Hogwarts legacy 100+ sidequests revealed, tomb raider returns in 2023

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hello folks today is Friday January 27

2023 as usual it’s me Jake baldino your

Tired video game friend here to talk

about all the video game news that has

been going on this week we got a lot of

spicy good news so let’s just jump right

into it the first is actually Tomb

Raider making headlines yes you probably

remember that a new Tomb Raider has been

in the works for a while we’ve talked

about it uh they actually officially

announced that they were working on a

thing but information has been pretty

slight but it seems like that might end

soon according to an Insider who has

leaked some things before uh Miller Ross

Crystal Dynamics has moved on to this

new Tomb Raider game fully and

officially and with full-scale

development going on according to this

report this is all rumors of course take

it with a grain of salt but apparently

there is quote unquote pressure to

announce or reveal the game soon with

the expected time supposed to be later

this year now with pressure to show

something or at least announce the game

I don’t like that I am at this point I

don’t want to hear about a game for four

years and until it comes out I like

quick release Cycles I also don’t want

them to rush making the game and we’ve

talked about that so many times here on

the show but from what we knew a couple

of months ago it is just a quote single

player narrative driven Adventure that

continues Lara croft’s story it’s going

to be published by Amazon and it’s going

to be multi-platform that part is not

new but I’m still just curious to see

what this Tomb Raider game is gonna be

as an old school Tomb Raider fan I’d

like a little bit of a return to form or

even an Angel of Darkness type of thing

because I’m a weird freak but hey that’s

just me let me know what you think Angel

of Darkness is tight though Angel of

Darkness is so cool so come on it’s a

mess but it’s cool and in other news a

bunch of Hogwarts Legacy news has hit

the internet this week with uh Hands-On

previews of the game for some YouTubers

and press Outlets we weren’t a part of

that but uh the big news that I saw from

this is that there’s going to be over a

hundred side quests which is pretty

interesting I think the jury’s still out

whether or not they’re actually

compelling but the developers did do an

interview and talk with Games Radar

which we’ll Link in the description down

below that said that interactions with

characters inside objectives and Side

Stories can actually affect how they

interact during main story quests

apparently there’s a lot of branching

stuff some choices to make kind of your

own story and things get pretty

complicated their words are manipulate

the main campaign but we’ve seen so many

games where it’s like you can make

choices and how much do they really

matter so we’re gonna have to wait and

see but thankfully the game is releasing

soon so we don’t have to speculate much

longer then of course we got to talk

about the day before news now the day

before is a game that we thought looked

pretty cool back when it was first

revealed we talked about the newest

gameplay that we finally got to see from

it not looking so hot people have been

kind of really speculating about this

one for a while some people say the game

isn’t even real it doesn’t even exist uh

there’s been a lot now with the game

being delayed once again from March to

November according to the developers

there was a trademark dispute that

cropped up last minute around the title

the day before in a statement to IGN the

developers said we plan to move the

game’s release before and plan to

announce it with the publisher in a

10-minute gameplay video and then you

all know what happened so to be on the

safe side to ensure there are no more

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transfers we along with the publisher

chose November 10th as a date that is a

safe date given the trademark dispute

it’s kind of like a weird thing to pop

up that last minute though right the

developers did also put out a big

statement of saying like hey all the

speculation and the people saying that

our game isn’t even real it hurts for

all the people working on it so I can

have some sympathy there I’m still

waiting to see what the deal is I judge

a game when I play it in my hands fully

so I’m looking forward to finally seeing

what the deal is with this thing because

this Saga has been going on for quite a

while now that being said and of course

I’ll link that statement that they gave

to IGN and their response and everything

in the description down below I want to

hear from you guys what do you think

about the day before because uh boy day

before day one you and me Squad up let’s

do it

if it ever happens ever in other news

something I wanted to talk about for a

second is uh the fact that naughty dog

has now like officially said once again

reiterated that they are moving on from

Uncharted this comes from an interview

uh with Neil druckman he said and I

quote uh for us Uncharted was insanely

successful Uncharted 4 was one of our

best selling games and we’re able to put

our final brush stroke on that story and

say that we’re done we’re moving on so

there you have it officially from the

horse’s mouth from Naughty Dog

leadership we’ve kind of like known that

that was the whole point with the end of

that story I think that being said I was

baited a little bit because we had lost

Legacy which I actually thought was

really good and kind of proved to me

that we could have an Uncharted game

without Nathan Drake but hearing it

straight up from the horse’s mouth and

like it hit headlines again it kind of

just like reminded me damn I could still

go for a little Uncharted but naughty

dog has been kind of making playful

statements uh about the last of us three

if they’re ever gonna make it well they

won’t they they played that game before

Last of Us Part Two was has ever

announced so speculation around Naughty

Dog games can be fun I’m just still

sitting here hoping that they go back to

making cartoon games they’re probably

absolutely definitely not oh but

speaking of moving on a big story that

uh was kind of actually it dropped right

after the Friday show last week but uh

Avengers is officially shutting down its

its doors shutting down its doors

they’re okay they’re not supporting the

game anymore uh updates and content and

stuff are ceasing in March and the game

you’re still going to be able to play it

and access it online or offline but

that’s it for them they’re they’re done

with this one uh they’re also opening up

the marketplace and giving away

everything for free which this is where

things get kind of interesting right

where it’s like every game is like a

games as a servicey type game and it’s

like yeah it’s Gotta you spend money in

it because you’re gonna be playing it

forever right and then you don’t play it

forever and you spent all this money on

all these digital goods and then

you know a year later they’re like just

kidding everybody gets it for free what

the [ __ ]


am I man I don’t know

if you’re somebody that maybe jumped

into Avengers a little bit later maybe

with the Black Panther DLC and then you

like bought some skins and stuff uh are

you bummed that everybody’s gonna be

able to get access to everything like

what what do you what does this mean I

think most people are just gonna like

make fun of Avengers and stuff like that

but there were people who played it who

either stuck with it or who jumped on

later once it got kind of cleaned up but

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it’s another video game casualty because

like I think it deserved something

because Avengers is massive it is a huge

property and if there was a game to go

on endlessly and have people play like a

property it could have been that one if

done right but hey what are you gonna do

uh next up this episode is brought to

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talk games with you so thanks we are

grateful straight up Xbox also this week

had uh a thing they had the developer

direct this was kind of almost like a

Nintendo Direct uh but an Xbox focused

one on their first party stuff

highlighting pretty long chunks of

gameplay and details directly from the

developers themselves which was very

cool I think this is a good way of

presenting games not much in terms of

new news like absolute bangers we got a

huge new look at redfall at least a lot

more about like moment-to-moment

gameplay and how that plays and stuff

like that and we now have a release date

which is May 2nd so that’s something to

look forward to also they showed off a

bunch of Minecraft Legends which I’m

surprisingly really into I also like

Minecraft dungeons and I didn’t think I

would like that so I’m willing to give

this a shot this has a release date now

of April 18th they also took time with

xenomax online to highlight a new Elder

Scrolls expansion for Elder Scrolls

Online that’s going to be coming out

later this year with more details and

stuff like that those updates do deliver

and I do like that that game is still

going because I jump in once in a while

and yeah it’s good stuff another new

look at Forza Motorsport uh tons of

graphical details and stuff guess what

the cars are beautiful big surprise

that’s like the racing game thing now

when they reveal it they always Flex on

the graphics I’m looking forward to

seeing what the rest of the deal is with

this one but uh the big thing was a

surprise drop announcement and release

of a game called Hi-Fi Rush this is

Tango Gameworks new game uh you know the

people behind like The Evil Within and

stuff they’ve been working on this and

they haven’t talked about it and they

literally said here it is it’s out today

it’s on PC and Game Pass I downloaded it

I only played like 20 minutes of it but

I just think we need more cartoony

Lively games uh and yeah I’m happy if

you’re interested in more of a deep dive

on that uh definitely let us know if you

have Game Pass you could just download

it but it goes back to what I said

earlier where like I do like the model

of either just announcing things and

then pretty soon after it comes out or

announcing things and you get it right

then and there instant gratification I

have no attention span speaking of no

attention span our little friend Gollum

yes smeagle himself uh still isn’t

coming out that’s the newest news we now

know uh that there’s a little bit of a

window this guy can’t get a break I mean

am I right I’m doing Lord of the Rings


deal with

the one God

I don’t like you continuing to refer to

him as our little friend him gobble we

don’t know him I mean I feel like at

this point I know him speak for yourself

we now know Gollum that our weird little

crawling guy Fred these guys

gollum’s gonna be sliming it up in

Middle Earth uh April uh or no okay the

updated release window now is going to

be between April and September 2023

because of the way Financial quarter the

things work it’s already been delayed

three times worth pointing out but I

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love Lord of the Rings so hoping for the

best of this one and another small

little update blue point is uh working

on their next game still they’re hard at

work as you know we talked about it last

week uh a lot of Industries uh Tech uh

just random [ __ ] and gaming have been

hit by

layoffs and uh it’s terrible and one of

the heads of Blue Point said Hey to

people who got laid off game developers

and stuff we’re still hiring we’re

working on our next project and someone

asked when are you gonna show it and

they said they still need more time and

that’s how it should be that’s it not

much there but uh a rumor that hit the

streets that like some people are kind

of confirming is credible but it popped

up on resetera uh is a big Persona drop

so as you know Persona three and four

now are available to play I pretty much

everywhere on all platforms as of last

week but apparently there is a Persona 3

remake that is far in development as

well as Persona 6 and there’s a reveal

plan for this summer now again that is

just a rumor take that with a grain of

salt not confirmed at all but I mean

does the time feel right for a new

persona at this time at this point I

think a lot of people are finally

getting their hands on three and four

and even five for the first time and

they’re long ass games but still I think

now that they’re at like their cultural

height for them to hook line and sinker

announce a new one to look forward to

it’s a good move I’m hoping Atlas does

actually give us something so we just

have to wait and see on this one man oh

and also some things I wanted to link in

the description down below uh before you

buy for first spoken and for Dead Space

I’ve been really busy guess which one I

like not really forespoken dead space

remake really love what they did there

so check those out those will be linked

in the description down below as well as

a trailer for GoldenEye GoldenEye is now

as of right now available on Nintendo

switch and Xbox it’s just kind of like a

port of the old game uh there’s some

debate online about the quality of the

emulation and stuff like that uh so I’ll

link all that below if you find that

stuff interesting me personally I think

games like this just belong on CRTs keep

them there forever but for casual folks

who want to download it and hop on some

Split Screen Co-op and stuff you might

have a nice time this weekend but

speaking of this weekend that’s all we

got this week so I definitely want to

hear from you guys in the comments what

you think about everything going on from

Hogwarts Legacy previews to uh new

trailers we got to what the next Tomb

Raider could be to Naughty Dog

officially saying we’re moving on from

Uncharted the pain it’s like we knew it

but hearing it again hurts let’s talk

about any of this stuff down in the

comments and of course very important

there’s a pinned comment at the top of

this in that comment thread drop what

you’re playing this weekend for our

research and stuff so we can help decide

what to talk about in videos it legit

helps hit us up in the comments in

general things got a little crazy so of

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I’m Jake baldino pizza’s on me