On Gameranx,10 rare video game abilities you had to unlock.

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Always have abilities to unlock,but sometimes they’re just a little bit more elusive than others.

It’s Falcon, and today on Gameranx,10 rare video game abilities you had to unlock.

Starting off with number 10,
Yakuza 0’s Legend Styles.

Now most Yakuza games

have the expected unlockable
special abilities,

moves you can get from
spending experience,

but Yakuza 0 does it
just a little different.

For one, instead of unlocking
moves with experience,

you buy ’em with cold, hard cash.

And for another,

each character has their
own hidden move set

that can be unlocked

by completing their
individual side stories.

So the standard three
styles for each character

contains a few elements

that these characters are
normally associated with.

But considering Yakuza 0
is meant to be a prequel,

their abilities aren’t quite as developed

as they would be in other
games in the series.

If you actually want
to see Kiryu and Majima

back in classic form,

then you’re gonna have to
unlock their Legend Styles.

Kiryu’s Dragon of Dojima style unlocks

when you finish the
Real Estate Royale game.

While Majima’s Mad Dog of Shimano style,

now these are both pretty
huge little side stories

that take a lot of time and effort,

but trust the reward is worth it.

These unlockable styles are,

by far, the most powerful
move sets in the whole game.

If you’re a longtime fan,

finally getting to play as Majima

the way that he appeared in
so many of the other games

is pretty awesome.

The side stories alone

will basically double the
standard play time to finish,

but the reward for
finishing them is so good

that it is worth it.

At number nine, Skyrim’s Soul Tear,

probably one of the most
powerful dragon shouts in Skyrim

is also one of the strangest to unlock.

To get this one,

you gotta play through
the Dawnguard expansion

and to get through the part

where you fight the
dragon in the Soul Cairn.

This allows you to use the shout

where you can summon the dragon for help,

which costs a dragon soul
every time you want to use it.

And what’s odd is every
time you summon him,

he doesn’t actually do anything

except teach you one of
the three required words

for Soul Tear.

So to fully learn the shout,

you gotta summon the dragon
three separate times.

That means if you wanna learn this shout,

you actually have to
spend six dragon souls

instead of the usual three.

But it’s worth the extra cost,

because when you cast a Soul Tear,

it does 300 damage,

which is pretty good right from the start.

But if you kill an enemy with
it, it’ll fill a Soul Gem

and on top of that also brings
the dead enemy back to life

to fight for you, for you, for you.

I said it three times just to
be sure that he understood.

They only stay reanimated
for about 60 seconds,

but, like, it’s pretty great
to have some assistance

because this shouts fast cool
down is actually a lot faster

than the old Fus Ro Dah.

So on top of everything,

this shout’s great for
knocking enemies down too.

A lot of people think it’s
the best overall shout

in the game,

and it’s kind of hard to argue with them

’cause Soul Tear, it’s damn good.

At number eight is Elden
Ring: Rain of Arrows.

Unlike most of the other
entries on this list,

this isn’t exactly the
best power in Elden Ring.

What’s special about this
move is more how rare it is

and how finding it is a
massive pain in the ass.

So much so that a lot of veteran
players just pass up on it.

For everyone else, it’s in a spot

you probably don’t even think
it was possible to reach.

So it’s a jumping puzzle,

and it’s nice that
jumping is in Elden Ring.

It does add a verticality to the game.

However, this is not one of those parts

where I would consider that

just like a really shining
good, perfect example of that.

The Ash is found southeast
of the Minor Erdtree

in the Dragonbarrow area.

And the only way to get it

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is to carefully fall off
a cliff onto some roots

and slowly work your way down

until you reach this isolated area below.

To say actually getting down here

is easier said than done
is an understatement.

Like, when I first found this spot,

I just assumed it was
an unintentional area

and gave up trying to get down.

But no, you’re actually meant
to be able to get down here.

So it’s possible to actually
use the Spirit Spring instead

to get down here.

Like, it’s very cheesy, but it does work.

The art itself is pretty cool

as it lets you rain arrows
down from the sky on enemies.

But in terms of actual effectiveness,

eh, let’s say it’s situational.

Like, it can be good, but it’s not always.

So it’s obscure, it’s hard
to get, and it’s okay.

Still, it deserves a spot on this list.

At number seven

is Xenoblade Chronicles
3’s Hazard Neutralization.

One of the most satisfying new features

introduced in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

are these traversal skills

which get unlocked as you
recruit heroes to your cause.

A few are required and a few are optional,

but all of them make
getting around the world

a little easier.

The majority of them are
not hard to get, seriously.

Wall climbing and rope
sliding get unlocked first

by literally just following
the story, for example,

but this ability, which makes
it so you don’t take damage

from hazardous surfaces
like poison swamps,

it’s only unlocked after you
unlock a secret character.

So only way you get
this character to appear

is to complete a series of
seemingly random quests.

Like, seriously,

there’s very little
connecting these things.

So the only way you do ’em all
is if you read a walkthrough

or just do every quest
you get in the game.

And I don’t know if you noticed,

but Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is huge.

Its world is huge.

And if you miss just one

of the many steps required to
make this character appear,

you’re stuck.

Now the ability sounds mundane,

neutralizing the hazardous
surfaces of the game

doesn’t sound like it’d
be that big of a deal,

but it’s really useful.

A lot of the, like, endgame
and postgame locations

are filled with poison swamps,

and fighting enemies in those areas

is pretty much impossible.

So if you don’t have this ability,

these areas are,

they suck a lot, borderline inaccessible.

And you almost really
never see secret characters

in RPGs anymore, let alone
ones that are this good.

Like, there’s other secret
characters in this game,

but none of them give
you an ability as useful

as hazard neutralization.

At number six is Metroid Prime
2’s Sonic Boom weapon combo.

Now weapon combos are kind
of the forgotten powerups

of the Metroid franchise.

They only show up in
Metroid Prime 1 and 2,

and they’re usually hidden away

in places you’re unlikely to backtrack to.

Probably the hardest one to find

or the easiest one to miss, maybe,

is the Sonic Boom weapon combo.

This one uses a ton of ammo,
but it’s incredibly powerful,

and it’s one of the best
weapons in the game.

To get it, you need two
late game abilities,

so the Screw Attack and
the Annihilator Being.

Then you backtrack to the dark
version of the second area,

probably the most miserable, dark,

confusing location of the game

and a place that returning to

is something I’d rather not do.

But, trust me when I say this,
the Sonic Boom is worth it.

And, yes, obviously the title conjures

one of the less popular
Sonic the Hedgehog games

from the last decade.

We can’t not say it,

but this is in every way,

way better than that.

At number five is God of War’s

upgraded Shattered Gauntlet of Ages.

In its standard form, the
Shattered Gauntlet of Ages

isn’t really a lot to write home about.

Like, I don’t wanna say it’s
the worst thing in the game,

but it’s really not that good.

However, with the few upgrades
and specific enchantments,

it becomes a real powerhouse.

Now there’s six possible enchantments

you can slot into this thing,
but you only need three,

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which is good because most of these things

are pretty tough to get.

Half of them can only be found
by fighting the Valkyries,

these incredibly difficult optional bosses

up to and including Queen Sigrun,

the toughest fight in the game.

Now you get at least three
of the required stones

and they go on,

this basic force attack transforms

into this devastating volley
of homing projectiles.

(homing projectiles blasting)

It’s not completely game breaking,

but it’s pretty effective on top of being,

uh, I would say, an amusing
little Easter egg reference

to the Infinity Gauntlet.

Also it’s God of war,
so it’s a lot cooler.

At number four, Legend
of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Fierce Deity form.

One of the more interesting
additions to Majora’s Mask

other than the whole time
traveling premise, are the masks.

Yeah, word in the title.

As it turns out, it’s
not just Majora’s Mask.

There’s lots of them.

And they completely alter Link’s abilities

when he puts them on.

Now the most difficult mask to get

also happens to be the best.

That’s the Fierce Deity mask

which transforms Link into
a literal Warrior God.

And to get it,

you gotta find every single
other mask in the game.

It’s by far the most
powerful one in the game too.

There is, however, a big downside.

You only get it in the room
right before the last boss,

and it can only be used against bosses.

So the final battle in Majora’s Mask,

probably one of the toughest
in the entire series,

so it’s not like that isn’t
appreciated to some extent,

and the Fierce Deity mask

does really make the fight a lot easier.

At number three, Mega Man X,

the original Mega Man X, The Hadouken.

In most Mega Man games,

you can unlock new armor
pieces and weapons,

but you don’t really get new abilities,

like, just base standard abilities.

You get stuff from like
the bosses and stuff.

And some of the armor
has functions, obviously.

But one of the few times

Dr. Light Capsule just gives you a reward

that is not an armor upgrade of any kind

is in the very first Mega Man X game.

The Hadouken, taken from Street Fighter,

is performed the same way.

You do a quarter circle, forward motion,

press the shoot button.

It’s more than a gimmick too,

like, it can do a lot of damage.

Even if it’s a little slow to come out

compared to your standard Buster Shots,

it’s an ability that’s
actually pretty easy to use

but hard to get.

Like, just try to wrap
your head around this.

After getting all the other
capsule power ups in the game,

go to Armored Armadillo stage,

jump off the mine cart onto
the wall above the boss door

and collect the life pickup there.

Now, inexplicably, you have to die

and do that same thing three more times.

On your fourth return visit,

there will be a capsule there

that gives you the Hadouken power.

I have no idea how somebody
managed to figure this out,

but that’s how you do it.

At number two is Final Fantasy
X-2’s mascot Dressphere.

This is a weird game,
to say the very least,

X is a pretty normal Final Fantasy.

X-2 is, uh, different.

It’s a good game, but it’s a weird game.

It has these really unusual classes

you can unlock, for instance.

One of the hardest but
also best out of the class

is actually called Dressspheres,

but I’m just gonna call ’em
classes ’cause Dressspheres is,

I mean, it doesn’t really make any sense.

But the class I’m talking
about is the mascot.

It gives all three party members

unique abilities related to
the costume they’re wearing.

Unlocking these things is pretty simple.

All you have to do is
achieve the Episode Complete

for every location in Chapter 5.

Then this costume appears on your airship.

Sounds easy, but I will say
easy is not a synonym for simple

in this case at least.

I’m sure in some instance
it is, but here it’s not.

it’s actually kind of a nightmare,

’cause getting completion in this game,

it can be a total nightmare.

Like, when this game says completion,

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what it really means is pretty vague.

Basically you have to finish
all the events in every area.

The problem is these
events can be difficult

and awkward to trigger

and they’re sometimes
multiple chapters apart.

And if you miss one step
in a previous chapter,

you won’t be able to finish it later.

Like, there’s a lot of
permanently missable content

in this area,

and actually seeing all of
that can be kind of confusing.

It’s so bad that even if you’re
closely following a guide,

it’s not really difficult to screw it up.

Like, at least you don’t have
to get to 100% completion

in the entire game to unlock these things.

You only have to get to about 95%.

The mascot class is
probably one of the best

in the entire game,

but if you’re not interested
in 100% in the game,

it’s probably not really
worth the trouble.

And finally at number one, Star
Wars Galaxies’ Jedi powers.

It doesn’t get a lot
harder to unlock than this.

In the original version of
the Star Wars Galaxies MMO,

there wasn’t a Jedi Class.

They wanted the Jedi to
be rare and powerful,

so there’s a hard limit
on the amount of Jedi

that would appear on any given server.

And if you became one,
you could be permakilled.

If you wanted Jedi powers,

you had to become Force sensitive

which was a tedious process,

which was eventually made easier.

But at first it was a huge ordeal.

That’s just the start of it though.

You have to go through
an entire quest line

to become a Jedi Padawan,

which is also incredibly time consuming.

Like, the developers
just eventually gave up

on the whole system,

just made it so you could
just choose to play as a Jedi.

But for those first few years,

if you wanted to use Force
powers in Star Wars Galaxies,

you really had to work for it.

Couple of bonuses for you too.

First, Castlevania:
Symphony of the Knight’s

Poison Mist Form,

it’s kind of pointless and
it’s a huge pain to get.

It makes you so your Mist
Form can hurt enemies.

But the only way to get it

is to beat the toughest boss in the game.

And at that point,

you just kill most things
with one hit anyway.

So there’s not really a lot of point

to the Poison Mist Form.

And the final bonus we have for you

is Final Fantasy VII’s
ability to fly anywhere.

For most of the game,

you’re limited where you
can go in Final Fantasy VII.

Even when you get an Airship,

the game doesn’t let you land in forests.

The only way to get everywhere

is to get a Golden Chocobo,

which is like one of the
most infamously hardest,

difficult things to do in an RPG.

You basically have to do
the breeding mini game,

make perfect combinations

until you get the ultimate
cross-breed Chocobo

that can do everything the others can do

and cross every type of terrain.

I say that in this tone,
because I have done it.

Now the only reason you
would ever need to do this

is to unlock the final
Summon, Knights of the Round,

but it’s also just fun

to run everywhere you could
possibly want to on the map,

even if it’s kind of pointless.

That’s all for today.

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