The BEST I’m on Observation Duty KNOCKOFF!

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Hey Dan!

Hi Arin!

Sorry, I was just trying to scare you.

Oh, sorry, I thought we were doing a thing.

Oh, I guess I just did.

Hey Dan!

Happy Valentine’s Day, right?

Oh man, I’m really bad at this.

Hey Dan, here’s a present for you.

I love it!

For Valentine’s Day.

Oh, you remembered!


You alright?

It was supposed to scare you.

Oh, no it did, it worked.


Hey I’m Grump, I’m not so Grump!

And we’re the Game Grumps!

Hello Governor.

Hello Arin.


Welcome- Hello Daniel.

Welcome to Spectator.


Which I believe is short for

Special Potato.

Special Tater.


Is this a scary game, innit?

I don’t know. Well, aww, look at that.

That’s um, that’s uh,

it’s Commander, but it’s meant to be

a Commodore 64. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, very cute. Very cute, very cute.

And uh, yeah, let’s do this.

I don’t know what this is, but it looks scary.

This is a I’m on Observation

Duty rip-off. Great!

But all the, all the premises

are like,

like they’re kind of famous

horror games. Oh, okay.

Seems like the back rooms, and there’s like

uh, uh, Five Nights

at Freddy’s. Oh, I see.

And Paranormal Activity.

I see. Yeah, so. Okay.

It’s kind of got that, yeah, it’s a silly, silly, silly, silly.

Well, hopefully

the dude who came up with

um, uh,

I’m on Observation Duty isn’t annoyed by

this stuff. Or maybe it’s a form of

flattery. You know what? It just makes it

more successful when the real one comes out.

I suppose so. That’s like, this one’s always the best.

Which place would you, oh, not the back rooms.

Oh, you don’t like the back rooms? I think after

Escape the Back Rooms, I’m good on back rooms

for life. Alright, let’s play the back rooms.

Okay, great. We got

can I do the, yeah, I can do this

move. Okay.

So we got this guy on his compooper.

So he’s our friend? Uh, you

know, I wouldn’t assume that.

Alright. Got some crates.

Four crates.

Monitor drawing, blood, opening

closing, light anomaly. Boy, this

really is very similar.

Blood, eh?

Okay, this one we got, uh,

uh, oh man, there’s a lot of

individual vials over there.

Little things, yeah. Um,

three boxes, three boxes,

three boxes. Oh god, here we go again.

Why are back rooms always this mustardy yellow

color? Yeah, because it’s creepy.

Ugh. There’s a guy over there with a

suitcase. Mhm. Two pots,


door, two little

pods. Alright. Oh,

that’s a camera malfunction. Oh yeah, that’s a

camera malfunction.

Got it. Blip. Good work.

I guess we should

study this for a little bit.

No anomaly of this type in the, what are you talking about?

Um, other, maybe other?

That’s a camera malfunction.

Am I wrong? You gonna look at me and tell me that

I’m wrong?

There we go.

The camera came down with a malfunction

dog. I guess you have to stay on it.

Oh, alright.

Um, this guy in here’s got

three beds.

I guess this is where they sleep.

Everything’s closed, yeah, it looks lovely.

See, this is a nice mood-lit

back room. I’m into this. I would stay here

and sleep here on those couches.

Got a light,

we got this cot. Mhm.

Screen with a grid on it. Alright.


So what’s different here?

I don’t think anything.

Was that, um,

red lunch box

thing there? Sure was. Okay. How about the bottle?

The bottle?

On the, on the other box. This one? Yeah.

Mmm, let’s try.

I think you have to stay

on the room when you’re submitting the

anomaly. Yeah, give that a shot. See what happens.

Messed up. Nope.

Alright. Do you know if we

get punished for filing

incorrect reports? I don’t think so.

Those games, doesn’t usually

work like that, right? Oh god. Just takes up time.

I wasn’t prepared to

be this focused right now. A few memories.

I wasn’t even looking at this one,

to be honest with you. Well, that’s good.

Yeah. You can look at it now. Okay,

yeah, we got

a fire extinguisher? Is that what that is?

Yep. And then a map.

This clock.

Some stuff. Some

lots of details. Some stuff on things, yep.


Oh man, these

fucking, I don’t, I didn’t remember these

bottles. Uh, no, they were there.

Okay. Ooh, second pillow. Hey.

Here we go. Extra objects.

Nice. That’s nice.

Why didn’t you notice the second pillow, dude?

You’re here.

It is kind of funny,

yeah, there’s like a, somebody

that maybe he’s the one who did the second pillow.

Oh man, we’re getting sold out by our hazmat

suit buddies. Messed up.

This one looks fun. Door open.

Door was open.

It was open? Mm-hmm.

Maybe it was supposed to be

closed. Oh, oh, I

think it’s moving. Is it?

Is it? Did you see it move? Watch it closely.

Just say

movement. Unless, maybe

that was my brain playing tricks.

I think it might have been your brain, brah. Alright.

Hmm. What fun.

Four cases. Did these move?

This is different. No, no, that’s

that feels the same.


Oh god. Was his other

monitor on? Yes. Okay.

The yellow one? Yeah, yeah, that was like the first

thing I noticed. Okay.

Was this cabinet always here?

I think so.

Boy, having this

be in color makes

makes it, these back rooms hit

different. Yeah.

Yo, this shit hit different.



Boxes. Were these papers

always here?

Yes. Oh, okay. Are they,

at least they were the last go through.

Yeah, okay. Got it.

Map, missing pot. Oh,

missing pot.

Who took my pot?

You kids.

I paid good money for that. What is the,

what does the heart rate mean?

Oh, does that tell me that there’s

something wrong in the room? Yeah, or that’s

I think how many things are wrong.

What? Oh, extra

door. Oh, yes, there is an extra door there.

Yeah. Okay, good call. There’s also

go back to the room with the cots.


With the cots.

The mattress is on the ground.

Oh, big

jug. Yeah, you don’t need that

much orange juice.

Big jug.

And isn’t the picture behind him?

Yeah, that’s different. Yeah, I feel like that’s

different. There’s a lot happening.

So is it like

changed object? Monitor

drawing, yeah. Okay.

I’m gonna look at

that big jug.

You wanna push this big


Alright. Nice.

Alright, good. That’s

what’s up. So this

is definitely down for multiple,

multiple stuffs. Yep, this is

going well.

That’s farley.

That heart rate actually really helps.

Yeah? Because it

just alerts you to when things are getting worse.

Oh, okay.

Oh, shit, I didn’t know this kind of thing would be here.

Other? Quickly, quickly,


Reboot? Oh, you died.


Oh, did I?

No, no, no.

I think this is just a thing that happens.

Are you sure? Yeah. Okay.

Ah, jeez.

That wasn’t fun.

Aw, I was just gonna say that it’s fun.

I thought

it was fun. Gosh,

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dang it. Is that a different

coach than was there before? That is none

of your business.

No, coach.

Give it a shot.


What would it be?

Disappe- light opening


whatever, other.

Just throw it out there. See what happens. I think it would be

extra object, wouldn’t it? Well,

there was a couch there. Oh.

It’s just different.

I want to say

extra object in here, because I don’t

this one

this one’s messing with me.

Brodio. That

sweet, sweet steeze. Oh, this moved, this moved.

Wait, no, no it didn’t. Nevermind.


new. That’s suitcase.

This one? This? Right?

No. No?

No, it’s been there a little time. I just never noticed it.

Damn, yo. The things

that we notice.


It really makes you think. Dude,

honestly, when you really think about

it, it’s society, though.

We’re the- alright.

Oh, two extra drawings. Nice.

Just one extra drawing.

Considering there was a

big-ass action figure monster

in here a second ago. Oh, no.

What? Uh-oh. Wait,

wait, wait, wait, wait. Oh, I guess extra

object, then. I hate that

we have TV malfunctions on our own TV

that feel like a camera

malfunction. Yeah, you don’t see them, but we

have them. Good job.

Okay, so

okay, so that means

that there’s a- Oh, okay.

camera malfunction.

No problem.

No problem, Tom.

Are we doing well?

I think we’re doing well. I think so.

I mean, it does- it shows us

if there’s an anomaly. Yeah.


so that’s good. It’s like you can study the room

a little bit more. Haven’t seen any

blood, which is nice.

Very nice.

Not a fan of the blood. Nope.

It’s gonna be real. Just one intruder

and no blood.

It’s like I’m staying at the Red

Roof Inn.

Oh, we got an anomaly somewhere.

Oh, shit. We got an anomaly. Oh, that.

What? That colored cactus thing.

Oh, boy.

Dude, you’re so quick. I mean, there was a

brightly colored rainbow thing in a-

in the mustard halls.

Girl, you so quick. Thank you.


That really makes it

so much easier. Yeah, like, knowing

that there’s an anomaly. Just indicating that

something’s happened.

I wonder if this is the lowest, or if

Flatline is the lowest. I feel like this is the lowest,

right? Okay. It’s the most peaceful.

Just give a little-

a little books.

Uh, sheets. There we go.

Something happened. Oh.

Was that a camera malfunction?

Well, it was, like, temporary.

Oh, crapity.

Alright, start swinging around.

Um, shit.

It had to have been on that one, right?

Maybe. On, uh,

this one, because it, like,

it went brp.

Try extra

object, maybe one of the million things

on the desk. Right.

Oh, the chair- chair’s gone.

Chair’s gone. Ah.

Good job.

Uh, uh, uh, uh, disappearance.


File, file, file the report,

file the report. Oh, there’s blood in here now.

Oh, and there’s blood, and there’s blood, Arin.

Oh, my god, dude, iconic.


Fuck. Yes.

Now it’s like we’re staying at a double tree.


Oh, there we go.

That’s nice.

I can- I can poop in peace.

Is that bucket always there?

My bucket?

Yeah. Was the second box on top of the

locker is always there? Yes.

Second box. We good.

We gucci. Nope, something happened.

What happened? No, no, no, no, the heart rate went

up. Um, um, um,

um, oh, oh, gone, gone.

Yeah, it’s gone.

I love

how it-

just no matter how many times we play this,

you always devolve into, like,

Well, you gotta- you gotta feel it,

man. Yeah.

You can’t play a game if you don’t feel it.

That’s like the- that’s like the- this kind of game

equivalent of, like, when you move your controller

in, like, racing games. Yes, yes.

Go right, go more right.


Alright, everything’s calm.

Uh-oh. Something happened. Spaghetti-os.

Let me-

Quickly, quickly. My goodness, my goodness,

my gracious, my goodness.

I just got a fucking, like, fart,

like an old fart smell on my

nose. Hang in there, Arin. No, nobody farted.

Nope. It just, like, appeared in my nose

for no reason. Oh,

there it is. For nose

reason. Nice.

There’s only four rooms,


Uh, four?


two, three, four, one, two,

three, there’s six.

There’s six, boy. I don’t know what it is that’s

making this so- oh, something happened.

Duh, duh, duh, duh,

duh, duh, duh, duh, duh,

duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh,





Oh, it’s that. It’s most certainly that.

It’s a creature.

Look at this.

It’s like, it’s like Clippy.

From the helpful paper clip

from Windows 95, went out

of control. I heard

You weren’t shitting your pants. Do you need help with that?

Okay, everything’s clean

We’re good. We’re good. Everything’s good. You can you can start bringing the anomalies in quicker, dude

Yeah, I mean, I’m sure it’ll happen. We’re about to

Reach the last two hours

With this guy, he really does not notice the monsters that keep showing up in his room specifically. No

Get it together. It’s like

Right, oh something happened. Yeah

Just trying to figure out where

It’s like where though

Is that no I?

I think that might be it. What it’s a kind of lit up. Yeah, I don’t remember that

Shit fuck. Okay. Oh, that’s different. Yeah, that’s like a camera something

Right these I don’t know you’re talking about right? No, I just the background feels different, but maybe not. Oh

Oh shit, keep going


That bucket that bucket bucket extra object, dude. It’s what I moved. Oh it moves. Yeah, it was over here

Dude there’s no way you didn’t notice that bucket moving

Stop writing shit down. He’s like wearing. He’s really focused. He’s really in his clipboard

There’s still an anomaly somewhere. Oh

Something there was on the table there was something on the table was there wasn’t there I don’t think so. I

Feel like that table is too clean now. Okay, but I don’t even know what get ready to go go to another room

Oh the picture shrunk shrunk, it’s oh, yeah, it did good job

resize oh

All right, Oh monkey shines, that’s fun fun little romp

Okay, no, it’s been oh man something’s still happening

Oh, yeah, there is blood there’s blood in front of the door

Bleed oh man excuse me blood

My heart rate better be coming down after this

Was that box on the table always on the left box extra object, I don’t know

No, I believe there was something in front of those two mustards

The two mustards, but not between the two mustards. It’s just next to the two mustards. Oh, there’s a lot of blood

Jimmy what’s in your locker?


Don’t know all right those are some stinky books leave you this time lights off lights off

It’s coming fast and furious now

Pace feels very frantic

We good now. Okay good. I

think only one hour left if this truly is exactly like

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I’m an observation duty, which it appears to be we so Gucci Dan. We so Gucci

We so good good good good. We so Gucci. That’s nice. Oh something what keep keep going

Big clog that’s like what flavor flavor wears

Yo that girl so hot I was like wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow I love flavor flavor

Everything he says is so quotable. Yeah, okay

We’re good, we’re clean everything’s clean three three bottles one on top

What Oh fiddlesticks. I don’t see anything. Oh man. Oh there it is

Those are like gimmes

I’m I feel like these are easier to spot then I’m on observation duty. Yeah, well. I am on normal mode

There’s two harder difficulties. Okay, so maybe we should also. Maybe this is just like level one

Where word yeah things are kind of easy just like oh run. Oh, that’s it’s in blood I

Wouldn’t run oh my god. It’s nerve backwards. I saw the shiny

Yeah, it’s classic

Feel like maybe we should give it a shot on like hard difficulty. You know like or like nightmare difficulty or whatever

You hate mayor yeah, there’s fun. This is on normal, and there was hard, and then there’s like super hard. Just relax, man

Let’s actually beat this first all right all right. I just feel like you know we’re kind of blazing through this

We’re blasting our assholes

We’re beating it real easy

Kind of flip it oh

Okay, I’m just you know doing little glances once overs. You know that’s just normal man. That’s just normal fluorescent office. Yeah, yeah

Ain’t weird to me 15 minutes

Even that guy’s checking his watch

All right almost quitting time been standing here for hours. I’ve been watching all these blood and monsters

Congeal yeah run. Yeah, I wish I could the um

All right something happened

Oh, yeah, what do you think movement? What do you see?

Nice noise

Noise six six

Yeah, all right, that was fucking easy, bro. That was fucking easy

Okay, yeah, I’ll look at these cute

Drawings makes everything seem so much more friendly. I do well. Oh, we’re just moving straight on okay

Oh, there was an anomaly that we didn’t see this is the lowest yeah, okay?

Damn, okay, let’s take a little peek all right

books books

The box milk milk lemon shade you’re conditioning something or other okay check the next rooms

Chair over fun this one’s gonna suck. Yeah, we got to keep moving that we got to see everything normally before something happens


Oh, man, we didn’t get through all the rooms dude I

Mean it’s fine. Is it yeah what really what’s wrong with this room?

movement obviously

See what fuck

Blood oh yeah, that’s the anomaly found it fortunately

Who is she I don’t know, but she’s very engrossed in her work. Yeah, please don’t bother her. She’s working. Please don’t tease her

I got another anomaly too. Maybe it’s that great painting on the wall. Let’s try it

Monitor drawing who would have that

You’re getting operated on you just see this it’s like a dentist chair though throw doctors throwing up the peace sign

Is that box there before it sure was shit that was like my

Fixation chairs move yeah, yeah, they were all like in their spots, but only this oh

Huh what no no that’s how they were really yeah

Oh, okay should oh

I’m farting something seems weird in here picture

Which what’s different the one on the right? It was like a picture of a face before I thought okay?

Well, I’d like this. I think it’s pretty

Someone freshly fallen down the stairs. Oh yes people, okay?

I don’t know

I’m gonna sneak in a little

Oh, that’s new Oh new picture. Yeah, lots of pictures, and what a pretty one it is I

Should show this to my wife I bet she’d love it. Let’s put this right over our bet

Honey, why do you think of this she left me?

It’s like coffee pot always there, I think so

Okay was the bookshelf always broken, okay?

We’ve got and I think that’s other yeah, that is how fast ants come into your house, though

Those are huge ants. Yeah, I don’t like that. You’re gonna love my nuts. Okay, whoops

What did I do? Oh, I went the wrong way

That picture is different. No that was the same really I mean go for it if you want

These are nice tubs who would want to shower in this I don’t know just everybody can see your wee-wee


Don’t want everyone to see your wee-wee only a couple. I mean it’s a hospital

So what whoa that’s all my my wee-wee anxiety. Just go right out the window. No. I’m just saying they’re used to it

What okay that was you changing okay, yeah, those extra objects yes

Movement and girls gone oh

Good oh

Oh perfect oh it was the same chairs, okay got it, and then we got disappearance here ma’am


Well back to work damn it. I thought I got away

Is he looking at himself he’s definitely looking at himself, that’s pretty funny

Well everything seems in order here

See something sneaking up behind him was that picture always there. I don’t know

Negative big door that’s a big door energy


That’s a big door

My dad works in the door company. Yeah, he said that

Doors gonna be in smash don’t mean to brag, but yeah, he’s a door guy now

I’m looking at doors. This is a different door than it was before I don’t know

Shit something feels wrong here something’s missing


Chair chair missing

Great job, what was it?

It’s okay we solved it sure oh

Man now I’m like looking at other stuff was this caught always here. I think so yes


The book he’s big

Is it oh it is big it’s bigger

It’s bigger than it was

I’m gonna have to read bigger books

Hello, Atlas


Want to need some glasses cuz these books you’re too big

Does anyone have a banana I could eat

Hungry for bananas

That is a camera malfunction. I

Do you think so can I move I want to see if I can move and that was just like a glitch or something?

Okay, I can’t move nice great

Back to school


Just lose your microphone. That was me hitting my microphone with my my sweet little hand

Yes, I’m well familiar with your sweet little hand

Yeah, okay

We need to share all our secrets. We’re good

I’m just gonna

Whatever just take a swing. Yeah, I mean

Darker in here than it was maybe not I think it’s lighter. Oh well excuse me. No. It’s the same

Was this tray always here I believe it was I will just

Roll the dice my friend. Do they have a painting of someone cleaning a toilet in the background yes, okay?

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Does that bother you no?

Good fact it puts me at ease

There anything in the bathroom, I feel like not well. There’s a big door for a minute. That’s right big door

That’s correct

This room sucks

There’s too much stuff

It’s room sucks. I can’t get any anomalous. Oh chair

Table over where right here. Oh wow even when you said it. I couldn’t see it

What the oh

What did you put it was always there like that? Oh?

Pot there oh and the paintings different. Oh, it’s no longer pizza

Okay the pot was always there, okay great. I guess we are learning


It sounds like a chimpanzee going crazy when the anomaly gets fixed

Have you ever had a chimpanzee go crazy on you I

Pray that never happens. Yeah, it’s scary as shit, right

Chimpanzees are strong. I met a monkey once and

It was the monkey was very sweet, but I still found it to be a very disturbing experience

Because I could just feel like the weird power of them you know oh, yeah, well, it’s like the it’s an unhinged power

Yeah, it’s like what they’re capable of yeah, it’s almost human-like, but with no sense of morality

Well, maybe it does but not not the kind that we would um no sense of social awareness

Yeah, they just they survive

They thrive

There’s that line from call the wild where like one of the dogs

it goes down in a fight and immediately gets killed by the other dogs and

And so

The first dog with that tells the you know story from the point of view. Oh really. What is oh, it’s a camera malfunction

Okay, if you say so

Is that what she looks like yeah, she’s cute, right? Oh?

Work that kink out of your neck, honey

All right, I guess that’s just her

Yeah, but that first time is vibing that first dog is like so this is the way you go down you die

So I’ll never go down. It’s just it’s cool. It’s a cool book

Yeah curtains are different

They don’t match the drapes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Sorry that was condescending no, it’s okay

But that I think it’s also that book that talks about how like

animals don’t have morals the way that

we think of it’s just like if

Sure, maybe yeah, maybe chair

Um if you tried to bring human morality into the animal world

Your mercy would be confused for weakness, and you would be killed for it

Nature’s rough man. They love to eat each other. They’re super into eating each other

We’ve got a lot of anomalies all of a sudden. Yeah

Yeah, something in here changed. There was something here wasn’t there? I don’t know. Oh, yeah, there’s a sink missing

Just like at the Howard Johnson’s


I love the hojo

Stay there all the time

Okay bass player we get it. Or bass drum player

Arin, please pull it together

What where

Which room Al? The bathroom? The bathroom the light coming from. Oh


Someone flicked on a stall light

Does it if that’s real that’s a good eye I would have never seen that

Yeah, good job. You know that might have been the anomaly that has been fucking with us. We’ve got flies

Boy they need to fumigate this place

Does the security guard know that the nurse has no face?

I don’t think why don’t they don’t work in the same department. Okay. Yeah, that makes sense. I

Don’t know what they don’t even talk to each other. Oh, that’s a light. That’s a light anomaly. It’s barely noticeable

Lots of light. Let there be light. When you’re in the hospital, you never want to go into that light

Don’t walk towards the light. Yeah, if you see it, don’t don’t don’t what did I just say? Um, don’t walk the light. Don’t walk towards the light.

Picture change

Hey, look at that. Good job, Arin. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hold your applause. I have been studying

I’m gonna pee my own pants if I don’t get done with this by the end of the night

I’m gonna pee someone else’s pants

It’s gonna be weird for everyone. Yeah, that’s fine. Is there supposed to be a sink here?

Let’s find out

I feel like this is an inappropriate room for a sink. Yeah. Well, I guess if you’re working the projector you want to clean hands

Sure. Yeah, you’re right. What was I thinking? That does make sense. This is a dirty hospital. Oh

This is the asylum. Ah

Okay, oh the tub is floating. We sure? I don’t know. Let’s take a wild swing

I want to make sure you

Take a picture and compare

What? I don’t know I just felt like doing that. Okay. Thank you very relaxing for me. I appreciate it

The worst is when that happens when you’re driving. Oh when the person next to you. Yeah, they’re like

You’re just like fucking what?

They’re like, I just remembered something


My god second bench funny meme on phone second bench good job Arin

Wait, wait, wait, wait go back. What is that?

Cabinet closer to the door or was that always like that? Uh, I remember it always being like that. Maybe it is

trial movement geez

Let’s try stuff plays such crazy tricks on you for your sake

Let’s just take stock of what a moron you are

It’s like purple blood like grimace got shot in the vestibule

Oh no Ronald help me

Not until you tell me what you are grimace


The one thing that I have was it you and I that we’re talking about that. Yeah, as well as my brother’s

Obsessed with that joke, right? Yeah fucking am I yeah

apparently a giant taste bud

apparently what

That’s the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard I’m just saying that was part of that. Oh, maybe

No a mama Lee I

Don’t care about your mom

You know what? I’m just gonna say it. This is a nice asylum. I

I could definitely go crazy here. You know what doesn’t give me the heebie-jeebies. Oh something’s happening. Oh

The plant other

tree blood

Got cut up. It’s gotta be another right? I think so

Only nine minutes go back wait, were there always handprints on the table? No

Blood. Oh, it’s blood gotta be


I’m very impressed with you guys

Hey, you’ve seen stuff that I would not see even when I’m staring right at it. Yeah

Two victories. All right. That was really nice. Fuck. Yeah gamer. Good job, everyone

Tell you what, let’s eat some sandwiches. Oh, and then we’ll come back and we’ll record some game grumps. Well, that sounds fun

Oh, there’s a third stage

I see you then everyone kisses