Some things you must know in the video game Modern Warfare

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another year another Call of Duty and

this year’s game is pretty interesting

modern warfare is a throwback in more

ways than one

Sherman black ops 4 might have brought

back some boots on the ground after

World War 2 also kind of did that but

the game still had just scoping in the

blink of an eye and skating around the

maps at Olympic speeds this game

it ain’t like that if you’re a veteran

of the past few years a Call of Duty

it’s gonna take some adjusting

especially if you’re a newcomer all

together aiming-down-sights is slower

across the board movement speed is way

slower in general and the maps are more

congested and require you to learn them

rather than just having the homogeneous

structure of the previous games I don’t

even need to bring up ground war the

gameplay on its own is so different so

if you’re struggling just want a few

tips or where are you tearing your hair

out over campers keep on watching cuz

today we’re talking about 10 things that

call of duty modern warfare doesn’t tell

you there’s a lot to cover so let’s get

started off with number 10 in the past

few Call of Duty games multiplayer maps

were generally made up of three lanes so

where there were usually three main

through lines through the map left right

and center this game’s maps are closer

and designed to the maps of the original

modern warfare so they’re much more

complex you know with long alleys and

congested buildings the design between

maps is much less standard so knowing

every single map individually is

important here really important be

patient when learning each map you’re

gonna get killed

and it’s gonna be frustrating but just

accept it and take the time to fully

explore the map and understand each one

then you’ll be the one gunning down

people like a pro love it or hate it you

know it’s just different and if you want

to thrive you’re gonna have to adapt

over at number 9 footsteps also like in

previous Call of Duty games are very

loud and prominent here in modern

warfare in fact many say that using

footsteps attract enemies is way more

powerful in this game than in previous

games having a decent sound system or a

pair of headphones can greatly improve

your ability to detect enemies just pay

attention to what sound channel the

footsteps come from and make sure they

aren’t your allies by checking the radar

and then move in for the kill on the

other hand if you don’t want enemies to

notice your footsteps get the dead

silence field upgrade it’s one of the

last pieces of field equipment you want

and for good reason it’s it’s really

powerful you can only activate it for a

short period of time and at the moment a

lot of players feel it’s actually not

powerful enough and should just be a

perk but either way it’s your most

powerful weapon against people listening

for footsteps next at number 8

tactical sprint press the sprint button

twice it lasts a few seconds and you

move much faster than a regular sprint

it takes longer to 80s while it’s active

so just be cautious this is an awesome

little addition to multiplayer but you

need to be careful how you use it

don’t run headfirst into a firefight

with tactical sprint your 80s will be

way too slow to respond and you’ll just

get got instead use it to cross long

distances that you know are more likely

to be enemy free or to escape a

dangerous situation just remember if

you’re running away keep running don’t

throw it into one room and then attempt

to spin around and shoot you just won’t

be fast enough because of the 80s

penalty get far away and you’ll survive

to fight another day or just get killed

somewhere else that’s probably more

likely next over at number 7 in previous

Call of Duty games you were often given

the option to enable or disable gore

effects when starting the campaign in

this game with multiplayer at least on

our end and dismemberment and gore

effects were off by default you actually

have to open options menu and switch to

general tab and then find content

filters then dismemberment and gore

effects and turn that on if you’ll want

things to be more violent this option

isn’t shown to you when you first start

the game so you might not even realize

it’s there definitely just be aware of

it either way and you can turn it on and

off now next at number 6

turn off motion blur and film grain if

you find them annoying or if you want to

just have as much visibility as possible

in multiplayer now to do this go to the

main menu then options turn off world

motion blur weapon motion blur and film

green personally I mean I prefer these

options on I’m just more of a graphics

person but if you find them distracting

and that’s fair enough a lot of people

do it’s nice that you can very quickly

and easily get rid of those effects now

over at number 5

quick-draw mods have been severely

nerfed this time around scoping has been

slowed down across the board most cod

players are probably used to the really

fast 80s of like every other Call of

Duty in the last five years so prepare

yourself for a little adjusting

if you can try to up your sensitivity a

bit compared to last year’s black ops

for the ttk is much higher here so being

able to aim and shoot quickly is an

absolute necessity if you can point in

an enemy first you can kill them first

so if you’re serious about winning

online put it in the practice and turn

up that sensitivity oh and using a mouse

and keyboard is even easier this year

for consoles if you’re nasty so if

you’ve got that equipment you should

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consider trying to use it now over at

number four as usual when a new Call of

Duty game drops people discover very

quickly what the best guns are now I’m

not gonna like rock the boat here this

time it seems like people are spot on

here pound for pound it seems like the

PKM is probably the best all-around gun

in the game ads of launch and slap on a

suppressor and you’ve got a PKM scout

that’ll tear through the enemy pretty

well the kilo 141 is another standout so

far seen by the community as one of the

top two your weapons along with the m4a1

in general it seems like precision

weapons are weaker this go-around unless

you’re playing ground war where distance

is king of course feel free to

experiment with whatever guns you want

but if you find yourself struggling

these three guns the PKM the kilo 141

and the m4a1 they’re all really powerful

and should help even the odds a little

bit especially if you’re struggling

newcomer over at number 3 real as a mode

for the campaign is actually fun and

interesting it’s in the settings no HUD

makes the game really pop and just in

general the graphics are stunning the

new mechanics mainly the mounting and

how it works actually make the game

perfectly playable in this mode as well

it’s actually not as hard as you would

think at first blush if you got a ps4

pro at Xbox 1x were a damn good PC this

feels like the way the campaign was

meant to be played and he can really

experience that new engine in all of its

glory now down to number two because

they ditched that three lane structure

for the multiplayer maps camping has

become a much more viable strategy for a

lot of players we’ve noticed I don’t

think I really need to describe how to

be the best camper just find a good

corner and sit there personally I don’t

think you should do that that’s not as

fun so we got some anti camper

strategies for your loadout you’ll want

anything that can flush your mouth

smoke flash bags explosives anything to

clear a room don’t run in blind if

you’re taken out by a camper try and

alternate route and don’t immediately

start sprinting right as you respawn

think about where the camper was and

what you can do to flank them stop me if

you’ve heard this stuff before but still

we’re filling you in one particular

sneaky trick is that you can toss

grenades through these wall fans so if a

camper is on the other side they’ll

never see it coming

now finally down to number one another

big beginner tip stop me if you’ve heard

this one but playing domination is one

of the best ways to rack up experience

in modern warfare multiplayer if you

want to level up faster killing enemies

gets you 100 XP and defending a control

point gets you a hundred on top of the

hundred you normally get for getting a

kill so every standard kill while

defending a control point and that’s you

200 it’s also the longest mode so really

there’s just like let’s downtime in

general if you want to be in game if not

domination then ground war is also an

excellent way to grind some experience

just jump in a tank and rack up kill

streaks to chain a ton of experience the

objective is obviously the name of the

game but don’t be afraid to also focus

on getting kills because that’s where

you get more XP your team might hate you

a little bit but if you want that sweet

XP that’s one of the best ways to get it

but really good luck out there these are

just some tips and some things the game

doesn’t quite tell you that we think you

guys should know about but of course you

know we’re not like 100% eSports experts

so we want to hear from you guys down in

the comments if you’ve got any tips be

sure to leave them for other players

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[Falcon] Call of Duty
Modern Warfare 2 is here.

And I am excited for how it continues

what was frankly a very
good reboot from 2019.

But there’s gonna be
stuff that it doesn’t say

and that’s what we’re
gonna cover right now.

Hi folks, it’s Falcon
and today on “Gameranx,”

10 things Call of Duty, Modern
Warfare 2 doesn’t tell you.

Starting off at number 10,
is the M4 still busted?

And let’s tell you about
the other best guns

in the game too.

The one thing everybody always
wants to know off the bat

with a multi-player
shooter, which guns are OP?

Now this is Call of Duty so
it’s especially important

because there’s a lot of guns here

and the quality is kind
of all over the map

with each of ’em.

For an all rounder, easy answer is the M4.

It’s a starting gun.

It’s the one everyone is going
to have at least one try at.

And this time around it’s
incredibly good actually.

The MP5 was the meta
in modern warfare 2019

but this time around
it’s all about the M4.

It’s an easy one to recommend to beginners

’cause it works well in
almost every situation.

If you want a gun that’s
making people really angry

right now, go with the SP-R.

This marksman rifle is a
beast in the right hands

especially if those hands
are holding a controller.

This year the aim assist
for console players

is really generous.

So a lot of keyboard and mouse players

are switching to controller,

like that’s how much the aim assist helps.

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The SP-R can kill with one body shot.

So combine that with the aim assist

and you’ve got a really effective weapon.

There is a reason people
are all running around

with this thing right now.

SMGs on the other hand

have for the most part been nerfed

but they can still be pretty
effective in close quarters.

The MX9, this game’s version of the P 90

is especially strong in
close quarters fights.

The damage drop off on SMGs
is totally insane this year

so don’t bother trying to
shoot from any distance,

but close up, incredible.

Well, SMGs have mostly
been hurt this year.

There’s one gun type that
has really been buffed,

that’s the pistols.

Instead of taking six
shots to kill somebody

a lot of pistols, including the start one

can kill with two shots at close range.

The revolver called the Basilisk
is particularly powerful

even at long ranges.

If you really wanna enrage people

going akimbo with revolvers
with the snake shot ammo,

it’s just cruel.

This thing was a terror
in the last modern warfare

and it is just as dirty in this game.

And number nine is how
to unlock attachments.

One of the most confusing
changes to weapons

in modern warfare 2 is how
unlocking attachments now works.

I was gonna skip this

but there’s so many people who
are confused and frustrated

with the new system,

so we decided we would talk about it.

In previous entries,

attachments for guns were pretty simple.

You just leveled up your gun
and you unlocked stuff for it.

In this one it’s more complicated though.

Now many attachments
are shared between guns

and if you want to unlock ’em,

you have to have a certain
rank with that gun,

particularly, instead.

The easiest way to find out
what guns you need to rank up

and to what level is
by opening the gunsmith

and then scrolling to the
part you want to unlock.

You look for the green text
under the weapon description

and that’ll tell you what
weapon you need to rank up

to unlock that attachment.

Little more convoluted, isn’t it?

Now I do think it’s meant
to encourage players

to try out different weapons,

but it’s confusing for both
new and returning players.

Certain attachments even
require you to rank up weapons

in completely different categories.

Like, to get certain shotgun attachments,

you have to rank up SMGs

and I really just don’t understand that.

And number eight, while we’re on the topic

of ranking up weapons, what’s
the fastest way to do it?

So you’re gonna be
forced to rank up weapons

that you don’t want to use

with this new attachment unlock system.

So there’s some tips that seem to work

in terms of ranking them up faster.

Probably the easiest mode to
rank up weapons in is Invasion.

Like there’s a ton of targets,

a lot of ’em are easy to kill bots

and it all counts for weapon ranks.

So you’re free to go nuts
with whatever weapon you want

and you’re gonna get a good
amount of kills no matter what.

Another easy way to rank up
weapons is to play co-op.

Best map for people

who just want to get
a lot of kills quickly

is the defense one,
called Defender: Mt. Zaya.

When you just wanna rank up

and not worry a lot about other players,

defender’s the place to do it.

And number seven, there’s
a fairly easy trick

for abusing the score streak system too.

For new players, still
getting their feet wet,

it can be frustrating

how little you get to use the kill streak.

Sometimes you just wanna drop
a cruise missile on everyone.

So, what gives?

Yeah, I mean is it really so much to ask?

Well, there is a trick that you can use

to easily earn some streaks.

First, go in to kill streaks menu

and switch you over to score streaks,

then get some decoy
grenades and the supply perk

and the extra tactical perks

so you can carry three decoys at once

and equipment will recharge.

So now you just start
chucking decoy grenades.

You get 15 points

anytime anyone on the
enemy team hears them.

And if they get killed you get
115 points for a decoy kill.

As long as you play somewhat defensively

you’ll be rolling in points in no time

and can go buck wild with
kill streaks when you want.

The trick works best on
matched with control points

but the range of hearing
for each decoy grenade

is so wide that you’ll
almost always get a few hits

no matter where you throw it.

If all you wanna do is
build up your score streak

decoy grenade is a fantastic tool.

And number six, turn off texture streaming

if you have low bandwidth.

A lot of people complaining
about stuttering

like lag and other online
performance issues.

And this isn’t like a
hundred percent fixed

or anything like that, but
it can definitely help.

If you don’t have the fastest
internet speeds around

it’s probably a good idea to
turn off texture streaming.

This feature allows the
game to download textures

on the fly while playing the game

which can make the maps
look a little nicer.

But if you don’t have the network speeds

to support downloading and
playing at the same time,

it can have a pretty negative
effect on performance.

If you want the smoothest
multiplayer experience possible

just turn it off.

It’d be nice if they let you
pre-download all these files

instead of streaming them every time,

but at least you could
just stop it entirely.

I don’t know, it’s a weird thing

to eat up all that bandwidth every time.

Why not just store them
after the first time?

And number five, bunny
hopping has been nerfed.

In modern warfare 2019,

the meta was all about drop shotting

dolphin diving and bunny hopping.

And if you hated all that stuff

I got some pretty good good news for you.

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But if you loved it,
maybe not the best news

’cause it’s all been nerfed into oblivion.

The new meta is a lot
simpler, that’s going around.

Pre-aiming was already important

but now it’s basically what you’ve got.

ADS speed when exiting a
sprint, it’s pretty brutal now.

You lose a huge amount of
acceleration when you jump

and slide canceling is just plain dead,

like it doesn’t work anymore.

Nearly all of the old movement
tricks have been killed

from the game.

That doesn’t stop people
from trying to do it,

especially corner jumping,
but it’s way less effective,

like versus somebody
who’s already pre-aiming

you’re just gonna lose every single time.

And number four,

the trick to getting
the gunless achievement.

There’s a couple campaign
achievements that challenge you

in the single player story mode.

Probably most of them
pretty self-explanatory

but I think there’s a few
things about the gunless one

that should use some clearing up.

You earn this achievement

by completing the level alone
without firing a single shot.

That sounds difficult and it is,

but there are a few
ways to make it easier.

The most important thing is
the wording on the achievement.

You can still kill enemies,
you just can’t fire a gun.

That means weapons like the throwing knife

and kind of surprisingly
the crossbow don’t count.

You can use both of these tools

and they make getting
through the level way easier.

The first throwing knife
you can get from a safe

after going through the
door with the dying guy.

The clue for the safe is on the calendar

and the code is 10 10 80.

Throwing knife, it is a beast.

It’s a one hit kill.

You can collect off the
dead body every single time.

So reuse it as many times as you like.

Second safe in the plaza right
after leaving the restaurant

containing the first one, is in the garage

and the code can be found
in a nearby computer.

The combination’s 37, 60, 80
and has one more throwing knife

and a crossbow with two bolts.

Like the knives, the
bolts are a one hit kill

and can be collected again after firing.

And they’re basically essential

for getting through the end of the map

without firing a shot.

If you get these two weapons

then getting the gunless
achievement becomes way easier.

And number three, battle
rifles do different damage

depending on their firing mode.

This one, I gotta give all the
credit to a Reddit username,

Tired of Pink, which let’s be serious,

if pink is an innuendo, what?

If it’s just the color, sure, I get it.

There’s a lot of pink out there.

But anyway, this guy put in the work

to discover that battle rifles,

which are normally pretty effective,

actually do different levels of damage

depending on if they’re
fired semi-auto or full-auto.

So switching between the firing modes

doesn’t just make you more
accurate with the lower fire rate

it actually affects how
much damage you’re doing.

Full auto is noticeably
weaker than semi-auto.

And actually sometimes it goes too far

as to take an extra shot
just to kill somebody.

The two most commonly
considered good battle rifles

the SO-14, then TAQ,

they can kill someone with three shots

to the torso on full-auto,
but only two on semi-auto.

These guns already have a
relatively low rate of fire.

So that one bullet can make
a pretty big difference.

If you’re gonna try to
main one of these guns

remember to swap between firing modes

’cause that can make a
really big difference.

And number two, a shotgun that
shoots like a sniper rifle.

(Falcon exclaiming)

Yeah, just switch to an
explosive slug shotgun.

If you wanna start
playing dirty, here’s how.

There’s no gun more
controversial than a shotgun.

And nobody can agree if it’s
overpowered or underpowered

because everyone’s working from
a different starting point.

But if you want something that’s
feeling pretty overpowered

right now, just try this weapon.

It’s the Bryson 800 shotgun
with a 12 gauge explosive ammo.

It’s literally an explosive
slug, which combined with

the already very, very
generous aim assist,

it turned your shotgun
into a kind of sniper

that does splash damage.

It can almost feel like cheating at times.

Like it’s just wrong to be
able to hit people accurately

from these kinds of ranges with a shotgun.

Yeah, it’s a slug, but
it just isn’t right.

And finally,

there are some really
amazing inspect animations.

Like this is just a fun little thing

we thought we’d end on.

In game, you can inspect your weapons

by pressing I on the keyboard

or by holding left on the
D pad on a controller.

And while most of these
are just stock animations

but a few of ’em really
get some extra flare.

If you’ve got the revolver,

then instead of just looking at the gun,

you’ll do some fancy
pistol spinning tricks

which can look pretty damn cool

especially because the revolver
is actually pretty good.

So getting kills with it is pretty viable.

Another weapon that lets you
do fancy stuff is the knife.

For players who really like to show off,

there’s some pretty cool little animations

that don’t amount to much,

but you really look like
a badass when you do ’em.

And that’s all for today.

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