A gruesome plot in a video game

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Game developers are often
putting things into their games

that aren’t immediately explainable,

but sometimes they don’t even really know

what to say about it.

Hi folks, it’s Falcon,

and today on Gameranx 10

mysterious discoveries game
devs still can’t explain.

Starting off at number 10, Gears
of War 3’s Slab Easter egg.

Released as part of the Fenyx Rising DLC,

the multiplayer map, The Slab,
contains a few Easter eggs

that people have been
aware of since it came out.

People thought they’d found
everything there is to find

but a tweet from the
creator of Gears of War

made people think there was more to find.

The first parts of the
secret pretty well-known,

just kick a ball through
a hole in this fence

to get a rat to appear

which causes a few other
mysterious changes around the map.

If that sounds weirdly incomplete

for a Gears of War Easter egg

it’s because no one’s
figured out how to finish it.

Then again, the tweet from Cliffy B

it got deleted and when
directly asked about it,

the developers don’t
seem to have an answer.

So there it is, an Easter
egg that no one can remember

like they can’t remember what to do

from there or if it’s even finished.

It’s been years and nobody has
a clear answer on this one.

So I’m just gonna assume
the Easter egg was either

never finished or the guy that made it

isn’t with the company anymore

and isn’t interested in explaining it.

The mystery of The Slab
remains one of the most

confounding secrets in
the Gears of War series

and at this point it doesn’t look like

it’s gonna get solved anytime soon.

At number 9, is Call of Duty
finest hour, the ghostly room.

In contrast to the last point,
this Easter egg’s well-known,

but it’s so weird I don’t
think the developers

could explain it even if they tried.

Found in the underground passage level

there’s a door that looks
like it can’t be opened,

but by throwing two grenades at it

then going up to it and
pressing the Use button

and then throwing another grenade at it

the door finally opens.

Inside is a circular room
with floating candles,

a little toy tank driving around

a miniature airplane zipping around

a random toilet and a whole
bunch of weird pictures.

Oh yeah, there’s also a
giant rat under the stairs

’cause yeah, why not?

I mean, I could use a giant rat

under the stairs, couldn’t you?

I don’t know why I said that.

There’s also a cradle in the
room, which has a ghost in it,

if you get close enough.

(suspenseful music)

(heavy footsteps)

Nearby our two bonus
weapons, the Kaiser Bear

and the Sticky Bear.

You throw the Kaiser Bear
bounces around like crazy,

and the Sticky Bear,

well, it sticks to
things, you get it right.

Even as far as Easter eggs go,

the whole thing’s just
a weird non-sequitur

that as far as I’m aware,

has never gotten a real
proper explanation.

It’s not really a dev room

like there’s no real reference to anything

just a weird room with
some random stuff in it.

At number 8, is Trepang 2 the back rooms.

One of the coolest, most
atmospheric Easter eggs

I’ve seen in a while can
be found in Trepang 2

a game that’s not even
technically out yet.

This mysterious place can be found

in the safe house
location by using no-clip

to reach a section on the map

that was previously blocked off.

You go down this weird grainy hallway

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and you get teleported to
this barren, spooky location

based on the popular creepypasta.

Considering this is just
a little teaser demo

you would think they wouldn’t
go a lot further than this,

but this place keep going.

There’s something here
that wants to kill you

and things just get creeper
and more abstract as you go.

(metal rattles)

It’s a secret that the
developers could easily explain

if they wanted to,

but the real fun of it
is exploring it yourself.

As far as video game
adaptions of the back rooms go

this might be the best one

and it’s literally
impossible to find normally.

At number 7, is Super Mario Galaxy 2’s

Hell Valley Sky Trees.

A classic example of

one of those mysterious things
in games nobody’s explained.

In the level, Shiverburn Galaxy

from Super Mario Galaxy 2,

there’s these weird
silhouettes off in the distance

they’re far away, so it’s
unlikely you really notice ’em

unless you look closely,

but if you do, they’re a little unnerving.

Their sinister name, the
Hell Valley Sky Trees

is actually what their texture
is called in the game files

leaving players to assume that

there’s something evil
or malevolent about them.

In reality, the name Hell
Valley was the working title

of this level before they
settled on Shiverburn Galaxy.

Why these things look like aliens,

I don’t really have any idea,

but that’s at least why
they’re called that.

Maybe someone at Nintendo
would come out and just say

what is the deal with these things?

And then it would be a Seinfeld bit

rather than a bunch of
rampant speculation.

But we know how Nintendo works,

they’re tightlipped to a fault,

so we may never really get a clear answer

as to what these are
or are supposed to be.

At number 6, is Army
Men’s: Sarge’s Heroes.

The Frankenstein developer picture.

Credit on this one goes to
Sizable Door on YouTube,

which I really gotta give it
to you on your channel name,

but Sizable Door.

Now the reason we’re bringing this up

is there’s some nostalgia out there

for the Army Men series of games.

It’s kind of gone away
and people remember it

for fond reasons.

Sizable Door rediscovered this Easter egg

hidden in the Scorch
mission of Sarge’s Heroes,

specifically on the Dreamcast
version of the game.

If you crawl under a
random section of wall,

you find this, it’s a developer portrait,

but there is something
wrong with the face.

I don’t know if it’s a
texture glitch or what,

but this is a creepy as
hell developer picture.

He looks like a conehead
with a big old chunk of flesh

stapled to the side of
his head, which is gross.

I don’t know what it’s
doing in a game for kids,

I really don’t.

It’s old and relatively obscure though

so I don’t know who to ask about it.

It’s one of those Easter eggs

that really needs some
kind of explanation,

but we have still at this point nothing.

At number 5 is Resident
Evil 4’s green jacket.

Like the previous Mario
example from above,

this is one of those infamous secrets

that a lot of people know about,

but nobody can really tell
you anything about it.

Found in Chapter 5.4 in the
area right after the part

where the helicopter crashes, RIP Mike,

he was taken before his time,

you can see a mysterious figure

in this green jacket off in
the distance here though.

The only way to get a good
look at them is to cheat,

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but doing that does not
help discern their identity.

The obvious answer would be it’s a member

of the development staff who
sneakily snuck themselves

into the game, but that doesn’t
make their identity known.

I have no idea who or what
this is supposed to be.

Like all Japanese developers,

Capcom isn’t really too forthcoming

about Easter eggs and
particularly this one.

So to this day,

nobody really knows who this
green jacket-wearing person’s

supposed to be.

At number 4, is Klonoa
4: The Secret Message.

It’s a classic platform or for the PS2,

you can find messages all over the place

in this made up language.

Eventually, fans managed
to decipher the text

and translate it to English.

Most of it’s simple
signs and obvious stuff,

the names of attractions
in the amusement park area,

but there’s one block of
text, it’s pretty unique.

Found inside the King of Sorrows room,

this block of text has to be
one of the strangest references

I’ve ever seen in a game.

The text reads, “Anyone who runs is a VC.

Anyone who stands still
is a well-disciplined VC.”

If this sounds familiar,

it’s because it’s a line
from “Full Metal Jacket”.

It’s from the helicopter gunner part

where the guy is yelling, “Get some!”

If you’ve seen the movie, you
know what I’m talking about.

For some reason, that line
about a guy shooting people

he assumes the Viet Cong

appears in this cute
little platform for kids.

It’s one of the most
baffling little Easter eggs

I’ve ever heard of

and I have no idea why it’s
there or what it means.

The credit for finding
this one goes to Cello 2WC

from the Untamed Hearts Klonoa forums

for I guess, having the time

it’s just an all around weird Easter egg.

Nobody who made the game
is willing to explain it

so I don’t know why there’s
a “Full Metal Jacket” quote

in a Klonoa game.

At number 3, is headless Mono
in Shadow of the Colossus.

A creepy little secret that’s found

in the Shadow of the Colossus demo

and only in specific versions.

There’s a few differences in the demo

compared to the main game,

but one that really
matters for our purposes

is that if you jump diagonally,

you’ll never run out of stamina.

Yeah, seriously, it
makes climbing the shrine

a total cake walk and
it allows you to get up

into an unfinished section of the map

that would normally contain the garden.

It’s pretty strange to try and explore it,

but the real interesting
thing to find here

is a headless T-posing model of Mono

the girl you’re trying to save.

Why it’s headless and untextured?

What’s it doing up here?

I don’t know.

There’s nothing online explaining

what this could have been used
for that I can find anyways

it’s probably just something unfinished

that got left in the
demo, I assume by mistake.

But getting some kind of official answer

would of course be nice,

but Team Ico is gone,

not that the people aren’t around still,

but yeah, it does seem a little
bit like getting an answer

is increasingly unlikely
as time passes though.

And number 2, is the creepy
secret screen from Sonic CD.

A legendary secret.

If you access the sound tests

and play some specific
songs, the screen goes blank,

it shows this weird image
of an ugly face Sonic

playing the game’s weirdly
ominous boss music.

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This single screen is responsible

for traumatizing hundreds
of unassuming kids

in the nineties.

If it doesn’t seem that creepy to you now,

imagine being a child trying out a secret

they’ve heard of but never seen.

It’s called the infinite fun screen,

because of the message which says

infinite fun SEGA
Enterprises imaged by Majin.

And for decades, people
just wonder what the heck

this screen’s supposed to be.

Well, in a rare instance of a Japanese dev

actually explaining something,

we now know the Majin in the message

is actually Masato Nishimura

a designer in SEGA

who’s worked on multiple Sonic games.

Also the creepy music

wasn’t actually meant to be that creepy.

The U.S. soundtrack is actually different

from the Japanese and
European version of the game

and the boss music for those
is actually a lot more upbeat.

Finally, the face is supposed to be

a caricature of Nishimura.

Why it’s so creepy?

I don’t know, but basically
it does look like a nightmare.

We know all of the what,
but we don’t have the why.

Like that is still a mystery
and yeah, it’s bizarre.

And finally, at number 1

is The Pool of Forgetfulness
from Morrowind.

Found in a small cave near the Ghost Gate.

This mysterious thing in Morrowind

seems to serve no purpose whatsoever.

It’s literally called The
Pool of Forgetfulness,

which yeah, it’s got a unique model

but doesn’t seem to do anything.

Seriously, nobody seems
to know what the deal is

with this thing.

There’s lots of speculation out there

like it might have been part
of a faction quest line,

but nobody really knows.

Apparently the developers
were even interviewed

directly about this and they just acted

like they didn’t know what it was,

they forgot, like a pool of forgetfulness

got to them or something.

It might have been a joke.

Really, the pool itself
might have been a joke.

They might have left it
in the game as a joke

about unfinished content
that gets left in games.

I don’t know, as far as I can tell

this interview’s been
scrubbed from the internet

so all I have to go on is some
half-remembered Reddit posts

so that may not exist as well.

All anyone really knows
is this thing exists

in a random spot in Morrowind

and it serves absolutely no purpose.

I know the story’s about the
mean writer of Morrowind,

Michael Kirkbride, and
him being high on drugs

for the entire production are more or less

pretty greatly exaggerated.

But when I find stuff like
a pool of forgetfulness

at some random spot on the map

that has a new model
but doesn’t do anything,

I do wonder what the devs were
on when they made the game.

What do you think though?

Leave us a comment, let us know.

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