How To Beat The TRAIN OF DEATH In “Snowpiercer”

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If you lived your whole life under the

control of apocalyptic overlords what

would you do this train is full of

terrifying secrets and death is lying

around every corner I’m going to break

down the mistakes made what you should

do and how to beat the Death train in

snow piercer these passengers are going

to regret rebelling a guard begins

taking stock of the passengers in this

train car where all the poor people live

and everyone begins to sit down except

for Curtis here he’s dead set on

escaping this place and is focused on

Counting how many gates there are on the

train cars ahead before joining his

friend of the floor Edgar here scolds

him for not following orders while the

soldiers asks for experienced violinists

to raise their hands they’re needed to

entertain the ridge passengers at the

front but they have no idea that soon

the whole train is going to become a

Battleground in 2014 a chemical compound

called cw7 was used to cool down the

planet to bring down global temperatures

but something went wrong the chemical

was too effective and sent the world

into an ice age that rendered all life

on the planet extinct the last remain

many humans boarded a massive train

called the snow piercer that’s been

circling the world for the past 17 years

that’s when this old couple walks up to

a guard informing him that they’re both

trained violinists showing off their

hands as proof the guards accept only

one of them as an authorized passenger

but the old man insists that he won’t go

without his wife and walks away suddenly

the guard follows them hitting the Man’s

partner while everyone is forced to sit

down and watch their punishment later

Curtis moves to another train car where

he cuts open a protein bar discovering a

secret message hidden inside by an

informant and talks to this old man

Gilliam they discovered that there’s a

security expert named Nam gogmansu who’s

being kept in the prison section of the

train and together they plan how they’ll

break him out Curtis reveals that there

is a period of four seconds where all

three locked gates are opened at the

same time and that’s their opportunity

to enter the prison section the security

expert should be able to get them to the

front of the train and Curtis discusses

his plan to overtake the train driver so

Gilliam can fairly rule over the snow

piercer but the old man disagrees

mentioning that his his time has already

passed later the guards arrive at the

living quarters announcing that they

need to undertake a medical inspection

with only the children once they’ve been

gathered this woman comes in to take

measurements of their bodies but then

she notices someone shuffling

suspiciously in the crowd walking over

to Tim’s mother she checks under her

dress suspecting that she’s hiding a kid

and finds no one underneath suddenly the

mom signals for her son to run but the

guards quickly chase after him shoving

the mother out of the way as they catch

up the others can’t do nothing except

watch as the boys carried away out of

the Poor People’s crane Carriage along

with another child the kid’s father

freaks out rushing past the soldiers to

throw a shoe at the woman’s face but

that was his biggest mistake the man is

captured and stripped of his shirt as

another passenger sets a timer hanging

in on the man’s neck before shoving his

arm through a hole in the train wall

it’s a brutal punishment and the woman

takes the man’s shoe to place on his

head declaring that their behavior is

unacceptable she makes it known to

everyone that those in front of the

train are the higher ups and those the

tail are simple passengers who aren’t

allowed to rub Bell or else they’ll face

the worst punishments imaginable okay so

these people are living in a

post-apocalyptic dystopia the conditions

outside are completely uninhabitable and

the only people alive are the passengers

of this train the population has been

divided up into different classes by

compartment and those in the back of the

train are living in an actual nightmare

the higher-ups in the train have come to

take their children away for a

mysterious reason and will never see

them again this is absolutely terrifying

but there’s something that Curtis and

the other passengers can do to try to

keep the children safe during these

routine checkups Tim here hides under

his mother’s skirt during the checkup

and it’s safe to assume that even if he

wasn’t under her skirt and hiding

somewhere else the higher ups would

search the compartment and eventually

find them which means that hiding

anywhere else besides under her skirt

isn’t a great option acting out against

the military men protecting the higher

up without planning ahead wouldn’t work

either since the military men are under

the protective gear and assault rifles

if they were me rather than try to hide

the kids I would work with the rest of

the compartment to over ration their

food to make them too big to be chosen

the higher ups here come with a

measuring tape to check the height had

weighted the children and for the looks

of it they’re taking the smallest for

some undetermined reason the children

that are taller and too old are ignored

which means that only certain children

during a certain age in their lives are

at risk the passengers in the back

compartment clearly know this since they

try to hide the children that they know

are the right age and height that means

that this has happened before since

there are only two children that really

need to be protected I would pull

together our resources and make sure for

the period in their lives that children

are at risk that they are overfed with

these protein bars to make them bigger

and less likely to fit the criteria

since there are such limited resources

it might be difficult to bulk them up

but I would also use whatever I can find

to put lifts in the children’s shoes to

make them look taller and add extra

layers of clothing to make them look

bulkier if this isn’t enough I would

make the children train in gymnastics

day in and day out so one is able to sit

on top of the other when the military

men come I would then throw a long coat

over the two of them so they look like

one much taller person and hide them

amongst the crowd with a little dirt on

their faces they could blend in more

easily and would be more difficult to

identify fine that’s when these two guys

in suits pulled the father’s Frozen arm

from outside the train and used this

Sledgehammer to smash it to bits the old

man Gilliam appears in the crowd and

walks towards the front of the carriage

telling the woman that he needs to talk

with the Train’s leader Mr Wilford but

she makes it clear that’s impossible

later Edgar makes his final preparation

to storm the security rolling a barrel

through the train while Kurdish year

bargs at this crazy man for 10 bars of

something called Chrono he then meets up

with the old man and suggests the guards

don’t have any bullets in their guns

based on a comment the wound made

earlier he remembersly used up all their

bullets in the last Revolt but Gilliam

here disagrees with the idea

recommending that they wait for the next

red letter to arrive this could be their

chance to successfully revolt and the

poor people began transporting this

massive battering ram to the front when

Tim’s mom approaches Curtis insisting

that she needs to come along the man

refuses to let her but suddenly an alarm

goes off and everyone begins to panic

the guards are coming ahead of schedule

to conduct another headcount and they

quickly hide all their weapons before

the soldiers come in with time of the

essence Edgar screams out for more food

to distract the guards but that’s when

one of them takes a passenger out of the

crowd threatening to kill him if they

don’t stomp Curtis realizes that it’s

now or never and charges to the front of

the mob he takes the guard’s gun and

tests the trigger revealing there to be

no bullets inside the passengers charge

forward with their battery RAM and

Curtis jumps on as they rush through the

train they’ve blocked the gates from

closing and the passengers used the

opportunity to take down the remaining

guards but as they’re fighting in the

prison section they find their way

blocked by this giant security guard

swinging a metal block of the poor

people he never sees this man come

running and quickly stab him in the

heart after taking his keys Edgar uses

it to unlock a compartment of the wall

revealing the security expert Nom to be

long and conscious inside Curtis takes

out this hallucinatory chemical Chrono

and waves it in front of the sleeping

man that’s what he Springs up and Curtis

questions if he designed the security

systems on this train the man refuses to

come into pointing to a device on the

wall Edgar hands it over and Nam uses it

as a translator to talk with them Curtis

explains that he needs the man’s help

offering him one one lump of Chrono for

every door that he opens hearing this

the man takes out a cigarette lighting

it in front of them while they look in

shock and flakes it into the crowd

starting a fight with the survivors

Curtis threatens the man for messing

around before he unlocks another

compartment to reveal his daughter Yona

insisting that she needs to come along

as well Nam helps him with opening up

the security door and when the gate

opens the pastors Rush inside watching

as this window opens up seeing the

outside world for the first time in

years Curtis interrupts the passengers

to remind them that they’re not here to

sightsee now I’m here opens up the next

door will they watch as this engineer

jumps onto a wheel the boys recognize

him as a former passenger of their train

car but notices something is wrong with

the man that’s when they discover a

large surfing of protein blocks on the

table below him and realize that he’s

been forced to produce food for the

passengers suddenly someone freaks out

and Curtis goes to investigate but when

he looks into the food processor they

find a disgusting sight the protein bars

they’ve been eating are being made from

insects and the man confronts the

engineer Furious that he’d been feeding

them bugs would he notice is a small

container on the floor it’s the same

kind of container used to send secret

messages and asks why he has this the

engineer reveals he’s given them by the

train staff and sends them into the

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protein bars it’s suspicious and they

show the message to the old man who

discovers it reads water that makes

Gilliam realize that if they take over

the water supply section they’ll have

power to overtake the train and get what

they want later Curtis talked to the

daughter Yona asking for her background

on the train she questions the man on

what Earth was like but he admits that

he can’t remember that’s when he asks

the daughter how she knows what is

behind every gate and suspects she has

psychic powers the girl can’t explain so

he asks her to predict what’s in the

next train car she gets them to take a

look and suddenly orders her father to

keep the gate shut but it’s too late the

door opens up and they find a group of

armed men standing in front of them the

masked men take up their weapons and the

passengers have no choice but to defend

themselves all hell breaks loose as

courtesy is forced to fight through the

horde of men okay this is even more

terrifying to Curtis’s these

people have been eating matched up

cockroaches the entire time the whole

thing is completely disgusting and

Curtis is right to keep her from the

rest of the group that this is actually

what’s inside of their protein bars the

group would freak out and that would

distract from the overall mission

they’re trying to accomplish but the me

granny device that makes the bars could

actually be useful to them now that

they’ve come face to face with these ax

building men the train itself is narrow

and the passengers from the back are

trying to move forward but because the

ax building met her trying to keep them

from pushing past them that limits the

passengers to this little space to fight

the axoloting men are also more prepared

with better weaponry and sustenance the

back of the train passengers are

ill-equipped and hand-to-hand combat is

inevitable if they want to push forward

but if it were me I would start to draw

the axemen back to their previous

compartment and use the meat grinder as

a way of killing them this is a risky

strategy and the men have to focus on

overpowering the X-Men first but if

they’re able to get the upper hand at

any point it would be to their advantage

to make sure that none of the men are

able to get up again by grinding them

after a fight now this will only work if

Nam is able to find a way to keep the

doors open we don’t want to lose grounds

here and jamming the door will allow

passengers to use both compartments

during the fight watch the men have been

disarmed and overpowered they can be

thrown into the meat grinder and killed

the other thing the group was under

utilizing here is nam’s daughter Yoda’s

Clairvoyant abilities at this point the

men don’t know how far into the future

that she can see but rather than have

her weight on the sidelines the med

should use her to predict the action

immense moves The Clairvoyant girl can’t

be everywhere at once but by having her

follow certain people like Curtis it

could help him carve through more of

their enemies faster the men should also

create a system where as soon as one of

the ax building men is killed the axes

are redistributed to those that are at

least skilled in fighting that way it

helps maximize your fighting potential

by making our weakest links stronger and

our strongest fighter equipped with

foresight Curtis lives in the fish

nearly being struck by an ax before

rolling out of danger while Edgar here

protects it from behind Curtis continues

walking towards the remaining men before

the train conductor announces the

they’ll be reaching the yetkaterino

bridge the masked men begin cheering

while Curtis here looks outside

realizing that they’re about to hit a

gigantic wall of ice on impact the

entire train shakes causing everyone to

fall down that’s when the conductor

announces a second ice wall and it

nearly Takes the Train off of its tracks

the vehicle continues through the rocky

path reaching its end and the conductor

informs that the train is now back on a

safe route the passengers stand up to

continue their fighting but then this

woman returns to scope the poor people

for causing a scene in front of the

water supply room and for their lack of

gratitude she reveals 74 percent of the

passengers will be killed as punishment

the masked man put on night vision

goggles and the lights turn off with

Yoda here mentioning that they’re about

to head through a long tunnel Curtis

orders everyone to move back as the

passengers are forced to fight in the

dark with no way to see their enemy the

poor people are brutally killed one by

one courtesier calls out for a fire to

light the train and this little boy sent

out taking a flaming torch through the

living quarters which was passed on to

the other survivors a bunch of poor

people run into the train section with

flaming torches and one of them is

tossed into the room as the passengers

begin to fight back this shirtlessman

runs to the front signaling to the train

worker that he’ll be killed and they

don’t surrender and the conductor tries

to get his men to stop fighting but no

one cares after killing him the

passenger runs through the remaining men

and throws his knife at the woman

hitting her straight in the leg Curtis

looks back to see her being dragged into

the next train section but then here’s

his friend calling for help the man sees

Edgar has been taken hostage and makes

the decision to chase after the woman

letting his friend be sacrificed for the

greater good he quickly runs over to the

Train official and takes her prisoner

forcing her to stop the men from

fighting he walks through the crowd of

dead passengers but that’s when this man

comes rushing forward and he stopped at

the last second by yonah here who kills

him using a metal spear with a situation

contained Gilliam walks to the front and

orders everyone to watch themselves the

Bloodshed in the water supply section

okay Curtis and the other passengers

have made it to the water supply which

is a crucial resource for the Train’s

operation the fight was bloody and the

rebel passengers lost a lot of their

ranks this is only the beginning if they

watch him make it to the engine and

there’s bound to be more Bloodshed and

fighting on the way there however the

pastors can strategize here and save

some of their lives now that they have

the trains water supply within their

control this one is the pastor’s hostage

and she has a direct line of

communication with the front of the

Train the best case scenario in this

situation is collecting enough water for

the rebels and passengers in the back of

the train while the rebels poison the

water supply for the front of the Train

the only problem with this plan is that

the water supply in this room is only

used for those in the back half of the

train and poisoning it from the protein

bar room would be essentially useless

since the front of the train gets their

water from a different Source they would

only be hurting their own people if they

tried to block off access to the water

supply that means that the passengers

will have to get creative to take

advantage of the resources they’ve

gained in these trained carriages in the

protein bar room there are hordes of

cockroaches that are ground up and used

for the back of the of trains food

rather than grinding them up I would

collect hordes of these cockroaches and

bring them into the front Carriage when

I get there by releasing hundreds of

cockroaches amongst the front of the

train passengers it will create a

shorter and Chaos during the fight and

will make it harder for wilford’s Med to

pinpoint me as the rest of the carriage

panics water isn’t typically used as a

form of Weaponry except for certain

torture tactics but since the resources

are so limited the rebels should attempt

to freeze some of the water into blocks

of ice to use later while they’re

fighting they can then use these blocks

like blunt objects to knock milford’s

been unconscious like a brutal and fatal

snowball fight freezing the ice ball

shouldn’t be hard either since just

outside their window is freezing

temperatures able to freeze a man’s arm

off the passengers are also still not

utilizing Jonah’s Clairvoyant abilities

they should try to sit with her and run

by several options and plans to see how

they pan out in order to use the best

strategy necessary moving forward it’s

possible she’s able to see multiple

realities if we stand near the door of

the water room train and consider

entering it if she sees gruesome deaths

in our future then we’ll hold on off and

strategize until we can come up with a

better plan for attack later the poor

people in Terror get the Train official

on the missing children and threatened

to cut her limbs off if she doesn’t

comply terrified the woman confesses

that Wilford might know where the

children are Curtis urges her to call

the man now or else they’ll shut the

water supply off and force him to come

the lady mocks him pointing out that his

plan won’t work and that he failed to

save his friend Furious the man freaks

out and threatens to kill her she

insists the leader won’t come to help

her even if the water supply is stopped

offering to help him find a safe passage

to his location later Gilliam questions

if courtesy wants to keep going

mentioning that this is the farthest

anyone has made it through the train

Curtis insists that they’ll keep going

but the old man informs into the

passengers are beginning to lose hope

with so many already dead Curtis tells

him that he’ll go alone while the old

man takes care of the Wounded until he

reach the front of the train Gillian

gets up and reluctantly agrees with this

plan informing him that Wilford is

behind a big gate with a W sign but

warns him to now let the man talks even

if that means cutting off his tongue the

next day Curtis and the other appointed

members get ready to travel through the

next set of trains while the old bench

tells the scruffy kid gray here to join

them opening up another game they follow

the Train official into a greenhouse as

she orders all of her workers to keep

calm and give back to work the group

falls through to an aquarium-themed room

where the Train official offers them

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Sushi they sit down at the counter but

then courtesier pulls at a protein bar

or drink the woman to take a bite she

leads them into a classroom where Tim’s

mother looks for her son hoping he’s

here along with the other stolen child

but he’s not there desperate the parents

take out drawings of their kids and asks

if anyone has seen them this boy raises

his hand mentioned they were taken

further up the Train That’s the teacher

informs him they’re about to watch a

video about Wilford turning this TV on

to show a documentary based on Leader’s

love of automotives it explains that he

planned to create a circular Railway

that extended for 438 thousand

kilometers which completes a full circle

around the globe each year the teacher

then calls her students over to look

outside the window explaining that

they’re about to see the Frozen seven an

event from 15 years ago where seven

passengers tried to escape from

milford’s train she points outside to

show how far they made it before being

frozen on live that’s when the teacher

announces the eggs will be given out to

celebrate the new year introducing this

violinist who is going to play them a

song This Man hands out a single egg to

each person but courtesy realizes that

there’s a strange hole lying underneath

he opens up the egg and discovers a red

note that only says the word blood okay

Curtis and a small crew of passengers

have made their way into this room of

children with his creepy teacher who’s

obsessed with wilfer all the children

being brainwashed into thinking that

Wilford is a benevolent God when in

reality he is using violence to keep the

people in the back half of the train in

mind having said that there’s still

something that this higher up lady says

that can help the rebel passengers Force

Milford to come back and address them

while eating sushi the higher up lady

explains the train operates on balance

even though they have plenty of fish to

eat they only eat sushi twice a year

because everything on the trade is

managed based on maintaining balance in

the ecosystem rather than continue to

move forward right away though

passengers should take over the

compartments they already have control

over and start disrupting wilford’s

balance like doing this it will draw

Wilfred or his men to the back half of

the train to address the issue if the

resources become scarce this is

important because instead of pushing

forward with their own threats it forces

them to come to us where we can have

booby traps and be prepared for when

they attack this gives us more of an

upper hand instead of wandering to enemy

territory unprepared and several men

down the other thing that can happen is

that Wilford and the higher ups could be

lying about the amount of resources they

actually have and this could cause a

question the way Wilford runs the Train

the children here have been brainwashed

since birth to think of Wilford as an

all-knowing Godlike figure and since the

train has been running for 17 years it

means that many of the teenagers and

young adults probably think the same

thing about Wilford too some of them may

question him now but don’t have the

information to back up that he’s a cruel

and brutal leader however if we reveal

that Wilford is actually stockpiling

resources while the back half of the

train Stars it may help wake up some of

the brainwashed people further up the

train it’s important to do this because

having allies further out the train

could help us later when the rebels do

decide to move up towards the engine

there’s strength in numbers especially

since the rebels are out weapons even

though there isn’t a direct line of

communication gossip travels fast and

Curtis has already received messages

from someone further up in these

containers so it’s possible that

regardless of if we make an effort to

communicate with them they will still

hear that the rebels have overtaken

several carriages more people in the

front will get word of what’s happening

in the back especially if the resources

we start taking from them affect their

day-to-day life the other thing that

courtesy other passengers can do is

fortify the characters they’ve already

gained control over although they have

limited resources the back half of the

trade has made do by being Innovative

and built upon what they already have

they can use the resources they have

acquired in these new groups and apply

their imaginations to help build a wall

between the freezer compartment and the

children’s compartment the freezer

compartment in particular looks like it

has metal beams that can be used to

build these walls arriving in the back

Train The Delivery Man offers them

boiled eggs and tells the passengers

that he’s got a surprise for them when

suddenly he pulls out a gun and shooting

the men down meanwhile in the classroom

the teacher pulls out a submachine gun

and kills the father of the missing

child in front of the survivors they

hide behind the furniture as gray here

stands up and throws a blade into the

teacher’s neck Curtis runs over to his

hostage who insists that this crap

wasn’t her doing but that’s when they

see a terrifying broadcast of Gilliam

being shot determined to take control of

the snow piercer the rebel X excuse his

prisoner for Revenge It urged the group

to follow him they walked these luxury

train rooms where all the upper-class

passengers live and watch them go

meanwhile in the classroom this train

enforcer Franco finds the teacher’s dead

body lying on the ground and spots the

rebels heading towards another section

he fires a shot through the window

forcing the group to find cover Curtis

fires a few shots in the man’s Direction

and stops reload at the same time as

Franco the pastors move out of cover and

they both fire shot at each other but

they miss it’s clear the man won’t stop

hunting them down and he continues

making his way through the train to

finish the rebels off Yona warns the

group that the man is on their tail and

they hear him shooting from behind the

gate the survivors continue into the

next train section before Franco catches

up approaching the gate he orders his

men to unlock it and enters the sauna

section of the train they search for the

poor people and he fires a shot at a

room a front section passenger falls out

and one of the guards insists he needs

to be arrested but the man quickly

shoots him it’s cold-blooded and he’s

got no idea this is a trap gray kills

the other guard and throws a knife into

the man’s back while Curtis here pops

out of Heidi trying to aim for the right

person Franco knocks his attacker before

Tim’s mother runs at him but that was

her biggest mistake he blocks her and

shoots her in the chest seizing his

opportunity Curtis attacks the man but

quickly gets overpowered and knocked

down the floor Franco is about to kill

him but the other rebel stops at the

last second frustrated the train

enforcer fights him off before pushing

against the wall and stabbing them into

the chest Franco tidies himself up

grabbing a sword from the floor and

searches for the remaining Rebels

opening up another door he finds this

woman silently bathing he moves her out

of the way to reveal the daughter hiding

behind the passenger but the Nom stands

up and attacks Franco he manages to

knock him to the floor and start

strangling them suddenly Curtis here

wakes up jamming a sword into the man’s

side and putting him down with no idea

it didn’t kill him okay things have gone

brutally violent here and the only

people that are Left Alive are Curtis

Nam and Jonah keeping Nam alive is

necessary for Curtis’s overall mission

and if anything happens to Yona Nam

could be essentially useless because

he’s already out of it pushing ahead and

using violence has been the only way to

get ahead here and things are bound to

get risky again the only problems that

Curtis is even more outman about

numbered if Wilford has more cronies

right around the corner and Nam is the

only other person has some fighting

abilities the men have guns they can now

use so if it were me I would take the

rest of the passengers Hostage to force

Wilford to come to us at this point our

options are extremely limited going

outside is a freezing cold alternative

that could immediately kill us and

pushing ahead has unknown risks with a

skeleton crew of rebels however what we

know so far about all the people in the

train cars is that they are living lives

of luxury and are comfortable now that

we have guns regardless of if they have

bullets left it would be easy to scare

them and force them to listen to her

every order anyone that’s left behind us

that has been said by Wilford has

already been killed so we don’t risk

this threat there are also other

passengers from the back of the train

that are still living in swallow even

though the strongest pushed ahead to

take control of the train if we give

them the guns left over from the dead

assassins we killed then they could help

maintain order over the train this is

also an interesting opportunity to start

working with and creating alliances with

some of the front of the carriage

passengers because after Curtis kills

Wilford he still has to figure out what

to do with them sure he could kill them

all but how is he going going to run the

train if none of the passengers in the

back know how it works doing this now

would create much less Bloodshed and may

reveal more strategic ways to control

over the engine once Curtis has all the

passengers corround in one location we

could ask who is familiar with how the

engine runs now here has been useful to

us because he’s familiar with the

security system and unlocking doors but

his knowledge is limited to this area of

expertise some of these passengers could

serve important roles in the Train’s

overall function which would help us

stop the train and force Wilford to come

out and confront us there’s also

possibly passengers that are disgruntled

with the way Wilford runs things or are

willing to sell him out for the chance

to live by strategizing here for what

will happen after we kill Milford we may

be able to gain more allies that can

help us overtake him in a less risky and

more efficient way that’s when Curtis

checks on Tim’s dying mother and takes

out the drawing of her son promising to

find the boy she dies in front of them

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the group continues through the train

and enter this nightclub section where

Curtis storms with a crowd of drunk

party goals walking through the spoiler

room Curtis reaches the gate that

Gilliam spoke of where Wilfred is

waiting he orders Nom to open the door

throwing all of his Chrono at the man

and bangs on the game in frustration now

manages to push him off and sits Curtis

down before offering him his final

cigarette the rebel questions him on the

Tails section asking if he knows what

happened when they first born Curtis

explains they were taken away and placed

in the back of the train without food or

water they were forced to eat other

passengers after a month and courtesy

breaks down and made that he had no

option but to join he continues by

explaining a story where a woman was

hiding with her baby she was killed and

the newborn was taken away but an old

man interrupted to offer up his own arm

in place of the child Curtis reveals the

baby was Edgar and he was one of the men

responsible for murdering his mother

tearing up Curtis explains that he’s now

waited 18 years to confront the leader

and begs Nam to open the final gate

that’s on the security expert points to

another door and reveals that it’s been

frozen shut for years but offers him

another plan of Escape if they can

manage to get it open kurs questions how

they would survive without freezing but

Nam explains that he saw a crashed

Frozen airplane while passing by the

Yeah kitarino Bridge he’s taking a look

at it every New Year noticing the

vehicle has slowly been unfreezing

itself over the course of 10 years he

explains the the snow is melting and

it’s a sign there might be a livable

environment outside Curtis tells him to

lay off the Chrono insisting that it’s

making him come up with crazy theories

but the Man reveals he has a genius plan

the Chrono rocks he’s been asking for is

a highly fammable material and it can be

used to create a makeshift bomb

explaining he’s gathered enough to

create an explosive brick he plants it

into the side door and demands his

matches back but Curtis refuses suddenly

the gate opens and this woman shoots him

as he collapses in pain she invites

Curtis to a dinner on behalf of Wilford

and takes him past the gate into the

engine room okay Curtis here has been

welcome to finally meet Wilford and

confront him face to face he’s finally

getting what he wants and it seems like

this is the perfect opportunity for him

to kill willful however there are a

couple things weird about this situation

that Curtis should be aware of going

into his dinner the first is that

although Curtis is starving he shouldn’t

eat any of the food that will forgives

him this is a quick and easy way for him

to be killed without anyone having to

get their hands dirty and this would be

an incredibly stupid way for Curtis to

die after having killed and fought his

way to the front the other thing is that

Curtis should probably change his

objective from killing Wilford to

escaping the train through this side

duel as counter-intuitive as that might

seem Nam has just revealed a crucial

piece of information and telling Curtis

that he thinks the snow outside is

melting although he could be wrong and

Kurdish could be killed if he escapes

the idea that Nam is right is further

reinforced by him being immediately shot

after saying this Nam that only provides

courage with an example of why he thinks

his theory is true but he also gives him

the solution to escape prior to this

naum and Curtis were sitting outside of

wilford’s headquarters and it wasn’t

until Curtis was given this opportunity

though Wilford chose to have dinner with

Wilford is potentially trying to pacify

Curtis here now that he knows that

there’s another option than staying on

the train the other reason that escaping

is a good option is because Kurdish

literally has no plans on how to handle

the train after he kills Wilford all of

his strongest and smartest allies in the

Rebellion are dead and there are tons of

other passengers in the front carriages

that he will either have to create

alliances with and kill unless he has a

good plan for how to lead the train it’s

possible that the front Carriage

passengers will revolt against him after

Wilford is dead because he doesn’t have

a plan and their lives shall be

significantly worse Curtis should find a

way to stop the train first and then

blow open the door with Chrono and

freeze people this way they can get off

and try to make a new Society outside of

wilford’s control the best way to do

this would be to take Wilford hostage

first while Curtis collects resources

and then blow up the train door so

they’re not totally unequipped to

restart their lives Jonah is also the

last person left alive except for curse

she’ll be able to tell him before moving

ahead with this plan whether or not it

will work using her Clairvoyant

abilities Wilford welcomes Curtis

offering up food and congratulates him

on being the first person to ever walk

his train from start to finish the rebel

insults the engineer for never visiting

the tail section and questions how he

can live like this knowing that

passengers are suffering Wilford

explains that everyone has a purpose in

order to maintain balance on the train

insisting that they needed a system to

replace natural selection he complements

the man in his use of torches Midway

through the trade commenting that he and

Gilliam didn’t plan for courage to get

this far shocked the rebel questions

what Wilford means and is told that the

old man had been secretly working with

the train engineer the Insurgency was

meant to enter yet Katarina tunnel and

the surviving passengers were to be sent

back with much more room than he had

before Gillian was punished for causing

too many deaths in the front section and

the train engineer calls his assistant

to tally up the tail section numbers the

man confirms that 74 of the passengers

have been perched but Wilford insist he

spare 18 and turns the phone to Curtis

as he hears gunshots ring through

Furious the rebels stands his fist in

the table and the woman fires a shot off

before the train engineer scolds her to

be careful of the engine there’s nothing

that Kurds can do to help and Wilford

continues to lecture him while cleaning

the machine reinforcing the need to have

a Revolt in inside the train he then

offers to show Curtis something amazing

and brings him closer to the engine

outside the room the girl wakes up and

notices her dad is bleeding he’s about

to explain his plan to get the Chrono

but notices of Passenger is about to

attack her and fights him off knocking

the man down into the gears the security

expert realizes that the other front-end

passengers have gathered to kill them

and tells his daughter to get the gate

open it’s the only way they can get the

chronal and use it to blow open a hole

to the outside world meanwhile Wilford

asks the rebel when was the last time

he’d been alone on this train and gives

him time to collect his thoughts Curtis

looks at the engine breaking down into

tears as he experiences silence for the

first time in years and collapses that’s

when he’s given a personal message and

he opens up to discover a red letter

with the word train on it Wilford

explains that he wants the rebel to take

over and keep his engine going ensuring

the what’s left of humanity stays alive

that’s when Yona manages to get the gate

open and the engineer’s assistant goes

outside to see who it is but gets killed

from behind by The Goddard she quickly

searches the dead body for the Chrono as

Curtis watches her father fight off an

impending horde the engineer tells him

that it’s his destiny need to take over

the train convincing him to give up on

everyone he fought for just as Jonah

runs up to him she begs for the match

but he pushes her away horrified the

girl backs off and uses her psychic

powers detecting someone is underneath

the floor She quickly starts to remove a

tile and Curtis helps her when they

discover something horrifying the

kidnapped child Tim is working inside

and making sure the train is operating

Wilford then reveals that since the

parts of the engine have been wearing

out he’s had to take the Poor People’s

children who are small enough to fit in

the spaces below and use them as living

train parts it makes Curtis Furious and

he knocks the man out determined to

rescue Tim with no time to waste he

shoves his arm through a spoke and stops

the gears before giving the girl the

matchbox she quickly leaves the room and

runs outside to ignite the improvised

bomb suddenly Curtis spots the other

kidnapped boy Andy walking out from a

cupboard and begs him to stop walking

towards the engine but it’s useless the

kid has been brainwashed and he climbs

into the machine as Wilford wakes up

explaining the child has accepted his

position in the train meanwhile Nam and

his daughter set off the makeshift bomb

just as Curtis saves the trapped child

but lose his arm in the process the

security expert tries to shut the gate

to protect them but it won’t budge with

time running out he rushes into the room

and hugs his daughter to keep her safe

just as the bomb goes off the massive

explosion rips apart the carriage

causing an avalanche that sends a train

crashing into a tunnel and off the rails

later Jonah and the rescue child wakes

up with no sign of anyone else alive she

takes her first step outside finally

realizing that the climate is barely

inhabitable that’s in the last survivors

of the train spot this polar bear in the

wilderness and now know that they’re

going to eat some real meat but what do

you think how would you beat snow

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