The 10 strangest simulation games

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these simulation game genre is

undoubtedly one of the more varied out

there there are life simulators

management simulators construction

simulators animal simulators and even

God simulators with such a variety it’s

safe to say that if you want to

virtually do something anything there’s

a simulator somewhere that will cater to

it it’s no surprise then that things can

start to get a bit weird if you dig a

little deeper and I’m not talking about

all of those Sim games on Steam that are

somehow always in new and trending now

here we’re focusing on the truly bizarre

games whose premises are so out there

it’s a wonder they exist games whose

gameplay is utterly bananas in most

cases a bit of both this means that just

because you find power wash simulator

weird yourself you’re not actually going

to find similar titles here nor will you

find the likes of goat simulator as that

was designed Main only for the parody of

it all and for the memes no we peruse

the depths of the internet and found

just how strange things can truly get

without getting as demonetized anyway

I’m Peter from triple jump and here are

the 10 strangest simulation games of all

time number 10. Sim ant there’s really

nowhere else we could start than with

one of the original strange simulation

games first released in 1991 Sim and

asks the question what if instead of

human we could be ants sure this doesn’t

sound like the most exciting prospect

but hey at least I won’t have to worry

about this cost of living crisis that’s

dated the video players were put in

charge of a colony of black ants

although they controlled only one ant at

a time gameplay consisted of digging

tunnels collecting food and building the

colony which was situated in the garden

of a Suburban home ultimately the goal

was to fully take over the garden and

eliminate both the Rival ant colonies

and the humans from the area turning it

into a true Utopia an antopia if you

will the journey to get there was still

full of dangers though there were some

truly horrible spiders that could kill

the ants and every once in a while the

owners of the home would mow the lawn

posing a significant threat to the

insects cement was only the third Sim

Series game ever released and it’s a

surprise that the idea was used so early

on eventually other Sim games dealing

with animals emerge such as Sim Safari

and Sim Park but it seems that sometimes

it really is best to uh start small

number 9. viscera Cleanup Detail I’m

already breaking my own rules slightly

here as 2015’s viscera Cleanup Detail is

by far more mainstream than any other

entry in this list in that it’s quite

similar to games like House Flipper the

key difference here though is that

there’s a lot more blood I certainly

hope it’s blood anyway there’s no

telling what that stain used to be the

central premise is that players are

space station janitors who’ve been

tasked with coming in and cleaning up

after a particularly messy Alien

Invasion as such tasks range from

cleaning up dead bodies and bits of

viscera to repairing the Damage Done to

the walls and restocking any used health

kits this job can be made much harder if

the player is not careful as it’s

possible to knock over the water bucket

and then step through the puddles which

will re-dirty the floor with the

footprints by far the strangest feature

of the game though is the add-on titled

Santa’s Rampage which these players

cleaning up the Apparently not so jolly

man’s cabin after a particularly bad

batch of eggnog I’d heard that Elf on

the Shelf had really exploded in recent

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years but I thought that meant in its

popularity not all over the carpet oh

man these bits of innards will never

come out number eight granny simulator

parenting so I’ve been told is hard you

have to provide for your kids give them

love and attention and make sure they

grow up to be a good person and above

all else you have to ensure that they

have no access to things like knives

hammers or grenades however clearly no

one told the grandparents in granny

simulator this with that name you’re

probably thinking of a game that allows

you to bake cookies knit jumpers and

play Bingo but that couldn’t be further

from the truth as this multiplayer title

puts one player in charge of a

grandparent just trying to go about

their day and the other in charge of the

world’s most murderous baby it is quite

a lot like who’s your daddy but if the

child was more into Javelin throwing

than drinking cleaning liquids anything

the kid can pick up can be used as a

projectile whereas the main means of

defense for the poor grandmother is her

ability to kick which to be fair will

probably work even against a full-sized

human look at her go this bizarre

scenario is still in Early Access at the

time of writing and has been around for

three years so it’s unlikely to go to

any weirder places anytime soon and

that’s probably for the best because

this baby could really do with a timeout

number 7. oh sir the insult simulator

insulting people really isn’t the type

of thing I tend to get up to in my spare

time and by that I don’t mean I do it

all the time when I’m at work you know

it makes me feel bad it makes them feel

bad and it just generally isn’t a very

nice thing to do in or out of the office

in games like Monkey Island or Mass

effecto insults can lead to some great

comedy big stupid jellyfish whoa good

one Shepard there is a game that is

centered entirely around this concept

though the 2016 roast Fest that is oh

sir the insult simulator takes its cues

both from classic Monty pythons skits

and Mad Libs a party game that tasks

players with choosing certain parts of

speech and making a ridiculous story

each round players have to form a

grammatically correct insult using the

words and phrases provided and they’ll

deal damage based on how well they are

crafted there is a story mode but the

real fun comes from bringing a friend

into it and letting them know what you

really think of them this makes for a

surreal experience as once all of the

characters are unlocked you can end up

with matchups that see the likes of

Sirius Sam absolutely tearing into HP

Lovecraft and then presumably succumbing

to Madness Beyond human comprehension

probably not the best choice of opponent

that one number six toilet Tycoon while

they’re vital to society restrooms

aren’t really something most people

dream of working with when they’re

children even as an adult I find the

prospect of cleaning my own bathroom to

be one of my least favorite chores stick

my hand down the toilet no thanks I’ll

just move house instead that being said

toilet Tycoon as the name suggests puts

players in the role of a latrine

entrepreneur and allows them to buy up

toilets around town everything can be

customized from the plushness of the

seat to how much it costs to use that’s

not all however no in order to be a true

Tycoon you have to take care of the

competition through any means necessary

which in this case means going into

rival sanitation workers bathrooms and

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ruining their setups this can be

straightforward when done with a

sledgehammer or it can take the form of

ruining the toilet in a more traditional

sense I’d give it five minutes of IOU

it’s hard to say which aspect of this

porcelain Empire simulation is the

weirdest but it seems like a pretty

crappy way to spend your time if you ask

me okay let’s go straight to number five

number five space warlord organ trading

simulator her there are a significant

number of space sims out there there are

also a fair few management Sims and

there are even a handful that combines

some elements of gameplay from both

space warlord organ trading simulator

takes a look at these Concepts and goes

yes but there aren’t enough spleens here

for my liking set in a dystopian future

with a well-established organ trading

Market players will be trying to cater

to clients desires and attempting to

beat other sellers in order to get the

highest reputation possible this can

lead to more opportunities but there’s

always the possibility that someone

could be scamming you all sorts of

factors have to be considered when

selling an organ Rarity size condition

and even blood type all matter as you

try to climb the ranks of a quite

slippery career ladder it’s probably all

the blood there are even some more

esoteric items like Souls on offer

that’s an existential crisis just

waiting to happen right there but you

know what I’m willing to have it for the

right price however by far the strangest

thing about the game is the fact that

there is connect compatibility why

apparently just because it could be done

young rather than it should be done talk

about a non-vital organ number four

airplane mode 2020 sure was a hell of a

year it started with Australia being on

fire yeah remember that and over the

course of the next few months the world

was treated to lockdowns protests and

murder Hornets one of the many things

put on hold during the incident was

travel whether it be a trip to the local

shop or a long-haul flight to a foreign

local thankfully airplane mode was

released during this time to remind you

that being stuck on an airplane or

airplane if you want to say it properly

for hours on end actually kind of sucks

the game allows players to pick either a

two or six hour flight and simulate the

entire experience from the safety

announcements to having actual cartoons

for you to watch it even randomly

changes up the passengers each

successive flight so that the ambient

noise is different every time perhaps

one of the most exciting things you’re

able to do is go to the toilet which at

least means you get to leave your seat

for a few glorious minutes why is this

the second time we’re talking about

toilets in this list as fun as it is to

travel somewhere new and learn about

another culture lengthy flights are

tedious at the best of times literally

the worst part about traveling let’s

face it but at least airplane mode

always ensures that you have a window

seat so you can look out at something

different depending on the current state

of the world it might be better than

what’s happening outside your own window

number three speaking simulator those of

us with a stronger version to public

speaking or even just speaking in

general would probably be well up for

some sort of speech simulator it’ll be a

good way to get some practice in without

the sweaty Palms blank brains or having

to imagine the audience in their

underwear unfortunately though 2019

speaking simulator is not likely to help

help you impress a crowd the game puts

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players in control of a robot who’s

trying to go unnoticed in human society

but unlike Octodad where you have to

avoid suspicion by walking like the

perfectly normal human you are you

instead take control of the robot’s face

and have to guide them through a variety

of conversations players not only have

to make sure that they move the tongue

and lips into the correct positions to

mimic how speech actually works but that

facial expressions and eye contact are

taken into account as well if the

charade isn’t maintained properly

various bits of the robot’s face will

break which will raise suspicion at an

admittedly much slower rage than you’d

actually expect thankfully this isn’t

something that we here at triple jump

have to deal with as we are all normal

and real human beings who don’t have to

script passing error entry terminated

initiate entry to number two Placid

plastic duck simulator

sometimes after a stressful day it’s

nice to come home and relax with a warm

bath throw in a bath bomb grab a

beverage of choice and feel the Troubles

of the day melt away and why not enhance

the experience further with a plastic

avian friend to keep you company Placid

plastic duck simulator takes everyone’s

favorite bath toys and scales them up

considerably allowing players to fill a

pool with as many as their hearts desire

it starts with just one simple yellow

duck but the more time spent virtually

longing in the Sun the more friends you

can unlock and that’s about all there is

to it really there’s not even a way to

move the Ducks around for yourself no

they’re all completely at the mercy of

the pool and the player is just there to

be a silent Observer to their floating

Shenanigans as bizarre as the game is

though there’s something to be said for

how relaxing looking out at the ocean

over a pool of ducks can be and just

look at their little faces are you

really gonna look quack Skellington in

the eye and tell him he doesn’t fill

your heart with joy you monster and

number one rock Simulator for a brief

period of time in 1975 one of the most

popular and sought after items was a pet

rock this was quite literally a rock in

a box that you kept as a pet sure the

box was designed to look like it was

carrying a real animal and there was

even a care manual included but at the

end of the day it was just a rock what a

time to be alive Rock simulator takes

this poor financial decision one step

further by letting players acquire what

amounts to a virtual pet rock no longer

do you have to sit in your room and look

at a real piece of gravel and be

reminded that you just spent actual

money on something you could find in

your garden now you can look at it in

Virtual form and then we’ll just

continue looking at it but with with a

different skin now oh wow because video

games the only real control players have

is of the camera and they watch as their

Rock slowly levels up you can choose

from such varied activities as sitting

Motionless in the daytime sitting

Motionless in the night time and most

excitingly of all sitting Motionless in

the snow the possibilities really are

endless assuming you know they are time

of day or weather related and are also

not endless wow we’re really finishing

on a high aren’t we