The biggest secrets with Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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We’re going to be exploring one of the biggest secrets with Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Along with that, we have some news to talk about regarding when we could see the first glimpse of actual gameplay footage for Tears of the Kingdom and so much more.

So, definitely stick around until the end of the video because you guys do not want to miss it.

Now, everything that is officially been revealed by Nintendo paints quite a strange picture but what if I told you that beneath the surface of High Rule lies one of the biggest features that Zelda fans have been wanting to return and according to many fans is the staple of what it means to be a Zelda game.

Now if you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m talking about classic theme dungeons which according to Zelda Puris is one of the most controversial aspects of Breath of the Wild as rather than taking the classic approach Breath of the Wild opted for 200 shrines dotted across the map that are just basically mini puzzle rooms and the game also featured four larger divine beasts that kind of acted like the big dungeons in the game.

Now, I personally love the shrines as well as the divine beast as I felt like they were a nice change of pace and they all just really fit into the game’s world but I can understand why mini preferred classic dungeons as they were some of my favorite video game experiences.

If you dive into the trailers and official images of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll find clues and kind of hints at Dungeons returning.

Now, I’d like to really quickly state as a disclaimer, I’m only going off of official information and I would not be referencing anything from the art book leak.

So, if you want a spoiler-free journey, this is the video for you.

The first thing we have to point out is the first initial teaser trailer that announced the development of the sequel.

We see a shot that takes place beneath the castle and you see certain structures depict a dungeon-like entrance but overall just the vibe looks very similar to how Nintendo has designed their dungeons as well as their entrance to dungeons in the past.

Now, this doesn’t 100% confirm dungeons are back but what it does tell us is that the depths of Hiro will be used in a different way in tears of the kingdom outside of just being a place where they hold a bunch of shrine rooms.

Whether or not they will be the locations of the dungeons are not as hard saying but let’s be honest, when you think of the word dungeon, typically you think of something underground.

The most recent trailer shows beneath Higher as well but this time a features enemies.

You could see a Bocablin mine for materials in quite a large area.

There’s also a as well.

So, not only are we going underground at High Rule Castle but also throughout High Rule.

Now, as you could see with this shot right here, you have a hole in the grass which will likely be an area that you could go underground but it’s like a giant cave entrance similar to the shot of the Bocablin mining.

I think what we’re seeing in the trailer is only a tiny glimpse of just how vast the underground will be.

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I think it’s pretty obvious that there will be a ton of cave entrances.

They will have different enemy camps and different mobs and bosses that we’re going to get to explore throughout our journey in Tears of the Kingdom.

That kind of leads us to the question, how many dungeons are going to be featured in tears of the kingdom.

The previous game had 4 large creatures, obviously the divine beast, Varuda Varudanya, Von Meadow, and the legendary Von Naboris which like I said before, I really love the Divine Beast but I think in this game, there’s going to be even more dungeons.

If we take a look at this mural from the Tyler Reveal trailer, it shows what many believe is the goddess Halia and floating around them is Seven Tiers rather the seven sages that sealed Gannon away.

So that’s why I think it’s entirely possible that Tears of the Kingdom will have themed dungeons that are based on the sages.

For instance, a light dungeon, forest, fire, water, and shadow.

Another theory that likely will be a key element to tears of the kingdom is of course time.

So maybe we’ll have to go back in time to retrieve the seven tiers from the sages in an attempt to once again seal Gannon away.

Now the classic dungeons won’t be the only puzzles or rather trials we will be completed in Tears of the Kingdom do in the most recent trailer, we see some zone eye puzzles being completed on different sky islands which some believe are dungeons themselves.

Now, I personally don’t think they are.

If I were to guess, I would say these are rather sky trials that when completed will give you access to new zone eye abilities.

If you remember on the great plateau, the first four shrines granted us access to different runabilities that we use throughout our journey in high rule.

If you look at this giant cube creature right here that is said to be a boss, you see it’s being powered by zoneai technology.

So, I’m guessing as we explore these sky Islands or as I call them Sky Shrines we go up on top of them we do a puzzle defeat a boss and gain an extra vial of green goo for our Zonai belt now there’s not very much information known about the Zonai tribe but what we do know is that they’re a prehistoric tribe that are from the far on region and that’s why I think Goddess Hilia is a Zonai now if you remember from Twilight Princess we had the Sky Islands from that game that were created by the Oku but in Skyward Sword you know that the Sky Islands were created by the Goddess Hilia which became the home of the Hileans if we can where Tears of the Kingdom will be placed throughout these other timeline, it makes sense that it would be a prequel to Skyward Sword and the ancient Zonai tribe with their magical abilities now reside on top of the Sky Islands that we see throughout Tears of the Kingdom.

So, not only is Tears of the Kingdom going to be showcasing high roll after the calamity and the rebirth of Gannon which would technically be at the end of the timeline but we’re also going to be at the start of it as well and that’s why we see link with this champion’s tunic but also the ancient toga that he’s wearing as well.

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Now, another common theme you see throughout the trailer is stuff falling from the sky as well as Link controlling time with his arm.

Utilizing the green goo that’s like the Zonai technology.

I think Link being able to manipulate time is going to be a key element in this game as well.

Similar to how it was a key theme in other games.

Maybe the goddess Hailea is the one who gave us the ability to control time itself and she passed that ability to us.

Now, we know that Nehru who is named after the goddess also has control over time but it also could be the case that Halia is the goddess of time as well.

Let me know what your thoughts on that guys I know that it’s a pretty hot topic is highly of the goddess of time and in what ways do you think Link will be able to control time we’ve seen in the trailer that Link has the ability to control it in some ways specifically through the zone eye technology in his arm if you remember in the trailer he has a spike ball that he was able to push backwards as well as kind of freeze time and of course there is the rock that he was able to kind of reverse time and put it back up into the sky now going back to the topic of dungeons the Zelda team has been listening to fan feedback loud and clear and I think based on the of the previous game as well as how they want to utilize a world that already has a foundation.

I think the obvious next step for them is to bring dungeons back.

But this time in a much more unique and immersive way.

Now according to an interview with AJ Aluma by vice, the interviewer asked the question, there are fewer big dungeons in the new game compared to old and an emphasis on Link having smaller shrines to explore spread around the map is that a design choice that goes back to the beginning of the project to which Aluma responded, it wasn’t necessarily an original design point At first, we were planning to include more large labyrinth-style dungeons.

The sort of things you’d expect in a Zelda title but the reason we decided to include smaller shrines which isn’t to say there aren’t some larger dungeons in Breath of the Wild was to strike a balance between this extremely large overwhelm you’re exploring and these goals and objectives to explore within that.

So, by dotting these shrines around a larger number of them but with each smaller in size than the older style dungeons, it helped to bring balance and break up the huge world into smaller, more explorable chunks.

And now that we’ve already done everything that there is to explore with the current high roll map, it only makes sense for the Zelda team to expand the areas to allow more interaction via the underground with the dungeons but also giant caves for us to explore and create new gameplay scenarios for us to visit.

Now, I think the overworld is also going to be changed.

We don’t really know in what way yet but if I were to guess, I’m sure that every area that we explore throughout the grounds of High Rule is going to be unique and have its own different vibe as well as unique enough for us to want to go explore.

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There’s been a lot of concern about whether or not Zelda Tears the Kingdom is going to be a new game or if it’s going to be more of an expansion of the old one which is understandable especially whenever you look at the trailers a lot of the world we’ve seen so far does look very similar to the old high roll but you have to understand that there’s a ton of misdirection that goes down with these trailers Nintendo is intentionally being secretive and they will continue to be for a long time even after the game’s launch but that is kind of the perfect segway into my next topic and that is when are we going to get the first official gameplay for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom well if history does indeed repeat itself then we should be expecting some type of game play at the upcoming Pax East the first time we got to see a demo of Breath of the Wild was at Pax East as well and it just so happens that it will be taking place on March 23rd through the 26th so there’s a very possible chance that we will get to see Tears of the Kingdom with a playable demo at Pax East on March 23rd through the 26th, which is extremely exciting news it was confirmed that Nintendo will have a booth at Pax East whether or not there’s going to be a playable demo of Tears the Kingdom is still kind of up in the air but if history does indeed repeat itself then we will be getting some tears of the kingdom footage during Pax East at the end of the month which I cannot be more excited about according to the list of exhibitors Nintendo of America Inc will appear at booth 13055 now there’s no list of titles in the demo like I said but if you’re going to Pax East and you’re lucky enough then you could potentially be one of the first people to play Tears of the Kingdom which is pretty awesome if it indeed ends up being true I’m personally not going to be going so if you end up going there and you get to play Tears of the Kingdom early I will be incredibly jealous but yeah guys that is going to wrap it up with this video let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below do you think the classic dungeons are returning in Tears of the Kingdom or are you not convinced yet guys that’s going to wrap it up with this video thank you all for watching be sure to like the video subscribe to the channel with your notifications turned on and until next time guys this has been Wes and I’ll talk to you guys in the next video