In this game, we’re going to feel like the Jedi that we were at the end of Star Wars Jedi Fall in Order

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Alright guys, Wes here.

Welcome back to the channel and today we got some news regarding Star Wars Jedi Survivor as the game just got a lot bigger.

When it was announced the Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Titan Fallen Apex Legends would be developing a single player Star Wars game.

I think it made sense that people were a little bit skeptical but somehow Jedi Fallen Order ended up being one of the best Star Wars games of all time and one of the best games of 2019 altogether.

The sequel Star Wars Jedi Survivors coming out in just a couple of months and while the release date has changed a couple of times, Respawn has been keeping us hyped up tons of new gameplay and information.

In this video, we’re going to go over everything we’ve learned about Star Wars Jedi Survivor in the recent weeks.

We’re going to talk about all of the new gameplay details, new stances, puzzle rooms, the open world of Jedi Survivor and so much more so definitely stick around until the end of the video.

Now, like I said, Jedi Fallen Order dropped in 2019 and was kind of a melting pot of other action game ideas.

It’s set in between episodes three and four of the main Star Wars story line and follows a young survivor of Order 66 who is on the run from the empire a few years before the start of the Galactic Civil War.

The combat took influence from games like Dark Souls while the level design was a tad bit more linear often feeling a bit more cinematic similar to games like Uncharted or Tomb Raider.

That blend of ideas made for a great experience that gave players a decent amount of agency while still keeping them moving along the main story path at a decent pace.

The sequel Jedi Survivors said five years after the end of Jedi Fallen Order and is reportedly taking place at roughly the same time as Obi Wan Kenobi series on Disney Plus.

He’s still trying to keep off of the Empire’s Radar and remain in piece but has also made a few alliances in the meantime that may bring him closer to ultimate fate the tone of the new game seems to be a bit darker and more mature than the last one which would make sense given the fact that the Galactic Civil War is on the verge of boiling over at this point and Darth Vader has been tearing through the Galaxy Planet by Planet and crushing all resistance in the last few weeks we’ve gotten tons of new gameplay including an in-depth look at combat which I’ve just gotta say thankfully abilities are not going to be reset at the start of the game so you’ll be able to use all of your awesome force abilities without having to them.

In this game, we’re going to feel like the Jedi that we were at the end of Star Wars Jedi Fall in Order.

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Now, while I do understand the need for a video game to have some kind of progression, it can be a little bit strange when a sequel makes you jump through the same hoops before.

It lets you use the abilities that you ended up in the previous game.

So, it’s good to hear that this won’t be the case in Jedi Survivor.

For the most part, obviously, there’s going to be a skill tree but our Jedi powers are going to make it feel like we are progressing even further rather than like I said, having to reset and learn the stuff that we previously learned.

Another big detail revealed with the new gameplay seems to be the use of much larger areas than aren’t as linear as the first game.

Those who played Jedi Fallen Order will remember a somewhat metric veneous style level design inspired by games like Dark Souls but not nearly as open and vast.

Souls games are known for throwing tons of pathways at you and trusting you to figure out how they all connect one another and while Jedi Fall in Order was clearly inspired by the Soul Series, the experience was a bit more linear and the areas themselves were much smaller.

However, Jedi Survivor seems to be a bit closer to what you’d from a Souls inspired game featuring massive areas and very little hand holding allowing you to more organically explore the environments and tackle challenges at your own pace.

Now, it’s unclear just how expansive the level design is going to be but overall, from all of the new footage we’ve gotten over the last few weeks, Jedi Survivor seems to be a bit of a baby’s first Dark Souls game and more like a Star Wars Souls equivalent which I’m totally down for.

Now, there’s also a number of new combat stances that have been confirmed becoming to the sequel and they’re going to add a ton more depth to the combat but the early promo material has shown a double bladed saber as a core part of the combat but it’s also been confirmed that there will be a heavier lightsaber with a cross guard similar to Kyla Rin in the sequel trilogy this dance is going to require a lot more confidence from the user since it has longer timing windows for blocking pairing and of course attacking but the reward will be a hefty damage boost over standard weapons now as for that double bladed saber I’m sure all of you have seen it’s going to deal a lot of damage around you and give you some added range but it’s going to have a bit longer of a startup time compared to a single saber So, you won’t be quite as quick with it as you would be with just one blade.

This game will have a bit of a give and take similar to a game like Elden Ring.

Now, when you boot up the game, you’ll have three stances available, single blade, double blade, and dual bladed.

Again, it all ties back to this game starting you out with more options than the last one and giving you all the tools to be a great Jedi right out of the start of the campaign.

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Each of the three combat stances unlocked by default will be unique and offer their own perks but since we don’t have a final number right now, expect there to be at least a couple more that you unlock along the way including at Kyler Rinstyle cross guard stance.

Now, granted there are only so many kinds of lightsabers in the Star Wars Universe so I’m guessing there won’t be much more that we don’t already know about but with how much effort Respawn has put into this game so far, I definitely would not rule anything out.

Assuming that it already exist somewhere in the Star Wars Universe.

There was also a couple of clips in the new gameplay footage where the player actually split their dual-bladed lightsaber into two separate blades which implies some kind of mixing and matching will exist between the various combat stances but it’s unclear to what degree.

Now, by far, one of the details about the gameplay to be confirmed with the new footage was the addition or rather in this case subtraction of body parts so yes human dismemberment will be in the game now if I remember correctly this hasn’t been a thing in Star Wars game since the force unleashed two if you hit a killing blow in the right area there’s a decent chance that one of the enemy’s limbs get sliced to clean off in true Star Wars fashion which is not only a great factor for immersion but also addresses a rather glaring continuity problem that a lot of the Star Wars game seem to have in the Star Wars universe are the most powerful weapons available capable of slicing straight through flesh as well as most armor pieces with a single blow.

So obviously it can be a little bit jarring in most Star Wars games when you have to hit somebody multiple times with a saber to have them fall over dead with a couple of scratches.

Obviously adjustments can be made in order to keep the lightsaber from being completely overpowered but bringing back dismemberment to some degree is not only an awesome detail that will make the combat more satisfying but it will also help keep things a little closer to actual Star Wars cannon which is greatly I’m sure this is going to be an option you could toggle on and off in the settings but either way it’s going to be really cool and it just shows you the level of detail that they’re adding with this game which is always a good thing.

Now, another central aspect of the game play with Jedi Fallen Order was the addition of puzzles which I thought was a great take.

I love games with puzzles.

I’m a big Zelda fan.

So, any game that has puzzles in it, I’m probably going to enjoy.

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Now, recently, IGN gave us our first look at the puzzle rooms and Jedi Survivor called Jedi Chambers which are going to be an awesome piece of side content that I’m honestly really excited for.

They seem to be tied into the idea of making the game bigger and less linear.

Giving you more content to wait throughout your own pace and rewarding you for doing so.

The Jedi Chambers are ancient abandoned structures filled with secrets to uncover and puzzles for you to solve with your force powers.

Kind of similar to the various shrines in Breath of the Wild.

The developers didn’t want to give too much away in their early footage but this seems to be like a really good way to expand on the lure of the Response Star Wars franchise while also giving players more incentive to keep exploring the larger environments and try to find out more organically instead of just following a linear path to the end of the story my biggest critique about Jedi Fallen Order is the game just felt like too linear and the levels were just way too small so the fact that Jedi Survivor is going to get a lot bigger or rather just a lot more wide open then I think that’s going to improve the gameplay entirely the fact that Jedi Survivor has mounts in the game as well as a glider is really good news so I think if they just improve on that aspect and I’m personally going to be happy I like the overall gameplay in the skill tree so if we have more access to Jedi force powers as overall Jedi movement like being able to jump really high is something that I would love to see featured in Jedi Survivor with the planets and the levels looking already a lot more open I really hope they improved on that aspect make it so we really feel like we’re a Jedi bonus meme if you guys know what that’s from yeah guys that’s going to wrap it up with this video let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below are you excited for Jedi Survivor the game is releasing on April 28, 2023 after some delays we finally have a release date of April 28 it’s releasing on PS5Xbox series X and S and of course PC and it’s on the Unreal Engine five and I cannot wait to play this game.

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section.

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