I played two hours of Hogwarts Legacy

26.01.2023 0 By admin

I played two hours of Hogwarts Legacy

thanks to Warner for the invite and did

not want to put the controller down the

castle is full of students minding their

own Hogwarts business learning spells

preparing their broom to fly and flying

around the castle yourself is really

impressive too I like the multiple ways

you can approach a combat encounter and

there seems to be enough depth to keep

it interesting for the tens of hours it

will take to do everything just don’t

expect them to reinvent the wheel this

will be an open world RPG we played

before but in a very well realized

Wizarding World and that’s enough for me

check out the link in the pinned comment

for my in-depth thoughts after playing

two hours and subscribe for more

Hogwarts videos

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