Not to dispel the magic but video games are generally speaking works of fiction

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Not to dispel the magic but video games

are generally speaking works of fiction

giving developers the opportunity to

flex their creative muscles usually

makes for a more immersive experience

for the player often developers take

that sense of creative freedom and run

with it leading to a veritable Bounty of

Wonders being readily accessible at the

mere push of a button a big part of

achieving the immersion we know and love

is populating games with countless items

many of these are pretty mundane and

purely cosmetic but there are many

examples of video game items that are

just the opposite and as anyone who’s

ever stumbled into the dark side of

Internet fan fiction will tell you

imagination can sometimes get a little

weird whatever you need video games

cross-section of fantasy and function

provides a healthy crop of truly bizarre

items that serve a very specific

function strap on your Rainbow fueled

gravity packs because I’m Peter from

triple jump and here are the 10 weirdest

video game items that actually have a


number 10. groovertron glove Ratchet and

Clank the Ratchet and Clank franchise is

positively packed with unique gadgets

and weapons many of which were probably

Warren mentioning in this list however

there is one that stands out Above the

Rest for how utterly bizarre it is the

groovitron glove we’ve all been there

surrounded by a horde of hostile aliens

Our Lives hanging in the balance

thinking oh if only these creatures

would stop and dance enter the

groovitron glove a weapon that allows

you to throw disco balls and

incapacitate enemies by making them get

their groove on the groovitron has an

obvious purpose it stops enemies in

their tracks forcing them to abandon

their desire to turn ratchet into a long

back skin rug allowing the player enough

time to swiftly dispatch them however

this is also what makes the groovitron

so strange it’s technically non-lethal

leaving players free to do away with the

Hostile aliens on on their own schedule

still it does imply that these enemies

could theoretically dance themselves to

death although on the other hand that’s

arguably a Kinder fate than the one

waiting for them at the end of ratchet’s

trusty wrench no matter how effective

you might consider the groovatron to be

as a weapon it certainly is a strange

but useful tool for the aspiring

Galactic Ranger to possess number 9.

wall meat Castlevania in a franchise

about a vampire hunter exploring Count

Dracula’s castle you’d probably expect

there to be all manner of curious

artifacts lurking in castlevania’s

shadowy corners while you wouldn’t

necessarily be wrong the weirdest item

in the Castlevania franchise is actually

something that’s pretty mundane which is

kept in a rather unorthodox place when

vampire hunting takes its toll on Simon

Belmont and his health starts to run low

he can top It Up by attacking

castlevania’s walls smashing them open

and finding delicious cooked chicken now

eating meat might be a pretty standard

practice on its own especially by video

game standards but every facet of

castlevania’s wall meet is just so

incredibly wrong the implication is that

Count Dracula has spent his years of

immortality roasting entire chickens

putting them inside the walls and then

bricking them away exactly why he would

do this is perhaps castlevania’s biggest

mystery not only does it provide the

player with a much needed pick-me-up but

it also makes Dracula seem all the more

evil yes the blood sucking is pretty

horrifying but the thought that he’s

living inside walls lined with festering

roasted Meats oh the smell alone must be

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unbearable number 8. gummy blocks

Kingdom Hearts the Kingdom Hearts

franchise May well exist as an answer to

the question what would happen if Final

Fantasy met Disney and that goes a long

way towards explaining some of its more

unique elements as the entire franchise

was built around the the idea of

connecting and traveling across multiple

different fantasy worlds Sora Donald and

Goofy’s Adventures needed to be

rationalized with a bit of clever

writing and that is where Kingdom Hearts

gummy blocks come in made of an entirely

undefined substance and used to build

inter-dimensional spaceships gummy

blocks essentially serve as an

explanation for how Sora is able to

visit so many colorful locales the gummy

is a bizarre and unexpected mystery that

Kingdom Hearts doesn’t deign to

illuminate their game-related purpose is

made Fairly clear but what makes them so

strange is how vague all the other

details are despite sounding as though

they’d rot sora’s teeth faster than the

speed of light gummies are mostly

obtained during Kingdom Hearts tonally

dissonant space missions they’re also

randomly for sale in certain shops

around the franchise’s many worlds

making gummy blocks as mysterious as

they are useful exactly where they come

from and what they’re made of isn’t

clear but with out them Sora would float

away into the endless Chasm of space so

in that sense they certainly served

their purpose they also sound delicious

7. Dagger of Time Prince of Persia the

sands of time be honest who hasn’t

wished for the ability to control time

to those with a healthy imagination time

manipulation would come with endless

possibilities and when combined with

some totally sweet parkour skills might

just make you a Prince of Persia 2003

saw the Prince of Persia franchise

rebooted with Prince of Persia the sands

of time and with it came the

introduction of the imaginatively named

Dagger of time unsurprisingly the dagger

of time has the power to you guessed it

control time using magical sand you

might not have guessed the sand bit but

you know you get the point the same

magic sand has also created monsters you

know just to make sure that the dagger

part of the item gets some use too

though it may not be particularly

strange in the context of the game

itself the part hourglass part knife

Dagger of time is a pretty abstract

concept when you really think about it

keeping sand inside one’s weapon isn’t

really standard Behavior either making

the item more than a little bizarre in a

conceptual sense however it certainly

proves useful to the titular Prince

without it he’d never have managed to

navigate the otherwise impossible series

of traps and platforming puzzles he

encounters on his journey all in all the

magic sand knife does come in pretty

handy number 6. Mr Toots Red Faction

Armageddon Mr Toots the rainbow blasting

unicorn is one of the most notorious

elements of 2011’s Red Faction

Armageddon but no matter how many times

he makes an appearance the impression he

leaves remains untarnished as the game

consists of a pretty serious story

regarding an underground mining complex

on Mars the inclusion of Mr Toots serves

as a pretty big tonal departure this

makes him seem even stranger than he

already would have been after beating

the game players are able to make use of

Mr Toot’s highly destructive backside

equipped just like any of the game’s

standard weapons Mr Toots can be used to

shoot lethal rainbow beams at enemies

and the game environment wait where’s

the trigger on this oh my God are they

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using his oh no Mr Toots Red Faction

Armageddon offers little to no

information on Mr Toot’s backstory so

exactly how he came to be in an

underground Martian Mining facility is

really anyone’s guess however regardless

of how utterly baffling his presence in

the game may be he’s certainly useful as

the force released from his lower

intestine can level small structures and

explode enemies into a puff of rainbows

and butterflies he’s cute he’s cuddly

and his Digest suggestive tract is

capable of producing lethal force not

unlike me after a Dominoes number five

mollusk launcher Saints Row the Third

for years the Saints Row Series has

reveled in pushing boundaries by

including as much Mayhem as possible

taking a third person action sandbox and

delighting in making it as vulgar as

possible Saints Row III combined

controversy and Chaos in equal measure

one of the game’s best or worst

depending on who you ask features is the

inclusion of items and set pieces

clearly designed to be as weird and

wonderful as possible perhaps the

strangest of these is the mollusk

launcher a weapon that fires

mind-controlling octopuses capable of

turning hostile NPCs into allies and hey

before you go running into the comments

octopuses are technically mollusks

apparently who knew the perks of being

able to alter the will of your enemies

really do speak for themselves making

the moles glass launcher a handy

addition to the Arsenal of Steel port’s

career criminal useful though it may be

it’s still an incredibly strange weapon

even by Saints Row’s standard

number four donor dog brain Fallout New


ah Fallout New Vegas a game that

combines the tarnished Glitz of

apocalyptic Las Vegas with the

desolation of the irradiated Mojave

close your eyes and you can practically

taste the nuka-cola as you walk along

with a big iron on your hip and a a dog

brain in your pocket what the Fallout

series offers a fair few strange

surprises but is there anything more

off-putting than carting around a donor

dog brain during the nothing but a hound

dog Quest maybe but the fact that it’s

more than just a bizarre backpack filler

makes it all the more unpleasant even

though it’s entirely necessary the quest

in question is undertaken by the player

in order to save Rex the Cyber Hound’s

life and recruit him as a companion

carrying the brain is pretty odd but as

the only alternative is to not recruit

him at all it’s safe to say that every

single New Vegas player with a heart

resign themselves to harvesting the

organ and delivering it to Rex’s owner

the king it may have gathered a little

Mojave dust on the way but without it

how is Rex gonna know that he is in fact

a very good boy

number three fairy bottles The Legend of

Zelda The Legend of Zelda games arguably

make up one of the most iconic

franchises in all of gaming the

combination of fantasy action and

adventure is made all the Richer for the

series wealth of law and the depth of

its world there’s so much that makes the

Legend of Zelda unique but that also

means that every now and then things get

a little weird though the item may be a

staple of the franchise the fairy

bottles the protagonist link uses to

heal himself should be considered

strange at best they’ve been around for

enough time to no longer warrant too

much thought but on closer examination

they seem to prove Link’s capacity for

cruelty in The Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule


fairies are sentient beings so link is

really imprisoning tiny people just to

exploit them for their abilities okay

the fairies don’t seem to mind all that

much and Link does set them free once

they’ve served their purpose but surely

the exploitation of fairy his magical

powers should be considered a huge

ethical issue the fact that link doesn’t

seem to concerned makes it even stranger

as does the idea that he’s directly

responsible for the unfair imprisonment

of countless fairies if nothing else it

certainly taints his heroic image a bit

doesn’t it number two pheromone Arrow

galgun it’s hard to separate all of the

elements of a game like gal gun or gal

asterisk gun if you want to get stylized

about this into what should be

considered normal and what should be

considered totally insane with the bass

line skewed so heavily towards

strangeness it’s easy enough to dismiss

the game’s pheromone arrows as more of

the same but they really are pretty

baffling playing as a young man shot

full of Cupid’s arrows galgon sees you

tasked with warding off the advances of

countless Love Struck school girls in

order to find true love how on Earth

does one go about doing this you ask

just get yourself a handful of pheromone

arrows and you’ll be all set to scare

away the people attracted to you finally

because I’ve had that issue for ages how

exactly such an arrow might work is not

something galgon explains but it’s

probably safe to assume that pheromones

play A Part this means that the arrows

most definitely smell bad making you

seem suddenly unattractive to everyone

around you it’s certainly a really weird

concept and though pheromone arrows

might only be useful in the context of

galgun’s story they undeniably have a

pretty clear purpose no matter how odd

they might seem and number one

crystallized demon orbs Devil May Cry if

you’ve never played Devil May Cry just

consider it resident Evil’s totally

radical cousin following Demon Hunter

Dante as he you know hunts demons the

franchise makes use of fast-paced combat

with lots of overly showy and impressive

techniques more offset Techniques plus

other abilities can be bought using

Devil May cry’s official currency

multi-colored demon orbs demon orbs

sound like a pretty standard video game

collectible by name but it’s the

franchise’s own explanation of their

nature that makes them so odd according

to Devil May Cry these differently

colored orbs are made from different

parts of demons various Essences red

ones for example come from Demon’s blood

white orbs consist of demons tears and

green contain crystallized fluids just

no one tell me what the yellow orbs are

okay I think I’d rather not know using

orbs made of various crystallized bits

of demon juice as currency is more than

just weird it’s utterly disgusting the

way that each color is used for a

different purpose somehow makes it worse

because it implies that Dante values

each discarded bodily fluid differently

the orbs may be useful for all manner of

things but knowing this about their

nature sure there’s no way we’ll ever be

using them again I don’t want to be

scraping Crusty Demon bits out of my

piggy bank thank you very much