Is Destiny 2 Too Hard since the Lightfall Update?

10.03.2023 0 By admin

Is Destiny 2 Too Hard since the Lightfall Update? It depends on who you ask.

But if you ask me, my answer to this question… is no.

Generally speaking, because there are a few outliers where it may be overtuned.

And we’ll discuss those in this video.

But again, Generally, no Destiny 2 is not TOO hard after the update.

Now you don’t have to agree with me, and I know some of my opinions in this video may not be in agreeance with your own, but I do wanna give my two cents on the topic because I’ve been discussing Destiny 2’s difficulty in a lot of my recent videos prior to Lightfall’s release.

So, Imagine playing Pac-Man.

It’s challenging.

But rewarding.

It feels good to win.

Now imagine Pac-Man 2 comes out and in Pac-Man 2, the Power Pellet is always active.

You can just blitz your way through the level devouring all the ghosts, knowing you’re going to win.

This may feel fun at first just wiping the board without much effort, but after the third or fourth level you might be asking.

Is this it? There’s no threat of failure, no need for strategy, and no need to even try really.

That’s been how Destiny 2 has felt for me over the last several years.

Now I’ve brought up the idea of increasing Destiny 2’s difficulty for years now.

How I think the PvE side of the game is far too easy.

Whether I was doing content on Patrol, The Strike Playlist, Seasonal Content, or even Dungeons and Raids, all of it allowed me to turn my brain off almost completely.

And for me, when there isn’t a challenge, I get bored.

And not just bored, but I lose interest entirely.

The gameplay is no longer engaging if I’m not overcoming some kind of challenge.

This has begun to change in Destiny 2 slowly with the addition of higher difficulties like Master and Grandmaster content, but my issue with those have been champions.

I want that level of Difficulty, just minus the champions.

Now I feel like with Lightfall’s Update, we’ve got that.

We’ve got the increase difficulty to the activities I felt needed it the most.

Strikes, Patrol, Seasonal Content etc.

Now the counterargument I see a lot is “more enemy health doesn’t equal real difficulty” and “taking more damage doesn’t equal real difficulty” and in a lot of cases I agree.

It can be overdone and overtuned.

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But I really don’t think this Lightfall change has overtuned it for most of the base content, except maybe the Mars Battleground Nightfall this week.

That ish is kinda hard, but even still, I think it’s okay if some weeks the Nightfall is something nuts.

We had Nightfalls like these in D1 that stood out as really tough, like Arc Burn Lightswitch Omnigul, or Solar Burn Grounded Shield Brothers.

Those nightfalls were dang near impossible.

If you know, you know.

Those were the weeks I pushed through on just one character for hours with my friends and didn’t bother with my other characters because it was so difficult.

But D2 still isn’t quite that difficult.

D1’s base difficulty is still a step above D2’s.

Because right now post Lightfall, if you have even a super basic build, you can still slay almost as good as before, and the only difference is you need to take advantage of all the tools in your arsenal a bit better now.

Step up your own gameplay.

If you’re shooting a group of harpies on Neomuna with your auto rifle and saying “its too hard now, they’re all bullet sponges.

” Start thinking a bit more about how to approach the fight.

Learn to use your special more, utilize your grenade or abilities, look at ways to make your build in a way that helps deal with the new challenge.

If you spend a little bit of time strategizing even just a little bit, it really isn’t that bad.

Because I think a large portion of the players complaining about the difficulty right now, for things like Patrol or the Strike Playlist, these are the players who are used to just shooting everything with a primary weapon for every single encounter.

And prior to Lightfall, you could do that in most content and be totally fine.

Just use Funnelweb and kill every single enemy including majors in 1 magazine or less.

And the enemies bullets would barely hurt.

Now with this update, maybe you need to employ some new strategies for the fight.

And I really don’t think that’s a bad thing.

For me, it’s made me more engaged with the combat experience.

Like for instance, the Defiance Battlegrounds, they aren’t amazing content, but they can be pretty tough, there’s a lot of ways you can die between the enemy density being so high, lots of snipers on the ledges, and paying attention to your Safeguard Buff is important or else you’re going to get caught outside getting shredded.

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And with the increased challenge, it makes all of those obstacles inside those Battlegrounds, more fun to overcome for me at least.

If we were dealing with the Pre-Seraph level difficulty for Seasonal Content, I would find Defiance Battlegrounds to be another boring and repetitive activity.

Which lets, be honest, it won’t take long til it grows old like all seasonal content, but at least now it’ll hold my attention a little longer because the combat experience is more engaging.

Same goes for Neomuna and the Terminal Overload event.

I like that its brutal.

It’s not as challenging or as good as Escalation Protocol, but it’s similar.

And that’s a good thing.

Legendary Campaign difficulty felt perfect to me as well.

At least the Solo experience.

But there is a case to be made for Legendary Lost Sectors and other Legend or Master content.

That some of it is overtuned.

Currently at 1830 power, Legend Content locks you at minus 15 power level.

Which is especially painful in Lost Sectors right now.

When you combine the tedium of fighting Champions in an environment where you’re this underleveled it reaches levels of annoyance.

And makes these Lost Sectors no longer a place to effectively farm exotics because the “difficulty” doesn’t justify the reward.

Now 2 things could be done in the case of Lost Sectors.

Increase exotic drop rates or even guarantee them.

Or, keep the Power Level handicap, but get rid of champions.

Now this might be a controversial take, but I think Bungie ought to move towards phasing out Champions entirely from the game.

I don’t know anyone who actually likes playing against them.

They’re more annoying than anything.

Most people like the Legendary Campaign difficulty.

Its actually challenging, and the best thing about it, there’s no Champions.

I want to see a world where that becomes a reality across the entire game.

No Champions, Just Legendary Campaign difficulty everywhere.

The other areas that feel a little overtuned are things like Legendary Dares of Eternity and High level Nightfalls.

But again only for one reason really.

It’s the champions.

Just like the Lost Sectors, this is what makes these difficulties tedious and annoying.

I don’t think the basic enemies are too spongey or difficult to fight.

It really is just these abominations.

I went back to Europa to do the Lost Sector yesterday and then I spent a few minutes just killing enemies in patrol and this is not fun.

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This is boring.

The enemies die so quick, there’s no challenge, no threat of failure, this level of difficulty is just putting the game on easy mode.

But Neomuna right now, is way more engaging to fight enemies on.

They hit harder, there’s more of them, they have higher health, and it means you have to try.

It’s still patrol so its not insane, but it feels good.

I don’t want to see Bungie revert the base level difficulty back to this.

Because when this is the base level difficulty, I just check out mentally.

Now Dungeon and Raid content have been unchanged.

Master saw some changes that’ll make it more in line with Day 1 raid difficulty, but the base level difficulty didn’t see an increase in challenge.

Raids and Dungeons being easy is something I’ve talked about in previous videos, so I wanted to touch on this.

I think that the base level for raids and dungeons probably don’t need any tweaks.

It allows for casuals to experience this content.

However, I agree with Bungie’s idea of making master more in line with Day 1 raid difficulty.

The Contest Difficulty essentially.

But one important change should also come along with that idea.

No champions.

Yes we’re back to this.

Champions do not belong in Raid or Dungeon content.

Master should basically be just Hard Mode from Destiny 1 raids.

Just increased challenge for increased chances at rewards.

Maybe the exotic drop rate is increased on Master, or Double Drops or something.

Give us a reason to play the Master content, and make it difficult, but Champions gotta go.

Because they are the least fun version of difficulty in the game right now.

Now like I said, I didn’t expect a lot of you to agree with me on my thoughts about Destiny 2’s difficulty, but if you’re still here listening at this point in the video.

Thanks for hearing me out at the very least.

Let me know your thoughts on the increased difficulty in the comments section.

Thanks for watching.

I’ll see you all in the next one.