How to Enjoy Games Again

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Growing up i was obsessed with video

games i remember getting my first ever

game boy and playing pokemon red

non-stop or laughing my ass off with my

family playing tennis and bowling in wii

sports getting absolutely dunked on in

halo 3 by my friends and spending way

too much time building the ugliest

houses you’ve ever seen in minecraft i

loved immersing myself on all these

different worlds and as time went on i

just played more and more different

games i dreamt about the day where i

could afford my dream pc and have the

time and money to spend towards any game

i could ever want and yet as i got older

and began to achieve that dream my

motivation to play those video games

started to fade i had so much more time

now and an amazing pc as well as an

absolute chunker of a steam library

so why do games no longer feel


i had to force myself to open new games

and even then i wouldn’t actually play

them i just sit there not enjoying

myself nowadays it seems like a lot of

people are going through the same thing

as they reach the end of being a

teenager and kind of head into their 20s

their love for something that once

dominated their childhood is now

wavering if that in any way sounds

familiar then this might be the video

for you recently i’ve been trying

different ways to reignite that passion

for video games so they can feel fun for

me again so in this video i’m going to

be going through five tips that i

believe will help you to once again be

able to enjoy video games

this is a super fun way to get back into

games that you’re already really

familiar with maybe that passion for a

game you’ve played for years is still

there and you’re just looking for a way

to mix things up to give yourself more

incentive to continue playing

the best thing about this tip is that

you can pretty much apply to any game

you’d like to play pick a game or even a

collection of games and just go into it

with a specific challenge in mind it

could be trying to win a game using only

one specific weapon or attempting to

beat the hardest difficulty in that game

it could be limiting what characters you

use or what controls you’re allowed to


or just try to complete it within a

specific amount of time one of the best

examples and most popular forms of

making a game more challenging to make

it more fun is probably pokemon nuzlux

implementing all of these new rules has

made the game so much harder but also

created this new wave of relevance for a

franchise that difficulty wise is pretty

obviously aimed towards kids another

example is that i’m currently trying to

beat terraria on master mode within 100

in-game days and knowing that i’m doing

everything with that challenge in mind

has made me way more excited to sit down

and play the game every single day

the thing is they don’t even have to

specifically be challenges something

else that you can do is to just set

specific goals for whatever game it is

you’re playing

maybe it’s the goal of the entire run of

the game or it’s just for the specific

session in my newest minecraft world my

goal is to build my base almost entirely

within the new biome that just came out

even though i’ve been playing this game

for years and i’m pretty much just doing

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the same things i always did the entire

vibe of what i’m doing is different

because it’s all inside this one brand

new area

or you can sit down after work or school

and say hey today i’m gonna beat this

specific boss

or finally complete that one building

project or i’m gonna beat my fastest

time sometimes the act of just playing

the game can be too vague to get excited

for so making the actions you want to

complete within the game more specific

can help you get more focused on just

getting through the game

this one might sound a bit weird but

hear me out playing games isn’t

necessarily immersing yourself in just

the game there’s quite a lot that you

can do outside the game to get yourself

in the mindset of winding down and

relaxing humans are creatures of habit

if you get yourself into the habit of

getting your gaming environment to be

more comfortable it’ll make you feel

more excited when that time to chill out

finally comes pick out your coziest

clothes plan a dinner or some snacks

that are fun to eat while you play and

make sure you have some more and other

drinks so that you don’t have to get up

in the middle of a session maybe hype

yourself up with some music from the

game or from something else before you

play if you make this a huge big deal

over getting to sit down on your chair

or couch and just getting to play some

games for a few hours all your favorite

snacks it’ll feel way more fun not only

during the session but all the way up to

whenever you planned it for maybe you

plan to play games on a saturday after a

long week of work don’t just come home

and go on your phone and then sit down

open a bunch of random games and stuff

plan what you’re going to play what

you’ll eat and the most comfortable

clothes to wear during that session it’s

kind of like planning a date with

yourself only it’s not sad

i promise my mindset is if you’re gonna

do it you should do it right

i think one of the hardest pills to

swallow when it comes to gaming is that

maybe the game that you put all those

hours into every single day is just not

that fun

any game can be someone’s favorite but

it would be a lie to say that every game

ever created was just created to be a

good game if the games you play make you

feel frustrated annoyed or like you’re

just wasting your time on them it might

be time to try some new games and trust

me this is coming from someone who used

to think legal legends was fun i mean

like it can be but most of the time it’s

not leaving your comfort zone can help

you to immerse yourself in worlds that

maybe you’ve never tried before recently

i just tried this random free game on

steam for the sake of just making a

video on it all i really wanted to do

going in was give myself a proper chance

of trying it and then i found myself

thinking hours upon hours into this game

because i was so determined to beat it

it was genuinely so fun sitting down and

just going through the motions of the

game over and over again to try and beat

it and i never would experience that if

i didn’t force myself to try a new game

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and like i said that game was free so

you don’t necessarily need to spend

money on new games just to try them i

mean that’s why demos exist right not

that many games nowadays have demos but

you get me there might even be a good

chance that you’re like me and you’ve

bought games over the years just to

never even try them so maybe give one of

them a chance because any game has the

potential to suddenly be your new

favorite it doesn’t even need to be a

new game maybe there’s a specific game

mode and your current favorite that you

avoid there have been many times where i

tried different maps or modes in a game

years ago and decided they weren’t fun

just because of one negative experience

then i come back to them and realize

that they’re some of my favorites

this is definitely the hardest tip on

the list and i fully acknowledge that

making friends can be hard i’ve recently

been trying to branch out online to find

people who play the same games as me but

nowadays the internet is so saturated

with so many different types of people

and figuring out who you’d get along

with or who plays the game the same way

as you is a challenge in itself

but it still pays off once you finally

find them for me i use discord servers

created for specific games like

minecraft or destiny 2 or phasmaphobia

and then i went into the looking for

group channels and just kind of scoured

people out eventually i saw someone who

i thought looked cool poster request for

phasmaphobia and by forcing myself to

join that one session with that person

it ended up leading to me having a blast

for hours and eventually making three

new friends to play that game with we

even have a new group chat dedicated to

planning out new games to try together

reaching out at all is difficult and not

everyone you meet will be the right

person for you this tip itself might not

even be for everyone you could be very

comfortable playing games on your own

which is completely okay i too really

like the single player experience

sometimes but if you’ve been avoiding

sending that game request message

because you’re worried it’ll all go

wrong sometimes you just have to force

yourself worst case scenario it’s not

fun and you can just leave but best case

scenario you make some long-term friends

to play that game and maybe more with

okie dokie i’m adding this extra bonus

tip because although i think it can be

extremely helpful for a specific type of

person i also understand that it’s very

situational nevertheless a tip that i

think could help you enjoy games more is

to simply live stream it if you know you

enjoy the games you play and mostly just

have a hard time with committing to them

or focusing on them then streaming them

live could help with adding a little bit

of pressure for you to just focus on the

game you’d also be surprised how fun it

is to talk alongside playing the game

you don’t even have to commentate if

you’d like instead just focusing on

streaming the game specifically knowing

that someone could be watching is just

enough anxiety to make you actually play

a game without being genuinely

distressing my partner has a very hard

time focusing on video games so she

recently decided to try live stream a

new one she wanted to try out and it

went great she was able to actually

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focus on the game and outwardly vocalize

her inner monologue for a whole two-hour

session of gaming again i know this tip

will not be for everyone it’s a very

specific thing to suggest and if you’re

just not comfortable with streaming then

there are plenty of other tips in this

list to try but maybe it’s something

you’ve already considered and if so this

is some encouragement from me go ahead

and try it if you’re just doing it for

fun you don’t need to be worried about

having the best commentary or gameplay

or getting views or having people chat

if it helps you to focus on your gaming

then that’s great if not don’t worry

this last tip might be for you

while the other tips on this list might

seem hard this might be the only one

that you’re upset to hear that’s why i

kept it for last but unfortunately it’s

just true sometimes the best thing to do

when you don’t enjoy something you used

to is to take a break i believe the

reason this doesn’t work for a lot of

people is because they don’t commit to

it if you want to try to take a break

from gaming you should really try to

focus on the other things in your life

such as hobbies or spending time with

friends and family if you keep trying

over and over to enjoy the same games

and it’s not working then what harm is

there in taking a week or two to spend

that time on something else of course

it’s not that simple but maybe you can

combine it with some other tips on this

list to make it easier you could reach

out to some friends and plan to play

this new game together on the weekend or

maybe a fun challenge in a game you

already play together then take a break

from games up until that day and on the

day make sure to get loads of snacks and

make your space more comfortable so

it’ll be even more fun and there’s a

good chance you’ll spend the whole time

taking a break being excited for that

one day

and of course there are so many factors

as to why games can be hard to enjoy

nowadays there are problems such as

having too many options not being able

to access or run the games you enjoy or

even problems like depression and adhd

can get in the way of you enjoying

yourself however nine times out of ten

burnout is the biggest factor and taking

a proper break can help you to take a

step back and re-approach games with a


mindset i hope that this video can help

you reignite that passion for gaming

these tips come straight from my

experience but i’m also still figuring

out how to enjoy all the games

everyone’s crazy about but if you

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