Destiny 2 would have its greatest glitch in the franchise’s history

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Almost 2 years ago Destiny 2 would have its greatest glitch in the franchise’s history.

On February 27th in 2021 during Season of The Chosen, a 12-man raid exploit would be discovered.

And as with all exploits in Destiny. It was time to test it out before it was patched..
So how did it work? What allowed players to take advantage of this glitch?
In a nutshell, when an activity begins, one fireteam would need to immediately join  another.

This was easiest to accomplish on a PC using join codes; all you need to do is dial in  the timing. For example, if you wanted a raid with 12 people, you would need one fireteam of  six people to join another fireteam of six people with a single invitation. If the timing is right,  this would bring the other six people into the raid, making it a total of 12.
The same was also true for dungeons and
nightfalls. Could you imagine 12 people in

this dungeon? Rest in fucking Peace Caitl. Of
course, This exploit was possible on console;

however, due to the absence of join codes, the
timing and execution was a bit more challenging.
Naturally, 12 players inside content meant for
3 or 6 made all of these activities much easier,

but instantly a lot more fun.
It took roughly two weeks, but Bungie

ultimately had to put an end to the fun.
But for those two weeks, many players found

a renewed sense of enjoyment with the game. This
unintended bug breathed new life into the game,

and the question on everyone’s mind
at this point was. What would it look

like if Bungie actually implemented 12 man
raid content into the game officially?
The game’s infrastructure could obviously handle
12-man fireteams with only minor dips in frame

rates depending on your system, and fireteam
stability seemed mostly fine. It reminds me of

how 343 said split screen for Halo Infinite
was basically impossible yet the playerbase

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figured it out with an exploit on their own
and it works almost flawlessly. Destiny 2 12

man content just needs to be a thing.
Large scale fireteam content is one of

Destiny’s many areas of untapped potential, and
I think before we even get into the discussions

of Big Team Battle PvP, or an equivalent Big Team
PvE mode, lets first just discuss the idea of 12

man raids and 9 man dungeons or nightfalls.
A more basic idea could be a difficulty option

which scales up for 12 players in the
raids. Simple stuff like doubling the

health of the bosses since you’ve doubled your
fireteam size. And maybe the enemies are a bit

more above level and there’s more of them.
Other ideas could go a bit deeper. Additional

modifiers, tweaked mechanics for 12 players,
and perhaps even exclusive loot from the

challenging 12 man version of these raids.
Currently, content in Destiny 2 is curated in

its design to service the 3 and 6 fireteam
limits, in most cases. One exception being

something like Escalation Protocol which allowed
up to 9 players in the activity space and because

of the difficulty of the activity, all 9 of
those players were pretty vital to a successful

run. Where I think Bungie could possibly break
away from this fireteam count restriction is

most notable in the 3 player content. Dungeons,
Strikes, Nightfalls. For instance. How often do

you find yourself playing with your friends and
there’s lets say just 4 of you and you want to

do nightfalls or some dungeons, but as a group
of 4, you cant. Instead there’s only 2 options

for 4 player fireteams. Gambit. Or Crucible.
Or you would need to split up the fireteam and

do dungeons and nightfalls separately. I have
run into this problem way too often. The need


to exclude one or 2 people from activities.
It sucks. A solution might be to scale the

difficulty of an activity for each additional
member in a fireteam. The Witch Queen campaign

did this with fireteams up to 3. I think
doing the same thing but with a fireteam

limit of maybe 6 or even 9 would be a fun idea.
Raids, a similar idea. Fireteams of 7 or 8 or 12

being possible with scaled difficulty. Also could
help get newer players into the raiding experience

without as much pressure for mechanics.
I’m not saying that this is a perfect solution

or idea, I’m sure there’s more things to consider
in terms of the balancing and reward structure,

if something like this were ever introduced to
the game. But I think Bungie ought to look into

more ways to give larger scale fireteam
activities across the board. We’ve been

stuck with the 3 or 6 player limit since 2014. If
Bungie wants Destiny 2 to become a real MMO game,

give us some of the Massive part of MMO. Give us
the big team battles, the 12 or more sized raids,

or at least let us partake in the
current content with larger fireteams.
And this reminds me of a video I made a couple
months ago, called Endgame Patrol Zones. In the

video I talked about world tiers and world bosses.
I think 9 man or 12 man content in the open world

would be awesome and completely fitting for the
game. Like I said, if Bungie really wants Destiny

2 to be considered an MMO, it’s gotta bring
us some awesome large scale PvE content. World

Bosses in other MMO games are incredibly popular
and very fun to take down, and unfortunately,

Public Events just don’t cut it in terms of
challenge or even presentation. They are designed

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to be finished Solo if you have to. If Bungie
wants to keep that version of an open world PvE

style option for the casual players, then let it
be. But Bungie should look to create an Endgame

world tier where maxed out players can go in and
take on these more Team Focused challenges in the

open world. Let players bring in a fireteam of 6,
9, or even 12 players if they want. We need some

more Escalation Protocol style events happening
in the open world. Have these world bosses on

rotation like the Lost Sectors. Or bring back
the Flashpoint idea from Vanilla D2 where 1 week

a specific planet is active for this Endgame
world tier content. That would be so cool.
I really think its unfortunate that Patrol Spaces
are really just kind of there. There isn’t much

value past a certain point, and I think an idea
like Endgame World Tiers and World Bosses would

help them achieve a more MMO feel.
But let me know what you guys think in

the comments. Should Bungie work towards
12 man content in the future? Fireteams

that are possible at any size that scale up in
challenge like the Legendary Campaign setting?

Or should we stick to a 3 and 6 player limit
on all the content. Give me some pros and cons

of this idea in the comments. Thank you guys
for watching, I’ll see you in the next one.