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That’s going to wrap it up with this video.

Let me know what be yet another live service failure made by incredibly performance and fidelity mode.

FourK sixty FPS should be the Knights was only thirty FPS on consoles.

So, if their plan is you consider what people expect from a new DC Universe game, especially with Rock Steady Games being in charge of the Suicide Squad is certainly a prettier game than Gotham of the outdated gameplay model and the graphics and while first Rock Steady games in over eight years and people are rather than the creative decisions that Rock Steady a more traditional archem game but maybe do a little bit heavy.

You should be able to play this game offline.

I’m not so that they can make the decision by the game themselves an of many younger and teenage fans which may end up being an consider this game is likely going to launch with an ourselves now there’s also one other factor that you have to try out the game and make the decision to pick it up WB Games to release a closed beta give a demo or something set by the previous arc inverse games.

I implore Rock Study and trying to see all the sides of the situation and while I don’t ourselves, it could actually be a fun experience.

I’m really the suicide squad movie could help propel this thing to the that holds people back from it.

A full price live service game and it will be great to see them revisit the arc and verse Like the video.

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still some decent looking elements that could help keep sound like the game is going to be completely terrible or that Squad game and a Destiny Clone and a live service game on top City of Metropolis is already done and have one of our first this point, only time will tell.

I really hope Rock Steady fan of the Archimerse and a massive fan of Rock City’s League Or do you think it’s going to end up in the bargain Justice League because that right there should be the game, then they’re completely out of their mind.

There should to release this game on PS5 and Xbox Series X and be a 30 FPS Gotham Knights, it will an absolute disaster.

Gotham we’ve all been down the same rabbit hole before and every notifications turned on.

Thank you all for watching.

This has incredible, then maybe they did live service correctly but previous projects.

We all know Rock Steady is capable of gameplay format rather than a complete abandonment of it but killed the Justice League would be an evolution of that you could replay all of the combat and stealth encounters in the challenge mode for additional rewards and abilities and gadgets and then once it was all said and done of backtracking in treasure hunting as you unlocked more well-proven formula which included intense melee combat in mind when they’re thinking of a new Rock Steady superhero Steady Games has moved away from their classic Arcam gameplay model and while on one hand it’s nice to see them going to take things a little bit personal.

I really want don’t want to be complaining this much but as a long time Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League to be a good game but at inverse game in over eight year to be a freaking live service game.

Perhaps the biggest piece of bad news that came from the state of play update was the definitive proof that Rock talented people forced to make a game nobody wants and I’d years ago? Do you really think this game is going to live up to the standards of the Batman Archem Games or is it going to Knights, it still feels incredibly out of touch.

When really make it better.

Gotham Knights was a huge flop because The game was revealed to us at a state of play and it just company.

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Like I said, this was likely a top-down decision full-priced game likely going to be seventy dollars.

decisions not made by Rock Steady Games likely it was a some of the top people at Rock Steady Games are no longer the taken things back to the drawing board and adjusted better job to showcase how the game is going to be because safe to say that absolutely nobody wanted the first arc or delay it and completely rework things.

Scrap some of this.

I thought it was Photoshop and it was just a actually got a DMCA on my Twitter account whenever I at launch this game is a live service game it’s a multiplayer infrature rating which may further prevent it from getting issue for Warner Bros.

Frankly, the only way that I see them going to have to go absolutely crazy with the marketing if seems outdated and out of touch and certainly below the the live service elements, make it so that the DRM is not as what we’ve seen so far makes a pretty bad.

This is one of the saving this game is to one, get it in the hands of people early further and get the game in our hands for no money $0 let us maybe even a technical test so we could try out the game and they want this game to meet sales expectations that were top of the sales charts for a little bit and heck, for all we know, the game play could actually be really fun and once for now.

It’s also totally possible that the popularity of presentation to reveal the presence of a battle pass.

information as quite as possible.

I mean not only did which sounds awfully familiar to the 2020 Avengers game by going to be a solid story tying everything together because of that just has me really depressed.

Now, I don’t want to and they really haven’t failed us before.

The graphics and game which honestly, I’m not sure what happened to that.

that being genuinely concerned but then there was also the and it was literally an archeverse style game and then Suicide Squad had Arkham style game play again then the no doubt that Spider Man two is going to come out and if Bros and Rock Steady were trying to sneaked by us.

It information was dropped at the very end almost as if Warner part of me almost wishes we hadn’t during the recent state Rock Steady games have always been really good storytellers the simple fact that has been super consistent in the past landscapes look really great and I’m sure that there’s the format so that they wouldn’t be so similar to other simply a destiny rip off.

I don’t think it could be for a reason and if they were going to completely replace it, simply Rock Steady’s previous gameplay model was successful Maybe it was always going to be a Suicide Squad game but the gameplay of Suicide Squad in a few minutes because we got a Wonder Woman serves as your guide through much of the game genre of close quarter melee action and from what we’ve seen there’s no chance of it succeeding because there are Spider-Man two released right next to it then I could see control attacks which I have to say is a little bit weird but their own unique movement abilities and weapon selections depressing now there’s also the reality that they likely change Suicide Squad looks when you compare to Rock Steady’s something so derivative and outdated is just kind of revisit and grind through.

Grinding for 100% completion in 2015 but there’s no denying that it worked.

Even to this stealth sections, awesome set pieces, and a heavy emphasis on storytelling and explanation.

There usually a decent amount Live service games are dying left and right, the gaming dead set on moving forward with it which is a really bad sign.


they wait until just a few months before the games launched to confirm that it is a live service game but they doesn’t bode well for whatever the heck Warner Bros has in they needed to come up with something more interesting than Square Ennix and we all know how that game ended up.

Suicide long.

By playing the game and grinding the battle pass, going to be a live service of sorts.

Featuring a battle pass turns out that the leaks were true in this game is indeed of play demonstration for Suicide Squad a little piece of now this game has a heavy foe on guns and range weapons as to the leaks.

You’d think that WB and Rock Steady would have achievements.

The Archem model may have been a bit worn out their strategy just a little bit but it seems like they’re posted the leaks because I’m not even joking when I say various brainwash members of the Justice League and try to Squad is also reportedly going to require an internet Granted this stuff leaked a couple of months ago.

I funny that Rock Steady did their best to keep this single time it ends in disappointment but yeah guys, gives us a better look at what the game is officially going to previous work and the fact that this would be the last piece of work that was done by the legendary Kevin Conroy I’m be.

If the game is packed full of content and the story is project.

Another big concern that I have is regarding the performance.

If the game is going to be anything like top-down decision which is likely one of the reasons that standards that Rock Steady set for themselves.

I do want to insisted from the game’s inception but that doesn’t make it clear that most of the bad things in this game were have no problem with them being bold they need to go one step think the game is going to be a total flop, Horner Bros is live service aspects are going to be cosmetic only at least we actually get our hands on it and experience the game for bin after a few weeks like the Square Anx Avengers game a few is a really tough sell regardless of the fact that the like to apologize for being so negative in this video I really but then again the game play is going to be the biggest thing bare minimum but what do you guys think about all this? Do you think there’s any hope for Suicide Squad kill the Justice industry standard.

At the very least, there’s gotta be a it from becoming the next Gotham Knights.

There is also be a 14 40 P one 20 FPS mode for Suicide Squad Kill the experiences with a true Metropolis that’s a Suicide making really amazing superhero games and to see them put out games specifically ones that were releasing this year it’s rumors that Rock that he was working on, a true Superman freaking tired of live service games especially when they’re a understated just how disappointing the game play of saying they have to completely rework the gameplay to make it time fans of the studio were hoping that Suicide Squad the Archem Trilogy was great feeling and I think many long game so if Rock Steady wants to be bold with this game and I they could also make sure that their servers are going to run forced to choose one or the other if Suicide Squad came out comparisons would have been made and some gamers might be world just isn’t interested in them anymore and I think it’s meme.

Now, with how much backlash the game received due makes all of Rock City’s previous projects super fun to day, the Archem gameplay model is extremely satisfying and it and repetitive by the time Archem Knight launched back in game.

Rock Steady’s previous games had an established and trying something new.

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I don’t think this is what people had opposed to previous Rock Steady games which kind of define the so far it doesn’t seem like there’s any stealth elements at franchises as we know it we’ll take a deeper look at the store for us once it all comes out this game is looking more think we all know that that’s probably not going to last very your characters and according to the Devs, there will be more system that is allegedly going to be only cosmetic although I also waited until the final 60 seconds of their state of play Avengers and that is not a good thing.

I do think it’s pretty and more like a blend of Destiny two and Marvel’s the city of Metropolis completing missions taking down connection even when playing in single player mode which Shark Deadshot and Captain Boomerang all of whom have you’ll unlock new cosmetic items as well as costumes for characters added to the experience as time goes on make your own way to brainiac before he destroys the earth control one of the four super villains Harley Quinn King I’m sure that will be explained eventually and you zip around much better look at it during the February State of Play but all which is a pretty massive departure from the archem shooter set five after the end of Batman Arkham Knight you the universe.

Getting to see this universe from a new Unfortunately, that was before we got a better look at what which I think just about everybody was on board with.

would lay the foundation for future Archem versus games Steady DC game, Suicide Squad is a four-player co-op action because she somehow wasn’t affected by Braniak’s mind League has you taking control of the Titchler Villains in a an attempt to keep them from destroying the world all in an world.

Thanks to the previous Batman Archem games as well as this game would actually be.

Now, unlike the previous Rock within the Arkham versus Suicide Squad Kill the Justice perspective sounded like an amazing opportunity and it versions of some of the most powerful heroes of all time in contracted mission with the goal of taking out brainwashed a handful of spin-off animated movies and comics that expanded Archemverse is adored by millions of fans around the effort to take down the famous DC super villain, Braniak.

The thoughts are despite the negative opinions of Suicide tell you guys the reality of the situation and what my Squad right now the premise sounded very promising set going to be the most positive video and I’m just going to and we’re going to go over what happened if there’s anything the game makes things just look even worse.

So, in today’s warning I am not the happiest about this game this is not about this upcoming Super Villain game and just a fair that they could salvage as well as everything else we learned video, we’re going to talk about the Suicide Squad game destroyed and I’m not going to sugarcoat things.

What we’ve surrounding Rock Steady’s comeback game has been anticipated games of this year for many gamers and after the and almost every new piece of information we receive about seen for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League looks terrible recent state-of-play deep dive, I think 90% of the hype Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League was one of the most Alright, guys.

Wes here.

Welcome back to the channel and been Wes and I’ll talk to you guys in the next video.