10 Games to make THIS Week Legendary

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Hi, my name is ColdBeer and let’s start with Evil West
This is some sweet hack and slash action.

Here you will play as a cowboy vampire hunter and you know,  hunt some evil along your way to salvation.
Well, probably not, no salvation for you.

I just said that because it sounds cool. Here you can battle alone or with a friend as you go through the land engulfed by myths and legends retold within the wild west universe.
You can evolve perks, upgrade your tools
and weapons to make even more carnage,

and fight through the story-driven campaign
to make America free of vampires again.
People on Steam are saying that the game is dumb
and fun. It has a cheesy plot and cowboys punching

vampires with electricity and flamethrowers. That
is not what you see every day. What is the actual

genre of that?
As developers say they took the inspiration
for the Rustler from the Monty Python and

first two GTA games and made a medieval game
out of that. I can remember playing the first

part of GTA for hours and hours and skipping
school because of it. Never regretted that.
Anyway, the Rustler is a humorous approach to
the medieval genre – here you will find stuff

such as no parking zones for your
horse and police horses that have

flashing red and blue lights on them.
Game is set in an open-world and you play

as The Guy, whose parents apparently were
too lazy to give him a proper name.
Here you will experience feudal
injustice, inquisition, witch-hunting,

and join The Grand Tournament.
Meet incredibly stupid knights,

complete a wide variety of twisted missions and
quests, or ignore the plot and bring mayhem in the

villages and cities. Choose to go on foot, or by
a stolen horse. Fight with a sword or pick a fancy

automatic crossbow. All that, spiced up with a
Monty Python inspired sense of humor. And you can

burn down the whole village as well.
Mechwarrior 5
Welcome to the year 3015! It’s
a hell of a time to be alive.
Humanity has colonized thousands of star systems
spanning a vast region of space known as the

Inner Sphere. The golden age of cooperation
and advancement is now a distant memory,

and humanity has once again splintered
into factions all vying for supremacy.
The battlefields of the future
are dominated by BattleMechs,

hulking machines of war capable of destroying
entire cities. As a BattleMech pilot you’ll rain

havoc upon enemy Mechs including tanks, ground
vehicles, aircraft and advanced defenses.
I remember when I played Mechwarrior 3 more than
20 years ago and I was gobsmacked. These graphics

looked like a movie to me.
Yeah, these.
You know, I was wondering back then if
nowadays graphics are such realistic ones,

what will the future bring? Will graphics of
the games become better than the real world?
It is actually a good question that is still
haunting me. I don’t believe it’s possible,

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but is it really?
Here in the not too distant future, humanity
has fled to one of Jupiter’s moons. With its

irradiated icy surface, life can only be
found in the ocean below. Here you will

travel through a punishing underwater world and
discover what lies in the depths of Europa.
Basically this is a 2D co-op survival horror
submarine simulator, one of the most casual

genres no doubt, inspired by base building
games like Rimworld or Dwarf Fortress.
Also it has a fun mode quite similar to Among
Us – one of your crewmates may be a traitor! So,

as you can see, Barotrauma has nothing to do with
poor guys getting traumas in a local bar.
Game has above 90% of positive reviews
and people on Steam are saying that this

game is filled with stupid jellyfish and
can be played by everyone with developed

brains. Meaning that it’s not for kids but
you can play it with your grandma.
Industries of Titan
This is an industrial city

building sim/strategy game set on Saturn’s moon.
Here you will create a sprawling industrial city

and compete with rival corporations to stake
your claim to the industries of Titan!
As the Founder of a new city-corporation, and
backed by the unforgiving and mysterious Council,

you’ve been granted new headquarters
in Titan’s inhospitable atmosphere.
There, you’ll need to explore the ruins of
a forgotten alien civilization while bearing

the onslaught of ruthless rebels and competition
from your corporate rivals. The Council expects

much from you. Do not disappoint the Council. You
know what happens when you disappoint them. Well,

you may not know, but you know-know, right?
People are talking that this is a great city

builder with a lot of potential, although
sometimes it crashes without any reason. Well,

the game is still in Early Access,
so it may lack features in general

and because of that it is crowned with
only Mostly Positive review score.
Conan Exiles
This is an online multiplayer

survival game with mounts and mounted combat,
set in the lands of Conan the Barbarian.
Here you will journey through a massive
and seamless open world, from the rolling

sand dunes of the southern desert to the
mysterious eastern swamp and the snow-capped

mountains of the frozen north. Climb anywhere
and experience full freedom of exploration.
In other words it is an open-world sandbox
and you can play it together with friends or,

you know, with creepy strangers as you build
your own home or even a shared city.
You will have to survive freezing cold,

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explore loot-filled dungeons and
develop your character from a lowly

peasant to a mighty barbarian. Also fight to
dominate your enemies in epic siege wars.
People on Steam are talking that the game
is a bit buggy and that can be annoying,

but it also has boobs in it so for this
you can forgive almost anything.
Tower of Time (z)
This is a story-rich dungeon

crawler with innovative real-time combat that lets
you pause or slow time. And here you have to turn

on your brain if you want to succeed. And I mean
it – every battle is specially designed to be a

tactical puzzle, so it might be a bit challenging.
Or impossible, depends on your IQ I guess.
Well, you can always adjust the
difficulty, but that is an instant

insult to your brainpower, isn’t it?
Also because of that, the game is really

suitable for fans of this genre and not
so friendly for new players. Tower of Time

will burn about 50 hours of your boring
lifetime as you enjoy hand-crafted levels

and interesting story. Here you will also find
thousands of pieces of loot and equipment.
And just look at this price. What is
this nonsense? The game has a very

positive review score, so it’s not baiting
you into buying a bad game for a good price,

no, here you will get a good game for a good price
and that is somehow an exception from the rule of

too good to be true.
Moonlighter (dandy ace)
Here you are a shopkeeper who wants to keep
your customers happy by providing them with

various goods. You can put items on sale, set
their price carefully, manage gold reserves,

recruit assistants and upgrade the shop. Be
careful though – some shady individuals may

want to steal your precious wares!
The trickiest part is getting the

goods. You have to swim over river Nemunas to
Kaliningrad, get contraband and then swim back

to the European Union to get rich.
No, of course I’m kidding.
You have to go to ancient passages
to different realms and dimensions,

fight various enemies and collect items from
their dead cold maimed bodies. So romantic.
Anyway here the part where you
hack, slash and die begins.
People on Steam are saying that the game is
fun, aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. Yeah,

relaxing. So forget about big challenges,
it’s an easier game in general. But hey,

it’s nice to have something not souls-like
hardcore from time to time after all.
Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice
The game is a standalone expansion

of the Shadow Tactics franchise, meaning
that you are not required to have the main

game to play it and that Aiko’s Choice is
a full game with no strings attached.
It is set in Japan around the early Edo period.
Aiko’s Choice is a stealth strategy where the

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main protagonist is a master of camouflage and
distracts enemies disguised as a Geisha.
But it’s not the only character you will be able
to control. An agile ninja, mighty samurai, young

thief, wise marksman and perverted penis doctor
joins your cause as well. Well, maybe not the

latter, but you never know who is gonna
jump to your aid unexpectedly.
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
This and other games of the franchise are probably

the most popular and well known first person
shooters set in the Wild West. Here you will

play as the best gunslinger West ever saw
and blur the lines between man and myth.
This adventure made of memorable encounters
will unveil the untold truth behind some

of the greatest legends of the Old West. And
I’m talking about Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett,

Jesse James and Dick Penison.
Oh come on, who wrote this?
Ummm… You did.
yeah, that’s true.
Anyway, with a gun holster tied to your leg,
become a ruthless bounty hunter on a journey made

of all-out gun battles. Master the art of blasting
pistols, shooting rifles and dodging bullets.
Metaphorically, right?
No it’s exactly like in the

Matrix – you can slow time and actually
dodge bullets. How cool is that?
Also I really like the narration
part of the game. It is trying

to hold your attention even when nothing is
happening. Let’s say – you climb the ladder,

but at the same time you are listening
to the story and that is really cool.
People are comparing this style with
an Action RPG game Bastion which

also has the narration implemented.
This is a really great invention and I

wish more games had something like that. Well,
with the ability to turn it off of course.
And you know how in the end I always
make a short review about gog games,

so you would buy them through my affiliate link
and I could earn a few cents as well? This week,

so far nothing worthy of your attention is
discounted. GOG really sucks this time, so

stay with Steam today and I will just stay poor.
Although if you like what I do and my videos,

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Thank you for watching, have a nice
day and I’ll see you next time.