on Gameranx, 10 bosses that weren’t as hard as advertised

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The boss at the end of the level is supposed to be hard, right? That’s the whole point.

A bigger challenge at the end of the level to prove that you’ve gotten better or leveled up your character through the course of the last while.

But some of them are a bit of a paper tiger.

Hi, folks it’s Falcon, and today on Gameranx, 10 bosses that weren’t as hard as advertised.

Starting off at number 10, it’s “Dying Light 2”, Ingrid.

A small of a kind of ridiculous one.

In the “Dying Light 2” DLC “Bloody Ties”.

You can find a side quest called the “Good Fight”.

It’s a relatively standard thing.

Basically they just want you to fight this character named Ingrid to help protect arena fighters.

Before the fight, the game really goes out of its way to sell this character as being uniquely tough.

The quest giver really gives you the hard sell about how tough they are.

– “Ingrid’s ready for you just step up.

” “I’m pretty sure you’ll know when the fight’s started.

” – And even the game tells you she’s, “one hell of a fighter.

” So, all this talk would lead you to believe, this is some kind of tough fight or something.

But then you take her on and whoo.

I don’t know if Ingrid has been practicing.

You just slide into them, and they fall over like a ton of bricks.

Just like everybody else.

You can beat this fight in seconds.

Like it is so not hard, it’s just a side quest.

It doesn’t matter that much.

But if the game is gonna build up this character as like the ultimate fighter, this seems weird.

It should put up more of a fight, rather than no fight.

– “Dammit! Thanks, big help you were.

Now get outta here” – At number nine is the Mist Noble from “Sekiro”.

A memorable one from a normally very challenging game and “Sekiro”, the weakest enemies can kick your ass.

So, you’re going into every enemy encounter with some kind of caution.

It’s a game where you’re already on high guard.

And then you get to the hidden forest, this intimidating area with dangerous ghostly enemies that are hard enough to see, let alone fight.

So, at the end of this area is an abandoned temple.

You can hear this extremely creepy tune being played within.

(creepy flute playing) They make it pretty obvious that whatever is in that temple, is responsible for the mist covering the entire area.

And when you get a good look at it, it’s this bizarre looking fish creature, strumming on an instrument.

So, this whole area is basically one big buildup to the fight with this guy.

So, you get everything ready, you take a deep breath, you jump into the temple, you’re expecting the worst.

And then he’s almost kind of a pushover.

(calming flute playing) (crashing) He can barely fight you, just takes few hits to take him down.

There’s all this buildup.

Basically a big joke.

For one brief moment, the game gives you a break with an intentionally easy boss.

It’s a rare mercy in a game with very little mercy to spare.

And number eight is Professor Nakayama from “Borderlands 2”, encountered in the third Borderlands DLC.

“Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt.

” At this point, players are pretty accustomed to how things are are gonna go.

They introduce a new bad guy, in this case, Professor Nakayama, who threatens you throughout the DLC story.

And at the end you take him on a climactic Boss fight, standard Borderland stuff.

It’s how the previous two DLCs were handled.

So, wouldn’t it make sense for this one to end the same way, right? The difference here is that Professor Nakayama’s, pretty pathetic.

He barely does anything the entire DLC, and mostly just comes off like a chump, which is supposed to be the joke.

You know, he’s the opposite of what these DLC bad guys usually are.

All this culminates in a boss fight of course.

There’s the standard final Boss, where you fight Nakayama’s monster, the Jackentein.

That’s phase one though.

Now, in phase two where the professor finally reveals himself, he gets a big introduction, health bar appears on screen, and then he trips on the stairs, and takes damage as he rolls down it.

– “I may just have a chance against- whoa” (falling downstairs) (cries of pain) “Oh god why!” – “Exemplary Vault Hunter!” – Then when he hits the bottom, he’s dead.

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That’s the final boss.

You didn’t even have to fire a shot here.

Like the Electrocutioner, from “Batman: Arkham Origins”, which I mentioned on the previous list.

This guy is intentionally easy, as a joke.

In Arkham, it’s to show how much of a badass Batman is.

But, in this game, it’s just to show Professor Nakayama sucks.

And number seven is Absalom the final boss of “Darksiders 2.

” This one always stands out, because the guy gets so much buildup in “Darksiders 2” as you’re equal.

In every way he’s basically just the main character, Death.

But, bigger and tougher looking.

So, it seems like the final battle should be pretty epic.

The setup’s there.

You face the guy in the Well of Souls, he plans to recreate the realms in his image.

It should have been Dante versus Virgil, but instead it’s Dante versus Virgin.

Cue the Rap Battle ‘oh meme.

He is not hard, actually, let me rephrase that.

I just called him a virgin.

He’s not difficult.

I, I realize we’re now a little bit deep into this virgin insult.

Anyway, by the time pretty much everybody gets to Absalom, they’re overpowered.

Even when I was intentionally trying not to be too strong, I’m still too tough for this guy.

The embarrassing thing is, he fights you like it should be a brutal encounter.

But, his attacks barely scratch you.

He’s just super weak, and it makes for a real anti-climax of a final boss.

Get it? Oh, I set this one up good.

I was kind of hoping the remaster would beef him up a little bit though but he is not, he’s still a total chump.

(dramatic music) (yelling) It might be a little obscure to a lot of people, but if you’re a fan of the “Darksiders” games, you know how disappointed the final boss of two was.

He could have been great, but for some reason, the devs just under tuned him, compared to the power of most players who have gotten to the boss.

And number six is Dracula, from “Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest”, the Lord of Darkness the master of the Demon castle, and simply the dragon.

These few of the names that are given to Dracula in the “Castlevania” series.

Master of the Demon Castle sounds so much cooler than, the dragon.

Hey, I’m the dragon, aren’t you, Dracula? Isn’t Dracula a scarier name than the dragon? A guy calling himself the dragon is not a scary man.

He’s a Will Ferrell character.

For the most part in this series, Dracula’s a big pain in the ass.

Teleports around, spits fireballs at you, et cetera.

But, in “Simon’s Quest”, he doesn’t really match up to expectations.

Arguably, the entire game of “Castlevania” is a buildup to the fight with Dracula.

The entire premise of the game is you’re cursed by Dracula after killing him in the first one.

And the only way to stop it is to collect the remains of Dracula, return them to Castlevania, revive him, and destroy him for real.

There’s a lot of buildup to the final encounter too.

The final castle is empty and abandoned.

So the climax is resting on this boss fight.

You go to the altar room, you place all the pieces, you’re revive Dracula.

Should be an epic fight, right? But he, he kind of just floats there, like he’s bored, ‘like oh come on man, you woke me up for this, this, this again, couldn’t you have just let the dragon rest?’ But, like somebody often called the dragon, he was a pretty pathetic boss and that’s if you fight him normally he’s even more worthless if you start the battle throwing flames at him, you do that he’ll die almost as soon as he appears.

He’s supposed to be the master of evil.

But, you can kill him without even trying “Castlevania II” is kind of a black sheep of the franchise, for a lot of reasons.

Some are reasonable, some aren’t.

But, could they not have put a little more effort into, you know, Dracula, frigging Dracula? Come on.

And number three is the Cyberdemon from “Doom 3”.

They don’t get a lot more intimidating than the Cyberdemon.

In the original “Doom”, totally legit dude, if you could call him that.

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But he was legit.

He’s huge, fires rockets that can easily kill you in one or two hits, and wow does he have a ton of health? The game’s actual last boss, the Spider Mastermind, total pushover compared to the Cyberdemon, he’s easily one of the most famous and intimidating enemies the last 30 years, and iconic obviously, which makes it a huge disappointment when “Doom 3” made him, the last Boss? But, made him a total wuss, just a real big weakling.

Like it makes sense to make the Cyberdemon the last boss right? I’m not complaining about that.

The execution is the problem.

I mean it starts off right with the opening cut scene.

You see this huge cyber and you think ah, big Cyberdemon, and then it turns into “Looney Tunes” where you walk through the Cyberdemon’s legs, and he doesn’t notice it.

(monster growling) (monster roaring) So much for Hell’s Mightiest Warrior.

The fight, somehow worse than that though.

It’s a puzzle fight, ’cause standard attacks are useless against this thing, for whatever reason.

I don’t know.

The only way to kill it, is to hit it with the Soul Cube powered up; you get near the end of the game that can be deployed after killing enough enemies.

So Final Boss, you don’t actually fight it.

You just go go around, and fight a bunch of weak enemies to charge up the Soul Cube.

So, you’re barely even paying attention to the Cyberdemon.

It takes four hits from the Soul Cube, and it’s done.

That’s it.

You’re Cyberdemon-less.

It should have been way better.

But it just unfortunately filed the same trend of the “Doom 3” bosses being pretty weak, and forgettable.

Like could of had a few new attacks, or some health, or I don’t know, just something to make him a worthwhile final boss.

But instead he’s easily the worst in the whole franchise.

And yes, that includes the Icon of Sin from “Doom 2”.

And number four is Eredin the King of the Wild Hunt from “Witcher 3”, basically set up as Darth Vader Witcher Darth Vader Eredin ended up being just kind of a pushover.

The entire 50 plus hours of “Witcher 3” is building this moment where you take on the leader of the wild hunt.

These relentless bad guys that have been hunting Ciri the entire game.

Should be intense, should be the ultimate opponent, should be an arch enemy should really be a hell of a battle.

But, you kind of kill him basically as easy as everyone else.

You cast a magic shield, and you roll around, and that’s it.

He’s done for.

I, I’m not joking you, that’s all, all there is to it.

Pretty much.

He fights mostly like a standard enemy, and it’s frustrating, because every other major wild hunt boss the game is actually pretty challenging, and has something to it.

I mean maybe not final boss challenging, but this guy’s not final boss challenging.

He’s less challenging than the other ones.

I don’t know.

It’s just disappointing with all the buildup.

At least it’s a little satisfying to put the jerk in his place though, but still.

(dramatic music) (glass breaking) (metal clattering) And number three is The Beast, from “inFAMOUS 2”.

A guy that is all buildup.

Your first encounter with him is during the prologue.

He memorably destroys Empire City, and the entire game shows his path of destruction as he heads down the eastern seaboard destroying oh, everything.

As far as superhero villains go, he’s like threat level Omega, he’s up there with Galactic’s, or something as like an end of the world threat.

And it seems like, there’s almost nothing you can do to stop him.

That’s how he’s sold.

Like near the end of the game, the good guys steal a nuclear bomb, fire it at The Beast, and it doesn’t even slow him down.

So, you’re like, oh wow, if you nuke him, it doesn’t do anything.

So, this final boss fight’s gonna be tough, right? And to be fair, that basically sets up anything you can do as a disappointment.

Now I do wanna say it’s not terrible.

Some of these are pretty bad, but this one’s not terrible.

It’s at least fun.

But, like, you just nuked him.

So, when he is kind of slow, and predictable sometimes, and his deadly attacks aren’t really that difficult to deal with.

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You’re kind of thinking repeatedly, we just nuked you.

Why are, why is this working? The entire first game was like a test to set Cole up to be strong enough to take on The Beast, but in the end he just kind of feels like a standard boss fight.

Again, not bad, but both of these games are basically about how impossible this is gonna be.

So you expect a little bit more than a standard boss fight right? I did.

(monster roaring) (monster growling) And number two is the Black Hand of Sauron and Sauron from “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor”, a twofer, two bosses go down like chumps.

“Shadow of Mordor” is a game remembered for a lot of things but, its story is not one of them.

The main goal is to take down Sauron’s generals the last one being the boss, the Black Hand of Sauron, At the end of the game you storm the black gate to take him down but, before you get there you gotta finish off the Orc, that the game selects as your nemesis.

Little did people know that random Orc battle was actually the final boss.

When you actually encounter the Black Hand, he immediately kills himself rather than fight you.

Which, summons Sauron to appear.

Okay, fine.

I guess, bit of a disappointment.

Black hand you think would be something but it’s Sauron, right? This is gonna be an awesome fight.

Wrong, it’s a QTE battle.

It’s short, it’s not sweet.

And I, I don’t, I don’t know what the hell this is.

Did they run out of time or money? I don’t know.

It’s just so anti-climactic.

It races to the ending as quickly as it can.

Like instead of some kind of big thing where you get revenge for your family, it all ends in less than a few minutes.

You don’t fight the Black Hand.

And like Sauron, is a chump.

There’s a DLC that tries to rectify how lame this was by giving you a proper Sauron boss fight.

But, damage done.

And, finally at number one Calamity Ganon from “Breath of the Wild”.

A lot like The Beast from “inFAMOUS 2”, Calamity Ganon gets built up a lot.

It’s an unstoppable force that completely decimated Hyrule in the previous age.

An unstoppable demon of hatred.

That entire armies along with four divine beasts can’t beat.

So, you have a blue tunic.

I mean that that, that’s a bit of an exaggeration for how little you have, but you’re, you’re not an army.

You can actually try to take him on at the the start of the game, but he’ll most likely destroy you.

That’s the one saving grace of this guy.

Compared to a lot of the other bosses on this list.

At least there’s a conceivable way for this to be challenging.

But for most players, that’s not what happened.

They get the master sword, they free the divine beasts.

And when they actually went, and fought Ganon at the end, he was pretty easy.

His final form also somehow easier.

Basically all you have to do is shoot some arrows at his glowing, weak spots.

While he stands there, you’d think the guy put up a little bit more of a fight, got calamity in his name, caused a calamity, basically is the apocalypse in this world.

But no, he played the game the way it’s meant to be played.

And he’s one of the easiest final bosses in the entire “Zelda” series.

And that’s saying a lot.

And that’s all for today.

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