On Gameranx,10 games that reward you for being nasty and evil

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[Falcon] Most of the time,games make you the good guy and you’re supposed to do the right thing.

There’s actually a lot of games that don’t though.

It’s Falcon,and today, on Gameranx,10 games that reward you for being nasty and evil.

– You are not in control.

– [Falcon] Starting off at number 10,

it’s the “Infamous” series.

Unlike most games where
choosing between good

and evil mostly affects
how the story plays out,

being good or evil in the “Infamous” games

drastically changes what powers

and abilities you have access to.

In general, good powers are about

more accurately taking out enemies,

stunning them, so you can
non-lethally take them out,

while evil powers are more
about causing mass destruction.

This being a superhero game,
guess which powers are better?

Yeah, it’s the mass destruction ones.

In most people’s opinion,

the games are just better
when you play them evil.

Like the powers are more fun to use.

You don’t have to worry
about hurting civilians.

You can just go nuts and
blast everything in sight.

Your karma affects which
powers you get access to,

so being good makes it so you lose access

to some of the most powerful
abilities in the game.

Like, yeah, sure, it makes
it so your character’s a jerk

and you get an evil ending.

But mechanically, these games

are just much more fun when you’re evil.

At number nine, it’s “Witcher 3.”

In the last mission for the
“Hearts of Stone” expansion

in “Witcher 3,” you’re given two options.

It’s either help this guy named Olgierd

go through the legal process

of changing his name
to something less bad.

No, I’m kidding.

You are attempting to get
him out of a contract though.

An infernal contract, to be exact.

He’s not exactly the best guy,

but compared to the guy
he made a deal with,

go to Gaunter O’Dimm, he’s like a saint.

Nobody really knows
exactly what O’Dimm is,

but whatever he is, he’s clearly evil.

I mean, when you talk to him

he just kills a drunk
guy for interrupting.

– That was the last
time you interrupted me.

– [Falcon] So to finish that sentence

I started about a year ago,

you can either help Olgierd or O’Dimm.

The more elaborate option by far

to help banish the evil spirit,

but you get a much better
reward for helping him out.

You get three options for
rewards if you assist O’Dimm,

but probably the best one is
this endless bottle of vodka

called the Bottomless Carafe.

This item grants you an endless
amount of strong alcohol

which is required for some of
the best builds in the game.

Compared to the sword you
get for helping out Olgierd,

which is quickly outclassed
by the weapons you can find

in the “Blood and Wine” expansion,

it just makes sense to
help the bad guy here.

It kind of makes you feel sick

helping out someone or
something as evil as this guy,

but the reward, it’s worth it just to…

It’s not even a competition

between what Olgierd gives you.

At number eight, at the
end of the “Broken Steel”

expansion of “Fallout 3,”

you’re given a few options
on how to wrap things up.

The Enclave are using a mobile crawler

at Adams Air Force Base

in an attempt to destroy
the Brotherhood of Steel

by launching nukes at the stronghold

in the ruins of the Pentagon.

Your goal is to change the target,

so the missiles hit the
mobile platform instead.

But if you really wanna be a bastard,

you can make it so that the missiles

hit their original target.

For the entire DLC,

you’ve been working with
the Brotherhood of Steel.

There’s never been an option
to work with the Enclave.

So if you just wanna be randomly evil

and betray your allies, you can.

Why not destroy their main base?

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I mean, it’s kind of ludicrous,
but in terms of rewards,

it is absolutely the correct thing to do.

You’d think the Brotherhood
would reward you handsomely

for helping them eliminate

the Capital Wasteland
Enclave once and for all,

but, no, you really don’t get
anything for your hard work.

On the other hand, if you
blow up the Brotherhood base,

then you can head to
what remains of the place

and find one of the best guns in the game,

the Callahan’s Magnum,

which is an incredibly
powerful scoped revolver.

Storywise, it makes basically no sense

at all to blow the Brotherhood.

But if all you care about is
loot, and, let’s be clear,

there are more than a
few ways to play the game

where the loot’s way more
important than the story,

than nuking your allies,
it’s the better option.

– It was you. You did this!

You goddamn murderer!

You’ve killed them all!

Kill this traitor! Kill him!

– [Falcon] At number seven,
when it comes to Souls games,

it can be kind of hard to tell

if you’re doing something good or bad,

it’s usually ambiguous.

And “Elden Ring,” no different.

There is a small quest, however,

where it really just seems
like you’re being a dick.

One of the major locations in the game

is the Volcano Manor,

a place where you can take on missions

to assassinate other Tarnished.

– [Knight Bernahl] What in
heaven’s name are you doing here?

The Volcano Manor is a pit of recusants

who spit at grace and hunt our own kind.

I hope you understand
the weight of my words.

– [Falcon] The unique
thing about this game

is that unless you know
the secret to the manor,

this seems like the
only way to gain access

to the hidden parts of it, and
eventually, take on the boss.

It seems like you have
to do this evil stuff

to progress the game.

Normally, wouldn’t be that big of a deal

to assassinate people in this game,

but most of your targets are characters

who, at one point or
another, can help you out.

Like they can be used as
summons for certain bosses,

which can make the
fights easier to handle.

Yeah, these are guys that can help you out

and you repay them by,
you know, killing them.

Each assassination target

does get you some pretty nice rewards.

Usually, their weapons and armor,

which can’t be obtained any other way.

So doing these missions is worth it,

even if it makes you
feel like a total jerk.

You don’t actually have to do ’em, though,

if you don’t want.

Like the secret door to
the rest of the manor

can be revealed at any time.

But once you go into
the backside of the area

you get locked out of the assassinations,

so you miss out on all the rewards.

At number six is “Skyrim.”

In most RPGs, doing the right thing

is how you get the best rewards.

It’s that simple.

Even in quests where you refuse payment,

you usually somehow get a
better reward for your trouble.

So being good’s usually the way to go

if you want the best rewards, right?

Well, not necessarily in “Skyrim.”

In this game, you want the best stuff,

you just, frankly, you have to be evil.

So many of the Daedric Prince’s quests

revolve around you just being evil.

And if you refuse, you usually
end up with lesser rewards.

I mean, if you wanna get

one of the best daggers in
the game, Mehrunes’ Razor,

you have to kill the guy
who started the question

in the first place.

Some of the best rewards in the game

come from doing the Dark
Brotherhood storyline,

which can only be started
after you murder someone.

It’s an evil assassins guild

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that has one of the best
stories in the game,

along with some of the
most useful rewards.

Tons of easy money, great armor set,

horse that infinitely regenerates

in the pond beside the
sanctuary so you never lose it.

Like, there’s basically an
endless stream of benefits.

“Skyrim’s” basically the
reverse of most RPGs.

Better to be evil than good.

At number five is “Knights
of the Old Republic.”

You can complain that the “KOTOR” series

is a little too binary with
its good and evil options,

but it comes to rewards for being evil,

these games are still some
of the best out there.

Playing as light side character,

you get a lot more support powers,

where the dark side is
all about destruction.

Like, that’s kind of a
“Star Wars” standard there.

In general, playing a dark side character

that acts as evil is possible,

is way easier than trying to be good too.

Dark side powers like Force lightning

and choke can make really
tough battles a lot easier.

But, by far, the best power in the game

is simply titled Kill,

and it makes it so you
can clear out entire rooms

of enemies with a single
press of a button.

You can get pretty overpowered
as a light side Jedi as well

but it requires a lot
more work and preparation,

while being a Sith just makes
you a walking death machine.

At number four is “Chrono Cross.”

Not really a game with moral choices,

but it sometimes gives you
an option on how to proceed.

One of the best characters in the game

is this guy named Glenn.

A character that’s clearly
meant to be a reference to Frog

from the original “Chrono Trigger,”

as he looks similar to Frog’s human form

and has the same name.

Most players want him in the party,

not just ’cause he’s similar

to a beloved character
from the previous game,

he’s also one of the best
party members you can get.

You really have to be like a
real jerk to unlock him though.

At one point in the game, the
character Kid gets poisoned.

For most players, they’re
immediately gonna go out

and try to find a cure

because that seems like
the obvious answer,

’cause she’s an important character.

But if you wanna unlock Glenn,

you have to refuse to help her.

And this seems completely

and you lose out on a bunch
of potential party members.

But if you do it, you can get Glenn.

So if you want one of the
best characters in the game,

all you have to do is choose

not to help your poisoned
friend who’s dying.

Like, they survive either way,

so it doesn’t matter in the end,

but it’s kind of an evil choice.

Like, if it were in real
life and you did that,

you’d look like a real dick.

And number three is “Fable.”

This is a pretty simple one.

Near the Darkwood Camp,

you can find a sinister-looking place

called the Chapel of Skorm.

A temple dedicated to the
devil of the world in “Fable.”

There’s not really a whole lot to do here,

except for one thing,

you can sacrifice your
followers for rewards.

Like, yeah, any henchman you hire

can be sacrificed at the altar here,

which kills them and gives you rewards.

The best by far is Skorm’s Bow,

which is the best bow in the game.

But to get it, you have to sacrifice

like a bunch of people at the same time.

We’re talking about like four people,

and you just sacrifice it
to get a single weapon.

It’s kind of cartoonishly evil

but the bow’s definitely
worth the trouble.

Like it’s really, really powerful,

but, yeah, you kind of
have to be psychotic.

“These four lives are
worth a powerful bow to me.

“Here you go, Skorm.

“Sorry, everybody laughs
at your name, Skorm.

“Here’s some human lives.

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“I guess that’ll make up for it.” (laughs)

At number two is “Cave Story.”

In comparison to the
other games on this list,

where doing something evil
gets you the best rewards,

“Cave Story,” you kind of have to be evil

if you want the best ending.

Like the whole game ends
better if you’re bad.

Very counterintuitive.
Here’s how it works.

At a certain point,

you see someone fall into this deep pit.

For most players, you’re
gonna go down there

and rescue them.

That seems obvious.

And it’s probably
something you’d have to do

to progress the game,
et cetera, et cetera.

That’s what we as gamers
have basically been trained

to understand from that type
of a situation at this point.

But if you do that,

you actually get locked
out of the best ending.

In a totally upside-down twist,

what you’re actually supposed to do

is just leave the guy down in the pit.

Be a jerk, be evil, ignore them.

Keep it in mind, he does die

when you go down there and rescue him.

So it’s safe to assume
that he is gonna die alone

and afraid they’re when you ignore him.

But forget that.

What actually happens is
that if you ignore him,

he appears later in the game just fine.

Even gives you a jet pack for doing it.

So in every way, choosing
not to help someone

is the best option here.

You get a jet pack and
the guy doesn’t die.

If you help him, he does. And no jet pack!

And finally, at number one,
“Divinity: Original Sin II.”

A lot of RPGs have some
kind of morality system,

so you can’t just go
around doing evil stuff

if you’re meant to be
playing the good guy.

What makes “Divinity” different

is, that as long as nobody knows about it,

you can pretty much get
away with whatever you want.

That wouldn’t be a big deal

but what makes this
distinction so important

is that “Original Sin II” can be tough.

If you try to play as goody
two shoes and don’t steal

and never cross anybody
or avoid killing everyone,

then the game pushes back pretty hard.

The game’s tough,

and the only way to even the
playing field is to be bad.

When I started this game, I
wanted to be this valiant hero

but after dying 100
times, I was just like,

“Well, guess my goodness and
compassion has evaporated.

“It’s gone.”

So I was stealing everything
I could get away with

and selling it back to stores
to get the best equipment.

I was clearing out villages

once I’d done all the available quests,

just to get a little more experience.

Being evil’s basically required
to survive in the game.

As long as you kill all the witnesses,

then nobody has to know about it,

and you can keep acting
like the heroic knight

that you’re supposed to be in these games.

But if you wanna fighting chance

you pretty much have to
be evil most of the time

in “Divinity: Original Sin II.”

And that’s all for today.

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