Guess The Question From The Answers

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Welcome to Good Mythical More…

Here we are, just hanging out,taking all of our experience with “Family Feud” and reversing it.

Yeah, I’m excited.

So we’re gonna be given all the answers,and we have to come up with what the survey was.

Yeah, what the question was.

And I will also be talking about pussy sores.

Where that came from.


But first, congratulations to
Sarah, #merchicality winner.

$30 to the store,

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Knocking out this carbonara.

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A Mythical tattoo of some sort.

Could be.
That could be

a cock that’s on here, but…
Could be.

You know what?

You wear your merch out in the wild,

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so you can just get more.


Let’s play a couple of
rounds and then we’ll, um…

We have a compliment board, too.

We’ll pepper in our compliment
boards along the way.

Okay, cool.

Let’s see this first board, then.

Road, a drive.



Avocado, food.

Frog, toad.


Answers that can be given,

two answers that can be given

on the same as one
answer in “Family Feud.”


I think it’s the answer.

They all have slashes.

You wanna just go without the boards here,

since it’s hard for you to write?

I think it has something to
do with something being wet.

Road person.

Something that is slippery.

Something that

if is slippery, you can…

Something that is slippery when wet.

Oh, that’s a good guess, what if it’s-

What is slippery with wet?

We surveyed 100 people,

what is something that
is slippery when wet?

What’s something that’s green when…

Yeah ’cause, yeah.

A frog and an avocado, both are…

But why would it be a drive?

A person and a road are not green.

Something that gets more dangerous

when it gets wet.

Something that is hard.

It’s harder when it’s wet.

Why would it be avocado, specifically?

And first of all, why
would 63 people say road?


Because slippery when wet,
you would say road to that.

You’re on the right track that it’s…

All these things share an adjective.

But not slippery?

But not slippery or wet.


It’s not about wetness or-


No, it’s not about any kind of wet.

It’s not about any kind of wetness.

We asked 100 people
name some moist things.

So if it’s not, in the sun,

something that dries up in the sun.

A person.


A drive.

I mean, three out of four ain’t bad.

Something that turns brown.

In the sun.
In the sun.

No, think about the
surface of these things.

Something that gets
rougher when you touch it.

Something that…

Something that has a rough surface.


A drive?

Something that has a-

Something that’s bumpy.

There we go.


Name something that might be bumpy.

I got it.

Name something that might be bumpy.

All right, let’s do another one.

Okay, here we go.


Humor personality.


Bae is ballin’!


Their smile.

That lickable head.

Those extra large lips
though, you didn’t say that.


That lickable head?

His laugh.

Okay, so this is things you
love about Steve Harvey.



Character, heart, sexy
stash gives it away.

Steve Harvey’s most notable attribute.

You’re closer with your first.

What about his suit, that’s
all his fine threads.

Things Steve Harvey is hiding.

Things Steve Harvey is known for.

You said things you
love about Steve Harvey,

but the you part is where
things there’s more specific.

Things I love about Steve Harvey.

Things Steve Harvey loves about himself.

Ways that Steve Harvey describes himself.

Things that ladies love
about Steve Harvey.

Cool, okay, more specifically-

Things that Steve Harvey’s
wife loves about him.

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There we go, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Was that actually one of them?

Yeah, name something Steve Harvey’s wife

would probably say she loves about him.

They’ve gotten to that point?

I mean, we know the whole
show is basically about him,

but they literally made the game about it.

That lickable head.

That lickable head.

I love the fact that that’s somebody’s job

is to take that and then turn
it into that lickable head.

Let me tell you a quick story.

It’s very quick.
About sores?

I don’t know if we have told this story,

but my brother was MCing an
event that we were at in college

at like a camp that…

It was a church event.

When we were involved in Crusade.

So, and he’s MCing the whole thing,

where Carolina, Duke, and
NC State come together,

so a few hundred students.

And then our campus
director at the time, Mike,

wanted to kind of throw him
off because he was, you know,

either he was a student

or a new staff guy MCing the whole thing.

And so

he was going through
the rules for the camp,

like don’t do this, don’t do that.

And so Mike wrote, “No
pussy sores in the pool,”

without realizing that
he had written no…

’cause pussy and another thing-

We get it.
Another thing

are written in the same way.

And he hands it to him
in front of everyone,

and he like looks at it.

Did he say it?
He didn’t say it.

He just was like…

He didn’t say it.
“I don’t know

why Mike wants me to say this,

but I am not going to say it.”

And then later we all found out

that he handed him a little note

that said pussy sores on it and so…

I don’t know, every-

It’s good that he didn’t say it.

Every six to eight months, if
we’re talking about a pool,

we’ll say no pussy sores in the pool.

Which is true.

I mean, he was right.

That’s the story.

Let’s see our compliments,
or at least one of them.

Let’s see one compliment board here.

Whose do you want?

Whose is this?

It’s up.


All right.

Coming in at number four, what do we have?

Nice sweaters.


What a co-inky-dink.

Hold on, did you just make this just now?

Did they tell you to wear
a nice sweater today?

No, but you like my sweaters?

Nine people said that.

This one’s got two buttons.

Was this an actual survey or is this just-

Three buttons.

For real?


No, not for real.

And number three, we’ve got.

Can be trusted with knives.

I love this.

All right, yeah.

Well, it’s compliments about
you, of course you love it.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

All right, well,

and the number two thing that
Rhett loves about himself.

Good at winning.

And the number one thing that people chose

to compliment Rhett about.

Great hair, beard.

That’s very exciting.

Do you wanna wait on yours?

I wanna wait on mine.


and you know what? I
don’t wanna wait on mine.

I’d like to go ahead
and get mine out there.


All right.

I mean, you know what,

I’d like for you to
do, what I did for you.

Okay, and coming in at number four.

Friendly around the office.

Friendly around the office.

Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Another thing that people love about Link.

Looks good in a sling.

Hey, these are actually not…

They’re compliments.

They’re not cheap shots.

Yeah, yeah. Well, there’s
still two more to go.

Coming in in at number two.

Funny while drunk.

Thank you, thank you.

Becoming known for it.

And the number one thing
that people love about Link.

Gracious loser.

Wow, guys.

What’s 28 plus 25 plus 17 plus 5?

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One writer was really
nice to me, thank you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Before we get to the next one,

check out my podcast with my dad.

If everything that you
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Hmm, hmm.


Well, I talk to my dad every week,

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Oh, wow.

That’s another thing you’re good at

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YouTube, what’s that?

Okay, shall we see another board?

We shall.

Sleep, snore.

Talk slash cuss.

Play on the phone, Grindr.

Chug flask.

Annoying things that-

But why is it sleep?

My son does when he
comes home from college.

So sleep is-

I don’t have a son in college.

So sleep is the number one answer by far.

So almost 80 people
said sleep slash snore.

Bad habits, annoying habits

that my mother-in-law does.

We asked 100 people,

name something you shouldn’t
do in an interview.

Be on Grindr.

Something you shouldn’t do.

This isn’t when you’re being expected.

No, okay.

Something you shouldn’t do in church.

Oh, yeah.

Nice, Rhett.

Name something you shouldn’t do

at church during the sermon.

I guess during other parts,
it’s okay to be on Grindr.

Chug a flask.
Chug a flask.

Play on the phone, specifically Grindr.

Don’t be on Grindr.

I mean, “Family Feud” has gotten…

It’s a comedy show.

The fact that Grindr, four people said…

Nobody said Grindr.

Nobody said Grindr.

Four people said playing on the phone.

The writer who translates it
into an answer says Grindr.

‘Cause it’d be funny.

Grindr at church.

I think so.

Give me another one.

Spray hose in quotes.

Slide on the fire pole.

Ladder climb, run, up stairs.

Axe motion, lift, carry partner.

Set a fire.

Sexy things firemen do.


You’re in the right general territory.

Things I want to see
firemen do on a calendar.

We asked 100 women,
Set a fire.

What they would like a
fireman to do to them.

Axe motion.

Run up their stairs.

I want you to spray me with your hose.

Things that are hard for-

I want you to axe motion me so hard.

Things that are hard
for a fireman not to do.

Set a fire.

Hey, growing up, we had a-

Yeah, we talk about this a few times.

We had a volunteer
fireman who couldn’t help

but set the fires ’cause he was bored.

Yeah, you set them and forget them, yeah.

No, set it-

Actually, you set them and then you go,

then you call everybody and say,

“Hey, there’s a fire,
this address, be there.”

How are you always the first one there?

I don’t know, man. I got a sixth sense.

I started it.

Spray hose.

Why is hose in quotes?

Because it’s like his penis.

Because it’s the family feud, man.

Is this dirty?


They make it that way.

They want you to make it that way.

What would you like to do with a fireman?

Slide on the fire pole.

What would you like to watch a fireman do?


A stripper dressed as a
fireman would do what?

It’s not…

Yeah, that’s the closest,
that’s the closest.

I’m gonna-

Most injuries happen
where at the fire place?

But I was close.

But it’s got to kind of
something about dancing.



No, no.

What would the firemen dance involve?

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There we go.

If there were a dance
move called “the fireman”,

what’s one thing you might do in it?

I keep wanting to hit you on the shoulder.

Axe motion. Why?

Why just then did you want
to hit me on the shoulder?

Because I told you.


You know, that kind of thing.

Yeah, well, now you just switch sides.

This is the thing I’m worried about.

Am I going to basically lose my tendency

to do a friendly punch on
you at moments when I need to

and then I won’t be able to get it back?

That’s fine.

I don’t mean to disrupt our conversation,

but we do have gay
lovemaking on the board.

They love it, man, down there in Atlanta.

I don’t mean gay.

In Atlanta?

I don’t mean gay…

I mean, I’m sure they do.

I mean, I’m sure they do everywhere.

When in Atlanta?

They love gay lovemaking everywhere.

But what I’m saying is
that the crowd in Atlanta

is the crowd that you’re
making the show for,

because that’s the studio audience.

Oh, that’s where it’s filmed?


I didn’t know that.

And so, you know, it’s like
we’re kind of in the south,

but we’re in like a metro area,

where we can say things
like Grindr in church

and it’s still kind of funny.

That’s what I’m getting at.

Sports fishing, cold
brewskis, poker games,

gay lovemaking.


Gay lovemaking?
Something old

retired men do with each other.

Something best male
friends do with each other.

Gay lovemaking.

You’re on the right track.

What lonely men resort to

when they’re stranded on an island?

Well, we’ve already gone fishing

and played poker.

We’ve done everything.

We’ve ruled everything else out.

I think this is-

Best friends.

When you get delirious
at the Bass Pro Shops.

What would you do if you
were stuck in a Bass Pro shop

for more than 48 hours?

It all ends in gay lovemaking.

Right after the poker game.

I mean, think about if…

Can you rent out the whole Bass Pro shop?

I hope so.

That’s a good idea.

I want to rent that pyramid in Memphis.

Anything goes.

It’s the Bass Pro shops, anything go.

It’s like the Bass Pro shops purge night.

You know?

Yeah, at least five out of the night.

I’ve rented it out.

At least five out of those guys-

And I’ve locked the doors.

Are gonna realize they’re
at least a little bit gay

after they’ve been in
there for a couple of days.

All right, I mean this-

I think my dog may have
peed on this shirt.

I keep smelling…

Smell the back.

I do this at home all the time.

I have to freaking smell
my freaking pillow.

Because if you leave
it, Jasper might, yeah.

And Sean will go for.

It’s fine back here. What about the front?

Just like a night at the Bass Pro shop.

No, it you Febrezed it.

Well, ’cause there was a
wrinkle down the middle.

Oh, you wrinkle sprayed it.

Give us a hint, Stevie.

It involves men and-

Guilty pleasures.


Ways that men lose all their money.

Yep, that’s it.

Name something that brings men-

Men together.


That’s the answer, that’s it.

Brings men closer together.

What makes men connect with each other?

Yep, sports and fishing.


Beer and poker.

And then gay lovemaking.

And then let’s get very-

Very close.


Can’t get any closer than that.

“Dispatches from Myrtle Beach”

is back for season three,

and it’s coming out on
Tuesdays now for audio,

and video on YouTube on
Thursday starting this week.