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thank you to Kengun for sponsoring today’s video be comment section what licensed game would you like to see get taking that approach for a Hogwarts Legacy sequel and Hogwarts Legacy but in our sixth year at Hogwarts.

This has been Wes and I’ll talk to you guys in the next video.

which would make sense because then it would line up for a to enter the 100, 000 subscriber and until next time.

speculation and a dash of wishful thinking and maybe a have extremely good effects on the industry going forward and I mentioned before, this all raises the biggest important control which is a luxury that the studio was never afforded Avalanche software capable of great open world RPGs but it gaming industry that if you want a game done right, you deserve in order to effectively make the jump to video games it happen.

You may hate that Hogwarts legacy has been so channel so you don’t miss out on any news videos and a big thing that Hogwarts legacy has done so far has proven all the and not order a sequel at some point, I would say almost one closer to the movie or maybe even a direct adaptation not going to tell people how to think or be able to change fact that there’s only seven years at Hogwarts School of happened looking at Avalanche throughout the years the team successful but mark my words, it’s going to have a very in the near future hopefully at the same level and quality of potential sequel would take place during the sixth year Avalanche software do with it in the near future.

Now, I’m to make it since they already have so much of Hogwarts in trilogy and it wouldn’t take Avalanche nearly as much time their minds but one thing that I think we can all agree on is skeletons and structures that are already intact.

Meaning, problems with a player base that is growing day by day and be any further from the truth as a game has been praised up unless of course your Nintendo, video game sequels often have a the fact that the success of Hogwarts Legacy is going to of the original seven books.

Now, I don’t think that’s and down for its full release and actual working game at forward as the other publishers noticed how much money that trilogy of Hogwarts Legacy Games.

I could totally see them Legacy take place as a fifth year student considering the before.

Again, this is going to be a massive statement to the surprised if we ended up getting a Hogwarts legacy out and I’m super excited to see what Warner Bros in the Hogwarts Legacy Treatment make sure you subscribe to the seem like a sequel will be another decade away but as surrounding areas mapped out.

Of course, this is all just happen very often game director Allen too deserves to have take nearly as much time to make as their predecessors do sure to click my link in the description also don’t forget the fact that the first game was in for over 5 years.

It may Overall, I’m extremely happy with how this game has turned Hogwarts Legacy so let me know what your thoughts are in the immediately and make the next game a direct sequel to based on a beloved IP and hopefully that means other you’re probably aware at this point, sequels typically don’t triple A developer in my opinion that is in their myths.

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doubt Warner Bros is just going to see the success of this game also has shown that all WB games has to do is be willing to give the beloved licenses the care and attention they gobble up a bunch of money from preorders as well as early hype able to pull this off and honestly I think that’s what they’re going to make from this game that is a quality product impossible.

It’s just not very likely.

When you play Hogwarts you Star Wars I am still amazed that Avalanche software was sequel that covers possibly a different time period.

Perhaps Witchcraft and Wizardry, it would make sense that a thing in any market and I’m always excited when a new the developers aren’t working from scratch.

With how to do whatever they wanted Aguart’s legacy started around expansive the world of Harry Potter is, I wouldn’t be even out yet.

Hogwarts legacy has proven that not only is have to give the developers the time and space required to make 2017 and was delayed a number of times for polish and quality doubters and naysayers completely wrong.

There are sales and then be regulated to bargain bins around the world franchises will get something similar and yes I’m looking at it’s attached to a controversial figure.

There that’s just for the early access period the game isn’t has remained pretty similar but there was one major factor that studio or that it’s because it’s a licensed game or because changed Disney as soon as Disney let them go and Warner wait and see at this point but the gaming world has a new new management and heading up one of the biggest licensed plenty of people who said that there was no way that this game could possibly be good because it’s from an inexperienced were tons of people who thought this game was just going to studio that is full of passion and talents gets the mainstream good thing for everyone.

Competition is a very good Port Key Games and works on expanding the influence of bit of Felix Felicis but it’s not impossible.

I seriously question, is Hogwarts legacy going to get a sequel.

Given Harry Potter Wizarding World Game developer and I wouldn’t Harry Potter in the video game world.

We really just have to need to the success of this game is something that doesn’t we should expect a ton of license games being announced be the least bit surprised if Adelaide software sticks with sequel for Hogwarts Legacy or DLC or an expansion then they games in years.

Avalanche software was quite the underdog Potter whether that’s in the form of making a sequel to Bros took over Avalanche was given far more space and time number of reused and improved assets as well as gameplay launch that doesn’t have any game breaking glitches or this is surely going to have a major effect on industry going positive impact on the gaming world going forward.

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Now, like they’ve only worked on safe licensed games for the past two whatever he wants whenever it comes to the license of Harry first place.

This does, however, raise a pretty major obvious ongoing influence on the industry.

I think it’s all whatever they think is best for the game based on the market’s Warner Bros needs to green light it.

This is our official attention that they serve.

Perhaps the most important due to lack of interest going forward.

However, this couldn’t response to it which is definitely the right decision This studio was completely dead just a few years ago and to three decades.

So, what happens now that they’re under They were a silent juggernaut and underdog and that’s a very question though.

What is the future of Avalanche software? in your Vivarium as well as the room of requirement but as for Hogwarts Legacy or making future expansions for the game chugging right along the controversy and just doing content.

Now, up until this point, the subject of Hogwarts the fact that they came out and they released a game of this world and honestly if they have not decided to green light a because let’s face it, the people yelling the loudest about Hogwarts Legacy were never going to buy it in the confirmed is the development of DLC and other post-launch that the early success of Hogwarts Legacy also seems to caliber is something that deserves all the praise in the clearly performing well in its early days and having a pretty but confirmed at this point that there will be some kind of DLC content or at least they’re going to green light it so that seems to me like Avalanche and Warner Bros are kind of a full on DLC or expansions, the general vibe was that it whenever to this game as well as the industry as a whole so we get it sometime within the next six to eight months.

It the form of different decorations you’re able to put an 89 metascore while the PS5 version is an eighty-five with experience as a whole has been wildly praised for its immersion, variety, detail, and faithfulness to the wizarding was dependent on the game’s performance but with the game world of Harry Potter which is all I really wanted from it and Now, I’m sure that there’s going to be seasonal content in the PC version at an eighty-two.

The game is also answers as to whether or not they’re planning anything more.

Warner Bros and Avalanche have given a pretty non-committal criticism, I am fairly confident that this is a game Xbox series X version of Hogwarts Legacy is sitting at Legacy DLC or an expansion has kind of been murky as both digital.

While there have been some criticisms directed at the of just about every game retailer both physical and that will continue to grow and improve with time.

One thing best-seller list while also perched in the top three spot According to MetaCritic at the time of making this video, the difference between something like Chicken Little and the while I don’t want to let the hype distract me from the real an established license but there’s obviously a huge game’s main story and somewhat repetitive enemy variety, the dominating the sales charts perched at the top of Steam’s giant game that is Hogwarts Legacy.

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Still the gaming and it was kind of a make or break situation for Avalanche it takes to kind of stand up against some of the biggest companies out there as well as showing that they’re capable of community had some legitimate concerns but those seem to be more than just low effort license games.

I suppose it’s a completely quelled because of how good the game actually is.

little ironic that their big comeback game is also based on apart whenever Disney actually shut the studio down but games such as Disney Infinity, Meet the Robinsons, Chicken Legacy.

The game was in development for over five years as they obviously wanted to prove that they still had what of death and reopened them with a new project.

This ambitious open world RPG set in the Harry Potter Universe, Hogwarts thankfully Warner Bros quickly snatched them out of the jaws Little, and other games like that, they saw a bunch of success with Disney Infinity franchise but that game fell developer avalanche software previously worked on licensed game’s background this is the very first open world game from video games now for those of you that are unaware with the unproven history and the long lineage of crappy licensed confident in the game for reasons such as the developers absolutely massive throughout the years there has been one been breaking records and we’re going to talk about what this means for the future of Harry Potter licensed games as a with the franchise creator or people who just weren’t whole because by all accounts everything is looking very good developer, Avalanche Software, the franchise, and a potential future of Hogwarts Legacy.

So, in this video, we’re going to sequel as well as future DLC content.

Hogwarts Legacy has be discussing Hogwarts Legacy and what that means for the rather vocal opposition to it from individuals who have beef right now while the hype train for Hogwarts legacy has been been worth the wait.

Not only is the game good but it paints the unthinkable.

The game is finally upon us and after five I think it’s safe to say that Hogwarts Legacy truly just did a very bright picture for the full release as well as the years of waiting and countless delays, it seems like it is all Alright, guys.

Wes here.

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