”

This is a stunning-looking
game, might I add.

Now, this one, we’re gonna have
to wait a little longer for.

It’s coming in 2024.

But I have to say,

it looks like it’s going
to be worth the wait.

I’m very excited for this game.

And I have to say, this State of Play

was actually a really good one.

Not a lot of duds in terms of
stuff I wasn’t interested in.

And I had to give it to Sony,

this was something that got me excited

about a lot of new stuff.

But that’s just me. What did you think?

Leave us a comment. Let us know.

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