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Hi, my name is ColdBeer and some of you probably already know about this project and that making it takes more or less forever.

Skyblivion along with it’s colleague Skywind, which is a remake of Morrowind, has been in the development for many years now and it always seemed for most of us, that it is more or less just a PR project that will never
be finished.

Skyblivion is being made by fans, it’s not an official Bethesda’s game, but It seems that they had an agreement – as long as they create their own assets for the game, Bethesda doesn’t swing it’s almighty legal banhammer.

And they used to swing it like a pp left and right.

Remember when some indie company created the game called Prey for the Gods?

It’s a game inspired by the Shadow of the
Colossus and has nothing to do with the

first person shooter game Prey released by

But guess what?

The giant threatened to go to court if indie
guys didn’t change the name of their game.

So they changed it to Praey for the Gods,
because even if you are right and could win

the case, the giant like Bethesda could involve
you into court battles for years and years.

And even if they lose in the end, they do
not even care – a company like that can probably

afford several law firms who will do the job
for them and from you they will take your

personal lifetime.

Years of it.

And make an example out of you for other small
companies who dared to oppose them.

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So that was a position of power for which
I will always look at Bethesda with little


If they can threaten indie companies, they
can do a lot more.

And now this giant belongs to an even bigger
giant – Microsoft.

And all the agreements with Bethesda are now
agreements with Microsoft as well.

Remakes like Skyblivion hang on the fact that
if you want to play it – you will have to

buy both Oblivion and Skyrim with all the
DLCs – so Bethesda gets money from this project.

Looks like a cool deal – fans release the
remake, people buy not one but two games and

everyone is happy.

Until it’s not.

If I was some guy at Microsoft it wouldn’t
take me long to realize that this is a complicated


Buying two games and then upgrading them to
a better version isn’t something a casual

player would ever do.

Yeah, I would do that, probably you as well,
but we are not the majority.

Casual gamer wants its game fully complete
and easily accessible within his Steam library.

So the fact is that if Bethesda officially
remade Morrowind and Oblivion they could sell

it for 60 dollars or Euros and see way bigger
numbers on the sales counter.

To be honest, most of the hardened fans already
have Skyrim and Oblivion, so this remake will

make little money for them.

My point is, that this release date, although
it is official, may not be entirely true.

Stuff can happen in the future.

Well I admit, I’m really good at writing
stuff and avoiding revealing the date – it’s

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not this year.

And it’s not 2024.

Skyblivion will be released in the year 2025.

So if Microsoft and Bethesda will do nothing
to screw it up, we might finally get the Oblivion

remake on our machines in two years.

Although I wish that Bethesda bought all the
work from developers and made an official

release with a normal installer.

If that’s not possible because of the volunteer
work involved, there are still ways to do


I even though about one.

For example you can just give all the work
for free, but make a deal that half of the

revenue would go to charity as long as anyone
would buy it.

This way Bethesda still gets its share of
money, we get an official release and developers

of the remake would be proud co-owners of
charity fund or something.

It’s a speculation of course, It probably
has zillion flaws, I’m not a lawyer or something,

there is no need to prove me wrong in the

I know you can, I trust your abilities, you
won already.

And you can buy me a beer instead by pressing
the Thanks button above the description 😉

Anyway, you may think that the release date
of 2025 is far away in the future and you

are right – we may get a nuclear war or two
in that time.

But that is still earlier than the alleged
release date of Elder Scrolls VI – it will

most likely come out in 2026 – 2027 at the
earliest, so Skyblivion can

soothe our hunger for new Elder Scrolls games
after all.

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So let’s hope for the best and I wish good
luck for the developers team.

Thank you for watching, have a nice day and
I’ll see you next time, bye!