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Woah, I need to get back into cardio.

Phew Oh oh oh, hey! Door 100 Let’s go! *Gasp* Who are you? My name is Jeff You’re friendly? Oh, good.

I have been lost in here for so long.

It’s so great   to see a friendly face…
Ah, tentacle, I suppose.

Oh, come on.

You just want money? Look, man, I got to go.

*screams* ah I am regretting all my past decisions.

*Big scream* Hello Internet! Welcome to Game Theory, where today there’s even more lore   in door… s.

Got to love those triple rhymes.

Today we’re revisiting the world of Roblox doors,   the game that totally pulled a Scott Cawthon on us by releasing their new   hotel+ update a few hours after our last theory on them went live.

Got to love getting trolled by indie devs invalidating our theories mere minutes after   upload.

Though in this case I’ll actually let it slide since the GTlive couch is a painting   that you find inside the game.

It’s awesome.

It’s also something we were made aware of many, many,   many times over on the game theorist subreddit, speaking of, if you too want to join in making me   aware of very obvious Easter eggs, hop on over there and help me push this community to 800k.

You guys are the best.

Seriously, I’m giving you a hard time, but it’s fun.

I’m glad that   you’re all excited about it.

I’m just as excited as you are.

And while I joke and   say “invalidating our theories”, that’s actually not true in the slightest.

You see, with this new   update came even more hidden secrets and bits of lore to chew on.

Some of it was small stuff,   like piles of rotting flesh spread around door 100, where we encounter the figure providing   additional evidence that the creature is probably a homunculus made from flesh and bone like we   talked about in our previous episode.

But then there were some bigger additions, more monsters,   more dialog, and literally a thousand more rooms to explore as we try to make our way out of this   haunted hotel.

So unpack those bags, düds.

We’re checking in for another night’s stay of Roblox   Door Lore.

Let’s start with one of the new areas added to the game, door 52.

Once you escape the   figure lurking around the library in door 50, you’re greeted by a safe haven filled with three   new faces.

If you can call them faces.

First off is Jeff, the black tentacle shop owner with his   tip jar trying to raise money for college, fill up the jar and suddenly he has enough.

It kind of makes you wonder how much these gold coins are actually worth.

Something tells me   that will wind up as a YouTube Short in a week or two.

The other entities that we see are Bob,   a skeleton that doesn’t say a whole lot.

And this guy right here, a little red goblin named,   creatively enough, El Goblino.

This guy tells us a lot.

Literally,   he has a ton of dialog.

The first thing to notice is his constant use of the word düd,   which isn’t a translation error.

Instead, it’s a reference to the streamer XQC,   who not only says düd a lot but is also known to occasionally go goblin mode during his streams.

The creator of El Goblino has already confirmed all of this on Twitter.

But that’s not   everything that’s interesting about this guy.

You see, El Goblino is Spanish for “the goblin”  Woah, really blowing minds here.

And his dialog mixes in a lot of different Spanish   words, Hombre, Nunca mas, Mi amor, which stood out to me as an important detail because, well,   why would a Spanish goblin of all things be appearing inside of this haunted hotel? So I did some digging and I found some surprising connections.

In Spanish,   El Goblino is a very literal translation, but a more colloquial term for Goblin is   duende.

While the word literally translates to Elf.

It’s also used   to describe creatures from folklore that are similar to dwarves, gnomes and, yes,   goblins.

Now, the stories of duende vary a lot in different parts of the Spanish speaking world.

But based on the furniture that we see in the hotel, which seems to be from 1940s America,   I decided to take a look at the folktales from our Spanish speaking neighbor to the South: Mexico.

And get this.

In Mexican folklore duende are gnome-like creatures that live inside the   walls of homes.

Which is a perfect match for our friend El Goblino.

If you speak   to him enough times, he’ll give you this line, quote, “Sometimes I like to knock on the walls,   scare the pants off the humans.

So funny düd.

” which is referencing the   scratching and knocking ambient sounds that we hear throughout our playthrough.

It’s El Goblino in the walls purposely trying to scare us, just like the duende of folklore.

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It   might also explain the total destruction that we see throughout the hotel.

Take a look at the claw   marks that we see on the walls, it’s very clearly three claws with no thumbs.

That can’t be Rush,   Eyes, Ambush or any of the other creatures with no arms.

It also eliminates Seek who round hands.

But   look at El Goblino’s design and what do we see? Three distinct claws with zero thumbs and wouldn’t   you know it? But that’s another trait that we see of the duende in folklore.

And all of this   information helps us to start piecing together how Goblino wound up in the hotel.

You see,   the most common origin of the duende and Mexican folklore was when a child died,   before they were baptized, becoming these morally ambiguous beings that caused mischief.

Believe it or not, this is actually one of the reasons why baptizing infants is such   common practice nowadays in Catholicism.

Anyway, in our previous theory we talked   about how this new room full of beds: The Infirmary likely means that the Doors Hotel   was converted into a hospital during World War Two.

During the war, the country needed   more places to care for wounded soldiers, and so vacant hotels became easy makeshift hospitals.

But soldiers weren’t the only ones being treated inside there.

During the 1940s, there was a huge   boom in immigration at the American government’s request.

With the war effort in full swing,   many farmers were getting enlisted into the military, thereby leaving the U.


struggling with   major agricultural labor shortages.

As a result, the government introduced the Bracero Program,   an effort to immigrate Mexicans to the U.


in order to keep things running.

But this also meant that men, women and most importantly, their children were moved to the   U.


and thereby put into harm’s way.

And that, I suspect, is the sad origin of El   Goblino.

He’s a child who died during this wartime effort.

He immigrated to the U.


, was injured,   treated in a makeshift hotel hospital, but ultimately passed on before being baptized,   thereby leaving him to live on roaming the walls.

His story may also give us a hint as to   the hotel’s location, as there was a higher number of Mexican-Americans in states like California,   Arizona and Texas at the time due to the shared border.

But Duanes weren’t just mischief makers.

They were also known to guide the lost, something that El Goblino is more than happy to do.

It makes   a special point to call out door 60, quote, “Oye stay far away from door 60,   düd.

Freaky stuff!” Those of you who’ve played through the new update will know that room 60   is the newest and arguably biggest feature of the hotel+ update.

In room 60, you can make your way   to a skeleton door that requires a special key as well as two additional lock picks.

But get   it open and you see something quite different.

Wait, is that? Is that a new entity? We call   that one Subscribe.

Quick! Use your crucifix on it to survive the attack.

Is it gone? Good job, guys.

And don’t worry about the cross.

It wasn’t going to be helpful   from here on out anyway, because we’re not dealing with doors anymore.

We’re dealing with  Rooms.


The naming conventions for these Roblox games aren’t super exciting.

Behind the secret   skeleton door are a series of numbered rooms with an A in front.

These are actually a recreation of   another Roblox game, the one that actually inspired the creation of Doors in the first   place.

Rooms created by nicorocks5555.

In this new area, you travel through what appears to be an   office building with lockers, desks and corporate mandated succulents.

And unlike doors where you   just stop at door 100, instead your goal here is to reach room 1000.

But that should be no problem,   right? You just run a bit longer.

Wrong! You see, there are three brand new entities   that you have to deal with in these rooms and you’ll be doing it with zero help.

The candle   and crucifix are no longer working and even our spiritual buddy Guiding Light isn’t here.

Instead, when we die, we’re given another kind of death screen, a yellow screen with   a new soundtrack that gives us the name Curious light.

And Curious Light is less than helpful.

“I’m not too sure on what I would call it.

Well, it usually attacks around room A-60, so.

you   could just call it A-60.

or A-120 again.

This shouldn’t be hard to figure out either.

” Look, I just spent an hour trying to get here.

The last thing I need is your sass.

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Anyway,   if you do get to the end and finally reach room A-1000 despite the unhelpful voice,   you end up in a weird void full of doors floating through space.

You can then cross   the bridge to enter the final door and return to…
Doors, the game, basically right where you left   off.

What this tells me is that even though doors and rooms are connected via these secret doors,   they don’t strictly exist within the same reality.

I suspect that those doors that we see floating   around lead to other realities that we’ve yet to explore.

And we know all this thanks   to one character, Bob, it would seem that maybe our silent skeleton friend and Door   52 might be hiding a bit more than we expect.

You see, if you decide to take your time while   in Rooms and look around, you can find a few desks that have name tags on them.

Some are references to animators of Doors, some to other Roblox creators.

But one of   them stands out thanks to its pure simplicity: Bob.

Could this possibly be the same Bob that   winds up as a skeleton in the hotel, I suspect, yes.

You see, on one of the   desks in Rooms you can find this, a purple key card that you can’t pick up or interact with.

Making it even more suspicious is the fact that nowhere in this game do you need to   use a key card.

I mean, this immediately set off my theorist senses.

This key card does,   however, make an appearance somewhere else.

In another Roblox game created by nicorocks5555,   a horror game called, get this, Bob is Missing.

Where you work through a series of creepy scenes   in order to rescue your friend Bob.

If you manage to rescue him and get   the game’s good ending, you and Bob exit through a bright white tunnel,   one very reminiscent of the glowing white doors that we see in room A-1000’s void.

This, I think,   is giving us Bob’s complete story.

He’s the common thread here.

He’s dimension hopping   throughout these various connected worlds.

He disappears in Bob is Missing, he gets rescued,   and he winds up leaving through a portal that spits him out in Rooms.

He brings along his purple   key card, which is how it winds up on one of the desks.

Now stuck in Rooms with nowhere to go,   he gets a job and works in the office for a bit.

Eventually, he’s forced to leave   when the entities start showing up, forced to escape through one of the many exit doors that   spawn after A-200 he winds up in the Doors hotel lost in its ever changing hallways.

Eventually he comes across El Goblino, who, like any good duenede, guides those who are lost,   tired of constantly getting lost and having to run away from monsters.

Bob decides to stay   in the safe room until his death, eventually decomposing into a silent pile of bones.

Now,   all of that might seem like a stretch.

Bob is a very common name after all.

That said,   if you once again speak to Bob’s friend El Goblino, he’ll tell you this: “Bob told me   he saw one of those sparkly thingies, but it wasn’t blue.

” sparkles that aren’t blue,   huh? Who does that sound like? It’s the entity that talks to us through the death   screens in rooms, the yellow sparkle, curious light.

Bob has to have been to the Rooms.

It is the only way that he could have met a differently colored sparkle.

And while it was   initially happy to end the episode there, having to explain this dynamic duo of entities.

One thing   was still bugging me: Curious Light itself.

What’s its purpose? Guiding Light is obvious   by comparison.

It wanted to help us.

It wants to defeat the demons that reside in the hotel.

But curious light doesn’t seem to care about us at all.

In fact, it outright says, “ I usually   don’t give out hints” even though it clearly knows the mechanics that are killing us.

So why would   this entity be so unhelpful? This is especially confusing when you consider that it wants us to   keep coming back, to keep going, saying things like, “I hope you don’t mind trying again.

It   would be helpful ” and “Hurry back, we’re not done yet”.

Why would he speak to us in such a   careless tone, but then push us to keep trying?
What are we not done doing? Just didn’t seem   to make sense until I remembered what was at the end.

If we succeed,   we enter the void with dozens of other doors, new worlds, and, more importantly, a door back to our   world full of demons and evil entities.

I think Curious Light needs us to get to the end in order   for it to access that room and all the other dimensions that it holds, including our own.

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Why? We established last time that Guiding Light was an angel of some kind,   helping out the player to defeat the demons that roam the hallways.

So it makes sense then for   Curious Light to also be an angelic figure.

But these angels are clearly limited in what they   can do.

They can light the way, but they can’t physically interact or interfere with the world.

That’s why Curious Light needs someone else to help it get to that exit and in so doing,   give it the freedom to go somewhere else.

So that’s what we explicitly know about it,   but I suspect we might be able to take this one step further.

This game has shown itself   to have plenty of religious imagery.

One does not simply add a crucifix, demons, angels,   homunculi and unbaptized goblins to the game without giving some sort of religious undertone.

Which then prompts the question, Have there ever been curious angels anywhere in the   Bible? Yes.

In fact, the last time an angel got a bit antsy, it didn’t end too well for   humans.

According to the Bible, there was one angel that shone brighter than all the others,   one that got bored of their current post and eventually challenged God.

Their name was Lucifer, also known as the Morning Star.

Could Curious Light actually be Satan in   disguise? Could it be that by getting to Room A-1000, we’ve managed to release him into other   dimensions? Maybe.

Let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Curious Light make an   appearance in future updates of Doors and when he does show up, I ain’t going to trust him.

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