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let’s start with Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Original game of Amalur was released in 2012,but the brand new remastered version came out in 2020 with shiny brand new graphics and a bit smoother movement.

At least they advertised the game like that,
but when I played the old version, movement

was great, I had no problems.

Although I put this game in the list not only
because it is an open world RPG, but because

one of the creators is Elder Scrolls Oblivion’s
and Morrowind’s lead designer Ken Rolston.

You may not know him, but the guy knows how
to make great looking characters, gameplay

and also knows how to not make a shitty game
– he covers all three sides of the development


Yeah, it has three sides, deal with it.

Although be careful before buying – some people
are encountering game breaking bugs where

you have to manually alter your save files
to fix stuff.

And You don’t want things like that in your

You need boobs and booze, not some save file
fixing action, geez.

So, read the comments carefully before making
any decisions, but in general the game has

74% of positive reviews, meaning that 3 out
of 4 people are really happy with the purchase.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

This is a massive, challenging action-RPG
that drops players into a vast open world

full of different creatures and characters.

Game was a bit underrated when it initially
came out, even I left it out of my annual

Games like Skyrim list once and had a bad
time in the comments then, but now the game

is regaining its glory and I’ve heard that
the second part is in the works as well.

Dragon’s Dogma shares its open nature with
games like Skyrim and Witcher 3, but has more

strategy and more dynamic fights.

It’s a tougher game in general.

But if you like to explore the open world
and love fantasy games, you will probably

like this game as well.

Although be warned, yeah, I know you don’t
like this part, but my reviews aren’t just

sweet sugar, I add some salt as well.

So Dragon’s Dogma is a Japanese creation
and it comes with all the advantages and disadvantages

of that.

You know like most of the heroes are anime-like
beautiful-faced younglings.

For me it’s ridiculous, I want to play as
a beardy fat 60 year old viking with a giant

ax all the time.

But it is what it is.

Two Worlds

If you’d listen to what people are talking
about this game you would see a strange pattern.

Almost everyone who played the game said that
they enjoyed it very much.

And you can see these words even on negative
reviews they leave.

You may think, what is this nonsense?

If you enjoyed the game and spent 95 hours
on it, why do you leave a negative review?

Are you retarded or something?

And then you read further and see terrible

For example, a guy was doing only side quests
for 90 hours and, in his words, he discovered

that certain tasks in the side quests MUST
NOT be completed before certain other tasks

in the main quest.

Or you break your entire experience.

And the game can’t progress.

And there is NO way to fix it.

So by doing some side quests you may break
the game.

Well… you will break the game.

Which is a very nice game.

Despite bugs and from time to time – lame
dialogues, it has 76% of positive reviews,

so there is a way bigger chance that you will
like the game than the chance that you’ll

hate it.

Anyway, the best description of Two Worlds
I found was “Oblivion on Steroids”.

It looks good but these muscles are kinda

Game is cheap, only ten euros and it’s yours,
but if you wait for a sale, you can probably

get it for the price of a beer can.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This is probably the greatest Open world fantasy
RPG ever created.

For me and, to be honest – for most Elder
Scrolls fans – it lacks only one feature – first

person view.

It would be even more immersive if we could
explore the world not from above Geralt’s

head but see everything straight from the
Witcher’s eyes.

And there is a mod for that.

And it works!

Not as good as the original 3rd person view,
especially when you are in a fight, but it’s

really worthy of your attention and it changes
the game, at least for me, a big time.

You can see the footage from the mod right

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Mod is called Gervant First Person and you
can find it on nexusmods dot com.

It was already downloaded by about 10 thousand
Witcher fans.

Which is a lot.

And the game itself is a masterpiece.

I say that not just because I blindly like
the game, no, it has two features almost no

other game has.

At first it has exceptionally good writing
– I mean you don’t want to skip the stories

or dialogues here, they are so good you will
start using the phrases you have heard in

the game in your daily life.


Yeah, I use that one a lot.

And the second feature is the combat – it’s
really satisfying and entertaining, you will

never get bored by these dances with the swords.

So in this way no part of the game is boring
– talking is awesome, fighting is awesome

and in between those two you will find an
incredibly beautiful open world binding everything


Witcher games are very often discounted on
GOG, because GOG belongs to CD Projekt Red

– the developers of The Witcher.

So check my link in the description below,
maybe you’ll get lucky.

Maybe not.

In any case it’s still more expensive than
your sister.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Game itself is basically a realistic Skyrim
set in medieval Europe.

It has a great story, interesting missions
and a really beautiful world of the medieval

Czech lands.

So grab your sword and show everyone who’s
the real boss of Czechia is.

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Spoiler ALERT – not you, because at first
here you are a very lame and puny boy.

The harsh reality of a level 1 villager who
decided to become a warrior is not very pleasant.

But you will learn and armies will fall to
your feet.

Sooner or later.

Probably way later.

Anyway, people on Steam and GOG are talking
that Kingdom Come has a great plot and characters,

many mention the fact that it is a great game
story-wise and is comparable even to the third


In my opinion it is the highest compliment
any game can receive.

Middle Earth Shadow of War

Here you will go behind enemy lines to forge
your army, conquer fortresses and dominate

Mordor from within.

Experience how the amazing Nemesis System
creates unique personal stories with every

enemy and follower, and confront the full
power of the Dark Lord Sauron and his Ringwraiths.

Cool thing is that most of the time you feel
like an overpowered combat god, but the game

still manages to throw some challenges at
you and test your might.

Sometimes a bit too strongly and then you

Then you have to remember that you came here
to dominate and not to be puny and lame.

So put your shit together, put it in a bag,
so it’s together and, you know, stop dying.

Get good.

People on Steam are joking that the Nemesis
system here makes up better stories than the

actual main story of the game.

Also keep in mind that Shadow of War is a
bit grindy and may, you know, grind your gears

if you’re not a fan of such things.

In any case – killing orcs is fun.

You know – life will win over death, and the
light will win over darkness.

Elex 1 and 2

Alright, so Elex and Elex 2 are made by the
same people who created Gothic games, and

if you are an oldschool gamer that information
should spark real interest into your heart.

The novelty, which distinguishes Elex 2 from
the first game the most, is an entire system

of aerial combat, with all its benefits, including
enemies with an improved AI.

That is what developers are saying, but actually
for me all the enemies feel kinda dumb anyway.

So, along with these improved adversaries
in Elex 2 we get more weapons: here you will

get everything from bows to rocket launchers,
from swords to chainsaws.

You can also decide whether you want to specialize
in one combat style or maybe combine them

into a mishmash of, you know, space-fantasy
ninjutsu kung fu aikido drunken master vodkarate.

So anyway, both games are kinda similar, although
Elex 2 feels like a bit improved version of

the first title almost everywhere except the

Especially in the second half of the game.

I won’t be ranting about the need of hiring
a new head writer, but hey… dude you could

do better.

Anyway, in Elex 2, just like in the first
Elex and in real life, you will be able to

join various groups and factions – you will
start as a freelancer and in this way you

will get familiar with all of them.

And later, in the endgame, you know, you will
become some archmage warrior king of eternal

power, who will not care about anything, but
until then, your words and actions will have

dire consequences and I have to stress out
that here you will find multiple endings as


You’ll probably not even bother to watch
them all on youtube, but it’s nice that they

are here anyway.

Both games have Mostly positive reviews on
Steam, so wait for a sale and then snatch

them both from this ripe gaming tree to your
personal account.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

Here you will put on the shoes of a legendary
viking warrior on a quest of glory and explore

England’s Dark Ages as you raid your enemies,
grow your settlement, and build your political


Yeah, this is one of the most innovative Assassin
Creed games and the nordic theme of vikings

may be really interesting to Skyrim fans.

You know, because of that famous main protagonist’s
helmet with horns that no viking ever wore

in battle ever.

Also I want to stress out that you can’t buy
it on GOG or Steam, it’s available only on

Epic store and that’s probably why I feature
it so rarely on my channel.

You know I like to read what other people
are saying, check the review score simple

folk left and I can’t do that on Epic.

It sucks as a store a lot.

So this time I had to go to Metacritic.

I haven’t done that in ages, I think it’s
kinda dead as a website, anyway Valhalla has

7.5 user score out of 10, so really not bad.

People there are talking that Valhalla is
a better game than previous Assassin’s Creed

titles, and they mean Origins and Odyssey.

Although it is far away from the top predators
of the genre such as third Witcher or even

Skyrim by the quality of the story and characters.

Also no boobs for you here.

Viking game without boobs.

What is this blasphemy?

Anyway, it is still a nice title, but wait
for a sale or something.

It still costs 60 Euros without one.


This is an open world RPG experience coupled
with survival gameplay, which you can play

solo or online in co-op mode.

Main story will burn about 30 hours of your
life and with DLCs be assured to sacrifice

at least another 20.

Gamers on GOG are recommending to play the
game without any research, just dive in and


This game is full of hidden secrets, puzzles
and it’s literally awesome.

Although many complain about the difficulty
of the game.

It’s not Dark-souls hard, but I won’t
be lying if I tell you that it is kinda close.

You will not die so many times as in Souls
games, but you will die enough times to get


It’s like playing Third Witcher on Hard.

Just without any experience.

In general Outward doesn’t really care about
wasting your time, you will have to spend

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a lot time googling stuff or installing various
mods that increase quality of life.

That’s one of the reasons why this game
has only 74% of

positive reviews at the time of creating this

Despite that, if you have a friend – play
this game together.

You can do it even on splitscreen and the
experience of that is out of this world.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Some call this game fantasy Mass Effect and
there is a reason for that.

Here you have a team of heroes, and you can
control all of them.

Game is plot-driven, has a deep and interesting
storyline and great characters who will provide

you with many hours of fun.

Most fans of the franchise like Dragon Age
Origins more than Inquisition, but somehow

I have no nostalgia for the Origins and I
like Inquisition more.


Yeah, but that is maybe because Inquisition
is more dynamic and I never even used the

pause game ability while playing it.

I literally forgot which key does that and
never used it.

Several years later I did the same with The
Outer Worlds.

I finished the game and only then I saw someone
else’s video showing that you could slow time

in there.

I never even knew.

So Origins is more like, I don’t know, Baldur’s
Gate than Skyrim, so I put Inquisition in

this list instead,

Anyway, both Origins and Inquisition are great
games, you have my recommendations, that’s

for sure.

Gothic series

Although moraly they are all kinda old games,
but if you are not a sucker for modern high-end

graphics – try them out.

From the first Gothic game released in 2001
to the last spin-off, released in 2010 and

named ArcaniA – most of those open world RPGs
have immersive stories, original worlds and

gameplay that will pin you to your chair.

Except probably Arcania.

Yeah, just ignore Arcania, it’s bad, only
about 50% of its reviews are positive.

It’s literally chit.


Anyway, you can download various graphic enhancement
mods so your Gothic games could look shiny

as new.

Also there is a remake of the first Gothic
game incoming.

There is no release date set yet, but graphics-wise
it looks amazing.

Though gameplay-wise we will see.

The demo version, called Gothic playable teaser,
was not received very happily.

To say the least.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising

I bought this game for a full price on the
release day and I can proudly say that this

is probably the best game I have played in
the year of 2020.

I was expecting nothing from it – it looks
childish and colorful and I don’t like any

of that.

I was expecting a game for kids, you know
airy fairy unicorn title where every hero

is childlishly dumb, puzzles are easy and
fighting can be done while scrolling in the

Instagram at the same time, but boy oh boy
I was so wrong.

I started to feel that something is a sus
with my prejudice when I heard the first joke.

Which was really good, I’m not gonna spoil
it to you.

And Later I started to realize that the whole
game is filled with jokes that I find funny.

Even in the character creation menu.

Fun thing is that during the whole game gods
– Zeus and Prometheus – are talking in the

background about you in the past tense.

Like everything you do has already happened.

You know, when they say “and then he saw
a terrible monster”, you can be sure that

you will see a terrible monster in a second,
because it is your story that has already

happened, but you don’t know how yet, only
gods know.

In other words – you have to live the story
gods are talking about.

So let’s hope they don’t say anything
like “and he put some pineapples on his

potato salad and then some on his pizza as

Oh the horror!

So instead of stupid dumbness I’ve got a
great humor, fantastic gameplay and interesting


And I like puzzles.

I’m one of those weirdos who can spend hours
cracking them instead of looking for a quick

answer on youtube.

I’m the one who makes these answers on youtube.

I literally have more than a million views
on one Skyrim puzzle I cracked 11 years ago.

That’s crazy.

So if you don’t like puzzles, avoid this

And if you like them, for example if solving
puzzles was an entertaining activity for you

in Skyrim then this is one of the best games
in this list for you.

It is for me, you have all my recommendations.


This is an open world roleplaying game, inspired
by oldschool classics.

Here you will become a simple traveler and
adventure seeker.

Explore a huge world, progress your character
in any way you want, discover hidden treasures,

mysteries and fight a vast array of enemies.

You can become a powerful mage, strong warrior,
agile assassin, charismatic leader, skillful

crafter or legendary potato salad-man.

Ok, I’ll be honest, they forgot to implement
the last one along with beer bender and penis


What a shame.

Also in Gedonia you will be able to own a
house, where you can grow plants and farm


They sort-of implemented Stardew Valley inside
this fighting and exploration RPG game.

That is great, we all need some relaxation
after a tiring dungeon exploration and grow

some eggplants in our spare time.

Game is created mostly by one man and it has
very positive reviews on Steam.

The Forgotten City

This may be the most distant game genre-wise
from Skyrim, but at the same time it is the

closest one.

Let me explain:

The Forgotten City started its life as a story
mod for Skyrim and it was so well received

by the fans, developers decided that they
have to dig the vein of gold and thus made

a separate game.

The Forgotten City, as a lot of gamers point
out – is Groundhog Day in an ancient city.

The mechanic here is simple – everyone around
you is dying for reasons… unknown, because

I don’t want to spoil anything for you, and
if that happens, you know – terrible dying

of everyone – you can just go back to the
portal and restart the day over and over again,

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until you solve the thing.

It’s really one of the best adventure games
there is, I’m not gonna lie – if you go to

Steam you will see the Overwhelmingly positive
review score.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Although it can look a bit childish for a
mature player, Breath of the Wild has a massive,

memorable open world, and when it first showed
up, many were thinking about Skyrim, just

in a Zelda universe.

You can go anywhere your eyes can see, fight
various monsters, weird spirits and even a

few dragons.

The most amazing thing that you can do is
to fly.

Well, mostly downwards, but in this world
it feels amazing.

Game I talked about before – Immortals Fenyx
Rising – shamelessly copied the mechanics

of climbing and then jumping down and gliding
from Breath of the Wild for a reason.

It feels amazing.

Although the game is released only on Nintendo
machines, so if you want to play Zelda but

have no means – play Fenyx Rising instead.

Divinity II: Developer’s Cut

Game includes the ultimate edition of Divinity
II, which is about 100 hours of gameplay,

as well as the Developer Mode which allows
you to play as any unit created in the game.

Really cool feature and on sale this game
costs only two euros.

People on Steam are talking that Divinity
2 has quirky Terry Pratchet’s style of humor

and huge replayability value.

I have read many comments stating that people
played the game three or even more times.

But why?

I don’t know, I guess it’s for you to
find out.

But there are some sour notes in the review
section as well stating that the game feels

outdated and those reviewers are recommending
to choose some other more modern game instead.

Well it’s up to you.

I think this game is great.

Might & Magic series

So, speaking about modern games.

These are anything but modern.

You know, like your haircut.

Might & Magic series are the ultimate classic
– I would even say – the father and mother

of open world games.

You know, because of popularity and
first Might and Magic was released back in

1986, but let’s talk about more recent titles:

If you like oldschool games, I’m totally
recommending you to try Might & Magic 6, 7

and 8, because earlier games are just too
old even for me and I’m almost 40 years old.

And also you may try Might and Magic X, which
is quite a new game, released in 2014 and

powered by nostalgia, but it is more like
an old school dungeon crawler than an semi-open

world game, because it is based on those older
Might & Magic games.

Anyway, these are great and if you are fan
of Skyrim and want to try some oldschool classic

– just play Might and Magic, it’s amazing.

Crimson Desert

This is a next generation game that is still…


It will launch someday this year, or even
the next one.

At first it was planned and developed as an
MMO title but in the process something has

changed and now it seems that the game will
be a single-player focused experience.

Which is why I put it in this list.

For a few years now gamers have been wondering
if the shown footage is made with an actual

gameplay engine or just a fancy cinematic
destined to trick us, you know just like vodka

always tricks us into fighting with random
gopniks in the dark muddy streets.

Wait, what do you mean by “That never happened
to me”?

Have you even lived at all?

So, this gameplay footage, as you are seeing
right now, was released a few months ago and

it kinda shows us that the previous showcase
wasn’t a trick, but rather a real deal.

Game looks as if Shadow or War and Witcher
3 had a fancy baby.

I don’t know if fancy babies exist, but
if they do, they look like this and not like

usual babies full shit inside and out.

I cannot wait, this may be the next hit in
the open world single player fantasy RPG games


Or not.


Here you will have complete freedom in character
progression – play as a male or female,

customize your appearance, and freely choose
your abilities, spells and skills.

So, nothing like “you are a Dragonborn for
no reason” bullshit here.

And I know that many of you want to create
your own protagonist instead of playing something

that is created for us.

Well, maybe the Witcher was an exception to
this rule, but most of us want to play characters

that resemble us in ethnic or some other way,
you know if you have big balls, or five balls

instead of two, you want a character that
also has five of them.

You know, for better immersion.

Greedfall was created in 3 years and its budget
was about 5 million dollars – for a triple

A open world game like this is the bare minimum
for it to be good.

Somewhat similar budget had the Kingdom Come:
Deliverance team.

And Skyrim’s budget was about 100 million.

For it you can literally create 20 games like

Don’t expect miracles, but Greedfal is a
really decent game, and as I’ve said many

times – about 7 cold beers out of 10.

Also the second part named Greedfall 2 The
Dying World is in the making.

And now, check out GOG weekly sale, some of
the games in this list are probably discounted


Click on my link in the description and explore
hundreds of discounted deals.

Also refunds are supported for up to 30 days.

That is great!

Thank you for watching, consider subscribing
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