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Many people have slept on Stussy, thinking of her as an irrelevant minor character, but what if I told you she’s actually far more important to the story than anyone ever thought,being an undercover triple agent working for the Revolutionary Army, a former member of the Rocks Pirates, and the user of the mythological devil fruit Bat Bat Fruit, Model: Succubus.

And beyond that what if I told you that there are other clones of former Rocks Pirates,including Jewelry Bonney being the clone of Big Mom that Kuma adopted?

Welcome to Chapter Secrets, where we break down all the details in every One Piece chapter.

Let’s begin!

Now, we find ourselves in a really peculiar
situation in Egghead, as on one side we have

a traitor among our midst of those found at
the Labophase who disabled the shield of the

Frontier Dome, but on the other hand there
also seems to be a traitor amongst the enemies,

as Vegapunk claims to have another ally on
the island.

Now for the traitor on our side, given how
it can’t be either the Straw Hats or Bonney,

it would have to be one of the Vegapunks.

And while there’s several possible options,
the simplest answer could actually be Caribou.

Caribou is desperately trying to escape ever
since Zoro dumped him off the island, so it

makes sense he would’ve tried to disable
the Frontier Dome to try and desperately escape.

It’s possible that rather than disable it
manually through the control center he might’ve

tried to just jam the machine with his fruit
or something, causing the systems to briefly

go down.

However, on the opposite end is what interests
us a lot more, being the ally on the other


So basically, in order to escape Egghead,
Vegapunk Pythagoras mentioned how technically

they now have an ally on Egghead who could
assist with their getaway.

Edison however brought this into question,
claiming that their ally would lose their

cover and cause them to be persecuted by the
Government, but Stella simply gave up and

called the ally to ask for help.

But who is this ally?

Well, as absurd as it sounded at first, I
think it’s actually Stussy, and the newest

chapter seems to support this claim.

Now I’ve been saying this online ever since
Chapter 1071 was out, but once you start thinking

about it, Stussy makes a lot of sense to be
this mysterious ally.

For starters, there’s really not that many
other characters who are on the island who

could serve as allies, as not counting the
Straw Hats, Bonney, and the Punks, we only

have Sentomaru, who is kinda busy taking a
nap, Caribou, and CP0.

And considering that Lucci and Kaku are most
certainly not the ally, that makes Stussy

the perfect candidate.

There’s also an important detail that easily
gets lost in translation, being that in Japanese

the ally speaks in very polite language, something
that wouldn’t fit many other characters

who speak more crassly (sorry Scopper Gaban
fans), but would perfectly align with someone

more refined like Stussy.

Beyond that though, it’s Stussy’s deep
connection with Vegapunk that makes this allegiance

all the more evident.

You see it’s become evident that Stussy
has some familiarity with Vegapunk, as she

mentioned how Egghead was nostalgic to her,
meaning she was there long ago, and she seemed

to be familiar with a lot of the island’s
technology and systems, showing a great deal

of technical knowledge.

This connection runs deeper in the fact that
she was very well acquainted with Du Feld,

the funder of MADS back in the day as revealed
in the cover story.

The two of them seemed fairly acquainted with
each other, but specifically when Stussy commented

on how Pudding reminds her of her younger
self, Du Feld commented that being decades

ago; this not only indicates that Stussy is
a lot older than she appears to be, with even

her Vivre Card databook entry listing her
age simply as “SECRET”, but also that

Du Feld knew her decades ago.

Considering that the MADS were active during
a time from around 25 to 35 years ago, it

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would make sense if they knew each other from
back then.

Particularly since the latest cover story
showed the original five members of MADS,

including a woman with short blonde hair and
stockings just like Stussy.

And if she was Vegapunk’s ally today, then
it makes sense Oda is keeping her identity

covered in this cover page to not give too
many clues.

And furthermore, her suspicion makes a lot
of sense because if you remove the t from

Stussy’s name her name becomes “sussy”…
okay maybe not that last one.

But yeah, if Stussy was a member of MADS that
later when absorbed into the Government decided

to become a CP0 agent, it would make sense
if she actually maintained her allegiance

to Vegapunk and infiltrated as a Cipher Police

In fact it’s possible that given how Vegapunk
is secretly working for Dragon and the Revolutionary

Army, that similarly Stussy is also acting
as a sleeper agent for the Revolutionary Army.

This would be a very fitting plot twist, because
Stussy was introduced as an Underworld Emperor,

being known as the Queen of the Pleasure District,
but was revealed to actually be a double agent

working as a CP0 member, something I also
predicted back in the day actually.

So it would be fitting if all along she was
actually a triple agent working for the Revolutionaries,

bringing her story all around.

This would explain why she kept allowing Kaku
to fall into the traps, as well as why she

also pressured Lucci to wait on orders from
the Marines before going after Vegapunk.

This might even explain why she was the one
who tipped Morgans about Luffy being the mastermind

of Whole Cake Island since he is Dragon’s

She’s been undercover for a long time feeding
info from within the Government’s most secret

services to Vegapunk and Dragon, which is
why Edison suggested to not blow her cover

that easily, but now she’s switching sides
back again when Stella requested her help

to escape.

And through the newest chapter, we can also
get an idea of what Stussy’s connection

to MADS is, being in reality a clone of Miss
Buckingham Stussy.

Miss Buckingham Stussy, now more commonly
known as Miss Buckin, is the mother of former

Shichibukai Edward Weevil, and self-proclaimed
lover of Whitebeard, claiming Weevil to be

their child.

It’s of course brought into question on
if the two actually had Weevil together, given

how she seems to be taking advantage of her
kid, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Weevil

is the legitimate son of Whitebeard, just
not her own.

But beyond that she is also a former member
of the Rocks, as Marco confirmed in Chapter

909 that around 40 years ago Miss Buckin was
on the same crew as Whitebeard, which would’ve

been the Rocks back then, which indicates
that at least in her prime she was likely

very powerful to be on that crew.

This would explain why she was able to defeat
an awakened Kaku so easily, which by the way

would be a really cute detail since in the
chapter when Stussy first debuted, she had

a drink from a screaming giraffe.

This isn’t all however, as to top all this
off Stussy can be seen with bat-like wings,

which makes me believe that she actually has
eaten a Mythological type Zoan, the Batto

Batto no Mi, or Bat Bat Fruit, Model: Succubus.

I don’t think that she’s eaten a vampire
fruit, since that’s already been eaten by

a non-canon character and Oda usually likes
to name canon and non-canon fruits that have

the same ability with different names for
the sake of continuity, but in this case a

succubus is also more fitting for Stussy.

The succubus is a demon of folklore who is
usually depicted in its modern form as a seductive

woman with bat-like wings that seduces men
to devour their blood.

This blood allows a succubus to always remain
with a young appearance, which allows her

to keep seducing men even after long years.

This may actually be the secret behind Stussy’s
own incredibly youthful age.

After all Du Feld already suggested she’s
lived for several decades, which she must

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have if she was a member of MADS, but if she
is a clone of Buckin then she would have to

be around 76 years old like she is right now.

But the reason she manages to look this young
is because of her Succubus fruit, which being

a mythological fruit it would have special
properties, in this case granting Stussy perennial

youth (though not immortality, as she likely
can still die, just not of old age), as well

as allowing her to suck blood out of her enemies,
causing them to faint.

This would also likely explain the name Buckingham,
as it’s likely a reference of Buckingham

Palace, the seat of British royalty, with
Stussy possibly referencing Queen Elizabeth

II and how she was famously known to have
lived a very long time, having had one of

the longest rules of a queen in history and
often joked of being perennial youthful.

However, if that’s the case then it would
suggest that Miss Buckin does not have the

fruit, and that it wasn’t inherited with
the clone and its bloodline elements, as otherwise

Miss Buckin would also look fairly young now,
unless the young age is caused by something

else instead.

Meaning that the Stussy clone was likely fed
the fruit after she was born.

Much like Stussy we’ve seen in several instances
now that living beings can be cloned, what

with the Kuma clones, the Germa army, the
Seraphim, or someone like Stussy being the

first in this long line.

The fact that she is referred to as the No.1
clone that MADS created makes me wonder if

more exist out there among all the characters
we know, particularly other clones of the

ROCKS pirates.

A likely chance could be Edward Weevil, who
maybe is a partially failed clone of Whitebeard

rather than his kid, who maybe Miss Buckin
managed to get in exchange for providing her

own clone to MADS.

But on the other, there’s a certain character
who comes to mind, someone who is on Egghead

right now and very relevant to the current

Jewelry Bonney.

You see, if you’ve been in the fandom long
enough, you may recall that the fandom has

had a big obsession with the theory that Bonney
is actually Big Mom’s daughter for a very

long time.

This is because the two look quite alike,
have the same hair color, and even similar

traits such as their obsession with food.

However, this theory lost a lot of popularity
once it was revealed that Big Mom has like

a gajillion children, which wouldn’t really
make Bonney being a Yonko’s kid quite that

important anymore.

But what if we had it wrong the whole time
and Bonney wasn’t the kid of Big Mom…

but her clone?

After all the two behave in very similar ways,
both wanting to eat all the time, and both

being easily prone to getting angry and being
overly emotional.

The two also practically look identical, we
don’t have a 22 year old Big Mom to use

for reference, but she hardly looks much different
from a 28 year old Big Mom.

Unfortunately the only caveat in this theory
is that Bonney actually has purple eyes, and

since Big Mom has orange-brown eyes, then
the two can’t possibly be clones of each

other… or does she?

Because actually this was an anime-only change
and in the original manga designs by Oda Bonney

actually has the exact same eye color as Linlin,
making her look practically biologically identical

to Big Mom.

You might bring into question how older Bonney
looked fairly different from Big Mom, but

as this chapter clarified, Bonney’s power
allows someone to age into different potential

futures of their older selves, which is why
Luffy aged as his future where things went

wrong, or Bonney aged herself into a future
where she is really buff.

Plus, her fruit might also explain why she
always looks so slim despite always eating

so much, which would make her slimmer than
Big Mom looked.

And you have to keep in mind that although
Bonney looks around the age of 22, Oda clarified

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in the SBS that’s only the appearance she
is usually seen in and that her real age might

be very different.

So much like Stussy, she is likely older than
that, and may have very similarly been born

as a clone of Big Mom shortly after the God
Valley incident during the period of MADS.

Which would explain why Akainu considered
Bonney such a threat, which wouldn’t make

quite as much sense if she’s just Kuma’s

The girl that Vegapunk speaks of at the start
of the chapter could potentially maybe not

even just be referring to Stussy, but maybe
Bonney as well.

After her birth as a clone, Kuma may have
grown attached to her and decided to take

her in and raise her as his own daughter,
which is why she considers herself as such.

This would explain the discrepancy that Kuma
is said to be from a special race, but Bonney

instead seems to be a full-blooded human.

Which by the way likely has to do with the
fact that this chapter confirmed Kuma does

actually have bear-like ears!

And that could explain why Vegapunk promised
to Kuma that he would never divulge the secrets

of his past to Bonney.

As we find out in this chapter, Vegapunk brought
up how a certain doctor in the West Blue believed

that people’s souls are lost after death,
which given his age, location, and research

into the dead, this certain doctor may very
well be Dr. Hogback.

So as many suspected, Kuma’s consciousness,
what some would call the “soul”, has been

preserved thanks to the use of his powers,
meaning that despite Kuma being just an empty

dead robot right now, he could possibly come
back if those memories are re-implanted into


And as we see in this chapter too, Vegapunk
tried to stop Bonney from accessing her father’s

memories at all costs, because he promised
Kuma that he would not let her know the truth

of Kuma’s past.

And it would make a lot of sense if that truth
is that Bonney was a lab experiment, a clone

of Big Mom, because Kuma wanted to spare Bonney
from the truth of having an existencial crisis

of just being a clone of someone else.

Still, this is just a potential theory, as
at the same time there’s some aspects that

still need more clarification, but there’s
also the chance that Kuma also hides some

dark truths in his past, and that there may
have been very real reasons as to why he was

called “Tyrant” back in his youth that
Bonney may struggle to accept, seen as how

she claimed that there is no way her father
could have committed any crimes.

But furthermore, this makes me wonder if it
really is just the same process behind how

Kaido’s fruit was cloned.

Especially as Vegapunk describes Stussy’s
birth as “being born upon this world”,

similar wording to how “all things that
are dreamed of are born upon this world”,

which referred to devil fruits.

As after all, Zoan fruits are said to possess
a will of their own, meaning that by all means,

they are actually living creatures.

This may be why they are able to be cloned,
whereas Paramecia require copying and replicating

the mechanics of each fruit’s respective
bloodline element effect through the Green

Blood, and Logia are too hard to clone.

But since Zoan fruits are actually alive,
then that’s the reason why they too can

be cloned a lot more easily.

Not only do they carry the wills of living
animals within them but some, like the Hito

Hito no Mi, Model: Nika even carry the will
of a god within… but I’m sure we’ll

find out more secrets about the truth of devil
fruits soon enough.