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In this video I will be showcasing
this Video Game called “Minecraft”.

Well, without any further ado, let’s start!

Ash, start the hologram

Sorry Ash is fanaticized trying
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Minecraft (often shortened to “MC”) is a videogame
fully released on November 18, 2011 by Mojang.

More specifically, it was made by Markus
Persson, also known as Notch. Minecraft

was bought by Microsoft in 2014 for
the grand sum of 2.5 Billion dollars.

There are three main editions of Minecraft: Java
Edition (Windows, Linux, and Mac); Bedrock Edition

(Windows 10 PC, Mobile, XboX, Playstation,
Nintendo Switch, among others) and Education

Edition (an educational version of the game
made for schools to use as a learning app)

I also want to mention that as of June 2022 you
can purchase both Java and Windows 10 Edition(aka

Bedrock Edition) of the game in a single
package at the cost of one; and if you have

already purchased one of the two Editions you can
get the other for free(link in the description)

The cost of the game is relatively cheap for all
it gives without the need for a subscription.

By the way, I want to clarify that this
video was made in the Minecraft Version 1.19:

The Wild Update

Fun fact: Did you know that Minecraft
was initially called “Cave Game”?

To understand Minecraft’s genre we will use
this graphic as you can see. I will put it

in the middle of the graphic, since it’s got
Sandbox, Survival, FPS and MMO aspects depending

on how you play it, while in Singleplayer
exclusively it could fit in the Sandbox genre,

it still has other genres, so it would
fit better at the middle of the graphic.

Minecraft barely has an ending
(defeating the Ender Dragon),

but many people don’t consider it as the end of
the game and rather think that it’s endless, since

it’s mostly a 3D Sandbox adventure game where you
can go wherever you want and do whatever you want.

The game can be played alone or
with friends through an open world

on LAN or servers – I’ll talk about servers later.

About purchases; there are external purchases
but there are no in-game purchases. From the

Minecraft Marketplace (link in the description)
you can buy anything such as skins, worlds,

resource packs, etc. You can also subscribe
to Minecraft Realms or Minecraft Realms Plus.

Note that the Minecraft Marketplace is only
available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Realms is a subscription-based service

where you can play Minecraft online with
friends and family on your own personal server.

What is the difference between Minecraft Realms
and Realms Plus? Well, in Minecraft Realms you

can only play with up to two additional players;
while in Realms Plus you can play with up to 10

additional players and you will also have access
to a catalog of Minecraft Marketplace content.

In this other graphic, we can see
some similar games like Roblox,

Terraria, Unturned, Pixel Gun
3D or Ark: Survival Evolved.

Now, we’ll use this other graphic to see
what types of players will enjoy it the most

It could perfectly go in the middle once
again, since it’s a Sandbox game where you

can do whatever you want. We could put it in the
“Killers” category by playing on a PVP server;

“Socializers” if you play online;
“Achievers” if you decide to go for

all the items or advancements in the game,
you can even join an MMORPG Minecraft server;

or “Explorers” if you’re going to explore
the almost infinite world of Minecraft.

The base minecraft game plus the servers
makes it very difficult to categorize,

therefore I will put it between the
Explorers and Achievers Category

as that is the genre that Vanilla
Singleplayer Minecraft offers

As for the difficulty, I’ll use this last
graphic to determine how well balanced

it is. I would say that it fits well
within the Flow Zone as it’s never that

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hard or easy since the player can change
the difficulty to Peaceful, Easy, Medium,

Hard or even Hardcore; where you only have one
life and if you die; well; you lose your world.

Well everyone, that’s all for this part.
See you in a few days with the next part!

Hello everyone, we’ll continue where we
left off in the video shown above

Now, Minecraft doesn’t really have a story,
rather Mojang just lets us theorize and speculate

on the story behind Minecraft.

There are two main gamemodes: Survival and

Survival is the classic Minecraft game mode,
in which you have to fight enemies to survive,

hunt animals or make farms to eat; grind for
resources, surviving every night.

If you die, you will have to return to the
place where you died to recover all your items.

Creative on the other hand allows you to become
invincible, which means that you cannot take

damage, in fact, the only way to die in Creative
Mode besides the /kill command is The Void.

You will also be able to fly and you will
have access to infinite resources to build

where only your imagination is the limit.

You can instantly break blocks with a single
hit, and you’ll have access to Commands, which

I will talk about later.

There are two other game modes: Spectator
and Adventure; but those are mainly used in

other scenarios.

There are only two bosses in Minecraft, the
Ender Dragon on the main island of the End

Dimension surrounded by 10 Obsidian Pillars
with End Crystals on top that you must destroy

so that the Dragon cannot recover; note that
it’s possible to respawn the Ender Dragon

by placing 4 End Crystals in the Bedrock Fountain
at the middle of the main End Island.

And there’s also The Wither, which can be
summoned by the player with a totem made with

4 Soul Sand blocks and 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls.

The Wither is capable of flying and throwing
Wither Skulls at you that inflict the Wither


These Wither Skulls can also break blocks,
including Obsidian.

There is one block that has resistance to
Wither Skulls(besides Bedrock, Barriers, Command

Blocks and End Portal Frames of course), which
is Reinforced Deepslate, found within the

new Ancient Cities added in 1.19.

Some people also consider the Elder Guardian
to be a boss, which can be found at Sea Monuments,

but I rather think it’s a Mini-Boss.

The Elder Guardian gives Mining Fatigue to
the Player if they are around for too long,

and will fight you with its laser and thorns.

Lastly, there is the new Minecraft 1.19 boss,
the Warden.

In spite of the fact that many people believe
it’s not a boss, even Mojang themselves

have stated that it’s not meant to be killed,
I believe it still deserves a spot in this


The Warden can be found in the Ancient Cities
deep underground.

After triggering a Sculk Shrieker for the
fourth time, The Warden will come out of the

ground and start attacking you.

It has got enough strength to wipe out a full
Protection 4 Netherite Player in a few hits,

and to make it even worse, it has a ranged
attack called Sonic Boom which can deal up

to 7.5 Hearts of damage in Hard mode regardless
of Armor and Shield.

Sonic Boom can also go through Blocks.

As for Completionism, there really aren’t
many things to complete in Minecraft other

than beating the final boss, the Ender Dragon,
and getting all the advancements.

The rest is up to you and you can set your
own goals, for example, get all the Items

in the game, get the best gear, like Protection
4 Netherite Armor and Netherite Tools, kill

all the bosses, get a Stack of Enchanted Golden
Apples, make a full Netherite Beacon or just

build every useful farm in Minecraft; although
you will not receive a reward for doing any

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of these things.

About the 102 Advancements as of Minecraft
1.19, you will unlock some of them as you

progress through the game; others can be a
little challenging, such as “Return to Sender”

(Which you get when you kill a Ghast by deflecting
its own fireball back at it) or “Sneak 100”

(Sneak near a Sculk Sensor, Sculk Shrieker
or Warden so they don’t hear you).

There are also hidden advancements like “How
did we get here?”

in which players must have no less than 27
different Status Effects active at once, being

Absorption, Bad Omen, Blindness, Conduit Power,
Darkness, Dolphin’s Grace, Fire Resistance,

Glowing, Haste, Hero of the Village, Hunger,
Invisibility, Jump Boost, Levitation, Mining


Nausea, Night Vision, Poison, Regeneration,
Resistance, Slow Falling, Slowness, Speed,

Strength, Water Breathing, Weakness and Wither
as of Minecraft 1.19

Remember earlier in the video, when I said
I’d talk about servers later?

Well, now is the time to do so.

Servers are a place where you can connect
and play with others.

The difference with Realms?; You can create
a server at home or hire a server, you being

the owner of it in a server hosting website
and because it’s your server, you can customize

it with plugins to your liking.

There are many servers, the most popular ones
are Mineplex, Cubecraft, 2B2T, Wynncraft and


It’s also worth saying that many servers have
migrated to Minecraft Bedrock Edition due

to the high price of Minecraft Java servers,
especially on Minecraft 1.13 and above.

Well everyone, that’s all for this part.
See you in a few days with the next part!


Hello everyone, we’ll continue where
we left off in the video shown above

If Vanilla Minecraft bores you, it’s not the
only thing out there. You can customize your

own gaming experience using Mods; essentially
modifications that allow you to change the core

mechanics of the game to whatever you want. There
are loads of Mods out there, ranging from Optifine

which allows you to improve your FPS(Frames Per
Second) to The Betweenlands or Twilight Forest,

both of which add new dimensions to the game,
Biomes O’ Plenty with over 50 new biomes,

Tinkers Construct to add modules to tools
or even Blood Magic which adds a huge

blood-based magic system including rituals,
invocations, alchemy and spell creation.

Keep in mind that Mods come for
certain versions of Minecraft,

and if you are playing on
a lower or higher version,

the mod may not be available for that version.
Mods are currently written in the Java Language.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition also has its
own version of mods which are the Addons;

they are quite similar to mods, but mods generally
allow you to do more extensive things than addons.

Addons are also written in the Java language.
In here i’m using the Jurassic Addon made

by Dilophosaurus Studios which adds Dinosaurs
like the Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus,

etcetera to Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

To use mods, you need to install Forge, a client.
Clients are essentially like a custom Launcher

that usually has Quality of Life features built
into it like increased FPS or lag reduction,

even its own share of pre-installed mods
so you can activate them in a few clicks.

There are also other clients such as Lunar Client,
Badlion Client, Labymod or Optifine. By the way,

Optifine can be used as a mod with clients like
Forge, but Optifine also acts as a Client by

itself if instead of installing it via the mods
folder or the mod selector of other Clients,

you double-click on it. If you do it that way, the
mod will be installed as a new Minecraft Instance;

which you can find in the Vanilla Minecraft
Launcher. Forge and Optifine are the only two

clients on this list that offer fewer features,
Forge only allows installing mods manually,

and Optifine, among other things, increases FPS
and gives you the ability to zoom into things,

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by default you can do so with the “C” Key, this
can be changed to your liking. However, this does

not make Forge and Optifine bad, having a simpler
client can have advantages over more complex ones.

There are also Texturepacks that
allow you to modify the look of the

game and the textures of blocks, entities,
objects and much more. Here i’m showing a

Texturepack called Vividity that makes
textures brighter and more cartoonish.

Another version of Texturepacks are Shaders that
greatly increase the visuals of the game, some of

them make the game more realistic by adding moving
grass and leaves or even water reflections. As you

can see here, i’m using a Shader called Continuum
which makes the game feel much more alive,

Continuum is got moving leaves on the trees,
moving grass and flowers, reflections in the

water and even a shadow of myself and of the trees
and blocks. It also adds a much brighter sun and a

more realistic Skybox with real-looking clouds
instead of the Vanilla rectangle-like clouds.

If Mods, Texturepacks or Shaders aren’t
your thing, check out Command Blocks.

They can be obtained by using the /give

command in the chat. Command Blocks act like
normal blocks until you right-click on them in

Creative mode – if you do so, a menu will
open up where you can type in commands.

These commands are similar to
built-in code in Minecraft,

and they allow you to do mind-blowing things,
such as Custom Bosses by PLutonium273,

a functional Piano by XN_Vangard, Triangles,
Circles and Spheres by Mysticat or even a

functional computer that includes a calculator
and a painting application by Legomasta99.

Command blocks can also be combined with redstone,
which is Minecraft’s take on Electricity. Redstone

acts as wiring which can be powered by external
sources like Redstone Blocks, Levers, Buttons,

and others. When pushed to its limits it
also allows for some really cool stuff,

like a functional Bomber by pi314, a
Machine for farming Ender Dragons by

Rays Works, Gaia’s Vault (a prison) by SeenSven
and a Safe Survival Bunker by Mumbo Jumbo.

I also want to mention Plugins. Plugins
are similar to mods in a way, but they are

used to code custom functions for servers
and are usually not as extensive as mods,

for example, you can perfectly create a mod
that incorporates circular shapes to Minecraft,

while it would not be possible with just Plugins.
Here I’m showing a Plugin called UltimateCore that

adds features that resemble Hypixel Skyblock
such as Skills, Collections, Dragon System,

Reforges, Custom Enchantment System, Talismans,
Pets, Runes, Fairy Souls, etc. and it is also

compatible with other Plugins like MMOItems that
allows you to make Items with custom abilities.

Finally, I will talk about Datapacks. They were
first introduced in Minecraft Java Edition 1.13

snapshot 17w43a; and are used to add or override
features, loot tables, dimensions, advancements,

recipes, structures, biomes and much more.
About the difference between these and Mods,

Datapacks are easier to install, work within
the game itself and are totally exclusive to

Java Edition. Essentially, think of them as
Vanilla Mods that don’t require a Client.

Datapacks can be installed on Servers
and work in your Minecraft. The same

thing happens with Plugins; meanwhile with
mods, if they were installed on a server,

you must also install them, in addition,
the Server would only work with Forge,

which means that it cannot have Spigot, Bukkit
or Paper; and therefore cannot have Plugins.

Well folks, that’s all for this video,

I’ll say goodbye with a greeting
that I learned from the humans.