Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Impressions After Playing 2 Hours

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I think it’s safe to believe the hype I

went to an event in Paris where I could

play two hours of Hogwarts Legacy thanks

to Warner for the invite and did not

want to put the controller down the

castle and surrounding areas are full of

students going about their everyday life

there are decorations mini games you can

partake in a side quest and it all looks

surprisingly good in the PS5 version I

got to play there was also a lot of

depth in the combat system with multiple

ways to approach a situation and always

some cool spell combinations I could try

out and it all just feels really good to

play now it’s totally not perfect I will

mention some critiques I had as well

while showing you brand new gameplay I

was able to record with no big main

story spoilers whatsoever if you are

excited or curious about the game then

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and with that out of the way let’s go

after reading your acceptance letter

you’ll be able to make your own Hogwarts

students and the character creator has

been slightly changed since the first

time we saw it but still the same

presets but now five in a row instead of

four and these characters were first

smiling but in the version that I got to

play the portraits only had serious

faces which I found quite interesting I

decided to go for a female character as

we haven’t seen those options yet and

you do notice that the face shapes are

different than when you pick a male

preset overall though every option is

available you can pick one of the 50

hairstyles for every character there are

three options for glosses although you

can find more in the game I for example

got the gold wooden spectacles after

defeating an enemy you can also select

some scars and markings in the Character

Creator you can change your eye color

eyebrow shape and you can also pick one

of two voices voice one is recorded by

Sebastian Croft and voice 2 is recorded

by Emilia getting I went with the normal

difficulty there is even a story mode

though for if you don’t want much of a

challenge okay I got the suitable name

and now let’s start my journey and I was

then able to

exhibit in and around Hogwarts which was

quite the adventure you are free to

summon your broom at any time to fly

around the castle which was quite

impressive the Quidditch arena is also

in the game but as you might know the

sport is not available as an activity

let’s hope that changes in the future

though another kind of teasing us

although it was cool to see the stadium

up close but also when you take the time

to walk around you will see many

students just mining their own Hogwarts

business learning spells preparing their

broom for flying it’s overall pretty

cool to see other students just fly

around and I was also able to do a

Summoners Court match by talking to this

Gryffindor student in this game you have

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to use Akio to move balls on the field

and the further they move the more

points you get but it’s easier said than

done though as you want to make sure

that you don’t push the balls from your

opponents and there are obstacles that

will stop the ball from Rolling so you

have to find the right angle and also be

smart about which ball you want to roll

first I will get Leander next time

inside the castle you also find a lot of

students and here could talk to Chris

that bloom for a side quest I think it’s

interesting that she mentions how we

already met in the common room like in

the full game you can of course choose

your house probably during the Sorting

ceremony but for this play session I was

put in Gryffindor so you would think

that this dialogue is different if you

speak to crestada went from Slytherin

for example because then you would

likely not have mattered in the common

room right either way for the side

mission I had to pick up 5 books in the

library next door because crestada

wanted to make her books as light as a

feather with her own charm but confused

the Latin word for feather with birds

and discuss the books to fly away

instead with the revelio spell that you

learned very early on in the game and it

is mapped to the left button on the

d-pads on PS5 you can easily spot things

in the environment and then with the

Akio spell you can pull them towards you

you by the way also want to use this for

random field guide pages that are flying

around in Hogwarts or some piece of

paper are invisible so then you have to

do revelio to reveal them before you can

pick them up finding out books requests

that was easy enough I got a nice XP

reward for it which caused me to level

up from two to three and when leveling

up you should get a talent point but I

think this menu unlocks later on as I

did not get these Talent points right

away only during a later save when I

went from 19 to 20. and with Talent you

should be able to enhance your spells

like for example at a ring of fire to

the incendio spell that can hurt enemies

around you it is my speculation though

because apart from this state of play

footage we still have no clue what the

talent system actually looks like but I

did notice that there are many

challenges for completing sight and

relationship Quests for example which

are likely missions with some of our

companions there are challenges for main

quests to finding Collectibles defeating

a certain type of enemy and way more so

it seems that everything we do in

awkward’s Legacy will count towards

something which makes looking around

every corner even more rewarding

although I think I will be doing that

anyways now I am curious how how often

the NPCs change though or if the same

students will always be in the same spot

what I did notice is that they were

referring to events that had just

happened so maybe after big story

moments things in the castle will change

or I could see students in different

locations also depending on the in-game

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season that we’re currently in so we

kind of have to wait and see but I think

I can say that exploring Hogwarts for

the first time will be very special it’s

of course a big school with multiple

floors so the fact that you can select a

quest and then follow a trail to get

your next objective is very helpful

right now we’re going to a Duo Club

where you can test some of your spell

combos against a dummy or try your

combat skills against other students and

I gotta say it feels really really good

with R2 you caused a basic spell that

thanks to a combination of sound and

impact feels very satisfying to pull off

with the final spell of that forehead

combo dealing significantly more damage

I was also immediately combining spells

like incendio has a very short range so

eats the Miss but with Akio I could pull

an enemy towards me and then burn them

which removes a lot of Hell from the

target I really like the shield mechanic

as well where you have to use a spell

with the same color to destroy the

enemy’s defenses like this forced you to

use a wider variety of spells then you

maybe otherwise would and where the

previous gameplay mostly showed a

character standing still while casting

and defeating enemies I was rolling and

moving around to way more often enemies

could namely do attacks indicated by a

red halo around your character like

levioso which will lift you up in the

air if you don’t move out of the way a

simple button press can get you out of

the situation though but it’s of course

even better to avoid this altogether

attacks indicated with an orange Halo

can be countered with protego which you

do by hitting triangle at the right time

for the final part of my PlayStation I

was thrown into a level 19 Mission and

it was quite overwhelming to suddenly

have way more spells and items at my

disposal but it did give me a taste of

the amount of depth we should expect in

the full game there were 23

slaughterable spells next to six

Essentials that have their own dedicated

buttons so you can always access and

when you hover over these spells you can

expect the name a description and a

short video showcasing the spell in

action and seems like this info is

immediately accessible even before you

unlock these spells so from the screen

you can select the spells that you want

to use during combat I had two spell

Wheels during that final mission I

played but it was kinda hard to switch

between them as you had to hold R2 and

then press a d-pad button to switch to a

different wheel while games like

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey you only have

to hit that one a d-pad key now maybe we

can change this in the menu or get used

to it over time but right now it only

slowed down the combat a bit as was

fighting the main use trying to find the

right spell while also battling all the

enemies in every corner of the screen

you also have a combo meter which went

full electric performance R1 and L1

attack on an enemy and turning them into

a chicken or swinging them around there

are multiple animations but it basically

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just instantly takes them out I also had

access to some plants and Potions I

could put down the venomous tentacula

which basically a turret that fires at

nearby enemies I use the Mandrake to

stun an enemy so I could easily finish

them off and also used a pretty crazy

Maxima potion which seemed to have

doubled my spell damage for 20 seconds

which was quite powerful I played that

final encounter two times and the second

time I was burying dodging and finding

the right spells way quicker than the

first time around so there’s totally

some sort of learning curve but I also

think this once again shows you that

there’s enough depth to hopefully keep

it interesting for the tens of hours

that it will take to do everything

another tactic you can do is cast the

disillusionment to cloak yourself and

then sneak up the enemies to instantly

kill them with the petrificus totalus

it’s kind of like cheating as enemies

had no clue what was going on and all

died one by one so I decided to give

them a shot at defending them elves as

well but yes stealth seems like a very

powerful tactic and I love the fact that

while cloaked you and other characters

will whisper to not alert enemies so

seems like they recorded lines and all

the spells for this quieter approach

which is a really cool attention to



what I wouldn’t give to be a damn

what Victor was sinking strong

Warner and Avalanche did not hold back

in terms of production budgets this

feels like the Harry Potter game we’ve

dreamed of for many years but I don’t

think we should expect them to reinvent

the wheel I still had to investigate and

interact with objects in the environment

before I could continue with the quest

or I could not go too far from poppy

during the very linear main mission I

personally don’t mind this though as I

think existing in The Wizarding World is

unique enough already having only ranged

combat is going to be very interesting

and I love how spells can interact with

the environment like I for example

destroyed this bridge and then used the

repero spell to repair it afterwards but

there was no pop-up or message telling

me that I could do that I just thought

hey this might work and well it did it

all seems very well connected and I

think curiosity will be rewarded in this

game making Hogwarts come to life even

more like February 10th or 7th if you

have the deluxe edition can’t come soon

enough if you by the way I have

questions then drop them down below as I

will probably do a q a video next where

I will try to answer your questions if

I’m able to based on my two hour

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soon goodbye