Which ASMR Do We Like The Most

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I’m glad you’re here with us I don’t

know why I have some sort of a weird

Cajun accent weird weird


we’re going to be talking about and

experiencing ASMR

that sounds like some sort of cartoon

characters from the 70s so we’re going

would have been like a Duo that had

we’re gonna listen to these

inappropriate ideas

and we’re gonna rank them to see which

ones are the best and he’s also going to

paint my face but the voice thing but

the voice thing I’m going to talk about

right now is verticality because we’re

going to give 30 dollars to Frankie good

old Frankie I guarantee Frankie gonna

love to get that thirty dollars bus goes

Frankie would that mythical outfit out

there in a while you know Frankie

Frankie tweeted it’s Wednesday my news

I’m gonna talk about it we saw it

mercifulity yes we do Frankie you know

what you’re gonna get you’re gonna get

thirty dollars so I can gonna get a


thirty dollars to the mythical.com okay

man oh man okay just so you know I’m

just gonna give a little artist

intention up top here I’m going to paint

your face and uh

the way that I’m thinking about ASMR


what like your artist’s intention for

this more I thought you meant Hey listen

for the ASMR ring TV we are artists

every day we make this show it’s art

um we’re creators what I’m talking about

as a content creator as a content

creator is um that I’m going to create

something on Link’s face and it is going

to be one time when I was watching uh

two times

one time when I was watching something

as a kid three times I saw that there

was a guy

um that had a twin that never separated

from him and his face kinda sort of came

out of the side of his face

and it’s an image that I’ve never been

able to get out of my head so you’re

going to put it on mine yeah it was it

was one eye

and a mouth with teeth and it was on the

side of his face and uh have you you

guys know what I’m talking about yeah

just called uh twin on face just where

do you see it family reunion

just Google that twin on face so as as

as he’s painted my face we’re going to

be listening to these and we’re going to

be ranking them

did you find it

oh okay

yeah no good a good part of the internet

don’t Google that

um so yes these are classic ASMR sounds

that you are going to rank from most

triggering to least and triggering in

this case is is good that like good ASMR

feeling all right so let’s start with a

little cat sorry

yes oh it does it it does do it that is

the oh yeah that is the thing that I

wish that my dog could do like that’s

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the only thing that cats do better than

dogs does your cat do it quite a bit uh

not a lot but he’ll do it

what circumstances that lead to this

paint me

if you don’t get started oh what the


come on man don’t lean on my broken

freaking it’s got it’s healing it’s

mending up yeah I’m just making sure

it’s okay call me Mindy I just don’t I’m

at that point in my recovery where do I

brace myself I put my hand on your thigh

you could reset where do I brace myself

grab your grab your own beer every

artist has the braces yeah grab your own

beard dude okay call me Mindy because

that’s what my bones are doing

play the prayer again that’s so good

is the cat also lighting a cigarette

it’s like a

all right let’s hear the next one


oh gosh

if my eyes weren’t open I’d think this

was a GMM


but she’s not us

she sounds like us though I don’t like

that I don’t like that at all I like a

cat way better than that so cat purring

positive triggering number one uh

chewing not good for me


I mean Whispering That’s a classic


oh my

excuse me

what do you call this

I just needed to check I needed to check

the sign

what did she say that is just Whispering

almost hypnotizing sensual what did she

say I think you have to Play It Again


I mean I think that’s the perfect

description of our show oh yeah yeah

yeah almost hypnotizing and sensual in a

unique and appropriate way

Good Mythical Morning

okay I mean I just love the fact that

she’s just coming out and saying it that

is what whisper ASMR is it’s just keep

it it’s hypnotizing and sensual

in a way that like

it’s not quite as hard to explain to

your to your mom

I don’t I don’t explain anything to my

mom anymore

I just I just show up

I mean this is a show up as I am it’s

not almost sensual it is sensual well

the thing she was doing with her hand I

mean when she’s yeah come on

I prefer purring though

what the heck is buzzing


is this guy giving us a shave


who who is this man

it’s a rejected Drake

it’s at night shift sound night shift

sound he’s got his eyes are are


um here’s a look at the way he’s shaving

in his goatee though I like that that’s

a sharp edge

there’s a sharp edge right there so the

buzzing you know the mic that he has it

would you know it really takes it from

ear to ear


that the cat had too yeah I’m gonna go

I’m putting it I’m putting I don’t think

that’s gonna be third place I’m gonna

put it over here I’m gonna predict that

like cueing I’m putting all the way off

you think he got like Mike from the cat

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you think they got you think they got an


I think they have an agreement yeah do

you think you think these ASMR people

are all kind of like in a network

I will tell you when I’m scrolling

through my fyp anytime I get a live Tick

Tock video it’s either ASMR or sound

bold and I move so quickly past it to

tell the algorithm no no no but I sound

balls sound bowls it it what you’re

describing is


an interesting thing that I’ve noticed

that I do as well and that’s training

train the algorithm like I found myself

thinking is it not is this something I

want to watch or not but is this

something that I want to send a message

that I never want to watch like there’s

a like the I don’t want to see this I

try I try to be very fast can you talk

about moving your mouth trying to


do you do you think like that uh yeah

but I also think that

sometimes off like oh sad celebrity but

sometimes I will fully watch something

that I don’t want to watch

but you did but I want to hate watch it

and I think that it knows that it I

think it knows why I’m watching it

yeah but I trust the algorithm but you

wanted to watch it so you don’t ever

like scramble to like scroll as fast as

you can just to train it no I think that

the algorithm knows the average person

registers what this video is about and

then within like a second or two gets

out and so yeah so yeah but I think it

I’m using natural behaviors I’m trying

to anticipate my natural reaction to

something and trusting that the

algorithm is listening but Stevie are

you you seem to be with me that you try

to you try to give an unnaturally

quick negative reaction

whenever you really don’t want to see

something again

yes but also using bowls you see that

it’s the bowls are the ASMR and it only

takes a second to scroll so it’s like

it’s like a it’s a naturally yeah yeah

I’m pretty much it’s a swipe right face

painting swipe left type thing uh this

is actually looks better than the one I

saw on like the National Geographic

Channel as a child uh if you could look

to one side


it was basically like an eye and a mouth

had stuck around and you could I talk

like that he couldn’t talk but he could

put food in it

he could put food in it yeah but it just

went into his mouth

he’s like sometimes I like to eat

crackers with the I can’t I can’t see it

I mean I’m gonna take a picture it looks

really good it looks very realistic too

that’s dumb man no I mean but it’s just

something that happened occasionally

let’s listen to some writing

that’s good

it’s scraping but it’s a satisfying

scrape I like that as not as good as

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Whispering or purring though

I don’t know

appreciate it in here in this moment but

I don’t think I would seek any of this

out you seek this out no

no I haven’t

I haven’t

but apparently a lot of people do you

know the beauty of the way I painted

your face is it was a slight adjustment

it could be as if I didn’t paint your

face at all look yeah

more no no no no no I’m gonna go a

little bit you didn’t go far enough

go back no no no either way I’ll tell

you yeah it’s gone now

but I’ll tell you when you go by the

other way when it when it disappears

looked up a little bit more and right

there you gotta go that far yeah because

you can see a little indentation

look at that other mouth

can you can you kiss at the other mouth

is that happening look at that he’s

kissing his twin

can I make it talk

almost yeah

looking at you kg

ah declare

I do declare that’s the first time I’ve

ever seen something like that let’s hear

some crinkling

is that bags of roses what is that



I mean I’m keeping these in the order

we’re doing here they didn’t do it I

didn’t do much for me I think that’s

going over here

oops now scratching



deep brain scratch oh

so it’s like Forks on a mic but then

it’s like supposed to be my brain yeah

Play It Again

she’s supposed to have Forks on my brain


Play It Again

Lay It Again go all the way down

Caroline ASMR

I mean I think if I had on headphones

I kind of like this now that I’m really

thinking about it are you getting are

you getting some frizzy yeah yeah I got

a little bit that time if it was

headphones I would get more I think this

might be better than writing

um agreed and




it’s like being in an Elven Forest

that’s exactly what I was gonna say yeah

it’s like being in an Elven Forest which

I’ve always wanted to go to okay

there’s a which is a lot better than an

Elvis Forest yeah I’ve been to those

those are not any good so we’re moving

humming above scratching

and you’re I mean you’re certain about

this cat purring being number one

I mean

uh play the cat purring again and then

play the whispering again

so good

where does that come from

the butt it’s like everybody knows a

purr is a slow fart

you might like this one the best yeah


I think

I think the whispering might be the best

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