What are the most interesting games in 1993

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ah 1993. it’s hard to believe it’s been

a whole 10 years since what do you mean

it’s been three decades

outrageous indeed it might have been a

little while since the year 1993 but

that doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten

all of the great video games at this

particular 12 month period had to offer

and we’re back yet again to tell you all

about the very best if you’ve seen any

of the best of videos before then it’s

likely you’ll know the drill but for any

newcomers here are the rules a game is

eligible for one of these lists if it

was released in the year in question

this case 1993 in at least one territory

and received a minimum of seven

professional reviews we exclude ports

re-releases and collections from these

rankings unless they’re significantly

different from the original but don’t

worry we’ll cover them in the list

pertaining to their initial release got

all of that good I’m Ashton from triple

jump and here are the 10 best games of

1993. number 10 Simon the Sorcerer PC

86.25 we’re kicking off today’s list

with a bit of point-and-click fun

courtesy of developer and publisher

adventuresoft who are perhaps most

famous for well this actually released

in September 1993 Simon the Sorcerer

somewhat unsurprisingly tells the story

of Simon no not that one a 12 year old

boy who after receiving a dog for his

birthday ends up summoning a portal to

another world there are several more

steps between the two occurrences which

are indeed related but I don’t want to

be here all day talking about the plot

the game was largely inspired by Terry

pratchett’s Discworld series of novels

whilst also parodying the likes of The

Lord of the Rings The Chronicles of

Narnia and several popular fairy tales

although some Outlets were a little

disappointed with Simon the sorcerer’s

controls and the linear nature of the

gameplay these issues weren’t enough to

spoil the title and it received heaps of

praise for its Sumptuous background

grounds Dean Evans of Cu amiga’s words

not mine wacky tongue-in-cheek humor and

engaging puzzles I can honestly say I’ve

never heard a video game described as

Sumptuous before I suppose that’s the

first time for everything number nine

Doom PC

86.67 we’re a little shocked at the

original Doom which is considered by

most to be one of the four fathers of

the modern FPS didn’t get a higher

review score sure 86.67 is not to be

sniffed at but we’d always assume the

game would average somewhere in the 90s

clearly critics in 1993 were super harsh

Doom exploded onto the scene around 18

months after in software’s previous FPS

Triumph Wolfenstein 3D and blue play as

a way with its fast-paced demon slaying

action inspired by Dungeons and Dragons

Evil Dead 2 and Aliens Doom puts players

in control of doomguy a Space Marine

stationed on Mars who must fight his way

through hordes of invading demons from

hell the graphics high up 10 gameplay

and level design were all praised by

critics and looking at the game

retrospectively many video game

journalists agree that Doom really

pushed the envelope when it came to

video game immersion some critics did

complain that the gameplay was somewhat

repetitive and In fairness they’re not

wrong but if you’re after a bit of heart

racing mindless shooter fun then even

these days you can do far worse than

pick up a copy of Doom number eight

Secret of Mana SNES

87.28 we’re turning our attention now to

the classic RPG developed by Square Enix

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or simply Square as they were at the

time Secret of Mana was a follow-up to

1991’s saikon densetsu or Final Fantasy

Adventure Mystic Quest or Fire Kingdom

setsu Final Fantasy guide them before

they get multiple tons of titles about

this and was released across North

America and Japan in 1993 before making

its way to the pal region the following

year the game follows the exploits of

three young boys who after pulling a

rusty sword from a stone and

accidentally eating a whole bunch of

monsters we’ve all been there set out on

a quest to re-energize The Sword and

ultimately Stave off the threat of an

Empire that seeks to conquer the world

unlike other role-playing games of the

time battles were real time rather than

turn-based incorporating a ring command

mechanic which pours the actions in our

place to make decisions mid-battle

critics had bucket loads of praise to a

secret of manner commending its Graphics

combat system and overall quality of the

gameplay I’m not sure what the Secret of

Mana is but the devs certainly knew the

secret to making a good RPG number seven

gun star Heroes Mega Drive 87.6 percent

hope you’ve bought some nice comfy

trainers with you because we’re about to

get our run and Gun on don’t worry I’ve

bought some plasters in case anyone gets

a blister Gunstar Heroes focuses on the

titular gun Stars a Duo who throughout

the game used their acrobatic prowess

and experience with firearms in order to

prevent an evil empire from getting

their hands on a bunch of powerful gems

yikes there surely were a lot of

Nefarious Empires floating around the

early 90s weren’t there gameplay wise

gun star Heroes task players were

shooting their way through a whole bunch

of enemies across seven different stages

though while some stuck with the

traditional Run and Gun formula others

plonked the character into a

minecart-like vehicle a spaceship and

even a board game the game went down

incredibly well with critics who were

impressed by gun star Heroes as

fast-paced action and the wide variety

in the level design the game was

wonderfully chaotic from beginning to

end which was what made it so exciting

and is no doubt part of the reason why

it was awarded game fans Game of the

Year Accolade and why it’s been ported

to more consoles and you can shake a

stick at number 6. Star Fox SNES 88

sadly spoiler alert there’s no Mario on

our list today but that doesn’t mean

we’re not getting a visit from our pal

Shigeru Miyamoto who made his mark on

the year 1993 with brand new IP Star Fox

although Star Fox might not be

Nintendo’s most popular franchise of all

time it’s still got a whole Army of fans

around the world and as recently as 2017

players have gotten to enjoy new entries

into the series the original Star Fox

landed on the SNES between February and

June 1993 depending on where in the

world you lived and put players into the

somewhat furry shoes of volpine

protagonist Fox McLeod as he and the

rest of the Star Fox team attempted to

defend their Homeworld corneria from the

invading forces of big bad Andros the

rail shooter plonked Fox and by

extension the player into a spacecraft

and in each level it was up to them to

shoot down enemies and defeat a Boss by

the end of March 1993 Star Fox had sold

over 1.7 million copies across Japan and

North America making it up until that

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point at least the fastest selling video

game launch in North America there

really is Little Wonder the gameplay was

highly addictive the central characters

were both adorable and badass in equal

measure and the 3D Graphics were

groundbreaking not a bad effort for a

fox in overalls number five Disney’s

Aladdin Mega Drive

88.33 these days movie time titles can

be counted upon to be pretty Naf but if

you look back far enough into the annals

of video game history you’ll find one or

two gems case in point Disney’s Aladdin

A platformer developed by virgin games

USA for the Mega Drive not to be

confused with Disney’s Aladdin A

platformer developed by Capcom for the

SNES everybody clear good we’ll crack on

then based on the 1992 animated classic

of the same name Disney’s Aladdin

followed the plot of the film and tasked

players with side scrolling their way

through a bunch of agrabar themed levels

collecting apples golden icons gems and

much much more as they went Not only was

Disney’s allowed in a commercial success

selling over 4 million copies worldwide

making it to the third best-selling Mega

Drive game of all time but it also

received a great deal of praise for its

gameplay and even won awards for its

animation which was created for the

first time in video game history by hand

drawing each frame you might say that

this particular movie tie-in game was

One Jump Ahead of the competition you

know like the song

okay I’ll see myself out number four

Luna the Silver Star Sega CD 88.4

percent clearly the secret to being a

successful game in 1993 was simply

sticking the word star somewhere in the

title because that’s three we’ve had now

although it was originally released in

Japan in mid-1992 Luna the Silver Star

didn’t make its way to North America

until December of the following year

which means that it gets to enjoy a spot

on today’s list according to its

creators the game was designed to be a

different kind of RPG by making use of

the at the time up and coming CD-ROM

technology unlike many of its peers Luna

the Silver Star featured high quality

audio full motion video and voice acting

which for a game of the time was quite

novel The Game centers on Alex a young

boy with dreams of becoming a Great Hero

upon discovering an ancient dragon Alex

and his friends find themselves on a

journey across the world to gather the

power to become the next dragon master

all in the hopes that they might save

the world critics lauded the title

praising its graphics music and story

and despite some complaints being

leveled at its combat system which a few

found dull it was still considered to be

one of the finest RPGs of the Year

number three The Legend of Zelda Link’s

Awakening Game Boy

89.82 Hey look everyone it’s Shigeru

Miyamoto and friends back with another

smashing 1993 title I don’t know where

they find the time the Legend of Zelda

links Awakening originally started out

as a project that aimed to Port A Link

to the Past from the SNES to the Game

Boy but it eventually grew in scope and

a new game was born the fourth

installment into the Legend of Zelda

franchise was the first that had ever

been released for a handheld system and

unlike its predecessors it didn’t take

place in Hyrule and featured neither the

Triforce nor Princess Zelda herself

instead Link’s Awakening saw the

eponymous protagonist stranded on an

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island and task players with exploring

fighting monsters and solving puzzles in

order to collect musical instruments

that would awaken the wind fish and

allow link to escape Link’s Awakening

received critical Acclaim with some even

going as far as to call it the best Game

Boy game ever and it’s really not

surprising the story was engrossing and

the gameplay was hugely engaging there

were some complaints leveled at the

monochrome Graphics though the blame

there lies largely at the game boy’s

door and at the controls but all in all

Link’s Awakening was a solid adventure

for anyone looking to get to their Zelda

fix on the go number two Gabriel Knight

sins of the fathers PC 92.8 percent this

isn’t the first time that we’ve seen

novelist Gabriel Knight on one of these

lists as the follow-up to this

particular title was featured in The

Best of 1995 video though that game the

Beast Within A Gabriel Knight mystery

only made it to number six and whilst it

was great it wasn’t quite as good as its

predecessor Gabriel Knight sins of the

Fathers as you can probably guess the

game focuses its attention on the

titular Gabriel a struggling writer who

begins investigating a series of murders

in New Orleans in order to gain material

for his new book whilst on the trail of

the killer however he finds that he’s a

descendant of a German family who were

involved with hunting down Supernatural

forces and you thought your relatives

were weird Gabriel Knight sins of the

fathers did not do very well

commercially but it was a hit with the

critics mostly because of the fact that

it was genuinely scary the tense

atmosphere had been masterfully created

and blended with a story that kept

audiences hooked from beginning to end

it seems like the only sin here was the

fact that hardly anybody played the damn

thing and number one Maniac Mansion 2

day of the tentacle PC 95 you know big

franchises are all well and good but we

must admit that it is nice to see a game

that isn’t Mario metroid or The Legend

of Zelda in the number one spot for once

developed and published by LucasArts and

directed produced and designed joined by

Tim Schaefer and Dave Grossman of The

Secret of Monkey Island Fame Maniac

Mansion 2 day of the tentacle was the

sequel to the 1987 graphic adventure

Maniac Mansion players took control of

Bernard Bernoulli and his two friends

Hoagie and Laverne and were tasked with

solving puzzles and using time travel to

explore different periods throughout

history in order to stop the evil purple

tentacle from taking over the world yes

the premise was Bonkers but somehow it

worked critics barely had a bad word to

say about day of the tentacle lording

everything from its humor and voice

acting to his interface and design it

was an improvement over its predecessor

in every way and this is reflected in

its average review score sadly day of

the tentacle didn’t fare particularly

well commercially but all is not lost

because the remastered version is

available on Steam so now might be a

good time to go and show this

underappreciated classic the love that

it deserves