Gaming Trends from 2022 that need to die last year we did a list of this

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stuff happens in gaming repeatedly that

we just see over and over again it gets

popular or it just happens a lot and

some of it really sucks hi folks it’s

Falcon and today on game ranks seven

gaming Trends from 2022 that need to die

last year we did a list of this

um we talked about high GPU prices

server issues scalpers poor to outright

bad rematch

and particularly unfinished games so

let’s get started with number seven game

delays now if the video game industry

could be summed up by one word in 2022

It’s gotta be delayed so many games got

delayed last year it’s almost hard to

believe basically every major release in

2023 that we know about anyway was

supposed to come out in 2022 but got

delayed at some point which is crazy

like remember when Star field was going

to come out 11 11 22 that didn’t happen

Suicide Squad stalker 2 for spoken

Diablo 4 redfall all this stuff was

meant to come out last year but got

pushed back for various reasons even

Nintendo wasn’t immune to it the

long-awaited breath of the wild

follow-up was gonna come out last year

too but that didn’t happen 2022 was the

year uh that was meant to be when Skull

and Bones finally dropped it was finally

supposed to come out but it didn’t

happen that game was originally gonna

come out October 2019 and then it got

pushed to the 2021-2022 fiscal year in

July Ubisoft finally gave a solid

release date November 8th 2022 seemed

sure fire that was the first time they

really ever did that but no that got

pushed back again like this is a game

that could be good but like because of

this it’s hard to get really high hopes

for because you only ever really hear

about its troubled production and maybe

a few random jokes at its expense but

fingers crossed that it actually comes

out for real this time I think it could

very well like I said be a very good

game but I kind of just want like to say

that it’s a real game now the delays are

at least understandable last year we

were still dealing with the Fallout from

the pandemic and that hurt productivity

crossed basically you have read single

industry but the video game industry

really struggled to deal with covet

related issues and it kind of compounded

and all happened last year now delays

suck but but at the end of the day if we

get a better game because of it I I’m

more for the delay than releasing The

Unfinished game but I’m just gonna say

this don’t say You’re Gonna release a

game that you don’t think you can have a

hundred percent finished in good quality

at the time you’re claiming you’re gonna

release the game is it that hard to

understand this one

at number six Studio Acquisitions and

mergers it seems like every week in 2022

we heard about a new acquisition

happening for whatever reason 2022 was

the Year big names and gaming like Sony

and Microsoft decided to go all in on

consolidation seems like everybody was

buying everyone else they’re all these

crazy stories about buyouts that

previously seemed completely impossible

but now anything seems possible anyone

could buy anyone else the ominously

named embracer group scooped up any devs

they could get their hands on in 2022

and they’ve become one of the biggest

game companies of all time seriously

they have over 10 000 employees now in

2022 their most high profile acquisition

was Square annexes Western properties

and developers which gave them rights to

Major series like Deus Ex and Tomb

Raider Tomb Raider a lot of people

thought Square Enix had mismanaged the

Western Studios so saw the acquisition

as a positive especially because it

happened around the Time Square Enix was

talking about getting into the nft

market but nobody can really say for

certain how popular Studios like Crystal

Dynamics and the idos Montreal are gonna

do one during management that said uh

yeah I think it could probably be a net

positive hopefully anyways another major

story happened near the beginning of the

year with take two buying the mobile

game company Zynga for a massive 12.7

billion at the time this was by far the

biggest deal in gaming history but the

year was just getting started a month

later Microsoft announced easily the

biggest acquisition of all time they’re

planning on buying Activision Blizzard

for 68.7 billion which would give

Microsoft an Xbox control over major

franchises like Diablo OverWatch and uh

Call of Duty remember in in 2021

Microsoft scooped up to Bethesda was

like a 7 billion dollar thing and I was

like wow they bought Bethesda but I mean

that was nothing compared to this this

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story basically dominated gaming news

most of last year and it’s probably

going to continue too you this year when

Sony bought up Destiny and Halo

developer Bungie for 3.6 billion it

almost seemed quaint but it’s just

another way that it feels like the games

industry is getting smaller while also

getting bigger you got these huge

Publishers consolidating and that’s good

for services like Xbox game pass because

it means more free games but it’s also a

little concerning like pretty much all

of the entertainment choices seem like

they’re being Consolidated into like two

or three companies and right now it’s

impossible to say exactly what effect

all these buyouts and Acquisitions are

really gonna have but 2022 saw some of

the biggest moves yet and by yet I mean

of all time and it’s kind of scary

imagining things going further with a

few Mega companies having a Stranglehold

on the entire gaming arcade I’m not sure

if that’s how things are gonna shake out

but yeah I mean who even knows if that

would negatively affect the quality of

the games or not but it’s kind of weird

and troubling either way

and number five two years later we’re

still in the last gem in 2020 we finally

got our hands on the next generation of

consoles the Xbox series and the

PlayStation 5 two days apart what was

supposed to be this big generational

shift though never really materialized

and it’s two years later and we’re still

mostly playing cross-platform games

almost every major release this year was

cross-platform Horizon God of War Elden

ring Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Dying

Light 2 Callisto protocol basically if

you can name it and it wasn’t a Nintendo

exclusive it was probably cross-platform

only a few games managed to come out

this year that were next gen exclusive

like ghost War Tokyo and a plague tail

Requiem the only major Sony exclusive

that was PS5 only was Last of Us Part

One and that game’s been remade for

PlayStation 4 and was originally on a

PlayStation 3. we’ve seen it it looks

beautiful now compared to how I used to

but we’ve seen it before there really

were some amazing looking games in 2022

and even some of the ones I mentioned

that are cross platform the next gen

version does look significantly better

but they’re not reaching their full

potential if they’re developing

simultaneously for the last gen in this

one like the last generation of Hardware

is almost 10 years old so if you’re

developing simultaneously for both I

mean the game’s not gonna really feel

next gen even if the next gen version

looks a lot better Callisto protocol

comes to mind now there is obviously a

reason why a lot of these games are

cross-platform console shortages were a

huge problem throughout 2021 and two so

these developers wanted to make it so

more people could play their games and

that’s an admirable goal but it was a

bummer for everybody who dropped 500

bucks plus on release day for an x-gen

system and we see like game demos like

that nanite one for Unreal Engine and

we’re thinking wow this is what the next

gen is gonna look like and it’s two

years too late at this point but it does

look at least like 2023 is gonna be when

we see much more exclusives for the PS5

and Xbox series and when they maybe be

able to actually officially call this

the next gen for real

and number four is characters who will

not shut up 2022 was the year the

blabbermouth characters narrating over


um I mean it’s always been one of those

minor annoyances that we’ve seen in

gaming through the years but this is

here where a lot of Gamers started to

get fed up with it first game of 2022

where the amount of talking got on

people’s nerves I think was Horizon

forbidden West the main character just

talks uh through everything absolutely

everything no matter how mundane it is

it was kind of impressive how she’d

remember if you’d been somewhere before

or mention if an area is completed but

when the game starts solving puzzles for

you that’s when the talking goes from

intrusive but may be acceptable to kind

of infuriating this one’s more of a

personal thing some people won’t even

register the amount of character

dialogue while for other people it’s

like nails on a chalkboard uh God of War

Ragnarok kinda ran into similar troubles

with characters constantly telling you

where to go and what to do in such a way

that was distracting rather than helpful

like everyone loves mimir but he did

really not need to remind Kratos that

he’s on fire every time he didn’t most

these games at least give an option to

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turn down the frequency of the dialogue

but for a lot of people the damage was


um high on life great game I uh I was

favorable towards it although I had

minor complaints about how it would have

been nice if they just knew when to edit

a little bit it was thankfully one of

those games where you could turn down

the frequency and a lot of the time it’s

an extreme level of hand-holding and it

was especially odd because one of the

year’s most popular games Elder ring

just had no hand holding and that’s not

to say Alden ring is superior to those

games these are great games we’re

talking about just the frequency of the

talking was probably over tuned that’s

not even mentioning games like Xenoblade

Chronicles or Tiny Tina’s wonderlands

high on life had its charm to it that

those games kinda I don’t know didn’t

like I wasn’t laughing during Xenoblade

Chronicles 3 and Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

wow funny isn’t his funny is high in

life like all these games though they

could just be a cacophony of noise at

the worst moments 2022 wasn’t the year

that invented this but it was the year

where people started to get sick of it

at number three is the Nintendo switch’s

big performance problem yeah tough gear

for the little hybrid Nintendo uh also

one of the systems best like just

talking about games 2022 was one of the

all-time best years for the system

there’s really a lot of fantastic

exclusives but the performance issues of

the hardware stop being a minor

annoyance and started being a big

problem wasn’t just Little Indie Games

third party titles that had rough frame

rates and visuals first party titles are

now struggling too like Fire Emblem 3

hopes Pokemon Legends Arceus and

especially Pokemon scarlet and violet I

don’t know if we’d even be talking about

this as much if scarlet and violet

looked like Arceus which is like I said

a problem but not the kind of problem

those games are and it really brought

attention to this issue uh the newest

entry in the main Pokemon series really

had a hard time at release there was

constant pop in there’s ugly textures

low resolution visuals and uh of bad

frame rates and there’s still a lot of

technical issues the game struggles with

the performance was so bad people were

legitimately worried about the new

Legend of Zelda game personally I’m not

too worried about that one because

Xenoblade 3 looked really good and if

anyone is capable of working Magic from

the switch Hardware it’s the breath of

the wild team but also keep in mind

sometimes breath of the wild dips a fair

amount in frame rate too and that game

is from 2017. and while there are games

that work well and look fine there’s a

lot of other games that are just plain

rough Sonic Frontiers very inconsistent

frame rate Blade Runner enhanced Edition

Port was a disaster Lego brawls got

really bad reviews for performance uh we

need a switch too I think part of owning

a switch at this point is accepting

lower frame rates and less impressive

Graphics but in 2022 some switch games

just barely seem to work like tears of

the Kingdom really really hope and that

isn’t a problem with it also when they

do announce a switch to it’s gonna have

to have backwards compatibility I don’t

see them wanting to put one out without

it or I don’t know maybe switch Pro I

don’t know tears the kingdom be good

switch Pro switch too soon please all of


and number two is price increases

normally as gaming Hardware evolves and

production techniques become more common

the prices of things like Hardware is

supposed to go down but in 2022 we saw a

lot of uh unprecedented price increases

two years later you’d expect to see some

kind of discount on the price of a

PlayStation 5 but it’s actually more

expensive in certain International

markets PlayStation blames inflation and

recession concerns for the price but it

still sucks that there are people that

were forced to wait two years because of

shortages uh and it just not going down

in price at all another piece of

Hardware that got more expensive was The

Meta Quest 2 meta VR headset the price

jumped a hundred bucks with the basic

models price going from 299 to 3.99 like

PlayStation it’s supposedly production

and shipping costs but yeah it wasn’t

just Hardware that saw price increases

either Steam games in certain regions

also saw increased prices sometimes by

like a hundred times the original amount

this is partially because valve’s new

price calculator estimate mates what

developers should charge for games per

region uh it’s just an estimate and devs

don’t have to use it but a lot of them

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did and certain games really ballooned

in price I know steam’s trying to crack

down on people taking advantage of

prices being a lot lower in certain

regions but some of these prices are

just ridiculous it’s bad enough pretty

much everything costs more now but at

least let us buy games at a reasonable


and finally at number one nfts in gaming

if there’s one gaming Trend that should

definitely die in 2023 it’s nfts in

games if you don’t know what an nft is

good for you the basics is that nft

stands for non-fungible token which is a

unique digital identifier that’s

recorded on a blockchain and used to

identify ownership what this has to do

with games is that you can attach nfts

to pictures or in-game objects which is

supposed to make them unique which gives

them value allegedly the nft is unique

but the picture or in-game item they’re

connected to isn’t so it’s a whole weird

thing there’s 50 minute YouTube videos

that can explain this better than I can

but the main takeaway here is that nfts

are kind of another way to add in

monetization like worse DLC the major

selling point is that nfts give players

complete ownership of what they buy

because it’s in the blockchain it can’t

be duplicated and you could potentially

take an item you buy in one game and

transfer it to another game perhaps in

practice that doesn’t work because

you’re basically buying the receipt not

the item itself and if developers want

to make it so you can use stuff you can

buy in another game sure yeah but they’d

have to implement that like in code

themselves it’s not something that just

happened because of the blockchain has

to be programmed the assets have to be

in both games yada yada so you run into

issues like why would developer of game

a want to waste their time making some

item for game B in game a especially

when they’re not going to make money

from it the whole thing feels like a

bunch of empty promises from people who

have a vested interest in seeing nfts

succeed and not because they’re actually

something people want you ever hear the

skin crawling phrase play to earn those

are primarily nft games in 2022 it seems

like investors saw dollar signs and went

nft crazy thinking this was the way to

make video games basically print money

for them like Ubisoft jumped into the

nft market full force with quartz where

you could buy unique Ghost Recon guns

for real world cash don’t think

backfired because nobody bought them

because why why would we want them and

while the website’s still there it

remains in beta and it’s mostly

abandoned Square Enix president yosuke

matsuda he’s all in on nfts all he

talked about last year is plans to adapt

nft crap to popular franchises and no

one wants it but this man is like I want

it there’s one big problem in 2022 the

nft market complete collapsed The Wall

Street Journal reported the nft token

sales ahead declined by 92 percent and

the number of active wallets had dropped

by 88 in the previous year combine that

with the overall crash of the crypto

market and the miserable decline of the

crypto Bank FTX and its founder Sam

bankman freed who’s currently facing

multiple counts of Fraud and things are

not looking so hot for nft games Square

Enix is still pretending like they’re

all about nfts but we’ll see how how

long that lasts hopefully not long back

in early 2022 it seemed like nfts were

going to be inescapable but it does seem

like they’re kind of a forgotten

footnote going into 2023 thankfully uh

just a thing that dominated the news for

a while and disappeared just as quickly

good writtens right that’s all for today

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